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Submitted by: Mark Allan P. Valeroso BSCE 3-E 2013


Introduction Mr. Andy Mallari opened a small shop selling transistor radios and other electronic parts in Cabanatuan City in 1979. His business grew and by 1990 he was able to save money and purchased a 300 square meter lot and built a two-storey building. He expanded his business in other big towns of San Jose City, Gapan and Guimba in which his current operations cover sales and repair. By this time he employs five salesladies in Cabanatuan and six technicians. Mr. Mallaris perspective has changed drastically after he met his former classmate Estelito Chan who now has a well-established appliance assembly plant in Manila. He said that he didnt start big but rather as a subcontractor for a large assembly plant until he was able to establish his own factory. Mr. Mallari has three sons, all belonging to the top ten in their respective classes. His oldest is about ready to enter college and is thinking of sending him to an engineering school. He thinks all three have the potential to help him realize his dream of establishing his own assembly plant.

PROBLEM 1. What college courses will best suit Mr. Mallaris sons? 2. How will Mr. Mallari established his own assembly plant? ANALYSIS Areas of Considerations: Personal Opinion of Mr. Mallaris sons Interest of Mr. Mallaris sons 1. Demand External- the demand for electronic parts that are used in the assembly and maintenance of radios, tape recorders amplifiers and various selected appliances in other towns. Internal-the demand for more man power to serve all the customers various needs in terms of repair or sales 2. Competition External-about Mr. Mallaris former classmate EstelitoChan wellestablished appliance assembly plant in manila and other factory outlets

Internal-about Mr. Mallaris employees who are striving for higher position or salary. 3. Traditional Attitude External-the trend in the towns he wants to establish his factory Internal-his companys rules and regulations 4. Total Financial Investment External-total investment in putting up more stores Internal- own more assets for investing 5. Possible earnings

SUGGESTED COURSES OF ACTION I interview Mr. Tim Hilario, a Safety Officer at a big oil company owned by the government of U.A.E., he suggest that Mr. Mallri should take his eldest son to an electrical/electronics, or on industrial engineering. In that case his eldest can be or will be an useful tool in his dream (Assembly plant). His second son should take a course about business like business administration, accounting & finance so that his son can manage the journals in the company. His third son should take mechanical engineering so that he will be in charge of the design of the machines for the appliances and in the maintenance of the equipment in the assembly plant.

CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Base on the story of Mr. Mallari, Mr. Hilario conclude that an experienced individual performs not only as a businessman but also an efficient individual. He started as a small businessman until he became a successful one. This transition certifies him as a man of wise decisionmaking and as well as a father. If he will take necessary steps to fulfill his goal, he will need not to worry about his future plans and the education of his sons. The following recommendations are being considered by Mr. Hilario: a. Mr. Mallari should first make a feasibility study. b. Find a good source of raw materials ib. Importation protocol, if raw materials is not locally available. c. Mr. Mallari should consider banking loans & amortization, interest, in case initial capital is not sufficient.

d. And Mr. Mallari should also consider the idea of tying up or entering into joint venture, business agreement with moneyed individuals or company who are interested in putting up a new assembly plant.

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