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City rejects unions
May Day location
Sochua: The price of
using Freedom Park
lms at Cannes
Jung Ha-won
SOUTH Koreas prime minister
resigned yesterday, blaming corrup-
tion and deep-rooted evil for the
sinking of a passenger ferry that left
300 people dead or missing, as anger
grows over the bungled response to
the tragedy.
Chung Hong-won admitted he had
not been up to the task of overseeing
rescue operations after the Sewol
capsized with 476 people many of
them schoolchildren on board.
I offer my apology for having been
unable to prevent this accident from
happening and unable to properly
respond to it afterwards, he said. I
believed I, as the prime minister,
certainly had to take responsibility
and resign.
Parents and relatives of the missing
and the dead have blasted the
response to the sinking, saying delays
in launching the rescue had cost
lives. There has also been rage over
perceived corruption and lax safety
standards that may have led to the
disaster, with claims that the ferry
was overloaded and the passenger
list was inaccurate and incomplete.
Looking at the latest accident I
came to a painful realisation that
there is too much deep-rooted evil
and corruption in our society,
Chung said. I hope that such
wrongdoings will be rooted out this
time so that an accident like this will
never happen again.
The role of prime minister is largely
ceremonial in South Korea, with the
Hor Kimsay and Eddie Morton
AN ICE-SKATING rink, bowling alley, seven-
screen cinema and a proverbial catwalk of high-
end European and US labels will start vying for a
slice of Cambodias rising middle class inside the
soon-to-open AEON Mall, management with the
firm overseeing it confirmed on Saturday.
The Japanese-owned shopping centres man-
agement cemented the June 30 opening date
and took the wraps off a closely guarded list of
186 businesses that have already signed
on to establish stores in the new Sothearos
Boulevard complex.
French fashion designer Pierre Cardin and
Italian label Valentino will open a joint store,
while Spanish menswear designer Florentino
and iconic US jeans maker Levis will also open
retail outlets, according to the tenant list. French
natural cosmetics maker Loccitaine and UK
boutique hair dressing chain Toni&Guy will also
be among the malls occupants.
More than three-quarters of all the malls ten-
ants will be foreign-owned, including 49 stores
from Japan, 21 from Europe and nine from the
US, while 42 Cambodian-owned businesses
including banks and clothing retailers will also
share 108,000 square metres of floor space.
Chris Hobden, commercial analyst for real
estate research firm CBRE, said retail rental costs
were on the rise in Phnom Penh, driven by the
influx in recent years of foreign franchises and
high-end chains, citing Costa Coffee, Swensens
and Tous Les Jours as some of the most notable
Phak Seangly and Amelia Woodside
Koh Kong province
AISING their voices in unison,
friends, relatives and former
colleagues of slain environ-
mental activist Chut Wutty
chanted his name as they approached
the place along the road where his life
ended two years ago to the day.
On April 26, 2012, Wutty, the direc-
tor of the National Resource Protec-
tion Group and tireless advocate for
Cambodias forests, was gunned
down in bizarre circumstances dur-
ing an investigation into illegal log-
ging in Koh Kong provinces Mondul
Seima district.
The shooting, by a military police
officer, was the most high-profile killing
of an activist since unionist Chea Vichea
was shot dead outside a newsstand in
Phnom Penh in 2004, and it sent shock-
waves throughout the countrys activist
Two years later, during the first cere-
mony at the site to mark the anniver-
sary of Wuttys death, emotions were
still running high.
He told us that losing our forest is like
losing our life force, said 58-year-old
Tun Lam, an activist from Stung Treng
province who met Wutty in 2008. Even
though we were afraid after he was
killed, we cant stop our activities, or it
will all be for nothing.
The event on Saturday, which
occurred alongside a stretch of road in
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S Korean PM
resigns over
ferry tragedy
His passion still stands tall
AEON tenants target Cambodias middle class
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People gather around an efgy of slain environmental activist Chut Wutty on Saturday at the site where he was fatally shot in Koh Kong province. SCOTT HOWES
TheUnitedNations PopulationFundis aninternational development agency that promotes theright
of every woman, man and child to enjoy a life of health and equal opportunity. UNFPAsupports
countries inusingpopulationdatafor policies andprogrammes toreducepoverty andtoensurethat
everypregnancyiswanted, everybirthissafe, everyyoungpersonisfreeof HIV/AIDS, andeverygirl
VacancyNo: FPA/13/006 Level: ICS-8
National Programme
Ofcer-Maternal Health
DutyStation: UNFPA Ofce, Phnom Penh
Contract type: FixedTermAppointment Deadline: 16 May 2014 (5pm Local Time)
Main Tasks and Responsibilities:
SupportsUNFPAactivitiesintheareaof maternal health.
Provides advocacy, knowledge management, technical leadership and expertise on maternal
Acts as focal point for specic technical issues including stula, RH in emergencies, gender in
thehealthsector andsupport tothedevelopment of midwiferyinCambodia.
Supports the RH specialist in the annual work plan formulation, monitoring and evaluation,
contributes to joint programming initiatives and participates in the national development
frameworks which are relevant to his/her portfolio.
Masters Degree in Public Health, Maternal, Reproductive Health or Family Health.
At least four years relevant experienceinreproductiveandmaternal healthprogramme/project
management, implementation, planning, monitoring, supervision.
In depth knowledge of the Cambodian health sector, health system and policies particularly for
reproductive, maternal, andnewbornhealthprogrammes.
Sound institutional knowledge and experience in dealing with professional associations and
Technical Reproductive, Maternal Health and health systems experience desirable.
Strong interpersonal skills. Strong writing skills.
Applications must be supported with a motivation letter, UN Personal History Form (P11), detail CV and
key relevant certicates. The sealed envelope shall be addressed directly to Dr. Derveeuw Marc G. L.,
Representative, UNFPA, No. 225, Street Pasteur, Boeng Keng Kang 1, Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh,
Cambodia. The P11 Form and Terms of Reference can be obtained via email (
Onlyshortlistedcandidateswill becontacted. UNFPAretainstheright tocontact refereesdirectly.
Thereisnoapplication, processingor other feeat anystageof theapplicationprocess. UNFPAdoes
not solicit or screenfor informationinrespect of HIVor AIDSanddoes not discriminateonthebasis
of HIVstatus.
Vacancy Announcement
Municipal security personnel escort CNRP lawmaker, Mu Sochua away
from Freedom Park earlier this month. VIREAK MAI
Alice Cuddy
ORE than 100 op-
position support-
ers gathered in
Phnom Penh yes-
terday morning for training in
defending freedom ahead of a
planned attempt to enter Free-
dom Park on Wednesday.
Opposition lawmaker-elect
Mu Sochua, who has been forc-
ibly removed from the park a
number of times this month,
led the training at the Cam-
bodia National Rescue Party
headquarters and said the ex-
ercise educated supporters in
peaceful methods of conict
We asked ourselves, What
symbolises freedom to us at
the moment? And the answer
is Freedom Park. How do we
express that? By all of us go-
ing to the park, she said. The
methodology we were teaching
is nonviolence, nonviolence,
The training session, Sochua
said, included role play and a
screening of a documentary.
The group also discussed who
will be responsible for taking
photos and how women will
be protected.
Sochua has been on a one-
woman crusade this month to
enter Freedom Park, which still
has a ban on public gatherings
in place.
Last Monday the last time
she attempted to enter the
park security forces attacked
a peaceful crowd of supporters,
journalists and NGO workers,
injuring at least 10.
Today, Sochua and fellow
CNRP lawmaker-elect Lim Kim-
Ya, who was struck on the face
by a guard during the melee,
will le charges against Daun
Penh District Deputy Governor
Sok Penh Vuth, who they claim
ordered the attacks.
Afterwards, Sochua says she
will take footage of the violence
to the diplomatic corps and Eu-
ropean Union.
Penh Vuth could not be
reached for comment.
Military police spokesman
Kheng Tito said yesterday
his ofcers will use force to
force [the CNRP supporters]
out if they gather without
But despite the obvious
risk of violence, Sochua said
the supporters at yesterdays
training share her goal.
The youths came to me; they
feel inspired and say we are one.
They are not coming to support
me; they are coming because
they support freedom.
One, speaking after yes-
terdays event, said he hopes
to enter the park and speak
peacefully on Wednesday.
Its scary, but were not scared
too much.
CNRP youths
to enter park
People attach a photo of environmental activist Chut Wutty to an efgy on Saturday at the site where he was fatally shot in Koh Kong. SCOTT HOWES
Chut Wutty: his passion still stands tall
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Mondul Seima district called Veal Bei
point, attracted about 100 people who
travelled in vans and the same truck that
Wutty was driving when he was shot. The
group gathered around an effigy of the
activist fashioned out of tree branches, as
the Venerable Luon Savath, an activist
monk, led a Buddhist ceremony to com-
memorate Wuttys spirit.
His son Chheuy Oddom Rasmey, 21,
remembered the last time he heard his
fathers voice, in a phone conversation
about an hour before he was killed.
He wanted me to become a lawyer, but
I dont want this job, because the court
system in Cambodia is neither independ-
ent nor just, he said, adding that he was
committed to ending illegal logging on a
grassroots level.
Three monitors sporting the powder
blue vests of the Office of the United
Nations High Commissioner for Human
Rights (OHCHR) placed a wreath along-
side Wuttys shrine, paid for by staff mem-
bers of the OHCHR Cambodia office.
The crime scene is typically guarded by
at least two men, according to Neang
Boratino, provincial coordinator for Adhoc,
which worked closely with Wutty.
They made an exception for this day,
because they know how large we are in
number, he said.
Provincial Forestry Administration direc-
tor Oum Makary said yesterday, however,
that the site was near a public road, and
access was never blocked.
No one is allowed to log that area,
because [environmental NGO] Wildlife
Alliance and military police officers patrol
the area on foot and with a helicopter,
Makary said.
Rights monitors say the circumstances
leading to Wuttys death havent been
properly investigated. Whats known is a
standoff turned ugly, ending with Wutty
and a military police officer both dead.
Rattana had allegedly tried to confiscate
the memory card of a camera Wutty, who
was in the company of two journalists, had
been using to document stockpiles of yel-
low vine.
As the official narrative goes, after argu-
ing, Rattana shot and killed Wutty before
being shot dead by Ran Borath, a security
guard for a logging firm. The two journal-
ists were unharmed in the incident.
When the case finally came to trial, the
provincial court focused on the uninten-
tional murder of Rattana, the man suppos-
edly responsible for Wuttys death. Key
witnesses were never called to testify, and
Borath, the security guard who was
accused of the accidental killing of Rat-
tana, only served six months of his two-
year sentence.
Two years on, Chut Wuttys family and
friends are still demanding justice for
Cambodias premier defender of the forest.
But those pleas are falling on deaf ears in
the government, Phil Robertson, deputy
director of Human Rights Watchs Asia divi-
sion, said on Sunday.
In a press release issued on Saturday, the
Cambodian Center for Human Rights
characterised the official version of what
happened as ludicrous.
But violence and intimidation of envi-
ronmental activists will continue, along
with the depletion of Cambodian forests,
if Wuttys work is abandoned, said Chhim
Savuth, the current executive director of
the National Resource Protection Group.
Sitting in a small clearing during the cer-
emony as a means of escaping the crowd,
Savuth said logging had only accelerated
since Julys national elections.
The only way for this to change is if the
government stops issuing licences to
export timber abroad and reinforces the
forest law, Savuth said, adding that as
each year passed, the forests supply of
rosewood was coming dangerously close
to the brink of extinction.
As the burning incense began to wane
and the light dimmed, the crowd slowly
returned to nearby vans, ending an event
that was sombre but far from hopeless.
Wuttys effigy was left leaning along a
shrine constructed in his honour, sur-
rounded by sticks of incense.
City rejects May Day location
Mom Kunthear

HNOM Penh munici-
pal authorities has re-
jected a request from
more than 10 unions
to hold an International Labour
Day event at Freedom Park on
May 1, but the unionists have
said that will not stop them
from marking the occasion.
City Hall spokesman Long
Dimanche said yesterday that
authorities would not allow the
unions to hold the event at Free-
dom Park the capitals desig-
nated protest space, which has
been off limits to demonstra-
tors since the government si-
multaneously cracked down on
garment sector and opposition
party protests in early January.
He appealed to the groups to
use their own ofces instead.
We do not agree with their re-
quest to celebrate International
Labour Day at Freedom Park,
because there are many organi-
sations and institutes that want
to use that place as well that we
have refused, Dimanche said,
adding that the city had con-
veyed that message to unions
in a meeting on Thursday.
We told them to do it at
their own ofces, a private
place or their factories. But
we will not allow them to do it
at a public place and we have
temporarily banned the use of
Freedom Park, he said.
The unions request would
now be passed on to the Min-
istry of Interior.
Yang Sophorn, president of
the Cambodian Alliance of
Trade Unions, said yesterday,
however, union leaders were
standing rm on holding their
event at the park.
We are still keeping our
stance to do [this] at Freedom
Park on International Labour
Day, and our unions will have
another meeting again be-
fore making a nal decision,
she said.
In previous years, labour
unions had been allowed to
celebrate the occasion at pub-
lic places, including Freedom
Park, Sophorn noted.
Our rights and freedoms
are crumbling [at this time],
because as we know, on pre-
vious occasions, the govern-
ment has allowed us to do or
[express] our rights at public
places . . . But this year is very
different, she said.
Pav Sina, president of the
Collective Union of Movement
of Workers, said yesterday that
the unions had planned to
march from Freedom Park to
the headquarters of the Cam-
bodian Peoples Party and
Cambodia National Rescue
Party, respectively.
They are expecting about
5,000 attendees.
Workers and labour activists gather at Freedom Park last year to take part in a march through Phnom Penh
to mark International Labour Day. HENG CHIVOAN
Chhay Channyda
A FORMER civil servant was
sentenced on Friday to ve
years in prison by Kampong
Cham Provincial Court for
stealing the pensions of 10 re-
tired teachers a total of $500
in March 2012.
Mang Yusreng, former chief
of the Social Affairs Ofce in
Srei Santhor district, was or-
dered to serve only three years
of the total sentence, his de-
fence lawyer, Kea Eav, said.
But Eav yesterday called for
his clients immediate release,
citing health problems, the fact
that hed repaid the money and
that the retired teachers had
withdrawn their complaints.
I am asking the court re-
lease him on bail or send him
to Phnom Penh for treatment
of a bladder condition, he said,
adding that his client has only
developed the problem since
being in prison.
Yusreng was arrested by the
Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU)
and Kampong Cham authori-
ties on November 16 after a
lawsuit was led by the victims,
who said they had not received
their 200,000 riel ($50) pension
payouts for March 2012.
A post on the ACU website
the day before his arrest said
that Yusreng had also falsied
thumbprints on documents. He
has been detained since then.
My client had confessed to
all those charges and paid all
money back to retired teach-
ers, and they also withdrew
their complaints against him,
Eav said.
San Chey, coordinator for
the Afliated Network for So-
cial Accountability in East Asia
and the Pacic, welcomed Fri-
days ruling but said that more
needs to be done to put an
end to bigger cases of corrup-
tion by ofcials.
Whatever action the ACU
and courts take on corrupt of-
cials we welcome, but please
look back to other big money
corruption cases, Chey said.
He cited the Global Fund cor-
ruption scandal, in which health
ofcials stand accused of solic-
iting hundreds of thousands of
dollars in bribes to secure big
contracts for two multinational
mosquito net providers, as one
example of ofcials going un-
punished for their crimes.
We can say here that a big
sh is released but the small
sh is trapped in the net. We
want all corrupt [people] to
face punishments, he said.
ACU president Om Yentieng
could not be reached.
Minor fraud prompts
hard prison sentence
Smuggling arrest
Man in court
after border
ecstasy bust
LAOTIAN national
caught allegedly
smuggling almost
one kilogram of ecs-
tasy into Stung Treng province
on Friday was yesterday char-
ged in the provincial court.
Sum Vangsainharkkhunny,
42, was arrested in Siem Pang
district after crossing the
border early on Friday, said
Earng Vanndy, Stung Treng
provincial military police
Police stopped Vangsain-
harkkhunny and searched
him after seeing him acting
suspiciously. The search un-
covered a package containing
about 930 grams of ecstasy.
This man was sent to jail
already . . . The [drugs] were
found on the body of the sus-
pect. Obviously that man dealt
with drugs, [so] we made a
report about drug dealing,
he said.
Police said the suspect
admitted to being hired to
smuggle the drugs into Cam-
bodia from Laos.
Case prosecutor and
director of the provincial court
Eang Kimthol could not be
reached. KIM SAROM
UN rights
envoy starts
visit today
Kevin Ponniah
THE most senior UN human
rights official to visit the King-
dom since 2010 will arrive
today to meet with government
representatives and civil soci-
ety groups, the local UN rights
office announced on Friday.
Flavia Pansieri, UN deputy
high commissioner for human
rights, will visit for five days and
meet with senior government
officials, including Minister of
Foreign Affairs Hor Namhong,
the UN said in a statement.
Pansieri will review the
human rights situation in Cam-
bodia and the efforts under
way to improve it.
The local UN Office of the
High Commissioner for Human
Rights did not respond to ques-
tions yesterday as to whether
the visit was in response to
the heavy-handed crackdown
on protests in January that left
four dead and dozens impris-
oned or the ongoing ban
on demonstrations.
Cambodia National Rescue
Party spokesman Yem Ponharith
said the opposition did not yet
have a meeting scheduled with
Pansieri but was planning to
request one today.
Thailand deports migrants
Khouth Sophak Chakrya

