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Free Women

...Goreans, in their simplistic fashion, often contend, categorically, that man is naturally free and woman is naturally slave. But even for them the issues are far more complex than these simple formulations would suggest. For example, there is no higher person, nor one more respected, than the Gorean free woman. ...Goreans do believe, however, that every woman has a natural master or set of masters, with respect to whom she could not help but be a complete and passionate slave girl. These men occur in her dreams and fantasies. She lives in terror that she might meet one in real life. ... --- unters of Gor, !!"#$$ Traditionally she would be born free, to free persons joined in free companionship. She would have been raised as a member of her father's caste although not necessarily expected to take part in its trade. Indeed she may never practice the crafts of her caste, especially if this caste engages in typically male activities such as war or the working of raw materials. The amount of involvement in the daily home activity would have much to do, not too unlike earth, with income and social standing. The women of a given caste, it should be noted, often do not engage in caste wor%. For example, a woman in the &etalwor%ers does not, commonly, wor% at the forge, nor is a woman of the Builders li%ely to be found supervising the construction of fortifications. 'aste membership, for Goreans, is generally a simple matter of birth( it is not connected necessarily with the performance of certain s%ills, nor the attainment of a given level of proficiency in such s%ills. --Fighting Slave of Gor , $)"!*+ The high borne daughters of upper caste oreans will spend their youth in high!walled gardens, protected from much of the orean reality, draped in veils and robes of concealment, learning to read and write as well as the arts of walking, standing with grace, free maiden dances, the service of warm wine and the arrangement of veils. "ommonly, the orean free woman is taught of things which prepare her for her role in society. This upbringing then, will largely depend on her family's caste and status. She will know to kneel as free women do and never to sit cross legged like a man. She will learn to eat and drink in small delicate bites and sips, sometimes while holding up a veil but only as high as it is necessary for her lips to find the food or drink. She will learn to take pride in being frigid and almost void of sexual awareness# whether this is actual fact or not, she will be careful to let it be how it appears. The free woman's role does not re$uire her to be sexual or even sensual. ...frigidity is one of the titles and permissions implicated in the lofty status of a free woman. For many, it is in effect their proudest possession. ,t distinguishes them from the lowly slave girl. ,t proves to themselves and

others that they are free. ... ---Beasts of Gor, $-"!.# The orean free woman will be taught to behave in ways that will be dramatically different from what is expected behavior in collared females. This perhaps is one of the most pu%%ling paradoxes of the orean world. Indeed it is difficult to combine the claim that the orean refuses to have his nature stifled, that the orean world is one in which biotruths are celebrated and in perfect harmony with nature, and the repeated lengthy descriptions of what constitutes true feminine nature with this rather strict code of behavior to which free women are held. The following passage was spoken about women of &arth in one of the many comparisons between them and the joyful 'free to be a woman' orean slave girl, and although it is difficult not to find the meaning in this statement of the &arth woman's imprisoned nature, one could easily wonder if the orean free woman, draped in heavy concealing clothes, veiled and forbidden to behave as women are said to behave when their nature is set free, does not also at least partially fit this somewhat somber description. .../nd , thought then, too, sadly, of the women of 0arth, so many of them so confused, so miserable, so unhappy, women not %nowing what they were, or what they might be, women trapped in a ma1e of ultimately barren artifices, women sub2ected to inconsistent directives and standards, women sub2ected to social coercions, women sub2ected to antibiological constraints, women forced to deny themselves and their depth natures in the name of freedom, women trying to be men, not %nowing how to be women, women torturing themselves and others with their confusions, their inhibitions, their pain, their frustrations. But , did not blame them for they were the victims of pathological conditioning programs. /ny beautiful, natural creature can be clipped and cut, and formed into monstrous shapes, torn from nature, and then instructed to re2oice in its mutilations and mishapenness. ,t was little wonder that so many of the women of 0arth were so inhibited, so frigid, so inert, so anesthetic. ... --&agicians of Gor , #"-.--If indeed the orean celebrates the beauty of females and their nature, why is the orean free woman commanded to hide any sign of such' Is it that the orean refuses her the right to actually be a female' (hat then is the orean free woman' )ow do we reconcile the need for or to embrace natural order and the refusal to allow most women to display what is stated repeatedly as being their true nature unless they are imbonded' /n unowned girl, a free woman, thus, can never experience her full sexuality. ...3assion, it is thought, deprives the free woman to some extent of her freedom and important self-control( it is frowned upon because it ma%es her behave, to some extent, li%e a degraded female slave( free women, thus, to protect their honor and dignity, their freedom and personhood, their individuality, must fight passion( the free woman must remain cool and in

