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Syllabus of Chemistry (Specialization of Mathematic and Natural Science) Education Unit : SMA Grade : XI Core Competency CC 1 : Appreciating and

practicing the teachings of their religion CC 2 : Appreciating and practicing the honest behavior, discipline, responsibility, caring (mutual assistance, cooperation, tolerance, peace), polite, responsive and proactive, and showing the attitude as part of the solution to various problems in interacting effectively with the social and natural environment as well as in position ourselves as a reflection of the nation in the association world CC 3 : Understanding , implementing, and analyzing the factual knowledge, conceptual, procedural, and metacognitive based on their curiosity about science, technology, arts, culture, and humanities with knowledge of humanity, national, state, and civilization-related causes of phenomena and events, as well as apply the knowledge procedural in specific fields of study according to their talents and interests to solve problems CC 4 : Processing, reasoning, and presenting in the concrete and abstract subject associated with the development of the independently learned in school, acting effectively and creatively, and be able to use the method according to the rules of science

Basic Competency 1.1 Recognizing the regularity of hydrocarbon properties, thermochemical, the rate of reaction, chemical equilibrium, solutions and colloids as a manifestation of the


Main Learning Materials Observing Buffer solution Reviewing of various roperties sources of buffer solution, properties pH of and pH of buffer buffer solution, and the role solution of buffer solution in The role of the human live the buffer solution in Reviewing of various sources of blood the human related with the ability live

Evaluation Homework Designing the experiment of buffer solution Observation Scientific attitude in conducting the experiments and presentations, for example: how to use the litmus

Time Allocation 3 weeks x 4 lh

Learning Sources - Chemistry books - Worksheet - The other various sources

greatness of Almighty God and the knowledge of the existence of the order as a result of human creative thinking that truth is tentative. 2.1. Demonstrating the scientific behavior (curious, disciplined, honest, objective, open, able to distinguish fact and opinion, tenacious, conscientious, responsible, critical, creative, innovative, democratic, communicative) in designing and conducting experiments and discussions are embodied in attitude everyday. 2.2.Demonstrating the cooperation behavior, polite, tolerant, peaceloving and caring

to maintain the pH of the acid or base addition and dilution

Questioning Asking questions how the establishment of a buffer solution Why buffer solution pH remained relatively unchanged with the addition of a little acid or base What are the benefits of the buffer solution in Portfolio Experimental the human live Reports Eksperimenting Essay (Written Analyzing the Test) formation of a buffer Analyzing the solution experimental data Analyzing the nature of to conclude the the buffer solution solution is a buffer Designing an Calculating the pH experiment to find a of buffer solution solution that is not a Analyzing the buffer or a buffer relationship graph solution by using of changes of pH universal indicator or in acid-base pH meter, and present titration to explain the results to the make

paper, universal indicator or pH meter; to observe the scale of the volume and temperature, using a pipette, the weighing skill, the activity, the cooperative, communicative, and care to the environment, etc.)

environment and saving in the use of natural resources. 2.3.Demonstrating the pro-active behavior responsif and wise as a manifestation of the ability to solve problems and make decisions 3.1. Analyzing the role of buffers solution in the human live Students can explain the definition of buffer solution correctly Students can mention at least 1 of the nature of buffer solution Students can calculate the pH of the buffer

same perception Designing an experiment to find out the nature of the buffer solution or a solution that is not a buffer with the addition of a little acid or base or when diluted and present the results to make the same perception Conducting experiments Observing and recording the observational data Associating Processing and analyzing the data to conclude that the solution is a buffer Determining the pH of the buffer solution through the calculation Determining the relationship graph of the changes of pH on the acid-base titration to explain the nature of the buffer solution

the nature of the buffer solution

solution Students can calculate the the changes of pH on the acidbase titration of the buffer solution Students can explain the benefit of buffer solution in the human live Students 4.1. Designing, can conducting, and design concluding and experime presenting the results nts of experiments to independe determine the nature ntly of the buffer Students solution. can

Communicating Creating the esperiment reports of salt identification and present it by using a correct grammatical Communicating the nature of the buffer solution and the benefits of the buffer solution in the human live

experime nt independe ntly Students can perform the analysis of experime ntal data independe ntly Students can make a conclusio n of experime nts independe ntly Students can make experime nts report Students can present the results of

experime nts in front of the class