ORE than 100
Cambodians were
deported from
Thailand yester-
day after Thai security forces
conducted operations over the
weekend aimed at stemming
the ow of illegal immigrants.
Net Sary, Cambodias consul-
general in Thailands Sa Kaeo
province, said yesterday that
120 Cambodians, including
four minors, were deported af-
ter being detained at a market.
Cambodian authorities also
captured many people and ad-
vised them not to cross the bor-
der illegally to work in Thailand,
he said, adding that scores of
Cambodians are deported from
the province every day.
The workers, he said, were
waiting for brokers to take
them to their jobs when the
police raided the market.
Hundreds of Cambodians
hoping to cross the border
were also turned back by local
authorities in Battambang and
Banteay Meanchey provinces,
Sary added.
Rights groups have warned
that the numbers of migrant
workers heading to Thailand is
increasing, as are the risks they
face on arrival.
The bodies of eight Cam-
bodian workers killed in two
separate car crashes in March
and April were repatriated on
Seven of the workers were
killed in a crash on Friday in
Chonburi province while the
eighth, a waste collector work-
ing in Pattaya, died on Friday
after struggling to survive seri-
ous injuries sustained when he
fell from a truck on March 30.
Twelve workers who were
seriously injured in the two ac-
cidents were also sent home.
We gave the bodies, and the
injured people, to their fami-
lies and relatives, Sary said.
Foreign Ministry spokesman
Koy Kuong said the govern-
ment was in talks with Thai
authorities to seek compensa-
tion from the companies that
hired the workers.
A number of recent high-
prole deaths of Cambodians
in Thailand has underscored
the dangers faced by migrants.
In early April, nine migrants
died returning home for
Khmer New Year in a car crash
in Chanthaburi province and
at least ve Cambodians died
the same month when a bomb
exploded at a scrap metal
warehouse in Bangkok.
Detained migrant workers are transported in a Thai police vehicle at the Poipet International Checkpoint on
the weekend after being detained by Thai security forces. PHOTO SUPPLIED
Credit Ocers (based in Kompong Cham Province and 1)
Phnom Penh)
Key Responsibilites
Promote product and service
Handle credit enquiries and applicatons
Collect and investgate documents and
informaton for credit assessment
Initate customer contact and conduct visit
Conduct preliminary credit interview, site visit for
collateral, due diligence, and property valuaton
Perform credit analysis based on credit principles
and client protecton policy
Prepare credit proposal and submit to Credit
Commitee for credit decision
Monitor existng loan accounts and conduct
periodic credit review
Build and maintain good relatonship with
borrowing customers
Skills/Qualicatons required
Customer oriented
Strong sales andmarketng as well as analytcal skills
Dynamic and positve work attude with ability
and willingness to learn
Work experience in a similar role is preferred but
not required
Willing to travel for site and customer visits
Female are encourage to apply
Good command of Khmer and English (both read
and write)
Fresh University graduates or undergraduates in
related disciplines are encouraged to apply
Receptonist/Teller (based in Kompong Cham Province) 2)
Key Responsibilites
Over-the counter cash and non-cash transactons
Concierge role/ front desk customer service
General customer in-branch and phone enquiries
Collecton of loan payment and fee charges
Mail delivery and logistc arrangement
General administratve and secretarial tasks
Perform other dutes as and when required by
line manager
Skills/Qualicatons required
Customer service experience is preferred but not
required (fresh graduates are encouraged to apply)
Basic accountng skill
Computer literate (MS Oce)
Pleasant personality and willingness to learn
Good interpersonal and communicaton skills
Good command of Khmer and English (both read
and write)
Loan Recovery Ocer (based in Phnom Penh) 3)
Key Responsibilites
Communicate with debtors, local authorites, and
lawyer for bad debt collecton
In coordinaton with other departments, conduct
regular follow up with clients through phone
calls, home visit, or writen correspondences
Prepare regular reports on status of collecton,
home/customer visits
Communicate with companys lawyer and
prepare necessary legal documents for court
process in the event of serious default
Develop eectve payment plan and manage les
of writen o loans
Accurately input and interpret informaton
Skills/Qualicatons required
Degree or Diploma in a related discipline
Debt recovery or collecton experience with MFI/
Banking industry
Familiar with Cambodian law and complaint ling
Strong planning, interpersonal, and problem-
solving skills
Ability to work under pressure
Credit Support Ocer (based in Phnom Penh) 4)
Key Responsibilites
Conduct credit review and regular customer visits
Perform cross sales and referral
Assist Loan Recovery Ocer in handling portolio
at risk (PAR)
Conduct market survey
Perform other dutes as and when required by
line manager
Skills/Qualicatons required
Some sales and credit experience preferred but
not required
Dynamic and positve work attude with ability
and willingness to learn
Good communicaton and interpersonal skills
Good command of English and Khmer
Female are encourage to apply
Willing to travel for site and customer visits
Fresh University graduates or undergraduates in
related disciplines are encouraged to apply
We are an equal opportunity employer. We oer excellent long term career opportunity and remuneraton package commensurate
with qualicaton and experience to the right candidates.
Interested applicants should submit their CV and cover leter with salary expectaton together with a recent
photo via email to by 16th May 2014 (Please do not atach certcate or other
document). You may also apply in person at our oce located at A15-17, Street 271 (near Sovanna Shopping
Center). Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview. For more informaton, please visit our website at .
First Finance Plc, a joint venture established between Singapore-based Phillip Capital, Luxembourg-based Insitor Fund SCA, and
locally incorporated First Home Plc, is the rst and only nance company in Cambodia specializing in housing nance for low
income Cambodian households.
As the company is growing, we are now seeking for qualied candidates to ll the following positons:
Chhay Channyda
SEVENTY-FOUR former Khmer
Rouge soldiers ghting for
land they claim the govern-
ment granted them in the
1990s have agreed to meet
with the military commanders
who allegedly sold the parcels
for personal prot.
The meeting, scheduled for
Tuesday, follows a week after
a pair representatives for the
74 families were arrested for
illegally occupying the disput-
ed territory.
The representatives, Ly
Khley, 46, and Hoeun Vy, 56,
were apprehended by Ban-
teay Meanchey authorities in
Malai districts Tuol Pongro
commune on April 22 and re-
leased two days later after they
agreed to move.
They thumb-printed an
agreement to leave the area
because of threats from the
authorities . . . In fact, the other
families do not agree and thus
far they still occupy the land,
villager Chum Savuth, 52, said.
The former Khmer Rouge
soldiers claim the govern-
ment allocated the territory
to disabled soldiers in 1996
and 1997, giving each of the 74
soldiers ve hectares of land.
But the men claim they never
received their land, and that it
was instead sold to business-
men by the military bosses.
In 2004, the soldiers fami-
lies led complaints to local
and national authorities, but
no resolution was reached,
according to Soum Chankea,
provincial coordinator for
rights group Adhoc.
In March, the 74 families be-
gan erecting houses and farms
on the plots, a move that lo-
cal authorities labelled illegal
land grabbing.
The soldiers hold four of their
former superiors accountable:
Mao Kiri, former deputy chief
of staff of Regiment E67; Ruos
Thoeun, deputy commander
of E67; Ket Tieng, former com-
mander of Battalion 671; and
Chhun Krenh, commander
of Battalion 671, according
to Adhoc.
Kiri, now a commander of
Battalion 511, said yesterday
that he did not steal anyones
land and was not a thief.
The land belonged to 60
soldiers and they agreed to
sell it [in 2002], and I was just
a commander acting as a wit-
ness, he said, adding that the
initial 67 families claiming 140
hectares have now grown to
more than 200 families each
wanting a plot of their own.
Ex-KR soldiers lock in
land-dispute meeting
CNRP plans election rallies
Meas Sokchea

FTER weeks abroad
in Europe and the
United States, re-
spectively, Cambo-
dia National Rescue Party
leaders Sam Rainsy and Kem
Sokha are returning this week
ahead of the council election
campaign, which kicks off
on Friday.
Though the election is not
a universal vote and instead
sees sitting commune coun-
cillors cast ballots typically
along party lines for mu-
nicipal, district and provincial
councillors, a two-week cam-
paign will run May 2-16 before
the May 18 poll.
Meach Sovannara, director
of the information depart-
ment at the CNRP, said yester-
day that Sokha would be arriv-
ing today, after a short stop in
South Korea, while Rainsy will
arrive on Tuesday.
He said the CNRP was plan-
ning on holding large election
rallies in the streets of Phnom
Penh during the two-week
campaign period and that
political negotiations with
the Cambodian Peoples Party
could not resume until after
the campaign.
We are thinking of the elec-
tion campaign and demand-
ing an early election. How can
we negotiate? Sovannara said,
adding that his party planned
to attract huge crowds for a
march on May 2.
Our political message is re-
lated to the current political
situation, he said.
Senior CPP ofcial Ork Kim
Han, who is in charge of the
election campaign, criticised
the CNRPs plan to march
as illegal.
I know that the Cambodian
Peoples Party will not march.
But in case it changes and the
supporters march, I cannot
stop it. But whatever we do
will be according to the Elec-
tion Law, he said.
Election rallies are differ-
ent from protest marches. At
election rallies we propagan-
dise about the political plat-
form of the party. But if we
hold demonstrations, it means
we demand something. So it
is illegal.
At a meeting last week
hosted by the National Elec-
tion Committee, political par-
ties were told they were not
banned from marching during
the campaign, but that their
election rallies could not turn
into demonstrations, must
not insult other candidates
and could not permanently
occupy public places.
Cambodia National Rescue Party supporters ride though the streets of Phnom Penh in June last year during
a campaign rally in the lead-up to national elections. VIREAK MAI
Post staff

AMILY members of
some of the 23 men
sent to trial on Friday
over their alleged role
in January garment protests
that turned violent said yester-
day that the court was not giv-
ing their loved ones the chance
to defend themselves and was
harming their well-being fur-
ther by delaying their trial.
The trial for the group of
workers, unionists and activ-
ists was adjourned until May
6 after Phnom Penh municipal
judge Keo Mony said the court
needed more time to study
the evidence.
These people [are accused
of] having incited people to
protest against garment facto-
ries and causing serious tur-
moil in our society, he said.
Prak Sovannary, wife of Vorn
Pov, the Independent Democ-
racy of Informal Economy As-
sociation president who is one
of those on trial, said her hus-
band was not questioned.
My husband and others
are being detained at Prey Sar
prison while they wait for bail
hearings at the Supreme Court
[on May 2], she said. But the
[trial] has been delayed so
long. Why doesnt the judge re-
sume [today]?
My husband has been de-
tained for nearly four months
already and was brought to
court only to watch. He had no
chance to be questioned.
Youm Sokun, 55, father of
accused NGO worker Sokun
Sambath Piseth, said only four
of the accused had been ques-
tioned, along with witnesses,
including from the military.
My son was beaten, injuring
his hand. He was beaten by the
military, but during the hear-
ing, a military ofcer said they
did not use any metal sticks to
[hit] protesters.
All suspects were arrested
on January 2 and 3 in Phnom
Penh during a strike that ended
in government forces shooting
dead at least four people.
Charges include aggravated
intentional violence and ag-
gravated intentional property
destruction, which carry a
maximum prison sentence of
ve years. The court has re-
duced charges against at least
three, including Pov, whose
charges carry a maximum of
two years prison.
Two men were separately on
trial for their alleged participa-
tion in a November riot involv-
ing striking factory workers
from SL Garment. REPORTING
Bavet protest
bonus offer

20,000 garment work-
ers in Svay Rieng prov-
ince are now on strike after
learning one factory in their
industrial zone distributed
a bonus to workers for not
protesting in mass garment
sector demonstrations dur-
ing the rst week of January.
Workers from about 30
factories in the Manhattan
Special Economic Zone in
Svay Riengs Bavet town have
joined the protest, which
began following Khmer New
Year, after one company, A+J
Factory, gave its worker a
$50 no-strike bonus, the Col-
lective Union of Movement of
Workers (CUMW) claimed.
The Garment Manufactu-
rers Association in Cambodia
released a letter on Friday
accusing CUMW of inciting
workers to strike, but it
denies the accusation.
If workers from a factory
receive a bonus or benefit,
then the other workers will
demand their company do so
too, said Kat Lot, union vice
president. Workers said they
will strike until they get the
One bite leads to not so
neighbourly dog fight
A WOMAN and her teenage
daughter are looking for a
payday after a fight with
neighbours quickly went to
the dogs on Saturday. Police
said the incident in the capi-
tals Por Sen Chey district
began when the mother, 39,
opened her front gate only to
see her canine race out and
bite a neighbours dog.
Moments after the mutts
began tussling, the scene
escalated into a full-scale
brawl, with the woman and
daughter being beaten by a
group of five. Theyre now
seeking $1,000 compensa-
Party crasher tries to
stick it to local officers
Chhnang town party crasher
is behind bars, but not before
he gave cops a run for their
money. Police said they were
attempting to serve a warrant
on the scofflaw who had
injured a villager at a celebra-
tion the week before when a
fellow troublemaker came to
his aid, chasing police and
security around with a stick.
The antics came to an end
when more cops arrived and
took both men to jail. RASMEI
Duck breeders cry foul
on hungry drunken trio
A QUARTET of duck breeders
left three drunken villagers
with serious injuries on Friday
in Battambangs Mong Russey
district. Police said the villagers
asked for and received a duck
for dinner, only to return after
drinking to demand another.
Unwilling to part with another
bird, the breeders went on the
attack, axing the three hungry
diners. Police arrested the four,
who insist the villagers threat-
ened them with a bow and
arrow first. NOKORWAT
Two home intruders
get unwelcome visit
THE burglary spree of a pair
of drug addicts has come to
an end in Kandals Saang dis-
trict. Police said the duo
roamed the area on a motor-
bike and broke into homes
while the owners were at
work. The jig was up on Sat-
urday when a homeowner
arrived to find them still in his
house. The pair escaped
briefly, but police captured
them later the same day. They
were found with yama and a
gun and admitted they stole to
support their habit. DEUM AMPIL
Arsonist burned by his
lovers cold shoulder
A WOULD-BE firebug is
behind bars after attempting
to set his girlfriends relatives
house ablaze on Friday. Police
said the 29-year-old, enraged
when his live-in lover disap-
peared, stormed over to the
relatives house where he
believed she was hiding.
Turned away by the womans
family, he returned hours lat-
er, this time with a friend and
a litre of gasoline. Quick-act-
ing police prevented catastro-
phe and slapped cuffs on the
Translated by Phak Seangly
Catholic Relief Services (CRS) was founded in 1943 by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to assist the poor and
disadvantaged. CRS returned to Cambodia in 1991 and currently works in the sectors of Health, Educaton, and Sustainable, with
approximately 20 local partners. A head oce is located in Phnom Penh with small sub-oces in Kampong Chhnang. CRS Cambodia
is the hub oce for Southeast Asia programming, including Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and other outreach countries.
The TB Program Specialist will lead the implementaton of CRS TB Health projects and
in partcularly providing technical assistance NGOs partners on TB and TB/HIV related
issues. In additon, the Program Specialist will work closely with Operatons and Finance
Department in developing and monitoring budget of assigned projects. S/he will work
closely with the M&E Coordinator to document learning, beneciary accountability,
achievements and report to key stakeholders.
Program and nancial management of CRS health projects under the directon of 1.
the Health and HIV/AIDS Program Manager.
Capacity strengthening, monitoring and supervision to CRS partners to ensure that 2.
objectves and indicators are met, there is compliance with CRS and/or donor policies
and procedures, and resources are used appropriately according to CRS guidance.
Working closely with partner to implement and document the TB enhancement 3.
strategy to achieve GFR7-TB strategic objectves.
Point person for communicaton and problem solving with the responsible partners 4.
with assistance from the Health and HIV/AIDS Program Manager.
Point person for relevant technical working group ; 5.
Reviews and monitors plans, M &E and budget expenditures for CRS partners. 6.
Lead the concepton of tmely and quality reports to donors and other stakeholders. 7.
Planning: 1. Oversee and coordinate annual and quarterly project implementaton
plans with CRS managers and partners ensuring that the planning process provides
the means for accomplishing the objectves and is partcipatory.
Program Implementaton: 2. Provide oversight, guidance and support to CRS partners
to ensure plans are implemented eectvely and according to schedule. Antcipate
needs and problem areas and coordinate necessary support.
Budget Planning and Tracking: 3. Supports CRS partners to develop detailed annual
and quarterly operatonal budgets. Coordinate with CRS Finance sta to carry out
budget planning for the project: cash forecasts, budget analysis and nancial reportng.
Coordinate with CRS sta to ensure project expenses are accurately accounted for and
cash advances are liquidated to the Finance Dept. according to schedule. Work with
CRS nance sta to develop budget reports for CRS and donors.
Compliance: 4. Ensure CRS partners adhere to donor and CRS regulatons governing
procurement and project expenditures.
Reportng, Monitoring and Evaluaton, Accountability and Learning: 5. Ensure that
project actvites are appropriately monitored and supervised so that objectves
and indicators are met in accordance with agreements and that reports are
produced accurately and on tme. Draf trip, donor, and other reports as required.
Document lessons learnt and relevance of program strategic approaches. Ensure
beneciary accountability using CRS tools.
Capacity Strengthening:
Sta/Partner Capacity-Building: Identfy CRS partner training and capacity
development needs as related to implementaton of the project. Directly
collaborate with supervisors to identfy internal or external resources to provide
training to CRS partner as needed.
Technical Oversight: Carry out technical assistance visits to eld actvites and
provide on-the-job support, coaching and training to CRS partner. Assist CRS
partners to develop linkages with government and other NGOS to ensure that
systems and relatonships are in place to ensure that project accomplishments
according to the objectves and indicators agreed upon.
Masters degree in Public Health or other health equivalent experience.
At least 3 years in TB programming management experience including program
development, capacity building, monitoring and evaluaton, budget management,
and report writng.
Experience of working successfully in partnership with natonal level insttuton,
local partners, and sta for program implementaton and capacity building.
Prociency in spoken and writen English and Khmer.Computer prociency in
Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
Nutriton Program Specialist
(Based in Phnom Penh (50%) and Kampong Chhnang (50%))
Under the direct supervision of Health and HIV/AIDS Program Manager, the Nutriton
Program Specialist will manage the implementaton of a new integrated Nutriton
sensitve/specic project to be implemented in two Districts in Kampong Chhnang. With
assistance from PM and HoP, S/he will work closely with partners and eld sta to provide
technical assistance and monitor and supervise two community ocers located in each
district. In additon, s/he is also responsible for assessing, developing and managing
training/training materials, BCC nutriton strategy and Gender/Nutriton strategy for the
project together with the Health PM and HOP.S/he will foster beneciary accountability
and on-going learning on Nutriton/Food and Gender to grow CRS Cambodia program.
S/he will work closely with key government insttutons from Ministry of health, Ministry
of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery and Ministry of Interior at District, Provincial
and natonal level representng CRS at relevant technical working groups, various
coordinaton meetngs/events in Kampong Chhnang and in Phnom Penh.
Strategic and Operatonal Planning: 1. Organize annual and quarterly project review/
planning with CRS sta and partners ensuring that planning process and decision
making is partcipatory and based on evidence and data; fostering learning on potental
promising approaches on Nutriton as well as identfying new initatves; constantly
review project strategic approach relevance, eectveness and eciencies.
Program Implementaton: 2. Provide oversight, guidance and support to CRS partners
to ensure plans are implemented eectvely and eciently. Antcipate needs and
problem areas and coordinate necessary support. Accompany and learn with partner
at the beginning of new actvity/initatve.
Budget Planning and Tracking: 3. Support PM and partners to develop detailed annual
and quarterly operatonal budgets. Supports CRS partners to develop detailed annual
and quarterly operatonal budgets.
Compliance: 4. Ensure CRS partners adhere to donor and CRS program quality
standards, partnership principles, resources management regulatons (HR, governing
procurement and project expenditures) in collaboraton with supervisor, Operatons
and Finance department.
Monitoring 5. and Evaluaton, Learning:Ensure that project process is appropriately
documented; ensure that actvites are appropriately monitored and supervised so that
objectves and indicators are met and that reports are produced accurately and on tme.
M aster degree in Public Health or equivalent experience, with relevant Mother and
Child Health/Nutriton background and experience.
At least 3 years in managing project and Community development Program
including program development, capacity building, monitoring and evaluaton,
budget management, and report writng. Demonstrate sound technical competency
in Nutriton with at least 5 year experience of working successfully in partnership
with health authority authorites, local partners and sta in capacity building and
technical assistance on nutriton. Have at least 5 year experience in developing and
implementng nutriton, hygiene and sanitaton community-based health integrated
programs. Experience in program involving household access and availability of food
for nutriton is a plus. Prociency in spoken and writen English and Khmer. Computer
prociency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
Interested candidates should submit their CV and cover leter, before May 1, 2014
ToCRS recruitment email:, or sendtoCRS CambodiaOce:
House # 14, Street 278, SangkatBoeungKeng Kang I, Khan Chamkar Morn,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
TB Program Specialist (Based in Phnom Penh)
CRS Cambodia Job Announcement
(Previous Applicants do not need to apply)
District security personnel outside Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Friday carry an activist away from a
demonstration in support of the 23 people detained during Januarys garment strikes. VIREAK MAI
Anger grows as 23 trial begins
Amornrat Mahitthirook

