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Dear Admissions Committee, I am honored to recommend Ms. Xiao Xiao for your graduate program in electrical engineering.

I came to know Ms. Xiao in March of 2000 when she enrolled in my class on dielectric physics in the lectrical ngineering Department at A!C "ni#ersity. $ith an enchanting demeanor, in%uisiti#e nature, and solid academic performance, Ms. Xiao %uickly &ecame one of my most outstanding students. 'he stayed after class each day to discuss with me comple( topics I had &rought up during lecture. )hough I tried to challenge all my students to go &eyond the scope of the class, Ms. Xiao was the only one who displayed a genuine dedication to enhancing her own knowledge of dielectric physics and other related topics. During our discussions, Ms. Xiao e(pressed her desire to attend a graduate program in electrical engineering and how she plans to use that intense educational e(perience to ad#ance in a professional, scientifically*oriented career. Ms. Xiao earned a final grade of +0,, one of the highest scores in the entire class. -a#ing witnessed such a strong classroom performance, I know that Ms. Xiao is well prepared to study at your prestigious uni#ersity. !ecause of her impressi#e academic work and honora&le character, I am please to gi#e Ms. Xiao Xiao my highest recommendation for your esteemed graduate program in electrical engineering. 'incerely, .rofessor /AM Department of lectrical ngineering, A!C "ni#ersity Dear Admissions Committee, As Director of the 'tate 0ey 1a&oratory of lectrical Insulation at A!C "ni#ersity in !1A/0, China, it is my sincere and distinct pleasure to recommend Ms. Xiao Xiao for your graduate program in !1A/0. I ha#e known Ms. Xiao since 2002, when she was one of eighty students who completed their undergraduate thesis pro3ects in my !1A/0 la&oratory. Ms. 4uans enthusiasm for and diligence in learning helped her &ecome one of the most outstanding students in the entire group, making a strong, positi#e impression upon me. Ms. Xiao is a #ery dri#en woman and student who knows what she wants to accomplish and does not falter in her chosen path. -er intellectual curiosity and 2

desire to ac%uire new acknowledge continuously ha#e led her to perform much study on her own outside the scope of her classes and research work5 oftentimes, I witnessed her consulting scientific &ooks and 3ournals to help her disco#er how she could impro#e her knowledge and her work in the la&oratory. Countless times, Ms. Xiao remained in the la&oratory for more than twel#e hours in a row to complete her work and make sure there were no errors. $ith such de#otion and fortitude, Ms. Xiao did not surprise me with her superior performance on her thesis paper. In terms of her character, Ms. Xiao is an amia&le, courteous, and helpful young woman who has many friends amongst our la&oratory personnel. Ms. Xiao is ready to mo#e on to a more rigorous program of graduate study. -er academic performance, research work, and upstanding personal character ha#e won her my highest recommendation, and I hope you gi#e her application strong consideration. )hank you. 'incerely, /AM Director 'tate 0ey 1a&oratory of lectrical Insulation, A!C "ni#ersity Dear Admissions Committee, It is my great pleasure to recommend Mr. Xiaofeng $ang for the 6graduate study program7 at MI) "ni#ersity. As his research ad#isor, I ha#e had close contact with Mr. $ang since 8cto&er 299+. In my opinion, he is the &est undergraduate I ha#e e#er met, surpassing e#en our doctoral candidates. !ecause of an e(traordinarily outstanding performance, Mr. $ang completed a four*year course study in three years. During his fourth year, he &ecame the sole undergraduate in my la&oratory, which speciali:es in &road&and communication research. Initial reser#ations a&out his competency in research pro3ects normally assigned to Master;s or Doctoral students rapidly dissipated when I disco#ered his &rilliant and thorough in#estigati#e nature. -is clear, %uick grasp of the concepts and strong capacity for analytical thinking greatly impressed me. $ith genuine creati#ity and remarka&le insight, Mr. $ang often diligently completed a week;s worth of work in two or three days, sometimes working for se#eral days without lea#ing the la& and sleeping on the couch when tired. -e routinely e(changes ideas and discusses 2

