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Noor Jahan (Light to the World) was born this Monday, April 21, 2014. he will !

hoose her own way, b"t she doesn#t ha$e to start %ro& s!rat!h. 'n her day o% birth, lo$ed ones gathered to wel!o&e her. As a wel!o&ing gi%t, so&e o% "s re!ited to her ideas that are an i&portant part o% the heritages she is born into. (elow are so&e life-lessons we wish to pass onto her) When li%e &a*es yo" !len!h yo"r teeth, instead s&ile broadly, so%ten yo"r sho"lders and re&e&ber) li%e is a !hallenge+ li%e is a str"ggle, and yo" wo"ldn,t ha$e it any other way.o" are not alone/ .o" are one o% billions all o$er the 0arth who are trying, %ailing, learning, and trying again- 1ersonal s"!!ess (and %ail"re) is always so!ial. 2t has been b"ilt "p by &illennia o% lessons learned by billions o% people. 3ogether, we are strong, rob"st and end"ring. 2ndi$id"ally, we are wea*, "nbalan!ed and &o&entary. .et it is the great 4oy o% the h"&an e5perien!e that we are wea* where others are strong) it dri$es "s to wor* with and lo$e ea!h other. We are part o% so&ething an!ient and grand. We are 6"&anity. '"r an!estry dates ba!* to %o"r billion years o% li%e. We are part o% the great e5panse o% the 7ni$erse, b"t also the awe8inspiring !o&ple5ity o% the s&allest o% things. We are part o% the latest &o&ent in the &otion o% Nat"re. (e radi!ally honest) str"ggle to "nderstand and a!t in &aterial reality as it a!t"ally &o$es, not 4"st yo"r hopes %or it. (e in a !onstant state o% internal re$ol"tion. (e bra$e eno"gh to ad&it and learn %ro& errors, t"rn li%e dire!tions and do what yo" *now is right e$en i% it is so di%%i!"lt to do so. 6"&ility/ 9e&e&ber and *eep with yo" always h"&ility. We are 4"st beginning to be!o&e aware o% how &"!h we do not *nowWe ha$e no right to to&orrow. Li*e the snapping o% a twig, o"r plans &ay halt in a &illise!ond. At this &o&ent, yo" are relati$ely healthy and %ree. 2t is yo"r responsibility to try to pay ba!* this good %ort"ne by str"ggling to "nderstand and a!t with others towards the !onstant &otion o% 6"&anity,s goals. (e an e5a&ple, a bea!on to others. (elow are so&e o% our great hopes for Noor Jahan and her generation. '"r !hildren will be part o% a $ol"ntary &o$e&ent that will bring a!!ess to litera!y, !"lt"re and power to e$eryone on 0arth. As art, s!ien!e and philosophy be!o&e a world dis!o"rse within a literate world pop"lation, history and !"lt"re will be!o&e a right and a responsibility to pass to new generations. '"r !hildren will !on$in!e their !hildren to be stewards o% this world8spirit. As the indi$id"al is strengthened by spirit and !"lt"re in her independen!e %ro& gro"p ideas and power, a real world de&o!ra!y will be %orged and !ontin"ally re8%orged. 1erhaps %or the %irst ti&e in all o% Nat"re, o"r yo"ng, %ragile spe!ies will ta*e the %irst steps o% %reedo& as we dare to organi:e o"rsel$es !ons!io"sly. '"r grand!hildren will be on their way-to e5plore the %rontiers o% their potential-and the other side o% this gala5y. 2% we so !hoose+ i% together, we belie$e it &oral to do so.