port Ministry has an-
nounced that its am-
bition to transform
the country into an aviation
hub, pointing to what it sees
as bright growth prospects for
regional air travel.
Thailand has the potential
to become a regional avia-
tion hub, caretaker Transport
Minister Chadchart Sittipunt
said. But, rst of all, we need
to explore the reasons why
more airlines have not chosen
to operate routes in and out of
the country.
He was speaking at a semi-
nar on aviation cooperation
held late last week, attended
by key industry gures. It was
organised by Aeronautical Ra-
dio of Thailand (Aerothai).
The aviation business in
Asia and the Pacic has great-
er growth potential compared
with in Europe and North
America, Chadchart said.
In 2011, Asia and the Pa-
cic shared 29 per cent of the
global aviation market, while
North America and Europe
shared 27 per cent and 26 per
cent respectively, he said.
Citing a ministry projection,
he said that by 2040, Asia and
the Pacic would share about
40 per cent of the global avia-
tion market. He said it was im-
portant to begin preparing now
to accommodate that future
growth. Bottlenecks hindering
aviation development needed
to be properly identied and
resolved, whether they are con-
cerned with Aerothai, which
provides air trafc control ser-
vices for Thailand, or Suvarn-
abhumi airport, he said.
Satisfactory growth in the
domestic aviation business
was observed during the re-
cent Songkran period, when
the number of passengers opt-
ing to travel by plane rose by 35
per cent on the previous year,
he said. Chadchart noted that
the aviation industry contrib-
uted only 1 per cent of Thai-
lands GDP, compared with 5
per cent in Singapore.
To become a regional avia-
tion hub, Thailand would have
to look into the overall pic-
ture of aviation development,
which also includes aircraft
repair facilities, parts manu-
facturing, training and certi-
cation, he said. All concerned
parties have to join hands in
this effort. Aerothai will have
to prepare training programs
on aviation development
while Airports of Thailand is
responsible for expanding Su-
varnabhumi. BANGKOK POST
Indicative Exchange Rates as of 25/4/2014. Please contact ANZ Royal Global Markets on 023 999 910 for real time rates.
Thai Airways and Nok Airlines planes on the tarmac at Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok. BLOOMBERG
No scheme
in place for
near AEON
Chan Muyhong
DESPITE expecting 27,000 visi-
tors per day, little planning has
gone into tackling traffic conges-
tion at Cambodias long-awaited
AEON Mall when it opens June
30, City Hall said yesterday.
Long Dimanche, spokesman
for City Hall yesterday confirmed
that while Phnom Penh does
have plans to address heavy traf-
fic in the capital generally, noth-
ing specific is planned for the
area around AEON Mall.
There has been discussion
over traffic concerns with our
former city governor because of
Sothearos Boulevard being so
narrow. But so far there is no
recent official discussion going
on about the plan between
AEON and the City Hall to reduce
traffic jam, Dimanche said.
Located on Phnom Penhs Sot-
hearos Boulevard next to the
Sofitel Hotel, the Japanese-
owned, $205 million AEON Mall
is expected to attract 10 million
shoppers per year.
There are 1,400 vehicle park-
ing spaces allotted at AEON and
1,600 bikes spaces accessed via
both Sothearos Boulevard and
the river side.
During a press conference on
Saturday, Shinobu Washizawa,
managing director of AEON
Cambodia did not say how traf-
fic will be managed but
acknowleged the company had
spoken to local authorities on
the issue.
For customers who will visit
AEON, traffic congestion is inev-
itable. But now our company is
discussing with City Hall and
traffic police to help smooth the
traffic around AEON, and our
staff will also be there to reduce
traffic jams, he said.
Thailand unveils air hub plan
Continued from page 1
new players in the franchise
There has been an increase
in demand for luxury products
and mid- to high-end brands
in Phnom Penh. This change
is being driven by a combina-
tion of positive GDP growth,
an aspirational middle class
and a young demographic,
with an increasing disposable
income, he said.
Hobden added that the aver-
age rental rates across the cap-
itals existing shopping malls
such as Sorya Shopping Cen-
tre, Sovanna Shopping Centre,
City Mall and Ratana Plaza,
range between $20 per square
metre per month to $32.
This is set to increase with
the arrival of new, high-qual-
ity shopping centres over the
coming 12 months, he said.
Chang Bunleang, COO of
Brown Caf and Bakery, which
will open its ninth outlet in
AEON Mall come June 30, said
the Japanese developers arriv-
al, if successful, could pave the
way for more mall developers
from Europe and the US to en-
ter the Cambodian market.
I trust the quality of Japa-
nese investments; it will bring
know-how to Cambodian
retail operators. I hope that
Brown will be as successful in
AEON as it is at all other out-
lets, he said, refraining from
disclosing how much his com-
pany would pay to lease a 230-
square-metre plot.
Soichi Okazaki, president
and CEO of AEON Mall, said
Aeon had spent three years
researching Cambodia before
deciding to invest $205 mil-
lion to build a mall here.
I am happy that many com-
panies decided to partner with
us by putting up their shop,
Okazaki told the Post, adding
that all the retail space had
been leased out.
Having a shopping mall [In
Cambodia] is very t for the
market demand, he added,
citing the malls ambition to
attract 10 million visitors per
year, or more than 27,000 visi-
tors per day.
Hiroshi Suzuki, CEO and
chief economist at the Business
Research Institute for Cambo-
dia (BRIC), backed the AEON
CEO and the CBRE analysts
suggestion that a more preva-
lent middle-class could sustain
a high-end retail market.
This kind of large-scale
shopping mall will benet
the consumption of com-
modities and services not
only for the rich class, but
also the so-called middle
class, Suzuki said.
AEON Group operates more
than 138 malls across Japan,
China and Vietnam. The rms
latest consolidated nancial
statement shows prot rose
more than 7.6 per cent from
2012 to 2013 to a total 59.9 bil-
lion yen ($585 million).
A new seven-screen cin-
ema owned by Thai cinema
chain Major Cineplex, an
ice-skating rink, a bowling
alley, fast food chains Burger
King and KFC, and a karaoke
venue will also be opening in
the new mall.
In the article titled Garment
maker to list at $2.41 per share
published on Friday, the Post
incorrectly wrote that at its IPO,
Grand Twins International will
list nine million shares to raise
$9.6 million. It should have
read that GTI are listing eight
million shares to raise $19.28
million at its IPO.
High-end shopping coming to AEON Mall
String of bad news
HTC to lose
senior exec
TC Corps design
chief will depart the
Taiwanese smartphone
maker, the most senior exe-
cutive to leave since its public
relations chief resigned in
October, according to two
people familiar with the move.
Scott Croyle, who holds the
titles of senior vice president
and head of design, submitted
his resignation earlier this
year and agreed to stay at the
struggling company until after
the release of its HTC One M8
smartphone last month, the
people said, requesting not
to be identified because the
matter isnt public.
HTC has lost at least six
senior executives in the past
three years, including Lorain
Wong who quit as head of pu-
blic relations in October after
four months at the company.
Since the third quarter of
2011, its Taiwan-listed shares
have plunged 77 per cent.
After logging an operating
loss of $54 million for 2013,
HTC on April 7 reported a
first-quarter loss of NT$1.88
billion ($62 million), well
below average analyst
estimates. BLOOMBERG
Siemens v GE in takeover war
Rebecca Frasquet
ERMAN industrial
giant Siemens said
yesterday that it
wanted to discuss
strategic opportunities with
Frances Alstom, raising the
prospect of a takeover tussle
with General Electric (GE)for
the beleaguered rm.
The offer came hot on the
heels of reports that the US
giant wants to buy the French
engineering group, which
manufactures the countrys
groundbreaking high-speed
TGV trains.
Alstom is a politically sen-
sitive symbol of engineering
prowess in France and a key
exporter, seen as one of the
jewels of French industry.
GE chief Jeff Immelt was ex-
pected to be in Paris yesterday,
but a meeting with Frances
Economy Minister Arnaud
Montebourg was deferred by
Montebourgs ofce, which
said that the minister needed
more time to examine the
offers following Siemens
Montebourgs ofce did not
give a new date or time for the
meeting with Immelt.
Montebourg, a erce pro-
tector of French industry, has
pledged to study various op-
tions for Alstom following re-
ports that GE would bid to buy
the companys power-genera-
tion division, accounting for
more than 70 per cent of its
business with revenues of 14
billion ($19 billion).
He has said the government
was exercising patriotic con-
cern and vigilance while han-
dling the case.
Although the French state
has not held a stake in Alstom
since 2006, Frances Socialist
government wants to obtain
guarantees on jobs, the loca-
tion of activities and energy
independence, according to
the ofce of President Fran-
cois Hollande.
GE has 305,000 employees
around the world and its turn-
over totals $146 billion.
Press reports have said GE
was ready to fork out 10 bil-
lion for the energy division,
which does not comprise
the unit that makes the high-
speed trains. But the stakes
were raised yesterday when
Germanys Siemens said it
had submitted a letter to the
board of Alstom to signal its
willingness to discuss future
strategic opportunities.
The Siemens statement did
not give any other details.
When Alstom was on the
brink of collapse in 2003-2004,
the French state strongly op-
posed a takeover by Siemens.
The group is once again fac-
ing a nancial crunch and its
shares have dropped sharply
in the last year.
But Alstom chief Patrick
Kron is said to remain strongly
hostile to any tie-up with the
German giant.
A Siemens offer has the ad-
vantage of being European,
one observer said. But is the
solution better for French in-
terests than the GE offer? The
answer to that question will
determine which offers wins.
The French stock market
regulator suspended trading
in Alstom shares on the Paris
stock market on Friday after
they shot up by almost 11 per
cent to 27 on bid specula-
tion. The pressures on the
group, which put part of its
rail activities up for sale ear-
lier this year, come amid a
policy switch from President
Hollandes government with
a drive to cut public spend-
ing while relieving taxes on
businesses. AFP
Germanys Siemens has joined US-based General Electric in expressing interest in taking over French engineering group Alstom. AFP
BTC China has now suspend-
ed all local-currency depos-
its to clients China Mer-
chants Bank Co accounts.
This comes as lenders close
accounts with bitcoin ex-
changes amid the imple-
mentation of government
measures geared towards
checking the surging trading
in the virtual currency.
The suspension is aimed at
protecting the security of cli-
ent funds and ensuring sta-
ble operations, BTC China,
the nations largest bitcoin
exchange, revealed in a state-
ment on its ofcial micro-
blog on Saturday. Merchants
Bank banned the use of its
accounts for bitcoin transac-
tions, according to another
statement released on April
25 on the lenders website.
We saw the banks state-
ment and we took the initia-
tive, the exchanges Chief
Executive Ofcer Bobby Lee
said via telephone. The sus-
pension has basically no
impact on BTC Chinas
operations so far because
clients can use accounts at
other lenders, he stated.
The Peoples Bank of China
banned nancial institutions
in December of last year from
handling bitcoin transactions,
reecting the widespread con-
cerns about the risk posed to
Chinas nancial stability after
trading in the digital currency
surged in the nation.
Introduced in 2008 by a
suspected programmer or
group of programmers going
under the name of Satoshi
Nakamoto, bitcoin prices
more than tripled in the past
year, according to CoinDesk,
which tracks prices across
key exchanges.
CoinDesks Bitcoin Price In-
dex slumped about a fth af-
ter Caixin magazine reported
on March 27 that the PBOC
ordered lenders and payment
companies to close the trad-
ing accounts of more than 10
bitcoin exchanges.
Bitcoins recently changed
hands for $453.80, according
to the index.
BtcTrade, a Chinese ex-
change, said on April 10 that
an Agricultural Bank of Chi-
na Ltd sub-branch in Hang-
zhou will close its account by
April 15 if its use for bitcoin-
related settlement services is
Account closures were also
announced by
BTC China suspends
bitcoin bank deposits
Cars to blow away pollution
Julien Girault
IR thats cleaner in-
side your car than
on the outside in
smog-weary China
its an attractive sales pitch,
and the worlds biggest auto-
makers are racing to cash in.
The grey haze is a famil-
iar sight over Chinese cities,
where an explosion of trafc in
recent years has further wors-
ened the pollution belched
out by booming factories and
coal-red power plants.
Volvo Cars, the Swedish
subsidiary of Chinese auto-
maker Geely, is showcasing a
new air-cleaning system that
lters out polluting particles,
and Japanese rival Nissan has
offered its Forest AC system
since 2010 in its luxury Inniti
range which lters the air
and adds a hint of leafy aroma
to help keep the driver alert.
French auto group PSA Peu-
geot Citroen has also jumped
on the bandwagon. Its C-Ely-
see model offers an optional
air purier The companys
intelligent ltration system
only kicks into action when
the vehicle enters a polluted
In-car air purication may
have been around for 30 years
but the push to advance the
technology has accelerated
in recent years as pollution in
China reaches crisis level.
Suppliers to the manufac-
turing giants are just as anx-
ious to enter the potentially
lucrative market.
French parts-maker Valeo
has been developing a new
system to replace its tradi-
tional air lter, and says it has
already secured a customer.
China could become a pol-
luted promised land for parts
manufacturers like Valeo.
And even if China is the
main target for this new tech-
nology, purication systems
could also prove a hit among
European drivers.
Pollution is also a prob-
lem in Europe just look at
the smog that hit France in
March, said Patrick Andrem
chief of PSAs air ltration re-
search team.
Mass production in China,
meanwhile, could bring down
the cost of developing the l-
ters, he added. AFP
Trafc in downtown Shanghai during a period of severe pollution in December 2013. Car manufacturers are
producing new car models seeking to lter out any polluting particles in the vehicles. AFP
Fixed Deposit Interest Rates
Financial Institutions
On Deposits
3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
PRASAC 5.50% 6.50% 6.50% 7.50% 8.00% 9.75%
ABA Bank 3.50% N/A 4.50% N/A 5.50% N/A
ACLEDA Bank 2.50% 5.00% 3.75% 6.00% 5.00% 7.00%
ANZ Royal Bank 1.35% 3.50% 2.50% 4.00% 3.50% 5.50%
Bank of India 2.25% N/A 3.00% N/A 4.00% N/A
Cambodia Asia Bank 3.50% N/A 4.50% N/A 5.50% N/A
Cambodia Mekong Bank 2.75% N/A 3.25% N/A 3.50% N/A
Cambodian Public Bank 2.00% N/A 3.00% N/A 3.75% N/A
Canadia Bank 2.50% 5.00% 3.50% 6.00% 4.75% 7.00%
Maybank 2.25% N/A 3.25% N/A 4.25% N/A
MARUHAN Japan Bank 2.00% 2.00% 3.00% 3.00% 4.50% 4.50%
RHB Indochina Bank 2.75% 4.00% 3.50% 5.00% 4.75% 6.00%
SBC Bank 3.00% N/A 3.50% N/A 4.50% N/A
Union Commercial Bank 3.50% N/A 4.50% N/A 5.50% N/A
THE Sri Lankan government
has refused to allow casinos
at three super-luxury resorts
planned in the capital after
opponents said they would
lead to prostitution, an of-
cial said on Saturday.
It was not immediately
known whether the casino
ban would endanger the
development of the three
mega-resorts in Colombo,
which have attracted invest-
ment worth $1.3 billion from
tycoons including Australian
gambling mogul James Pack-
er, who operates a string of
plush casinos in Melbourne,
Perth, Macau and London.
Developers, with Packer
among them, wanted casinos
to be part of all three luxury
resorts, but the government
rejected the plans, Economic
Development Minister Basil
Rajapakse said.
We will not allow casinos.
That we say very clearly,
Rajapakse told parliament.
[The promoters] asked, we
did not allow, nor will we al-
low [in the future].
He did not give a reason for
the move, however opposi-
tion gures have raised fears
that the casinos could lead
to prostitution.
Although prostitution is
illegal in Sri Lanka, foreign
and local prostitutes frequent
small-scale gambling opera-
tions in the country.
Buddhist monk Athuraliya
Rathane, a legislator, said his
party opposed the new hotels
because of worries gambling
would spur prostitution and
harm Buddhist culture.
We voted against these
concessions as a warning to
the government to correct
its course, the monk told re-
porters in Colombo.
The main opposition United
National Party (UNP) staged
a demonstration in Colombo
on Thursday accusing the
government of encouraging
prostitution through gam-
bling. There was no immedi-
ate reaction from developers
to the casino ban.
Packers proposed 450-
room Crown Sri Lanka resort
which promises on its web-
site to offer world-class gam-
ing facilities is one of those
affected by the casino ban.
Crown had earlier said it
was in detailed discussions
with the government and po-
tential joint venture partners
and the deal was subject to
relevant approvals.
The other two resorts are
a $650 million development
from local conglomerate
John Keells Holdings and a
project worth $300 million
by local businessman Dham-
mika Perera.
The government gave ap-
proval for all three projects to
go ahead, minus the casinos,
and also granted 10-year tax
breaks despite the presence
of strong opposition.
The ruling UNP and even
some of President Mahinda
Rajapakses own coalition
partners broke ranks and
voted against the tax conces-
sions, however the govern-
ment maintains a comfortable
majority in the 225-member
legislature and was still able to
pass the legislation.
The palm-fringed island
nation legalised casinos in
December 2010, however the
gambling legislation has nev-
er been implemented.
Sri Lankan ofcials have
said that they hoped high-
end gambling destinations
could help boost tourist ar-
rivals to 2.5 million annu-
ally by 2016 from 1.27 million
tourists last year.
Tourism suffered when gov-
ernment forces were locked in
a decades-long combat with
separatist Tamil Tiger rebels
till 2009, but with the end of
ghting, the hospitality trade
has grown steadily. AFP
Sri Lanka puts kibosh
on casino plans amid
prostitution concerns
Keystones flow of frustration
2011, Canadian
Prime Minister Ste-
phen Harper, seat-
ed in his Ottawa ofce across
from Parliament Hill, took an
urgent call from US President
Barack Obama. Harpers ad-
visers were listening intently
around a muted speaker-
phone in an adjoining room.
The State Department,
Obama said, would be mak-
ing an announcement later
that day putting the Keystone
XL pipeline project on hold.
There was no choice, he said.
Nebraska wanted the route
changed to protect a key aqui-
fer under millions of hectares
of prime farmland. This would
necessitate a new environ-
mental assessment. He as-
sured Harper the call wasnt a
game changer; neither a yes
nor a no, just a delay.
Harper was far from assured
he was irritated. The project
had already undergone three
years of study and was, so
the Canadians believed, on
the cusp of approval. Delay,
Harper told Obama, served no
ones interest.
By the time Harper hung
up, according to people with
knowledge of the episode,
he had sized up the poten-
tial economic calamity for
Canada and its oil ambitions.
Western Canadas land-locked
Alberta oil sands hold roughly
168 billion recoverable bar-
rels of heavy crude known as
bitumen. America gobbles
up almost all of Canadas oil
exports. An energy research
group in Calgary had run the
math: If Keystone died, it could
cost Canada C$632 billion
(US$573 billion) in foregone
growth over 25 years 94 per
cent of it from the economy of
Alberta, the province Harper
calls home.
So here was Obama, in
Harpers view, jeopardising
Canadas welfare by throwing a
sop to his anti-Keystone envi-
ronmental supporters. He had
blinked and might well blink
again. A year or two could be
three or four. Or never.
That the US couldnt be
counted on to take Canadas
oil came as a shocking epiph-
any, said a former senior gov-
ernment adviser with knowl-
edge of the call who asked not
to be identied.
The presidents call that day
jolted the Canadians awake. It
convinced Harper that Obama
was treating a long-presumed
special relationship between
Canada and the US, enshrined
in a 1989 free trade agreement,
as a political football. It would
set a brittle tone on both sides
of the border as the Keystone
battle became a contest of
contrasting political wills and
sensibilities as much as a ght
over oil development.
Canada was so blinded by
its long-held expectation that
the US wanted to buy its oil
as much as Canada wanted
to sell it that it missed critical
cues including the hydrau-
lic fracturing revolution that
was starting to ood the US
with vast new energy supplies
that Keystone was running
into political trouble.
Today, Harpers pessimism
over that 2011 call seems jus-
tied. On April 18 this year,
as Christians marked Good
Friday, the Obama adminis-
tration notied the Canadians
that the pipeline would be
held up one more time over
unresolved legal issues involv-
ing the Nebraska route.
The delay comes despite a
favourable State Department
environmental assessment in
January that seemed to clear
Obamas major hurdle for
approval that the pipeline
wouldnt signicantly worsen
global warming because the
oil sands would be developed
even if Keystone is blocked.
The stakes are high in the
US, too. Building the pipeline
would create 3,900 jobs over its
two-year construction period,
contributing US$3.4 billion in
economic growth, according
to the State Department. On
the Gulf of Mexico, reners
from Total to Royal Dutch Shell
have spent more than US$25
billion to upgrade reneries so
they could process what they
thought would be an avalanche
of heavy oil from Canada.
Even before the Keystone
clash, the relationship be-
tween Harper and Obama
was at best coolly cordial, said
ofcials familiar with the dy-
namic. Irritated themselves,
Obama and the State Depart-
ment offered Harper some
advice toning down aggres-
sive lobbying would let the
regulatory process play itself
out without the appearance of
unseemly outside pressure.
Harper, an economist by
training who cut his teeth in
petroleum-rich Alberta, wasnt
swayed. He has staked a great
deal of his political capital on
getting Keystone built. Instead
of toning it down, Harper
chose to make Keystone a bi-
lateral irritant that Obama
couldnt ignore, according to
these insiders.
Plans for the pipeline were
stopped in their tracks in Ne-
braska, Americas 37th-largest
state by population and one
crisscrossed by pipelines. The
Canadians were surprised and
stunned by the pushback, said
a Canadian diplomat who
worked on the le.
In Lincoln, the state capital,
Republican Governor Dave
Heineman was being lobbied
by an unprecedented alliance
of environmentalists, farm-
ers and ranchers over a tiny
stretch of the project. The
pipeline crossed a natural en-
dowment that provided drink-
ing water for 1.5 million peo-
ple and irrigated almost half
of Nebraskas cropland. Later,
TransCanada agreed to come
up with an alternative route,
but it was too little, too late.
Aside from the inuence of
the US environmental lobby,
analysts say Canada has made
its share of questionable calls,
too, most obviously its original
misreading of Nebraska.
If theres a lesson in this,
said Preston Manning, Harp-
ers party leader when he rst
entered parliament, its that
these market opportunities
wont last forever. I think Ca-
nadians just took it for granted
that the US could take all the
oil and gas that Canada could
ever produce. BLOOMBERG
TS thick and sticky like peanut butter and
theres lots of it. Please dont call it dirty
oil (crude is never clean), but fuels derived
from Canadas tar sands do produce more
greenhouse gas than conventional forms of
gasoline and heating oil. Called oil sands
by petroleum executives and bitumen by
geologists, its the stuff that would flow
through the Keystone XL pipeline on its way
from Alberta to Gulf Coast refineries. A
gallon of fuel produced from tar sands
bitumen releases 8 to 37 per cent more
carbon than conventionally produced fuel,
according to a study by the Pembina
Institute. The industry and the Alberta
government say oil sands producers release
6 per cent more greenhouse gases, partly
because it takes more energy to extract and
refine it. As the tar sands industry focuses
on reducing emissions, environmental
groups point out that more bitumen
production will lock in further dependency
on oil for decades to come and delay a
transition to renewable energy. BLOOMBERG
President Barack Obama speaks during a conference with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. AFP
Unity govt
will reject
PALESTINIAN president Mah-
mud Abbas said on Saturday
that the new unity government
he is set to head with the back-
ing of Hamas would reject vio-
lence and recognise Israel and
existing agreements.
Israel, however, slammed his
speech to the Palestine Libera-
tion Organisations Central
Council as a coup de grace to
the peace process.
The PLO body had convened
to chart a course of action after
Israel suspended US-brokered
peace talks in response to a
reconciliation deal with the
Islamist Hamas movement.
The agreement between the
rival Palestinian factions came
as the United States and Israel
had hoped to extend the falter-
ing peace talks beyond their
April 29 deadline.
Israel said it would not nego-
tiate with a government
backed by Hamas, the armed
Islamist movement ruling the
Gaza Strip, which is pledged to
the destruction of the Jewish
state and has always rejected
peace talks.
The upcoming government
will obey my policy, Abbas told
the PLO council.
I recognise Israel and reject
violence and terrorism, and
recognise international com-
He stressed that the new
government itself would not
be charged with negotiations,
but rather the PLO which
represents the entire Pales-
tinian people.
Efforts to extend hitherto
fruitless talks hit a wall last
month when Israel refused to
release a final batch of Palestin-
ian prisoners.
Yesterday Abbas said that the
mass killing of Jews in the Hol-
ocaust was the most heinous
crime against humanity of the
modern era, in his strongest
remarks yet on the genocide.
The statement comes at
a sensitive time for US-
led peace efforts, with Israel
having suspended talks last
week after Abbas reached an
agreement with Hamas to form
a unity government.
In a statement in English
released just hours before Isra-
el began marking Holocaust
Remembrance Day, the
Palestinian leader expressed
sympathy with families of the
six million Jews who were killed
by the Nazi regime. AFP
South Korean PM resigns over ferry tragedy
Continued from page 1
lions share of executive power vested
in the presidency of Park Geun-hye.
Park has decided to accept Chungs
resignation but only after the govern-
ment finishes the entire rescue
and salvage operation, her spokes-
man said.
In Jindo, the nearest island to the
wreck, relatives of the dead and miss-
ing were unimpressed by the prime
ministers move.
So what? snapped Ji Hyung-soo.
My son is there in the sea. His resigna-
tion will never ease my bitterness and
sadness. Anybody responsible for this
disaster must be punished severely, but
the most urgent thing to do is to recov-
er the bodies as soon as possible.
Prosecutors looking to mete out the
justice sought by relatives such as Ji on
Sunday raided the offices of state sea
traffic controllers in Jeju island, the
ferrys intended destination, and in
Jindo. They seized records of radio
communication with the Sewol and
surveillance video footage, Yonhap
News Agency said.
A transcript of conversations
released earlier revealed panic and
indecision among crew and sea traffic
controllers in the crucial final
moments, with neither able to make
the call to evacuate passengers.
The confirmed death toll from the
tragedy stood yesterday at 188, barely
changed in two days. A total of 114 peo-
ple were still unaccounted for, with
many bodies believed trapped in the
sunken vessel.
Divers were battling decompression
sickness, high waves and strong winds
in their grim search for corpses in the
ferry. A coast guard spokesman said 98
frogmen were trying to get into rooms
on the fourth deck of the 6,825-tonne
Sewol, but he warned the operation
was hard.
As the ship has sunk further [into
the seabed] the diving depth has also
increased to more than 40 metres,
posing even more difficulties for
search efforts. A growing number of
divers are reporting decompression
sickness, he said.
Pressure rises as divers go deeper,
increasing the amount of air they
breathe from their tanks.
This not only reduces dive time, but
also heightens levels of nitrogen in
their bloodstream, raising the risk of
potentially harmful bubbles forming
in body tissue. Strong underwater cur-
rents, poor visibility and waterlogged
debris were making conditions inside
the ferry treacherous, coast guard chief
Kim Seok-kyun said yesterday.
Hallways and cabins are packed
with carpets and blankets swollen by
water as well as furniture, blocking
entry by divers and making search
efforts even more difficult, he said.
Yonhap, citing one rescue worker,
said divers were having to blindly stick
their hands into clumps of floating
objects to fumble for bodies.
All 15 surviving crew members
responsible for sailing the vessel are in
custody, facing charges ranging from
criminal negligence to abandoning
passengers. Prosecutors have also
raided businesses affiliated with the
ferry operator, the Chonghaejin Marine
Company, as part of an overall probe
into corrupt management.
The widening investigation has seen
travel bans imposed on eight current
and former executives of the Korea Reg-
ister of Shipping the body responsible
for issuing marine safety certificates.
The accident one of the deadliest
ever to hit the South has sent the
country into a state of collective grief,
with TV shows and concerts cancelled
and vigils across the nation.
More than 140,000 mourners have
flocked to a temporary memorial set
up on Wednesday in the city of Ansan
home to Danwon High School where
many of the young victims were stu-
dents. Memorials were to be set up in
17 major cities to let people pay their
respects. AFP
OSCE captures raises stakes
Bertrand De Saisset,
Richard Carter and Simon Sturdee