pro&lems with me, and e(hi&its a cooperati#e spirit with the engineers in the group. I ha#e faith that the patience, persistence, and strong sense of responsi&ility that he has demonstrated in his work will underlie his ad#anced academic endea#ors, as well. 'ince <e&ruary 2999, Mr. $ang has conducted research in high*speed routers, specifically responsi&le for the hardware design of a new type router. In this pro3ect, he adapted Intel;s IX.2200 /etwork .rocessor and )2;s )M'=20C>202 to reali:e the routing function of I. packets * a uni%uely inno#ati#e concept. -e tackled pro&lems and incorporated impro#ements with a no#el approach and careful consideration to all details, e#en those that many regarded as &oring or tri#ial duties. !efore lea#ing the la&, Mr. $ang nearly finished the router?@s hardware design, with great patience and meticulousness. )his kind of router can &e configured to interconnect with inter*&usiness 1A/ #ia I'D/, DD/, frame relay, or X.2A, and is widely used in network &anks and centrali:ed control. Mr. $ang possesses the easy*going temperament that will ena&le him to adapt to a long term of o#erseas study. -e is polite, modest, honest, and magnanimous. -is athletic a&ility and interest in playing musical instruments ha#e further culti#ated a mature personality and optimistic attitude. I ha#e recommended %uite a few e(cellent students for o#erseas graduate study programs, and know all are %uite outstanding in their #arious institutions. In my opinion, Mr. $ang;s talent, creati#ity, perse#erance, and academic a&ility are truly e(ceptional, e#en when comparing him to my pre#ious students. -e is well prepared for graduate study at MI), and the theoretical foundation and e(perimental training our institution has pro#ided for him will ensure his success in conducting outstanding research in your department. I strongly recommend Mr. Xiaofeng $ang for the MI) graduate program of study, and appreciate your fa#ora&le consideration of his application. Bours truly, /AM .8'I)I8/ /AM 8< "/IC D'I)B Dear Admissions CommitteeE -a#ing worked with Mr. Xiao Xiao for three years at A!C )echnology, I am #ery =

glad to recommend him for 6$-A) .D8FDAMG $- D G7 As his super#isor, I ha#e en3oyed a close ac%uaintance with him and, frankly speaking, Mr. Xiao is one of most e(cellent researchers that I ha#e e#er seen. It is not easy for a new graduate to get into our company, the largest telecommunications company in Asia. $e were immediately impressed, though, &y Mr. Xiao;s e(ceptionally outstanding performance in uni#ersity. As an undergraduate, he was in#ited to enter our company at the master;s*degree salary le#el, and that confidence was rewarded with his #ery creati#e and knowledgea&le mind. )hough there are many master;s or doctoral candidates in my team, Mr. Xiao;s performance has &een the &est of all. Alone among all his teammates, he earned straight As during his pro&ationary period. Mr. Xiao;s first engagement was in the Data Communication DHD department at A!C )echnology, where he worked on the !A'I!road&and Access 'er#erJ design used in -'DI-igh*speed 'witch DouteJ. -e was in charge of the A)M Access of <DI<rame DelayJ and independently designed a system pro#iding eight channels of <D input interfaces. )he system will encapsulate the frames into AA1A cells, and connect to -'D after &eing com&ined with other access unitsIe.g. DD/, 1A/ mulation, .'D/ J. Mr. Xiao pro#ed to &e a #ery diligent person, often working for se#eral days without lea#ing the la& and sleeping on the couch when tired. As a result, In 3ust four months he reali:ed the access of <rame Delay from 1A/ to A)M cell with the optional &andwidth and priority packages. /ow, our -'D has pro#ided for multiple countries, as )hailand, 1aos, Dussia, ":&ekistan, 0yrgy:stan, Cam&odia, Algeria, etc. In China, this product has a market share of more than K0, in this product field, &ringing huge profits to our company. In 4anuary 2000, Mr. Xiao &egan work in wireless telecommunication, focused on the &ase stationI/ode!J research in =F $CDMA. /ode! is responsi&le for the mo&ility of user terminals at the access layer, supporting #arious ser#ices such as multimedia and #oice or data. )hanks to his solid track record in the de#elopment process, he earned a promotion to team manager in 'eptem&er 2000 leading the M."IMain .rocessor "nitJ team. )he M.", &ased on the A)M switch platform, will encapsulate the control plane information into AA1A cells as well as the user plane message into AA12 cells. <inally, these A)M cells will &e sent to D/CIDadio /etwork controllerJ &y IMAIIn#erse Multiple(ing <or A)MJ channel. )he performance of this new product can match those in M8)8D81A, /80IA, / C, and /8D) 1, &ut it is much cheaper. )his design is a #ery successful product of our company, and, in leading their de#elopment, Mr. Xiao demonstrated L