control of herself, even in the arms of her companion, to avoid being truly 4had,4... !!!Tribesmen of or , *+*, -ne could venture that the orean free woman is a symbol of the butterfly to be, the unfinished beauty wrapped still in its protective cocoon, not yet capable of surviving outside its shielding. Indeed beyond the forbidding of female behavior which is imposed upon the free woman of or, there is also both a forbidding of female feelings and female appearance. .lthough not a universal custom, the principles which dictate the face veiling and the wearing of robes of concealment are pretty much intact even in cities or areas where women do not wear these garments. The displaying of a woman's physical attributes for purposes other than practical is highly reprehensible and a dangerous game for free women to play. This particular expectation varies from culture to culture and of course is almost absent from slave!free cultures such as the rence as we first encounter it for example. (ithin the city!state culture though, under one form or another, there is limitation on how much of a woman can be seen before it is considered improper. In fact, a number of customs, traditions and even laws exist that will prevent the woman from being seen as a woman or thought to be feminine enough to be treated as oreans believe the true feminine nature needs to be treated. some cities an unveiled free woman is susceptible to being ta%en into custody by guardsmen, veiled, by force if necessary, and publicly conducted bac% to her home. ...5epeated offenses in such a city usually result in the enslavement of the female. .... --3layers of Gor, )"$!(omen are not habitually permitted to leave the safety of their home without escort and when they do make their way around the city, it will be under proper wrapping and veiling. This of course depends on the local laws and subject to an array of degrees in strictness but serves the clear purpose of preventing abduction by any man who might recogni%e a female under the layers of cloth and set out to ac$uire said woman. Indeed it would appear that to be seen as a woman will somehow result in her enslavement. 6n Gor a woman normally travels only with a suitable retinue of armed guards. 7omen, on this barbaric world, are often regarded, unfortunately, as little more than love pri1es, the fruits of con8uest and sei1ure. Too often they are seen less as persons, human beings with rights, individuals worthy of concern and regard than as potential pleasure slaves, sil%en, bangled prisoners, possible adornments to the pleasure gardens of their captors. .... ---6utlaw of Gor , )"-* /,n /r4s Station,9 he said, 9as in /r, robes of concealment, precisely, are not legally obligatory for free women, no more than the veil. Such things are a

matter of custom. 6n the other hand, as you %now, there are statutes prescribing certain standards of decorum for free women. For example, they may not appear na%ed in the streets, as may slaves. ,ndeed, a free woman who appears in public in violation of these standards of decorum, for example, with her arms or legs too much bared, may be made a slave.9 --5enegades of Gor , !:"#):-#); The theories as to how oreans manage to somehow move through this paradox without much difficulty are many and there is but one view presented here. There is of course the way that most simply cannot see their siblings or mothers as sexual beings. The entire dual message could well be related to this difficulty in viewing the females which are closest to them as actual females or allow that they would have these attitudes and needs as well as the next woman. 0o oreans push this rather protective, and not particularly realistic notion of 'not my mother' to all the women of one's home, village, city and ultimately, even their planet' .re we not repeatedly told about how the women of &arth are natural slaves' It might explain much of what can otherwise be somewhat confusing. The many statements made about the respect owed and afforded to the orean free woman and her importance in the many aspects of the orean world can be seen as contradictory to the above, but it may not be that way. Indeed it is altogether plausible that there are simply 'women' and then 'women'. 1ohn 2orman himself offers $uite simply that most oreans believe the collar will find the slave. The Goreans claim that in each woman there is a free companion, proud and beautiful, worthy and noble, and in each, too, a slave girl. The companion see%s for her companion( the slave girl for her master. ,t is further said, that on the couch, the Gorean girl, whether slave or free, who has had the experience, who has tried all loves, begs for a master. She wishes to belong completely to a man, withholding nothing, permitted to withhold nothing. /nd, of course, of all women, only a slave girl can truly belong to a man, only a slave girl can be truly his, in all ways, utterly, totally, completely, his, selflessly, at his mercy, his ecstatic slave, helpless and 2oyous in the total submission which she is given no choice but to yield. -- unters of Gor, )"$*!-$*# 3ealistically, if the feminine nature's complete fulfillment lies in the totality of orean slavery, would it not be rather expected that beyond the forced nature of the initial enslavement, reaching the completeness which the orean world claims to be feminine nature would not be achieved by most and certainly not by any $uick fix. This perhaps would be the reason behind the notion of natural slave which will be examined in the uman 3roperty article. / woman, , had learned, must choose between freedom and love.

---Slave Girl of Gor , !+"..! If one considers the more subtle yet often repeated suggestion that slavery teaches a woman to love and that these learnings cannot be undone nor denied once discovered, one might simply conclude that for the most part, orean men do not feel their women all need to be enslaved to learn this nature nor need to remain enslaved in order to continue to embrace their nature once this has been reached. (hat is not so clear is how this would selectively apply only to their own women. 3erhaps <ara understood, as , did not, that women such as silver mas%s must be taught love, and can learn it only from a master. ,t was not her intention to condemn her sisters of Tharna into interminable and miserable bondage but to force them to ta%e this strange first step on the road she herself had traveled, one of the unusual roads that may lead to love. 7hen , had 8uestioned her, <ara had said to me that only when true love is learned is the Free 'ompanionship possible, and that some women can learn love only in chains. , wondered at her words. ---6utlaw of Gor , !)"!-*-!-$ The orean (orld does need mothers, wives and partners in running households and caring for family affairs and although we do have a glimpse of free woman!free societies in the later books, there is for the most part a majority of orean females who are free and enjoy the station, power and respect this freedom allows them. The reader will, of course, make of free woman character and any symbolism related to it, what he will. 9, shall not expatiate on what manner of place this is,9 said Ginger, 9for you, yourself, shall soon learn, and well. /nd this is not how they treat all women. 7omen on this world, most of them, en2oy a status and freedom of which you, from 0arth, cannot even conceive. Their raiment is splendid, their station is lofty, their mien is noble, their prestige is boundless. =read them and fear them--9. !!! Savages of or, 4+*56

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