HE detention by pro-
Russian militants of a
team of international
military inspectors
from the Organization for Se-
curity and Cooperation in Eu-
rope has raised the stakes in
the Ukraine crisis and sparked
global outrage.
Rebels say the 12 captured
men are prisoners of war
and have accused them of be-
ing NATO spies.
Ukraine says they are be-
ing held as human shields
in inhuman conditions. The
eight European members of
the group were presented to
the media yesterday. They said
they were unharmed.
Following are some facts
about the mission, where the
team is being held and what
the international community
is demanding.
The original mission com-
prised 13 people, all men.
There were eight European
members of the OSCE mis-
sion: four Germans, a Dane, a
Pole, a Swede and a Czech.
Accompanying them were
ve Ukrainian military per-
sonnel. One of these, believed
to be the driver, was later re-
leased, meaning 12 are being
held in total. The OSCE says
its military verication visit
is being voluntarily hosted
by Ukraine in order to dispel
concerns about unusual mili-
tary activities.
Manned by unarmed mili-
tary personnel, the inspection
mission is separate from the
OSCEs main Special Monitor-
ing Mission, which currently
numbers 122 civilians in 10
regions plus local staff and
which is set to increase.
Members of the military ver-
ication mission attempted
four times to enter Crimea but
were rebuffed, with warning
shots red on March 8.
The men are being held in
the town hall of Slavyansk,
one of two buildings occupied
by pro-Russian rebels there.
Other hostages are being de-
tained in the other building,
originally belonging to the
SBU security service.
A journalist in Slavyansk
said the town hall is a four-sto-
rey, grey, rectangular building
guarded by a handful of mili-
tants behind barricades piled
high with sandbags.
It is unclear how many mili-
tants are holed up inside the
building. The self-styled may-
or of Slavyansk, Vyacheslav
Ponomaryov, said the OSCE
inspectors were ne and
claimed they were not hos-
tages but guests. Present-
ed to the media yesterday
dressed in civilian clothes,
they appeared unharmed.
Their spokesman, Ger-
man ofcer Axel Schneider,
stressed their diplomatic sta-
tus and said they were not free
to leave. For us here, the situ-
ation is very bizarre, he said.
The four Ukrainians cap-
tured with the Europeans were
not presented to the media.
Schneider said the eight Eu-
ropeans were initially kept in
a cellar but have since been
moved to better accommoda-
tion in the town hall.
They said they had been
captured by the insurgents
on Friday, around four ki-
lometres outside Slavyansk
as they were about to return
to the regional hub city of
Rebels have insisted they
are not part of the OSCE
mission but instead NATO
spies, pointing to maps
they had with them of rebel
They have described them
as prisoners of war and said
they will only release them in
exchange for militants they
say are being held by Kiev.
The detention of the men
has provoked outrage in the
West, with US President Ba-
rack Obama describing those
holding them as thugs.
The West swiftly called on
Russia to use its inuence over
the rebels to secure their free-
dom. Moscow said it would do
everything possible to achieve
that but laid the blame at
Ukraines door, saying it was
the host countrys responsibil-
ity to assure their security.
Ponomaryov, the local rebel
leader, said he has no direct
contact with Moscow and re-
fuses to negotiate with Ukrai-
nian authorities which he does
not recognise as legitimate.
The OSCE has sent a sec-
ond team, of negotiators, to
Slavyansk to bargain for the
inspectors release.
The defence minister of Ger-
many, which is in command
of the military verication
mission, said the men were
not in Ukraine to intervene in
any way. Germany has set up
a special crisis cell to resolve
the problem and Berlin said it
has held talks with senior Rus-
sian diplomats over the stand-
off. AFP
Detained OSCE observers arrive at a press conference in Slavyansk
yesterday. AFP
Employment Opportunites
Initally established in 1996 as a project of Internatonal HIV/AIDS Alliance,
KHANA operated as an NGO from 1997 and was ocially registered as a
local NGO in 2000. Since then it has operated as a linking organizaton of the
Internatonal HIV/AIDS Alliance and is so far a leading non-governmental
organizaton in Cambodia that has made outstanding contributons to the
HIV response. KHANAs work has been made possible through support from
USAID, the Global Fund to ght AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, European
Union, World Food Programme and AusAID.
We are now seeking a qualied Cambodian natonal for the following
1. Technical Ofcer - HIV Prevention, MSM and TG (Extended Deadline)
Key Responsibilities:
The post-holder will be responsible for providing technical expertise,
and supporting innovations in the area of HIV prevention with men
who have sex with men (MSM), gay men and Transgender people
(TG). Technical ofcer will also provide technical and programmatic
support to implementing partners and other agencies to ensure high
quality programming and policy making.
Selection Criteria:
Degree in sociology, communicatons, social work or related
eld or 3 or more years of experience working on MSM and/or
TG programming with an internatonal development, health or
community organizaton/program.
Experience developing and managing budgets and work plans.
Good communicatons and strong presentaton skills.
2. Program Ofcer (Volunteer)
Key Responsibilities:
The Program Ofcer (Volunteer) is a key member of a programs
unit that manages sub-grants to implementing partners (activity,
coverage and targets)and ensures overall IP programmanagement and
performance to meet donors indicators and the success indicators of
Boosted KSP15.
Selection Criteria:
Fresh graduate with bachelor degree in English, IT, Social Sciences,
Business Administraton or other related elds
Experience is not required
At least one-year commitment for the applied positon.
Interested candidates for positon #1 must apply online via Opportunites Secton,) and for other
volunteer positon #2 please send your resume to our email address 9
May 2014 at 5 P.M. Only short-listed
candidates will be noted for further process. Detailed job descriptons
for these positons are available for download through above website.
Applicatons via email or hard copies will not be considered.
KHANA is commited to equal opportunites and welcomes applicatons
from appropriate qualied people from all sectons of the community.
Qualied people living with HIV, MSM, disabled people and women are
partcularly encouraged to apply.
Chief Accountant
The U.S. Embassy in PhnomPenh is seeking an individual
for the Chief Accountant position for the Ofce of Financial
Management (OFM), USAID/Cambodia.
The incumbent is responsible for providing expert advice
on project nancing, budgeting, and the coordination and
preparation of budgets and all report submissions. The
incumbent is also responsible for the overall management
and oversight of the operating expense and program
accounting, program/project budgets, and voucher
processing. The incumbent provides direct professional
financial and technical advice, support to technical
ofces, and analyses and advice on all nancial aspects
of the design, implementation, and evaluation of USAID/
Cambodia development assistance projects.
Salary: The annual salary range for this position is
USD 24,277 37,628.
Required Qualications
Bachelors degree in Accounting, Finance, or Business 1.
Administration is required.
Five years of progressively responsible experience 2.
in nancial management: accounting, auditing,
budgeting, or vouchering with a minimum of three
years experience in accounting.
Level IV (uent) Speaking/Reading/Writing English 3.
and Khmer are required. Language prociency will be
Application Procedure
The application deadline is May 2, 2014. Interested candidates
must submit applications by email to RecruitmentPHP@ using the Universal Application for Employment
as a Locally Employed Staff or Family Member (DS-174)
form. The application formand complete details on this
position can be found at
Note: All Ordinarily Resident (OR) applicants must have
the required work and/or residency permits to be eligible for
Administrative Clerk
The U.S. Embassy in PhnomPenh is seeking an individual
for the Administrative Clerk position for the Consular Affairs
The jobholder serves as the sole Ofce Management
Assistant in the Consular Section, to include monitoring
working ofce equipment, preparing purchase requisition,
managingofce les, and maintaining ofce schedules.
The incumbent also handles all inquiries and drafts
correspondence including letters, telegrams, memoranda,
diplomatic notes, etc. for approval, signature, and delivery.
S/he coordinates administrative arrangements for section
VIP visits and Consular special functions.
Salar y: The annual salary range for this position is
USD 8,299 12,862.
Required Qualications
Bachelors Degree in Business Administration or 1.
Education is required.
One year of experience in secretarial/administrative 2.
management with government or non-governmental
organizations is required.
Level IV (uent) Speaking/Reading/Writing English 3.
and Khmer are required. Language prociency will
be tested.
Must be able to deal with all customers with 4.
patience and tact and to work under pressure.
Must have knowledge of general ofce management 5.
and Microsoft Ofce applications.
Application Procedure
The application deadline is May 6, 2014. Interested candidates
must submit applications by email to RecruitmentPHP@ using the Universal Application for Employment
as a Locally Employed Staff or Family Member (DS-174)
form. The application form and complete details on this
position can be found at
Note: All Ordinarily Resident (OR) applicants must have
the required work and/or residency permits to be eligible for
who sparked a hijack alert
on a ight to Bali has denied
being drunk and claimed he
banged on the door of the
cockpit after mistaking it for
the toilet, Indonesian police
said on Saturday.
Matt Christopher Lockley
also said he was in a state of
depression during the Virgin
Australia ight on Friday to
the resort island, as he was
searching for his Indonesian
wife with whom he had lost
contact, they said.
Security forces rushed to the
airport on the Indonesian is-
land when the Boeing 737-800
from Brisbane touched down
following a report from the pi-
lot of a hijacking attempt after
a passenger started thumping
on the cockpit door.
Lockley, wearing ip-ops,
white shorts and a T-shirt, was
dragged off the plane by heav-
ily armed air force personnel
and arrested by police. The
alert prompted a shutdown of
the airport and the diversion
of several ights.
Indonesian ofcials initially
said he had been drunk but
police said on Saturday that
the 28-year-old, who had been
admitted to hospital suffering
from fatigue, has denied being
under the inuence of alcohol.
He told police that before y-
ing he had taken only two pills
of Voltaren, four pills of Pan-
adol both types of painkiller
and drank two bottles of
Coca-Cola, Bali police spokes-
man Hery Wiyanto said.
According to him, he was
not drunk but suffering from
depression due to a fam-
ily problem, the spokesman
said, adding that police were
waiting for alcohol test re-
sults but there was no smell
of drink on his breath when
he was detained.
Lockley, from Queensland,
said that he was on his way to
Bali to search for his Indone-
sian wife, with whom he had
lost contact two weeks earlier,
according to the spokesman.
In his depressed state, Lock-
ley claimed to have been
having hallucinations that
somebody followed him and
wanted to steal his bag, Wi-
yanto said.
According to him, he
banged the cockpit door as he
thought it was the toilet door.
Lockley released from hospi-
tal yesterdayafter having drug
and alcohol tests and recover-
ing from exhaustion. Malaysia
said yesterday that it wouldnt
be pressing charges. AFP
Hijacking scare man
will not face charges
Obama courts Malaysia
Barack Obama
nudged Malaysia
yesterday over its
controversial handling of dis-
sent but made clear Wash-
ington intended to deepen
its friendship with a country
it considers vital to US objec-
tives in the Asia-Pacic.
Obama on Saturday became
the rst sitting US president in
nearly 50 years to visit mod-
erate-Muslim Malaysia, and
quickly expressed solidarity
with his hosts over the mys-
tery of missing ight MH370.
Obamas tour reafrms his
view that the US is a key Pa-
cic power in a region where
US allies are discomforted by
the rise of China and maritime
tensions have disrupted years
of relative calm.
Meanwhile, the Philippines
said it would sign an agree-
ment today with the United
States to allow a greater US
military presence on its terri-
tory, giving it a security boost
amid a bitter territorial dis-
pute with China.
A statement from the De-
partment of National De-
fence yesterday said that the
signing would take place in
Manila this morning, a few
hours before Obama is due to
arrive for a two-day visit.
On Saturday in South Korea
Obama said that North Korea
was a pariah state whose
heavily militarised border with
the South marks freedoms
frontier, US President Barack
Obama told American troops
in Seoul on Saturday.
Obama, who was wrapping
up a two day visit to South
Korea, said Pyongyangs con-
tinued pursuit of nuclear
weapons is a path that leads
only to more isolation.
His comments come after
satellite images revealed the
North could be preparing
to carry out an atomic test
its fourth despite strin-
gent sanctions imposed by
the international community.
They also come hours af-
ter Pyongyang state media
claimed the North had been
holding a young US citizen
for two weeks because of his
rash behaviour while pass-
ing through immigration.
Obama made no mention
of the arrest of a man Pyong-
yang identied as 24-year-old
Miller Matthew Todd, but
said the Norths border with its
southern neighbour marked
the dividing line between two
very different places.
North Korea replied with
a vicious personal attack on
South Korean President Park
Geun-hye yesterday, calling
her a prostitute in thrall to
her pimp Barack Obama, as
it said it was ready for full-
scale nuclear war.
In a diatribe, the North
lashed out at the relationship
between a master and its
puppet and threatened Park
would pay a dear price.
Park Geun-hyes recent be-
haviour with Obama was like
a mean, immature girl begging
gangsters to beat up someone
she does not like, said the
Committee for the Peaceful
Reunication of Korea.
Had Obama even an iota of
ethics and morality, he should
have postponed or shelved
his trip, the translation said.
The latest visit by Obama
only reafrmed our long-held
belief that might, not words,
are the only option to deal
with the old enemy US and
strengthened our resolve and
determination to stick with
our policy to ght a full-sale
nuclear war.
Park Geun-hye will pay a
dear price for abandoning the
opportunity we earlier gave
and choosing a path of anti-
unication and anti-peace
and a path to confrontation
and war. [She] will feel to the
marrow the merciless power
of the anger felt by our troops
and people. AFP
US President Barack Obama addresses young student leaders during a
visit to the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. AFP