great patience, persistence, and a strong sense of responsi&ility. In 2002, Mr. Xiao earned the honor of Moutstanding team leaderM in our company through a highly competiti#e election that honors only two percent of team managers. During his three years here, Mr. Xiao has shown great talent in creation and in#ention. As an acknowledged e(pert in em&edded operating systems, he has got four patents for A!C )echnology, all of which are widely applied in hardware design and algorithms. Mr. Xiao is also known as the top e(pert in Cerilog and C-D1 at the 'hanghai DHD center. -e is the youngest department manager in 'hanghai DHD Center, and his creati#ity, intelligence, and diligence made him more capa&le than most doctors. I truly regret letting such an e(cellent mem&er go, &ut I am willing to make this recommendation to help such a #igorous and promising young man de#elop his potential fully. <or any more information, please feel free to contact me. Bours truly, /AM )I)1 /AM 8< C8M.A/B 8D "/IC D'I)B As Mr. 6/AM 7;s super#isor for two years, it is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation re%uesting that he &e accepted into your graduate program. Mr. 6/AM 7 and I work for 'an#uan !ioengineering Company in !ei3ing, China;s capital. In the company, Mr.6/AM 7 has always &een an inspiring source of help and support for others and me. Conscientious and diligent, he has contri&uted more than his share to this company;s producti#e and highly #alued research. After 3oining our company, he was accepted into a #ery strict training program within the company. In the process he mastered se#eral of the latest techni%ues including /MD and displayed an impressi#e capa&ility in grasping speciali:ed knowledge. -e applied professional principles to the solutions of practical pro&lems and recei#ed great satisfaction from his new achie#ements. -alf a year later, he &egan to do independent research in relati#ely minor pro3ects. 8ne year later, as my most capa&le assistant, he took charge of some large research pro3ects. 6I) $8"1D ! IM.D ''IC )8 /AM A) 1 A') 8/ .D84 C).7 'e#eral conclusions deri#ed from his research formed the &asis for a num&er of the company;s important products. 6/AM 8/ .7

As to his personal character, he is polite, generous, cooperati#e and optimistic. -e has achie#ed success through his hard work and I recommended him for a higher position within our company. $hile I regret that he told me he was preparing to study a&road and would &e lea#ing the company, I feel o&ligated to encourage and support his efforts. I &elie#e that your program offers the perfect en#ironment for Mr. 6/AM 7 to reali:e his dream and I recommend him without reser#ation. I am the Associate -ead of the Department of ((, writing to recommend Mr. 6/AM 7 for admission to your .h.D. .rogram in 6/AM '. CI<IC .D8FDAM.7. I met Mr.6/AM 7 initially in 299A when he entered our department with the highest score in his class. I taught him &iochemistry and had the opportunity to o&ser#e his undergraduate performance. Independent and intelligent, he e(hi&ited e(%uisite analytical skills in his coursework, e(celled in his studies, and earned a #ery high class rank. Impressed &y his serious attitude and diligence, solid academic foundation and powerful aptitude for hands*on e(periments, he participated in my pro3ect XBN. In some e(periments, he tendered many insightful suggestions that occasionally indicated some immaturity. -e would continue e(perimenting with his particular idea until he could confidently show me some scintillating points. In 2999, he &egan his degree thesis under my guidance. !ecause of the necessity of his work, he studied many graduate courses in &iochemistry on his own and did some useful research on the structure and function of proteins. All of these acti#ities indicate a person capa&le of successful graduate study. -e is goal oriented and determined in pursuing his chosen strategies. In 2999, he declined the department?@s offer of admission into the graduate program with a wai#er for the normal entrance e(amination. -e decided to 3oin a company to sharpen his practical skills and gain first hand e(perience. I appreciate his plan to further his career &y studying with you. I ha#e full confidence in his intellectual cali&er and technical skills and I strongly support his application


Dear Admissions Committee, It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Xiao Xiao for your M'C program in International !usiness. As Cice*Feneral Manager of -ong 0ong A!C -oldings and Mr. Xiao?@s immediate super#isor, I ha#e known Xiao since 2000 when he 3oined our company, which focuses on real estate de#elopment, international trade, and glo&al &usiness affairs. After &eginning as a market researcher in A!C;s market de#elopment department, Xiao was promoted to assistant to the Cice* Feneral Manager. $orking so closely with .an, I ha#e seen firsthand his conscientious and diligent work ha&its, as well as his focused am&ition. Xiao has made significant contri&utions to numerous company pro3ects and initiati#es, making him one of our most #alued employees. In 4une of 2002, I sent Xiao to CCC, a city in China;s CCC pro#ince, to take charge of one of A!C;s largest and most important pro3ects, the MCCC '%uare .ro3ect.M !ecause of a lack of e(perience in selecting a suita&le location and poor marketing management, the company had to delay its sales launch. )o ameliorate this ma3or dilemma, Xiao employed meticulous organi:ation and a creati#e approach, collecting all rele#ant information from local go#ernment agencies. -e then assessed the pro3ect;s #ia&ility &y considering its cultural and entertainment #alue, a&ility to host sporting e#ents, and %uality of general facilities. After much detailed analysis, Xiao de#eloped a an action*oriented plan, as well as a precise, itemi:ed report. -is analysis helped corporate e(ecuti#es assess the profit potential of the pro3ect under re#ised circumstances and led to a successful sales launch. Mr. Xiao is a #ery &right indi#idual and %uick learner, teaching himself the principles of international trade and marking, as well as a&sor&ing general &usiness strategies from his senior colleagues across se#eral departments. Xiao e(celled so %uickly upon first arri#ing at A!C that he was placed on se#eral challenging international &usiness pro3ects, including a consulting pro3ect e(amining the oil trade for a company in Australia. -e #olunteered for pro3ects with courage, performed his analyses with diligence, and completed his reports with a uni%ue and engaging style. 'ince I ha#e known him, I ha#e &een a&le to count on Xiao to complete any assignment I gi#e him in an unparalleled fashion, far surpassing my re%uirements and e(pectations. .an;s success can also &e attri&uted to his effecti#e interpersonal skills. Confident a&out himself and optimistic for the future, Xiao has always represented A!C impecca&ly to &oth our clients and competitors. !ecause he can easily win the trust K