Tiananmen museum
opens in Hong Kong
THE worlds first museum
dedicated to the Tiananmen
Square crackdown opened in
Hong Kong on Saturday with an
emotive ceremony and protests
from pro-China demonstrators.
Almost 25 years after the
Chinese authorities brutal
repression of pro-democracy
protesters in Beijing, the
permanent exhibition is one of
the only places in China where
the massacre of June 3-4, 1989,
can be commemorated. All
reference to the crackdown is
banned on the mainland, where
many remain unaware of it. AFP
Polls in Macedonia
MACEDONIANS trickled to the
polls yesterday to elect a new
assembly and president, with
the ruling conservatives tipped
to cement their hold on power
despite widespread poverty and
a stalemate in Skopjes bid to
join the EU. The legislative vote
is being held a year ahead of
schedule after the ruling VMRO-
DPMNE failed to agree with its
ethnic Albanian coalition
partner, the DUI, on a joint
presidential candidate. Voters
were also casting ballots in the
run-off for president, a largely
ceremonial post with a five-year
mandate, pitting incumbent
Gjorge Ivanov of the VMRO-
DPMNE against his Social
Democrat rival Stevo
Pendarovsk. AFP
Zimbabwe politics

NFIGHTING in Zimbabwes
main opposition party
intensied Saturday, with a
splinter group announcing it has
suspended leader Morgan Tsvan-
girai for violence and violating
the partys constitution.
The Movement for Democratic
Change faction said it suspended
former Prime Minister Tsvangirai,
his deputy Thokozani Khupe,
chairperson Lovemore Moyo and
four other senior party ofcials.
The group, which includes party
secretary-general Tendai Biti,
said Tsvangirai had violated the
MDCs constitution by expelling
deputy treasurer-general Elton
Mangoma, who had called for his
This council has suspended
Morgan Richard Tsvangirai [as
party leader], Samuel Sipepa
Nkomo, acting chairperson of
the splinter faction, said. Biti told
journalists that Tsvangirai has be-
trayed the struggle to democratise
But MDC spokesperson Douglas
Mwonzora dismissed claims that
Tsvangirai has been suspended. It
is a legal nullity, President Tsvan-
girai remain the legitimate leader
of the MDC, Mwonzora said.
That was not a national council
meeting. AFP
UK troops killed in Afghan crash

IVE British service-
men were killed
on Saturday when
their Lynx helicopter
crashed in a mountainous
area of southern Afghanistan.
The Ministry of Defence
said the four soldiers and
one airman were on a routine
ight when it came down in
Kandahar province.
The Taliban said they were
responsible for bringing
down the aircraft, but the
claim was rejected by de-
fence ofcials who said the
crash was probably caused
by technical failure.
The incident brings the
toll of UK military personnel
killed in Afghanistan to 453
and is the single worst involv-
ing British forces in the coun-
try since a Nimrod aircraft
exploded in 2006.
It is with great sadness that
we must conrm that ve UK
service personnel have been
killed in this incident which,
at this early stage, would ap-
pear to have been a tragic ac-
cident, said Major General
Richard Felton of the British
militarys Joint Helicopter
The MoD said the dead in-
cluded three Army Air Corps
personnel and a Royal Air
Force serviceman all based at
RAF Odiham in Hampshire.
The fth was a member of the
army reserve from 3 Military
Intelligence Battalion, based
in London.
Prime Minister David Cam-
eron last night said his heart
goes out to the families and
friends of those killed in this
terrible tragedy. The leader
of the opposition, Ed Mili-
band, said: This is a tragic
and poignant reminder of
the sacrices made by our
armed forces in serving our
country with bravery and
An investigation into the
cause of the crash is under
way. The Lynx helicopter is
considered to have an ex-
tremely good safety record
and the incident is the rst
deadly accident involving a
British helicopter since the
conict began.
A Taliban spokesman based
in southern Afghanistan, Qari
Yousuf Ahmadi, said in a tele-
phone interview that their
militia had used a secret
new weapon that enables
them to target the aircraft.
This village is in a moun-
tainous area, he added. The
helicopter was trying to ma-
noeuvre and was targeted by
the Taliban. A lot of ISAF sol-
diers were killed. These past
14 years they are always say-
ing it is a technical problem,
but it was not.
The latest deaths will be an
especially poignant blow as
British forces are preparing
to leave Afghanistan as part
of the ongoing transition to
hand over full security re-
sponsibility to Afghan forces.
The withdrawal has been
gradual, with only two British
bases operating in southern
Helmand province in March
this year. At the peak of Brit-
ains involvement it had 137
bases in the province. The
full withdrawal is expected to
take place by the end of the
A Lynx helicopter from Britains 3 Regiment Army Air Corps ies a
combat patrol in Iraq on April 9, 2003. AFP

Ghani vows comeback in
Afghan election run-off
AFGHAN presidential candidate
Ashraf Ghani pledged yesterday
to fight on after coming second
in preliminary election results,
setting the stage for a difficult
run-off vote likely to be targeted
by Taliban militants. Another
expensive, and potentially
violent, election could be avoided
by negotiations between the two
leading candidates in the
coming weeks, but both sides
have dismissed talks of a
power-sharing deal. Ghani
secured 31.5 per cent of the
vote, behind Abdullah Abdullah
on 44.9 per cent, in the election
that began Afghanistans first
democratic transfer of power. AFP
Attacks in Iraq kill 15
ATTACKS in Iraq killed 15
people on Saturday in the run-
up to next weeks first
parliamentary election since US
troops withdrew, with violence
at its worst in years. Shootings
and blasts in the capital came a
day after a twin bombing by a
jihadist group on a Shia political
rally there killed 36 people, the
deadliest single attack during
campaigning for Wednesdays
polls. Prime Minister Nuri
al-Maliki is seeking a third term
on Wednesday, with voters
citing a long list of grievances
ranging from poor electricity
and sewerage services to
rampant corruption and high
unemployment. AFP
HE last letter known
to have been written
on board the Titanic
sold at auction in Brit-
ain for 119,000 ($200,000) on
Saturday. The letter was writ-
ten by second class passenger
Esther Hart just hours before
the doomed ocean liner sank.
The price tag paid by an
unknown bidder breaks the
previous record for a Titan-
ic-related letter, which had
stood at 94,000, according to
the auctioneers.
Titanic sank on its maiden
voyage with the loss of more
than 1,500 lives in the early
hours of Monday, April 15,
1912. Emigrating to Canada,
Hart and her daughter Eva
made it into lifeboats and were
rescued by HMS Carpathia,
but her husband Benjamin
was among the dead.
The letter, written on Titanic
stationery and dated the Sun-
day afternoon before the sink-
ing, was due to be delivered
to Harts mother back in Brit-
ain upon the ships return to
Southampton. Hart later found
it in a pocket of her husbands
coat, which she had with her.
The letter, headed On board
RMS Titanic, comes complete
with an envelope embossed
with the White Star Line ag.
My Dear ones all, Hart
wrote. As you see it is Sunday
afternoon and we are resting
in the library after luncheon. I
was very bad all day yesterday
could not eat or drink and sick
all the while, but today I have
got over it.
She described going to a
church service with her daugh-
ter and the voyage so far.
Tho [sic] they say this Ship
does not roll on account of its
size. Any how it rolls enough
for me, I shall never forget
it. It is very nice weather but
awfully windy and cold. They
say we may get into New York
Tuesday night but we are really
due early Wednesday morn-
ing, shall write as soon as we
get there.
Andrew Aldridge, from
Henry Aldridge and Son Auc-
tioneers in Devizes, south-
west England, which sold the
letter, said: The importance
of this legendary item cannot
be overstated.
It is the only known surviv-
ing example of its type to have
been written on that fateful
day, surviving the sinking,
and having belonged to such
a well-known survivor, he
said. AFP
Last Titanic letter
sells for $200,000
Power salute
Bahraini women shout slogans during clashes with riot police following a protest on Friday condemning
the death of Ahmed Al-Mosajen and Ali Abbas, in the village of al-Maqsha, west of Manama. Ahmed and
Ali were killed on April 19 when their car exploded in a Shia village in Bahrain, the interior ministry said,
though it was unclear whether the vehicle itself had been targeted. AFP
THE body of a British teen-
ager has been found by the
road in a Colombian forest,
after he took part in a sha-
man experience advertised
for tourists.
His family have said Henry
Miller, 19, from Bristol, took
part in a local tribal ritual,
drinking a herbal concoction
known as yag and apparently
suffering a fatal reaction to the
hallucinogenic infusion.
Reports suggest that Miller
was with a group of foreign
tourists all of whom had
paid $50 for the experience
and who drank the brew to-
gether but who were ush-
ered back to their lodgings
when Miller took ill with the
assurance that the tribespeo-
ple were looking after him.
His body was found dumped
by a road near the southern
city of Mocoa, close to the bor-
der with Ecuador and on the
edge of the Amazonian basin.
David and Elizabeth Miller
said their youngest son had
been travelling around South
America for several months
and was due to start at univer-
sity in September. He had ar-
rived in Mocoa last Sunday. In
a statement the family said:
In the last 48 hours we re-
ceived the exceptionally sad
news that our son Henry has
died travelling in Colombia.
He was in the remote Putu-
mayo region. We understand
he took part in a local tribal
ritual recommended by the
hostel that he was staying at.
The ritual involves a drink
made from local plant infu-
sions. We are awaiting further
information from the Foreign
Ofce, but it is likely a reaction
to this drink was the cause.
The Foreign Ofce said it
was aware of the death of a
British national in Colombia,
and was assisting his family
at this very difcult time.
Yag, also known as aya-
huasca, is legal and is made by
infusing leaves of several dif-
ferent plants. It has been used
for centuries by native people
in South America for healing
and spiritual purposes.
It is said to bring on visions,
but it can also cause vomiting,
diarrhoea and psychological
distress and is recommended
to be taken only in the pres-
ence of a respected shaman.
The effects of the drug were
documented by writer Wil-
liam Burroughs in his book
The Yage Letters, in which he
wrote to poet Allen Ginsberg
of his mind-altering experi-
Backpacker dies after
taking shamanic brew
Two popes canonised in Rome
OST of those let
in rst had spent
all night outside
and had either
slept on the street or not slept
at all. But a carnival atmo-
sphere reigned as the crowds
of Catholics prepared to wit-
ness the canonisation of the
two popes.
Today is a great celebra-
tion, said Giuseppe Can-
nella from Milan. Ahead of
him were Michela Zugno,
23, and Dario Zappa, 24,
also from Milan.
They were both greats
of the church who revolu-
tionised it completely, and
its important to show that,
despite all the difculties, we
young people are here, Zug-
no said.
Pope Francis was, unusu-
ally, joined by emeritus Pope
Benedict XVI, his predeces-
sor who resigned last year.
The former German pontiffs
presence had been uncertain
due to ill health.
The other unprecedented
aspect of the event was the
canonisation of both John
Paul II and John XXIII at the
same time. Beatied in 2011,
the Polish pope had been on
a record-quick path to saint-
hood since his death in 2005,
when pilgrims at his funeral
shouted Santo Subito!
(Saint Immediately!).
John XXIII, however, the Ital-
ian pontiff from 1958 to 1963
who called the revolutionary
Second Vatican Council, had
not been expected to be rec-
ognised as a saint imminently
as he lacked the second mira-
cle usually required.
Not one to be bound by
convention, however, Francis
announced the dual-canon-
isation last year, not long af-
ter his election. Canonising
a hero of liberal Catholics
alongside the darling of many
conservatives was seen by
Vatican observers as an at-
tempt to bring together dif-
ferent wings of the church.
Among the crowds in St Pe-
ters Square yesterday morn-
ing was a large Polish contin-
gent, which had travelled into
Rome on 1,700 coaches as well
as charter ights and trains.
One of them, Lessek Gretka,
51, was present for Karol Woj-
tylas visit to Poland in 1979
the rst time that a pope vis-
ited a communist country.
He changed the political
situation not just in Poland
but in the whole world. We
are that generation for whom
that means a lot, he said.
Asked about criticism from
the victims of clerical sex
abuse who argue Wojtyla did
not act quickly enough to
curb the actions of pedophile
priests, Gretka said he did not
think this a stumbling block
to sainthood. THE GUARDIAN
Francis swings incense during the canonisation mass of popes John XXIII and John Paul II on St Peters at
the Vatican yesterday. AFP
The Kingdom of Cambodia
National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development
Secretariat (NCDDS)
Short-term National and International Consultants to Develop a
Compliance Inspection Strategy/Manual
The Royal Government of Cambodias local reform agenda is being
implemented through its rst three-year Implementation Plan (IP3: 2011-
2013), under the coordination of the Secretariat of the National Committee
for Sub-National Democratic Development (NCDDS). NCDDS wishes to
procure two consultants (national and international) to develop a compliance
inspection system focusing on compliance with local government laws
and regulations and for inspections to be led by the Ministry of Interior,
Provinces and the Capital. This oversight process is expected to partially
replace the current system of administrative control and to be systematic,
independent, credible, and evidence based. The consultants will develop
a fully operational and well documented inspection process that includes
a workable set of indicators, their means of verication and a scoring
system that can be later linked to an accountability framework and other
incentives. The following consultants are required.
A. One international Consultant for 20 working days, having
At least a Masters Degree or equivalent in Social Sciences, Law,
Finance/Audit, Public Policy or related studies
At least 5 years experience working as an inspector, manager of
inspection processes, or in a related and relevant oversight capacity
OR at least 3 examples of developing compliance inspection or
oversight processes in other countries
Experience in undertaking local government inspection, especially
in cases where reforms are moving from a deconcentrated/
centralized systemto adelegated one
Experience in South East Asia or Cambodia is considered useful
B. One national Consultant for 50 working days, having
At least a Masters Degree or equivalent in Social Sciences, Law,
Finance/Audit, Public Policy or related studies
Proven experience in writing manuals or guidelines; excellent
writing skills in English and Khmer
Good quantitative reasoning skills and logical thinking
2 years experience in M&E or compliance inspection or oversight
or legal analysis
Knowledge or clear ability to learn the legal framework for local
government in Cambodia
Experience as a trainer.
Interested individuals must provide (i) updated CVs (including references /
referees), (ii) a cover letter demonstrating how they are qualied to provide
the required services, and (iii) a copy of one past assignment / report on a
similar topic. Complete TORs can be found at
All submissions should be made (by either email or express mail) to: Ms.
Kim Vann or Ms. Poch Monika at NCDDS, Ministry of Interior, Norodom
Blvd., Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA from 08:00am to
17:00pm, Monday to Friday or through e-mail at
or .
Theclosing date/timeis 17:00 hours, May12
Women are strongly encouraged to apply; only shortlist candidates
will be contacted.
Business/Employment/Partner Opportunities
Are you a qualied specialist or instructor in sports or
education activities such as:
Martial Arts -
Yoga -
Pilates -
Zumba -
Adult Education -
Childrens Fitness -
Dance: Belly, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Etc. -
A new education hub will open at Aeon Mall in June of 2014.
The 1,000 square meter purpose built facility features 100 square
meters of gym space, 76 square meter dance studio, nine fully
equipped classrooms and a spacious lecture hall. Advanced
Learning Academy is seeking program partners with whom we
can share our well-appointed venue. ALA welcomes business
proposals pertaining to the above categories as well as any
other education based programs. Please send proposals and your
qualications to:
THE families of more than
230 Nigerian schoolgirls ab-
ducted by Islamist insurgents
almost two weeks ago say they
are fast losing hope of seeing
their daughters again despite
government assurances they
will be found.
The mass abduction of the
girls watched over by govern-
ment soldiers is the most dev-
astating in a series of recent
attacks on state schools and
comes as the government de-
bates extending a yearlong
state of emergency across
three northeastern states
from which the militants have
operated for ve years. On the
same day as the kidnappings,
a massive bombing by Boko
Haram insurgents killed more
than 75 commuters hundreds
of kilometres south on the
outskirts of the capital.
The girls, who were mostly
between 16 and 18 years old,
were rounded up at gunpoint
after militants overpowered
a military guard assigned to
a boarding school in Chibok,
in northeastern Borno state.
They had just nished their
nal school exams.
Danuma Mpur, the chair-
man of the local parent-teach-
er association, whose two
nieces are among the missing,
said: Weve had no update.
We pinned our hopes on the
government, but all that hope
is turning to frustration.
After several attempts by
unarmed parents to comb
the vast forests where mili-
tant camps are located and
where near-daily air raids by
the Nigerian army have been
halted since the kidnappings
many said they had little faith
in the government.
The mass abduction under-
lines how even the military
might of a country that has
long been a regional peace-
keeping giant is failing to con-
tain the insurgency raging in
the northeast of Africas most
populous country. Tens of
thousands of civilians eeing
the vast, arid north say they are
caught between the militants
and brutal army reprisals.
The government said recently
that nomadic herdsmen who
frequently clash in cattle raids
further south, in a tinderbox
of ethnic tensions known as
the Middle Belt, were now be-
ing inltrated by ghters with
sophisticated weapons rather
than the homemade shotguns
traditionally used by Fulani
herders. More than 300 have
been killed in such clashes in
the past month. THE GUARDIAN
Families of abducted girls
in Nigeria losing hope
Apartheid milestone celebrated
Susan Njanji

OUTH Africa yester-
day celebrated the
20th anniversary of
its rst ever all-race,
democratic election that
ended decades of sanctioned
racial oppression under the
apartheid system.
The day will be marked
by street parades, speeches,
prayers, music and military
salutes and displays.
President Jacob Zuma leads
the main festivities at the
Union Buildings, the seat
of government in Pretoria,
where generations of apart-
heid leaders penned many
of the racial laws that South
Africas rst black leader Nel-
son Mandela fought most of
his life.
After the historic April
27, 1994, the day has been
retained as a holiday and
named Freedom Day.
For many South Africans it
brings back sweet memories
of the euphoria as black, In-
dian and mixed race voters
stood in long meandering
lines alongside whites to
cast their rst ballots.
Nobel peace laureate Des-
mond Tutu said the day felt
like falling in love.
FW de Klerk, apartheid
South Africas last president,
described the day as our
proudest moment as South
Africans. But 20 years on, the
euphoria has died down and
the country is counting both
the gains and failures of the
democratic era.
South Africa boasts among
other things, one of the
strongest constitutions in
the world, an independent
judiciary and is probably the
most developed country on
the continent.
But the successes are
tainted by mismanagement
and high level corruption
blamed largely on the ANC-
led administration.
Seen as a moral beacon of
South Africa, Tutu has de-
scribed the two decades of
freedom in South Africa as
a heck of an achievement,
but vows not to vote for the
ANC in the upcoming polls.
This years anniversary of
democracy coincides with
South Africas fth democrat-
ic election on May 7 where
voters will cast ballots in a
ercely fought contest.
The ruling African National
Congress is expected to re-
tain power, despite anger
over graft and glaring socio-
economic disparities under
its rule.
The ANCs continued popu-
larity is testimony of the fact
that for many South Africans
life feels incomparably better
than it did under the white
minoritys racist apartheid
Government has chosen to
hold celebrations on Free-
dom Day under the theme
South Africa a better place
to live in.
The economy has grown
three-fold and government
says it has built 3.7 million
houses since the advent of
democracy, giving millions
of people their rst modern
Over 15 million of the pop-
ulation of 51 million receive
government social grants.
The majority of blacks are
largely free to live and work
wherever they want and a
new black middle class is
burgeoning. But economic
inequality persists and has
seen poor South Africans
take their anger to the streets,
protesting over a lack of basic
services like water, sanitation,
electricity and housing.
South Africa is ranked
among the most unequal so-
cieties in the world.
As the ruling party faces
its toughest test at the polls
next month, only a third of
the so-called Born Frees
youths born on or after April
27, 1994, who are eligible to
cast their votes for the rst
time this year bothered to
register to vote. In the run-
up to the polls, the ANC also
faces a protest from a group
of former party stalwarts led
by former intelligence min-
ister and communist party
member Ronnie Kasrils who
are campaigning that South
Africans do not vote for the
party which is credited with
leading the ght against
While hailing the successes
of the past 20 years of free-
dom, De Klerk has joined the
chorus chastising the ruling
party for squandering its dem-
ocratic inheritance through
gross mismanagement and
rampant corruption.
But 20 years after the birth
of democracy, South Africa is
still undergoing growing pains
and has a long way to go.
Democracy is not some-
thing which you make like
making instant coffee, it is
something to be built, said
University of Pretoria analyst
Shadrack Gutto. AFP
Then ANC president Nelson Mandela smiles on April 27, 1994, in Oshlange, a black township near Durban,
as he casts his vote during South Africas rst democratic and all-race general elections. AFP
Yarmouk refugees tell of brutal treatment
Martin Chulov

UGGING a plastic bag
carrying the clothes
and food scraps she
could salvage, Umm
Samir set out from her ruined
home and crawled through
the pre-dawn gloom on her
second journey into exile in
68 years.
In the difcult days since,
she has made her way from
the Yarmouk Palestinian refu-
gee camp in Damascus to Bei-
rut, where she now confronts
the bitter reality of again be-
coming a refugee, the lifelong
dream of returning to her
birthplace now further away
than ever.
I always thought that the
only time I would move from
Yarmouk would be back to
Palestine, she said from the
Sabra-Shatila Palestinian
camp in the heart of the Leba-
nese capital, where the family
sought sanctuary three days
ago. Now I nd myself here.
I didnt expect this at all,
said Umm Sameer of the un-
relenting siege of the Yarmouk
camp that had seen many of
those who remain starved to
the point of death. I didnt
think the [Syrian] regime
would do this to our people.
The veil has dropped. We can
see clearly how we were used.
Over the past fortnight, the
siege of Yarmouk, the camp
held up by Syria over four de-
cades as a symbol of its com-
mitment to the Palestinian
cause, has reached a nadir.
Many of those who remain
have been unable to eat, or
leave. Others, like Abu Sameer
and his family, decided that
a suicide run for the camps
closely guarded borders was a
better bet than fossicking for
scraps in abandoned build-
ings and pillaged orchards.
We made it in small groups,
but ve of our children were
left behind, said Abu Sameer.
It was just too dangerous to
bring them. We were going to
die, he said of his decision to
leave. We had no choice.
The desperate plight of those
who left behind was showcased
last week through pleas by the
United Nations Relief Works
Agency (UNRWA) and stories
in the Observer. Both revealed
the scale of an unfolding ca-
tastrophe starkly at odds with
a recent UN Security Council
resolution demanding that
humanitarian aid be delivered
to all those caught up in Syrias
unrelenting war.
Last week, after a demand
from UN secretary-general
Ban Ki-moon, things changed
in Yarmouk, with food parcels
reaching some of those who
needed them for the rst time
in 15 days.
But the supplies have not
reached all who need them.
One Yarmouk resident, who
asked not to be named, was
almost too exhausted to make
himself heard over the phone
on Friday. It is a nightmare,
he said. For four months
weve been eating rice and
grass, radishes and greens.
Many of the Yarmouk exiles
say the name of their former
home will soon be etched into
infamy in the same way that
Sabra-Shatila was 32 years
ago, when more than 1,000
Palestinians were massacred
by Lebanese Christian militias
who at the time were allied to
the occupying Israeli army.
The ghosts of 1982 remain
deeply synonymous with Pal-
estinian suffering. But some of
the new arrivals say the scale
of the current horrors in Yar-
mouk and other Syrian camps
may soon eclipse even such a
painful episode.
Iran and Syria pretend to
be against Israel, but that is
just a ploy, according to Umm
Ibrahim, the matriarch of a an-
other Yarmouk family which
had arrived in Sabra-Shatila
in recent weeks. The Golan
Heights have been silent for
how long? she asked rhe-
torically. Resentment seethed
among both families of new
refugees. The Arabs are big-
ger enemies than the Israe-
lis, Umm Sameer said. They
dont behave like this to their
worst enemies.
Unwanted in Syria, those
eeing Yarmouk are hardly
made to feel at home in Leba-
non either. New arrivals are
given a one-week visa, which
requires them to report to au-
thorities or face a $200 ne,
which few among them can af-
ford. While UNRWA and other
aid organisations offer some
food assistance and living
space, conditions are far worse
here than in pre-war Syria.
They didnt care about us at
all, said Umm Samir, who was
too young to remember her
rst journey to exile in 1948
from the Palestinian town of
Safed, in what is now Israel,
and too anguished to want to
recall her second journey last
week. I thought that if I ever
leave my home again before I
die, it would be to go back to
Outside Sabra-Shatila, in the
Palestinian Embassy nearby,
senior ofcial Qassem Abbas,
who is responsible for Yarmouk
arrivals, tried to play down the
scale of the crisis. Things have
actually improved in recent
weeks, he said. The Palestin-
ian leadership has decided to
take a position of neutrality.
This brought us closer to the
Syrian regime, despite every-
thing that has happened. It
was a difcult decision, but it
made us less biased.
This is a chess game be-
ing played by all those in the
region, he said of the Syr-
ian war. But there is only one
real mastermind, America. It
serves their interests so they
can stay in the region.
Back in the camp, the new
arrivals were having none of
that. Our so-called leaders
have their own reasons for
their closeness to the Syrian
regime, said Umm Sameer.
And it has nothing to do with
us. Shame on them and their
Residents of Syrias besieged Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp,
south of Damascus, gather to receive food aid. AFP
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RTICLE 41 of the Cambodi-
an Constitution stipulates
that Khmer citizens shall
have freedom of expression,
press, publication and assembly. No
one shall exercise this right to infringe
upon the rights of others, to affect the
good traditions of the society, to vio-
late public law and order and nation-
al security.
Article 28 of the 2009 Law on
Peaceful Demonstration stipulates
each capital and province shall cre-
ate a Freedom Park for holding
peaceful assembly or public expres-
sion. Freedom Park in Phnom Penh
was built in June 2010, costing more
than $18,000.
My attempts since April 1 to exer-
cise this constitutional right to use
Freedom Park have come with a
heavy price of being manhandled,
brutally pushed off by herds of
hired security guards in black
helmets and armed with batons,
verbally insulted and ridiculed as an
insane woman.
The youth and the public who
have followed me to Freedom Park
have been brutalised, wounded
and shamed.
When asked why Freedom Park is
off limits to me, the same answer is
given by the authorities: you have
broken the law.
When challenged, the deputy gov-
ernor of Daun Penh district, who is
permanently present as the main
authority at Freedom Park, always
fails to cite to me the law he is using
to order the crackdown. When asked
why he does not arrest me, he usually
walks away and screams harder the
order in his walkie-talkie: kick her
off. When the black helmets fail to
push harder, the deputy governor
orders more troops, including the
police, to ensure my supporters and
onlookers are completely out of sight.
My continued visits to Freedom
Park are judged by the authorities as
an act that infringes upon the rights
of others, affects the good traditions
of the society, and violates public law
and order, therefore the violence
used and the savage indiscriminate
beatings of citizens and journalists
are to them justified.
The grave violations of human
rights committed by the government
of Prime Minister Hun Sen to silence
its opponents and the media are sys-
tematic, predictable and with a clear
repressive pattern. When the consti-
tution and adopted laws are com-
promised, when Cambodia as a sig-
natory of international laws
continuously fails to fulfil its obliga-
tions to protect the fundamental and
constitutional human rights of the
people, the slightest hope to build
real democracy is compromised. The
repressive system may serve to fulfil
the Cambodian Peoples Partys des-
perate need to control peoples lives
and to remain in power, but it is suc-
ceeding in further undermining the
democratic legitimacy of Mr Hun
Sen as a leader who can govern and a
statesman who can be among the
worlds democratic leaders.
For justice to the victims of the vio-
lent crackdowns of public demon-
strations and as preventive meas-
ures, the safeguards for freedom of
speech, of assembly and of informa-
tion must be built and strengthened
with transparency and accountabili-
ty from those whose functions are to
serve the public and to provide safe-
ty and security to the public at large
without discrimination.
It is imperative that the govern-
ment of Mr Hun Sen review its policy
on the provision of public security
and take immediate action to sanc-
tion those officials in charge who
abuse their power. It is imperative
that officials in charge of the armed
forces that include the military and
the police denounce their positions
in the structure of the CPP so that
the public can be ensured of their
neutrality and impartiality of the
execution of the laws. It is of imme-
diate necessity for Mr Hun Sen to
review the performance of the
Phnom Penh governor, who is the
chief of the Unified Command Com-
mittee in charge of the mixed securi-
ty armed groups.
We call for the suspension of the
deputy governor of Daun Penh for his
direct role in the violent crackdowns
of protesters that included women,
children, the elderly and our venera-
ble monks.
There must be a stop to the use of
hired security guards as an untrained
force to spread terror, to intimidate
and to harm the public.
The blanket ban on the use of Free-
dom Park and of public demonstra-
tions is not justifiable, as the country
is not in a state of emergency. The
ban has a negative impact on the
business community and investors.
Democracy is not silent but loud.
Peoples voices must be heard to build
national cohesiveness.
Freedom Park is a public space pro-
vided by a specific law and safeguard-
ed by the constitution of the King-
dom. No lives should be lost to defend
the peoples freedom of speech, of
expression and of information.
May the spirit of Freedom Park
remain forever strong.
Mu Sochua
The price of freedom
Cambodia National Rescue Party lawmaker-elect Mu Sochua is prevented from entering Phnom Penhs Freedom Park by municipal security personnel earlier this month. PHA LINA
Mu Sochua is a lawmaker-elect of the Cambodia
National Rescue Party.
Stephanie Merry
AFTER decades of bloodshed, its hard to
imagine what can bridge the divide between
Israeli Jews and Palestinians. But Pierre
Dulaine has an idea: dance. The four-time
world champion ballroom dancer thinks
his art form can transform long-held preju-
dices, turning wallflowers into confident
teens in the process. Hilla Medalias docu-
mentary Dancing in Jaffa follows along as
he tries to reach his lofty goals.
Dulaine is a Jaffa native. The child of an
Irish father and Palestinian mother, he
was born in 1944, and he recounts how
his family was forced out when he was a
child to make way for the creation of
Israel. He hadnt returned until the mak-
ing of this movie, and although there are
hints of sadness in his voice, hes not there
to focus on that loss. He just wants both
sides to get along.
He begins teaching ballroom dancing
at the citys mostly segregated schools,
working with the individual populations
separately. But his ultimate goal is to get
the kids from the Jewish schools to dance
with those from the Arab schools for a
big competition.
That plan seems ambitious given that its
hard enough to get the boys anywhere near
the girls. In addition to Dulaine, filmmaker
Medalia focuses on three students. Pales-
tinian Noor is closed off from her class-
mates and is in constant mourning over the
loss of her father; Alaa is shy, but happy-go-
lucky; and Lois is an outgoing Jewish girl
with a funny and frank mother.
Noor begins to make friends and Alaa
comes out of his shell. Lois, meanwhile,
practises constantly, in her living room
and her bedroom, outside at a park and
at school. And all three children plus
many others like them play and practise
While the movie can feel disjointed at
times, bouncing around to cover so much
territory, the climax of the kids ballroom
competition makes up for any quibbles.
If nothing else, its heartening to see the
kids so transformed.
Can dance alter a long history of hostil-
ity? Maybe. It certainly cant do any more
In brief
Actor George Clooney
to wed British lawyer
OSCAR-WINNING heart-throb
George Clooney, one of
Hollywoods most coveted
bachelors, has got engaged to
his British lawyer girlfriend,
Amal Alamuddin, People
magazine reported Saturday.
George and Amal are trying
to keep things very low-key
but they also arent really
trying to hide this, it doesnt
seem, the celebrity
publication reported, citing an
unnamed source with
knowledge of the situation. I
think its like they want the
people they love to know that
this is real, that they plan on
being together forever, the
source said. AFP
God is banned from
Disney films: writers
songwriters behind Let It Go,
the hit song from the
blockbusting Disney cartoon
Frozen, have revealed that
the word God is banned
from Disney movies.
Speaking to Terry Gross on
the National Public Radio
(NPR) show Fresh Air,
Robert Lopez and Kristen
Anderson-Lopez explained
that Disney was not a
sanitised corporate
environment but that one of
the only places you have to
draw the line at Disney is
with religious things, the
word God. Lopez went on to
say: You can say it in
Disney, but you cant put it in
the movie. THE GUARDIAN
Film resurrects Pompeii
and destroys it again
THE ancient city of Pompeii
has been re-created with
astonishing attention to
historical accuracy for an epic
film about its destruction
following the eruption of
Vesuvius some 2,000 years
ago. Advances in digital
technology helped re-create
the disaster convincingly and
filmmakers were also guided
experiences of recent
tsunamis. The British director
of Pompeii, Paul WS Anderson,
recruited an army of
craftsmen to reproduce every
detail, from hand-shaped
cobblestones to handmade
wall paintings and mosaics,
reconstructing buildings with
the exact dimensions of those
in the actual city. His team
spent six years researching
Pompeii, imaging the ruins
and flying extensively over
Vesuvius and other volcanoes.
A vulcanologist and a Roman
historian were among the
advisers. THE GUARDIAN
Dancing in Jaffa: dancing the ght away
Alaa, a poor, shy Palestinian boy (left), connects with dance partner Lois, an outgoing
Jewish girl, in Dancing with Jaffa. THE WASHINGTON POST
Two sides of Cambodia to be
shown at Cannes film festival
Will Jackson
WO very different
short lms about
Cambodia are set to
screen during next
months 2014 Cannes Interna-
tional Film Festival.
French-Cambodian lm-
maker Davy Chous short
Cambodia 2099, about three
young Cambodians spending
an afternoon on Koh Pich con-
templating their futures, will be
screened in the non-competi-
tive but prestigious Directors
Fortnight sidebar.
Meanwhile, Eviction, a short
documentary by US father and
son team Phil and Garret Atlak-
son about land grabbing, has
been invited to compete in the
American Pavilion Emerging
Filmmaker Showcase.
The Directors Fortnight
sidebar and American Pavilion
Emerging Filmmaker Show-
case are both independent
programs held as part of the
prestigious French lm festival
which this year runs from May
14 to 25.
Chou said he lmed Cambo-
dia 2099 last year on Phnom
Penhs Koh Pich with help
from lmmaker Kavich Neang,
painter Kun Sotha and rst-
time actress Vann Sothea.
I didnt know what the story
would be about and just fol-
lowed my instinct and inspira-
tion, and also let everything I
have observed or be part of for
the last two months come all
together, he said.
It was also great for me to try
directing actors in Cambodia,
as a rehearsal for the feature Im
currently writing, he added.
He said it was too early to give
many details on the feature ex-
cept that he hoped to begin
shooting by the end of the year
and that it would be mostly
lmed on Koh Pich as well.
Chou, who is best known for
his documentary Golden Slum-
bers about Cambodias lm in-
dustry in the 60s and 70s, said
the Directors Fortnight selec-
tion was amazing and unex-
pected news.
We made this lm with the
team very quickly, sharing en-
ergy and good will for three
days and a half, which for me
was an opportunity to work
again with some people, start
working with others, experi-
menting some technique or
shots that I wanted to test. But
I would never expect the lm to
go to Cannes.
So I feel denitely lucky and
I guess I still dont know exactly
what it means.
Despite being lmed in
Cambodia, Cambodia 2099
was submitted to Cannes as a
French lm.
The country of the main
production is giving its na-
tionality to a lm, and Cam-
bodia 2099 has been fully pro-
duced by my lm company
Vycky Films, based in Paris. So
its normal that the lm is con-
sidered French for Cannes,
Chou said.
When asked about the mean-
ing of the lms title, he was
I dont want to give any spoil-
ers, but lets say that one of the
characters in the lm always
dreams of travelling to the fu-
ture, in the year 2099, he said.
Garret Atlaksons 20-min-
ute documentary Eviction,
which has already won several
awards including the grand
prize at the Poverty Cure In-
ternational Film Festival in
New York City, follows 72-
year-old Boeung Kak resident
Nget Khun whose home and
livelihood are threatened by
land developers backed by the
Atlakson said the award
wins and the invitation to
Cannes would help him
achieve his goal of bringing
attention to land grabbing in
Cambodia and raising money
to make a feature-length ver-
sion of the lm.
In this way the short has
succeeded, he said.
He said shooting began on
the longer version in Novem-
ber and could be completed
next year.
A still from Davy Chous short lm, Cambodia 2099. PHOTO SUPPLIED
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5J - CEBU Airways. MH - Malaysia Airlines 2 Tuesday
AK - Air Asia MI - SilkAir 3 Wednesday
BR - EVA Airways OZ - Asiana Airlines 4 Thursday
CI - China Airlines PG - Bangkok Airways 5 Friday
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This ight schedule information is updated about once a month. Further information,
please contact direct to airline or a travel agent for ight schedule information.
5J 258 2.4.7 22:30 02:11 5J 257 2.4.7 19:45 21:30
MI 633 1, 6, 7 16:35 22:15 MI 633 1, 6, 7 14:35 15:45
MI 622 2.4 10:40 15:20 MI 622 2.4 08:40 09:50
MI 630 5 12:25 15:40 MI 616 7 10:40 11:50
MI 615 7 12:45 16:05 MI 636 3, 2 13:55 17:40
MI 636 3, 2 18:30 21:35 MI 630 5 07:55 11:35
MI 617 5 18:35 21:55 MI 618 5 16:35 17:45
3K 598 .2....7 15:35 18:40 3K 597 .2....7 13:45 14:50
3K 598 ...4... 15:35 18:30 3K 597 ...4... 13:45 14:50
QV 522 10:05 13:00 QV 512 06:30 09:25
8M 402 1. 5 20:15 21:25 8M 401 1. 5 17:05 19:15
Flighs Days Dep Arrival Flighs Days Dep Arrival
K6 130 1-3-5 12:55 13:55 K6 131 1-3-5 11:20 12:20
Salento: the
heel of Italy
Kate Simon