and support of his audience, including people who know little a&out him, Xiao is usually a key speaker during our fre%uent &usiness meetings. #ery person who has e#er worked with Xiao thinks of him with fond memories, making him one of the most popular employees around the office. 'uch warm and welcome personal %ualities will ser#e as important assets as Xiao e(cels in his future professional career. Dight &efore Xiao informed me that he was planning to pursue graduate studies a&road, I intended to promote him to a higher position within the company. )hough I regret that I will lose such a #alued employee and friend, I &elie#e Xiao needs graduate study to achie#e his professional am&itions. Xiao will utili:e the practical e(periences he has accumulated o#er the past two years as he engages in sophisticated theoretical discussions with fellow glo&al &usiness professionals in graduate school. !y listening to and sharing perspecti#es with his fellow students, Xiao will gain the a&ility to make %uick, yet well*informed management decisions. !y utili:ing your school as an educational institution and reser#oir of esta&lished, professional and personal successes, Xiao will impro#e his a&ility to challenge his professional goals, while &uilding lasting friendships. $ith his e(tensi#e professional e(perience, amia&le character, and desire to succeed, Mr. Xiao Xiao is well poised to succeed in your challenging program. I gi#e Xiao my highest recommendation and hope you will consider his candidacy strongly. 'incerely, /AM Cice*Feneral Manager, -ong 0ong A!C -oldings Dear ColleagueE I am writing to e(press my full support for Xiao Xiao, who is applying to graduate school at 6name of school7. )hough I am currently a #isiting scholar at the "ni#ersity of California, 'an Diego, I was Xiao;s super#isor at the CCC "ni#ersity 'chool of Architecture and Ci#il ngineering. In my 6num&er7 years in academia, Xiao stands out as one of the &est students I;#e encountered. As the professor in charge of CCC;s student union, I spent se#eral years super#ising and working closely with .an, who ser#ed as the union;s chairperson and monitor. .an;s work included managing the routine affairs of his class of K> +

students and planning many student acti#ities. Conse%uently, through our close contact, I gained a thorough understanding of and respect for .an;s character, his strong organi:ational skills, and his leadership a&ility. <or e(ample, in fall 299K, Xiao organi:ed an e#ening party for incoming freshmen. I still #i#idly remem&er the party;s resounding success, as well as .an;s unswer#ing attention to details. Dedication and passion are hallmarks of .an;s character. Although the work he did as a student leader was time*consuming and tiring, he ne#er complained. -e simply em&raced his responsi&ilities, and en3oyed the tasks at hand. 'tudents acknowledged his de#otion to his classmates repeatedlyE <or four years in a row, the student &ody elected him monitor and chairperson. Xiao felt great warmth not only for his classmates, &ut also for society at large. A representati#e e(ample of .an;s community in#ol#ement was in summer 299+. Xiao was the general organi:er in charge of our school;s performance in the large <esti#al of Art at our uni#ersity. At that time, our school faced significant o&stacles, including a lack of funding and insufficient staff. -owe#er, .an;s deft planning and hard work allowed the school to o#ercome all these difficulties. Xiao drew on the collecti#e wisdom of his ad#isors and came up with successful fund raising ideas. -e also consistently moti#ated students to show up for rehearsals. As a direct result of .an;s efforts, our school won si( championships among the se#en festi#al e#ents. <urthermore, our school;s o#erall score put us at first place, and we won the team titleO )his was the &est score in our school;s history. /oting .an;s remarka&le effort, &oth the uni#ersity and our school proudly ga#e him the 8utstanding 1eader award. I ha#e always felt that this kind, charismatic, and intelligent young man would deser#es a &right future. I strongly &elie#e Xiao will &ring genuine enthusiasm to his studies5 he will greatly &enefit from and strongly contri&ute to any su&3ect he chooses to research. I offer my highest recommendation of Xiao Xiao for graduate study at your uni#ersity. 'incerely,