HE tables are lling up
fast tonight in Gusta-
vo Braceria. Word
has been spreading
about the restaurant, with its
cosy dining rooms and tables
in the garden in summer, be-
neath trees laced with fairy
lights. The eatery opened
three years ago on the edge
of the small town of Galatone,
in Salento, the southern tip of
Italys Puglia region.
Salento draws its northern
border from Taranto in the
west to Brindisi in the east,
and marks its southernmost
point at Santa Maria de Leu-
ca, the Lands End of south-
east Italy, at the very bottom
of the heel.
For the Italians, they come
here for sun, sea and seriously
good food, shed from nearby
waters and produced in the
fertile pastures that supply
much of the fresh contents of
the countrys larders, and to
sup the increasingly admired
local wines, negroamaro,
primitivo di Manduria and
Salice Salentino.
While many international
visitors have been lured from
the kempt pastures of Tus-
cany and Umbria to Puglia by
its curious conical trulli and
the sparkling white towns of
the Valle dItria at the regions
heart, or to walk in the ancient
oak and beech forests of the
mountainous Gargano Pen-
insula at its northern edge,
the southernmost reaches of
Salento are pioneer country.
The recent push south into
Salento was inevitable. With
characterful old buildings still
available at rock-bottom pric-
es, an eye-pleasing landscape
of olive groves, wild beaches
and clear seas, and old towns
heaving with baroque build-
ings, Salento proved irresist-
ible, in particular to an afuent
European gay crowd who had
also heard about the lively local
gay scene. Across the peninsu-
la, derelict buildings now echo
to the sound of hammers and
drills as they are transformed
into holiday homes, self-cater-
ing apartments, guesthouses
and hotels.
Despite the traditional mo-
res of the Salentini, these in-
comers appear to have been
easily accepted. But then
theyre used to strangers in
these parts. Brindisi, the loca-
tion of Salentos airport, has
provided a gateway to the re-
gion for more than 2,000 years.
The Adriatic port marked the
southern end of the Romans
highway to the east, the Appi-
an Way, and was the harbour
from which the Crusaders set
sail for the Holy Land.
The historic quarters of the
main towns of Gallipoli, Nar-
do, Galatina, Maglie, Otranto
and Tricase are all testimony
to the craftsmanship of the lo-
cal stonemasons. But none is
lovelier than the city of Lecce,
the Salentine capital, home to
the orid Santa Croce basilica,
with its menagerie of beasts
cavorting around a huge rose
window, and the vast Piazza
del Duomo bounded by the
cathedral, the bishops palace,
a seminary and a ve-storey
campanile sunglasses are es-
sential on a sunny day to pro-
tect against the dazzle of the
white stone.
Best of all, there are few
tourists sharing these sights
the jostling hordes have yet
to arrive from Florence and
Rome. It can only be a matter
The small sherman village of Santa Maria al Bagno, located in Puglias
Thinking caps
Fridays solution Fridays solution
1 Recording studio tasks
5 Church engagement
10 Business letter opening
14 Very large-scale
15 Perpendicular to a ships length
16 Send off
17 NBCspeacock, e.g.
18 Anchor lines hole
19 Churchs east end, typically
20 Block of gold
22 Marketing agent, casually
24 Like some cuisine or humor
27 Tex-Mex bite
28 Auto
30 Bring on the decorator
31 Barrel features
34 Eggs, in biology
35 Some beasts of burden
36 Lightened ones wallet
37 What tired dogs do
39 Atlantic City treat
42 Edible corm
43 Fair attractions
45 Lively spirit
47 Oath
48 New Yorks capital
50 Its made to be broken,
51 Coast Guard off.
52 A great lake
53 New Hampshire prep school
55 Perform stunningly
58 Pert
61 Common cereal grains
62 Amazon parrot
65 Builders work place
66 Indian butter
67 Place to see pro basketball
68 Implement
69 Word on a communal towel?
70 Wren residences
71 PJ fastener
1 Cold-cuts emporium
2 Once ___ a time ...
3 Product improvement slogan
4 Move along quickly
5 Ebenezers exclamation
6 Bygone NBA rival
7 Press meetings
8 Space org.
9 Runs a blast furnace
10 Ocean painting, e.g.
11 Beta 2 compared to beta 1
12 Bailiffs order
13 Watch your ___!
21 By way of, for short
23 Enjoys dinner
25 Behind-the-counter call
26 Mental conception
28 Dried coconut meat
29 Be of service to
32 ___ a high note
33 Stores securely
38 Chinese restaurant flowers
40 State of constant change
41 Elis school
44 Agitated state
46 Earns, after all
49 Beefeater, for example
54 Some bridge-seat occupants
55 Boots of old
56 Hawaiian gathering place
57 Ending for soft or dinner
59 Classical colonnade
60 Pups anguished cry
63 Wee soldier
64 Existed
Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the
modern world and battles a new threat from old
history: the Soviet agent known as the Winter
City Mall: 11:15am, 4:10pm, 6:45pm
Tuol Kork: 1:50pm, 7:05pm, 9:30pm
A man is chosen by his worlds creator to undertake
a momentous mission to rescue the innocent before
an apocalyptic flood cleanses the wicked from
the world.
City Mall: 9:20pm
Tuol Kork: 9:20am
Its a jungle out there for Blu, Jewel and their three
kids after theyre hurtled Rio de Janeiro to the wilds
of the Amazon. As Blu tries to fit in, he goes beak-to-
beak with the vengeful Nigel, and meets the most
fearsome adversary of all: his father-in-law. With the
voices of Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway.
City Mall: 9:25am, 3:40pm, 5:45pm
Tuol Kork: 11:10am, 1:30pm, 7:50pm
A woman tries to exonerate her brother, who was
convicted of murder, by proving that the crime was
committed by a supernatural phenomenon.
City Mall: 2:05pm, 9:55pm
Tuol Kork: 5:20pm, 7:25pm
(See above.)
3:35pm, 8:15pm
(See above.)
9:30am, 4:50pm
(See above.)
9:30am, 11:20am, 1:10pm, 3pm, 6:40pm, 8:30pm
Bingo @ SoulTEAse
Bad at sport, strategic games, just
want to be reminded of hanging out
with your granny again, or you just
have a casual passion for bingo, go
to SoulTEAse.
SoulTEAse, #55, Street 240. 6:30pm
Music @ Slur Bar
Pavel 96 is a Swedish singer, musician
and traveller originally from Chile.
He will play an acoustic set of pop,
rock, latin, jazz and reggae.
Slur Bar, #28 Street 172. 9:30pm
Learn ballet at the Central School of Ballet tonight on Street 183. AFP
Anne Hathaway stars in Les Miserables. BLOOMBERG
Franglish @ Plantation
Are you a French or English speaker?
Join a speed-talking evening at The
Plantation. You will meet other
native English and French speakers
who will help you develop your
language skills.
The Plantation #28 Street 184. 6:30pm
Adults ballet @ Central
School of Ballet PP
The class is structured to provide
students with a rm foundation in
ballet techniques and vocabulary in a
series of steps. $12 per class. For
people who have danced before.
Central School of Ballet, #10 Street
183. 7:15pm
8:40am - TO THE WONDER: After falling in love in Paris,
Marina and Neil come to Oklahoma, where problems
arise. Their churchs Spanish-born pastor struggles
with his faith, while Neil encounters a woman from his
childhood. FOX MOVIES
12pm - WAR HORSE: Young Albert enlists to serve
in World War I after his beloved horse is sold to the
cavalry. HBO
2:20pm - ABOUT SCHMIDT: A man embarks on a
journey to his estranged daughters wedding only to
discover more about himself. HBO
9pm - LES MISERABLES: In 19th-century France,
Jean Valjean, who has been hunted by the ruthless
policeman Javert, agrees to care for a factory workers
daughter. The decision changes their lives for ever. HBO
Socheata and Sontery
Social Life Team
Sotel Phnom Penh Phokeethra
launched a new high tea last
week on the 12th oor of the
hotel in the executive section
called Club Millesime. Chef Craig
Napper and his team served
up plenty of handmade sweets
such as scones, mini-cupcakes,
macaroons, chocolate mousse
and clairs, as well as cups of
Nepalese tea from the Himala-
yas. The tea is served daily from
3pm to 5pm, and costs $15 for
coffee, tea, and a stand of gastro-
nomic delights. Adding free-ow
sparkling wine brings the total to
$25. Photos by Chhim Sreyneang.
Thai cinema operator Major Cineplex held
a press conference at Hotel Sotel Phnom
Penh Phokeethra on April 23 to announce
their relationship with Cellcard. The operator
will open a new venue with seven screens at
Aeon Mall. In addition to luxury popcorn and
a VIP screen, there will be 13 bowling lanes.
Representatives say the brands partnership
with Cellcard will bring customer discounts,
special screenings, lm packages, parties and
more. Photos by Chhim Sreyneang.
Post Media held their business networking event, The Finishing Post, on April 25. At Frangipani Living Arts Sky Bar, clients and
friends of the Post enjoyed a buffet dinner, glasses of Celliers DAsie wine and plenty of Heineken and Coca Cola. Photos by Hong
The highest tea in town @ Club
Millesime Sotel Phnom Penh
Major Cineplex and Cellcard make a
partnership @ Sotel Phnom Penh
Young professionals enjoy a press lunch at Club Millesime.
Adam Fayed from Imperium Capital, Jonathan Baxter,
corporate sales manager at B2B Cambodia.
James Welsh, EJ Callahan.
Tonny, Gaurav Raul, business development at D&D
Pattnaik Group.
Ronnie Eide, Sreypich Pin from Cambodia Media In-
ternational Consultants & Associates, Gordon Beal.
Keo Chansonin, executive marketing department,
Ker Soremie, senior executive marketing depart-
ment from Westec Media Limited.
Sou Kosal from Green Palace Hotel, Sokleng You,
Pathumthip Bunkaree, Im Sivantha from Indepen-
dence Hotel.
Francis Duke , Nicole Jeanette Phoon.
Philippe Janowski, sales director at Cambodia Pocket Guide, Heng Panha, Thibault Odent, Oeur Kim-
livorn, managing director at Bright Gate HR.
Natalie Moser, marketing ex-
ecutive at Sotel Phnom Penh.
Staff show off the stand of
sweet treats.
Jim Patterson from Major Cineplex.
Chy Sila from Sabay website, and MC Angela Tang, with costumed models.
Chhim Sreyneang
Social Life Manager
The Cambodia Hotel Association (CHA) held a party on April 23 at Rafes Hotel Le
Royal. Luu Meng, CHA president, opened the event with a speech about the groups
work. Afterwards, Somethearith Din, the general secretary, presented certicates to the
members. Celles DAsie wine was the drink of choice as well as Angkor beer, while guests
chatted and enjoyed a buffet. Photos by Chhim Sreyneang.
The rst mega-mall to come to Cambodia, Aeon, will hold an opening ceremony on
June 30 attended by Prime Minister Hun Sen, it was announced on April 26. Socichi Oka
Zaaki, president and CEO of Aeon Mall, held a press conference with the tenants-to-be.
The mall with contain 185 shops from around Asia, a food court with around 1,200 seats,
the largest cinema complex in the country, a skating rink, TV studio, hair salons and
more. Photos by Hong Menea.
CHA networking cocktail event @ Rafes Hotel Le Royal Phnom Penh
AEON Mall Phnom Penh tenant meet
@ Sotel Phnom Penh Phokeetra
Cambodia Hotel Association members show off their certicates.
Vanessa Ferrer, development manager at CC Incentives,
and Alicia Lim from Himawari Hotel.
Sou Kosal, sales manager at Green Palace, and Chan
Sopheak, sales manager at Heli Star Cambodia. Song Saa received a certicate.
Frangipani Villa Hotel was also presented with a
Kelly Chandara, Chea Chan Theborras, Hang Vannak,
room division manager and Thon Molyka, senior sales
executive, all from Frangipani Villa Hotel.
Group of tenants and CEO at Aeon Mall.
Makota Yajima, managing director at Aeon Mall
Apsara dancers bless the ceremony.
Socichi Okazaki, president and CEO at Aeon Mall.
Shinobu Washizawa, managing director at Aeon
Mall Cambodia.
Ly Sakhoeun from Dara Airport, Sethy Thon, sales
manager at Himawari Hotel and Sar Kinal, general-
manager at Aplus Consulting.
Taing Mguon Charles, Luu Meng and Alexis le
Chef and CHA president Luu Meng awards a certi-
cates to Rafes Hotel Le Royal.
Somethearith Din, Cambodia Hotel Association
general secretary.
Khun Channarith, operation manager at Frangipani Villa
Hotel, and Santi Laonikakra, general manager at Asia
Insurance Cambodia.
Taekwondo trio kick out four
medals at ITF event in Nepal
THE Cambodian delegation returned
home on Friday from the International
Taekwondo Federations 7th Asian
Championships held in the Nepalese
capital of Katmandu with a medals
haul of one silver and three bronzes.
Phal Chivoan, who has won silvers at
the World Taekwondo Championships
in 2003 in Greece and 2007 in Slovenia
as well as the fifth Asian
Championships in 2006 in Kazakhstan,
added yet another silver to his awards
cabinet in the mens 64kg self-defense
performance section. He also took a
bronze in the special performance
category. Cambodian teammate Hor
Vichet won bronze in mens 60kg
combat after defeating Chinese and
Taiwanese opponents before coming a
cropper against a North Korea rival.
Chea Chanla, in the mens 85kg class,
was stunned by a Kazakhstani in the
semi-finals to grant him a bronze.
Fellow Cambodians Neang Seiha
(mens 57kg) and Try Valak (mens
71kg) fell short of podium places. Im
pleased with what weve done and
really appreciate it. Cambodia would
have won more medals if there have
been more athletes sent to the
Games, Phal Chivoan told reporters
at Phnom Penh International Airport
OSullivan storms back to
reach Worlds quarter-finals
TWO-TIME defending champion
Ronnie Rocket OSullivan produced
some world class snooker to come
from behind and reach the World
Championship quarter-finals with a 13
frames to 11 victory over Joe Perry on
Saturday. The 38-year-old Englishman
bidding for a sixth world title at the
Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England
had trailed 9-7 overnight and having
shared the opening four frames of the
final session OSullivan was just two
frames from defeat. However,
suddenly the mercurial cuesman
whose brilliance has been offset by
regular clashes with the sports
authorities found his touch and
barely allowed Perry a look-in. AFP
Ukrainian World heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko (right) and Australias Alex Leapai ght during the WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO title bout in Germany. AFP
Klitschko KOs Leapai
heavyweight champion
Wladimir Klitschko re-
tained his titles on Satur-
day with a fth-round knockout of
Australian challenger Alex Leapai.
Ukraines Klitschko defended his
WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO belts in
Oberhausen, Germany, and was in
complete control of his 25th world
title ght as he knocked out Leapai
after two minutes, ve seconds of the
fth round.
It wasnt easy, because my
head was with my countrymen in
Ukraine. What is going on in my
home country is the concern of the
whole world, said Klitschko, who
landed 147 punches compared to
Leapais mere 10.
I hope that the politicians in my
home country will nd a peaceful
solution. I am proud of my people.
Klitschko picked up the 53rd
knock-out of his career in his 62nd
victory in the 65th ght of his career
and had Leapai down three times
before the referee stepped in.
You gave everything, respect,
the champion said to Leapai.
The 34-year-old Leapai had few
answers and failed to live up to
his pre-ght promises to knock
Klitschko out. Im alright. I want to
thank Wladimir for the opportunity.
He showed why hes the champion,
said the humbled Samoan-born
challenger who suffered the fth de-
feat of his career.
Both ghters tipped the scales at
112kgs, but Klitschko had just over
double the victories, compared with
Leapais 24 knockouts in 30 wins,
and had a 15cm height advantage.
A heavy right from Klitschko
put Leapai on the canvas midway
through the rst round and the
Ukrainian champion was landing
his shots at will in the second.
Living up to his nickname The
Lionheart, Leapai soaked up the
champions punches and kept look-
ing in vain for a big hay-maker.
But he took several direct hits in
the face in the third with Klitschko
using his height advantage to stay
out of the Australians reach.
A sharp left hook caught Leapai in
the fourth, but a heavy right-hand
from Klitschko midway through the
fth caught Leapai ush on the side
of the head and effectively ended
the ght.
Leapai was back on his feet by the
count of seven, but Klitschko moved
in and quickly had the Australian
back on the canvas again as the ref-
eree waved the end of the ght.
Klitschko suffered the last of his
three defeats on April 10, 2004, to
Lamon Brewster in Las Vegas and
with the 38-year-old peerless in the
division, he has said he wants to box
on for another 10 years.
US legend Joe Louiss 12-year re-
cord for the longest reigning world
heavyweight champion will fall if
Klitschko is unbeaten for the next
four years, after having won his rst
title in 2006. AFP
Carter three
lifts Mavs
over Spurs
VINCE Carter drained a three-pointer
to lift the Dallas Mavericks to a 109-
108 victory over the San Antonio Spurs
on Saturday in game three of their
opening round NBA playoff series.
The 37-year-old Carter caught an
inbounds pass from Jose Calderon in
the left side corner and faked Manu
Ginobili of the Spurs. His off-balance
shot at the buzzer sailed cleanly
through the rim.
Moments earlier, Ginobili had giv-
en the Spurs a two-point lead with a
running bank shot with 1.7 seconds
left in the fourth quarter.
Sometimes you need something
like that, said Calderon. I think we
were fighting so hard for 48 minutes
against a really good team. Coming
up with that great shot at the end it
feels great.
In the late Western Conference
game, Reggie Jackson scored a playoff
career high 32 points to lead the Okla-
homa City Thunder to a 92-89 over-
time victory over the host Memphis
Grizzlies to tie the series.
The Mavericks took a 2-1 lead in
their best-of-seven series with game
four set for Monday in Dallas.
It marked the second straight win in
the series for the Mavericks, who had
tied the series with a 113-92 road vic-
tory last Wednesday to snap a 10-game
losing streak to the Spurs. AFP
Uproar after alleged racism
RESIDENT Barack Obama
yesterday joined leading US
sports gures in condemn-
ing racist remarks allegedly
made by the owner of the Los Angeles
Clippers, one of the NBAs top basket-
ball teams.
The gossip website TMZ on Sat-
urday posted an audio recording it
says shows billionaire Clippers owner
Donald Sterling telling his girlfriend
to refrain from bringing black guests
to see his team play.
Sterling, 80, was reportedly angry
about a photograph that the woman,
identied only as V Stiviano, posted
on the social media site Instagram
with retired Los Angeles Lakers bas-
ketball legend Magic Johnson.
It bothers me a lot that you want
to broadcast that you are associating
with black people. Do you have to?
Sterling allegedly says in the nearly
10-minute recording.
You can sleep with [black people].
You can bring them in. You can do
whatever you want. The little I ask is
not to promote it on that . . . and not
to bring them to my games.
Later in the audio, the woman iden-
ties herself as black and Mexican.
In your lousy . . . Instagrams you
dont have to have yourself walking
with black people, says the male
Obama, the rst African-Ameri-
can president and a keen basketball
player and fan, interrupted his dip-
lomatic initiative in Asia to condemn
ignorant and incredibly offensive
racist remarks.
I dont think I have to interpret
those statements for you. They kind
of speak for themselves, said the
president, speaking in Malaysia.
When ignorant folks want to ad-
vertise their ignorance, you dont re-
ally have to do anything, you just let
them talk.
Obama also made a wider point
about racism in the United States,
which he said is still wrestling with
the legacy of slavery and segregation.
We just have to be clear and steady
in denouncing it, teaching our chil-
dren differently but also [remain]
hopeful that part of why some state-
ments like this stand out so much is
because there has been a shift in how
we view ourselves, he said.
The audio recording posted by
TMZ is truly offensive and disturb-
ing, said National Basketball Asso-
ciation commissioner Adam Silver,
who promised to move extraordi-
nary quickly in our investigation of
the controversy.
Silver said the league plans to inter-
view Sterling, the woman on the tape,
and possibly have the probe wrapped
up before the Clippers next home
game late on Tuesday.
There are broad powers in place
under the NBA constitution and by-
laws that include a range of sanctions.
All those will be considered and will
depend on the ndings of our investi-
gation, he said, adding however that
Sterling was owed due process.
The remarks do not reect Sterlings
opinions on race, Clippers president
Andy Roeser said as he announced a
team probe.
Roeser added that the woman iden-
tied as Stiviano is the defendant in
a lawsuit brought by the Sterling fam-
ily alleging that she embezzled more
than $1.8 million, who told Mr Ster-
ling that she would get even.
According to the Los Angeles Times,
Stiviano is in her 20s and has been
seen often at Sterlings side.
In a lawsuit led last month, Ster-
lings wife claims that her husband
gave Stiviano money and expensive
cars, the Times reported.
The outrage from NBA stars was
clear, loud and emphatic.
Magic Johnson vowed on Twitter
that he and his wife, Cookie, would
never attend another Clippers game
as long as Sterling owns the team.
LA Clippers owner Donald Ster-
lings comments about African Amer-
icans are a black eye for the NBA,
Johnson wrote. AFP
Reggie Evans (left) of the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Ster-
ling converse before a game in November 2013 at Staples Center in Los Angeles. AFP
NDIAS Anirban Lahiri won his
fourth Asian Tour title and rst
outside India with a spectacu-
lar eagle putt on the last hole to
win the $750,000 CIMB Niaga Indo-
nesian Masters yesterday.
The 26-year-old Indian, who is
getting married next month, sur-
vived a gamut of emotions on the
nal day before breaking away from
the chasing pack to seal victory with
a four-under-par 68 at the Royale Ja-
karta Golf Club.
South Koreas Baek Seuk-hyun en-
joyed a stroke of fortune despite car-
rying an elbow injury when he n-
ished second alongside Australian
rookie Cameron Smith after signing
off with a 65.
Reigning Asian Tour Order of Mer-
it winner Kiradech Aphibarnrat of
Thailand showed he is inching his
way back into the winners circle
again with a fourth placed nish at
the CIMB Niaga Indonesian Mas-
ters, which celebrated yet another
successful conclusion to the fourth
edition of the prestigious event in
Starting the day trailing by a sin-
gle shot behind Smith, Lahiri went
out quickly by ring three succes-
sive birdies starting from the sec-
ond hole.
He stumbled with a bogey-ve on
the fth hole but recovered with an-
other birdie on 12.
However, a double-bogey six on
13 after a lengthy three-hour rain
delay saw the Indian ride out a tense
nish as a host of marquee players
from the Asian Tour were wrestling
for the lead then.
I had an awkward lie on 13. During
the rain delay I was just thinking that I
have to get up and down there. I got a
bad break there, but I know Lin Wen-
tang dropped a shot as well. Unfortu-
nately I got a double bogey there. But
I am glad I came back strong, said
With Baek holding the clubhouse
lead at 16-under, Lahiri knew he had
to produce a superlative effort on 18
to get the outright win.
My mind was blank when I pre-
pared for the last putt on 18. All I
told myself was I had to get it into
the hole. When I was walking up to
the greens, I was actually thinking if
I need to prepare for a playoff tomor-
row morning, said Lahiri.
The Lahiri did not disappoint and
screamed in delight when he watched
his six-metre eagle putt sink into the
hole for a winning total of 17-under-
par 271.
Its really great to get my rst win
outside of India. I have missed out
on it for a long time, and I am so
glad I managed to do it today. I need
the world ranking points, so I am re-
ally happy I can win this week, said

Levy clinches maiden title in China
Frenchman Alexander Levy won
the rst professional tournament of
his edgling career yesterday, hold-
ing off a spirited charge from Eng-
lands Tommy Fleetwood in the $3.2
million Volvo China Open.
The 23-year-old overnight leader
showed few nerves as he plotted his
way around Shenzhens par-72 Gen-
zon Golf Club in 69 for a total score of
19-under-par and the $530,000 win-
ners cheque.
One of yesterdays biggest cheers
came on the 12th when Englands
Danny Willett got a hole-in-one to
win a Volvo V40 car.
It was the second ace of the day,
coming after Marcel Siem of Ger-
manys three-iron shot dropped in on
the eighth. THE ASIAN TOUR / AFP
Bruins down Red Wings to
advance in NHL play-offs
MILAN Lucic and Jarome Iginla scored
third-period goals on Saturday to lift the
Boston Bruins to a 4-2 win over Detroit
and into the second round of the NHL
Stanley Cup play-offs. Bruins
goaltender Tuuka Rask stopped 31
shots in the victory, which wrapped up a
4-1 triumph over the Red Wings in the
best-of-seven Eastern Conference first-
round series. Loui Eriksson and Zdeno
Chara also scored for Boston, with
Torey Krug adding two assists. The
Bruins will next face the Montreal
Canadiens, fellow members of the
Original Six founding NHL clubs. AFP
Injured Azarenka ruled out of
Madrid, Rome tournaments
FORMER world number one Victoria
Azarenka pulled out of the Madrid and
Rome WTA events on Saturday with a
left foot injury that could put her
French Open hopes in doubt. The
Belarus star has not played since a
second round loss to Lauren Davis at
Indian Wells in the first week of March.
The 24-year-old announced on
Facebook that she would be forced to
miss the Madrid and Rome events in
May, both crucial warm-up
tournaments ahead of the French
Open, which starts on May 25. AFP
Ex-White Sox pitcher Garcia
joins Taiwan baseball team
FREDDY Garcia joined Taiwans EDA
Rhinos yesterday, becoming the
islands best-known pitcher with a US
Major League background, as the
scandal-hit local baseball league seeks
big names to bring back fans. AFP
Our Cambodia Ofce seeks energetic, result driven, change-oriented, creative and
proactive service-minded Cambodians to join us.
Position: Internal Auditor
Location: Phnom Penh
Closing Date: 02 May 2014
General Description
Conduct program focus risk based audit with the audit department and in
compliance with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal
Auditing and organizational policies, as assigned by the Internal Audit Manager.
Bachelors Degree in Economics, Finance, Management and other related elds 1.
or studies
At least 2 years working experience in external or internal auditing 2.
Have good rated working experiences and knowledge of development and 3.
programs in World Vision and NGO/INGO environment for at least 2 years.
Have basic knowledge or experiences in Finance/ Accounting/ Procurement. 4.
Advance Prociency in English language (both written and verbal) 5.
Computer literate in using Microsoft Ofce programs 6.
Possesses good communication and quantitative skills 7.
Be able to work independently in remote area and willing to travel nationally and 8.
internationally up to 30% of the time
Position: Design Monitoring and Evaluation Ofcer
(One candidate for Design Monitoring
and three Candidates for Evaluation)
Location: Phnom Penh
Closing Date: 19 May 2014
General Description
As a member of the WVC Evaluation Unit, lead the evaluation process for specic
Area Development Programs as part of the organizational annual evaluation plan.
Build staff capacity to implement relevant DME processes to a consistently high
standard. Proactively support the continuous improvement and renement of DME
processes within assigned ADPs.
A Bachelors degree in development management, social science or a related eld. 1.
At least 1 year of experience in program/project planning and/or design, 2.
monitoring, and evaluation.
Previous experience in delivering training preferred. 3.
Demonstrated competency in implementing assessments/evaluations, including: 4.
designing assessment/evaluation methodology, data collection and analysis tools, 5.
managing data collection in the eld 6.
analyzing quantitative and qualitative data 7.
Strong presentation, facilitation and coordination skills. 8.
Fully able to embrace organizational values and possess a high level of 9.
commitment towards the mission of WVC.
Interested applicants should obtain an application form from WVC ofce
or download from WVC Website and submit a cover letter, Personal CV,
and ONLY photocopies of relevant formal Education certicates such as
High School certicate, university degree, etc. : HR Department, World
Vision Cambodia # 20, St.71, Sangkat Tonle Basak, Khan Chamkamorn,
Phnom Penh, P.O Box. 479 Tel: 023 216 052.
Website: Email to:
EQUIVALENTS ONLY with your application.
DO NOT submit photocopies of other certicates.
Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!
An internatonal Christan child focused
humanitarian organizaton working with the poor
and oppressed to promote human transformaton
and fullness of life for every child
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Employment Opportunities
We want to Hire Several Livelihood Experts
For the USAID Supporting Forests and Biodiversity
(SFB) Project
Winrock International (WI) is seeking highly qualied Livelihoods
Field Coordinators to join the USAID Cambodia Supporting Forests
and Biodiversity (SFB) Project team. The positions are available
immediately. The work will be performed across the four provinces
of the Prey Lang Forest. The experts will be based in Kampong
Thom or Kratie provinces.
Responsibilities and Tasks: The Livelihoods Field Coordinators
will be responsible for providing technical support to communities
and groups of persons assisted by the SFB Project. Specic tasks
Design and implement diversied community-based livelihoods-
related activities in the Prey Lang Landscape located in Kampong
Thom, Preah Vihear, Kratie, and Stung Treng provinces.
Assist the Livelihoods Team Leader to ensure the livelihoods
work plans and approaches are effectively implemented toward
delivery of the set targets and indicators.
Facilitate improved livelihood development agricultural and
Provide creative and innovative solutions to complex livelihood
Design and disseminate appropriate livelihoods extension
materials to SFB target villagers.
Facilitate development of Non-Timber Forest Product (NTFP)
Proven ability to work effectively as a member of a high-
performance team.
Minimum Qualications and Skills: Candidates are required to
meet the following requirements at minimum: a) Education: At
least a Bachelors degree in Development, Economics, Agricultural
Extension Technology, or a related eld; b) Experience: Five or
more years of relevant livelihoods development experience in forest
community development or rural enterprise development.
Applications: Interested applicants should send their CVs and cover
letters to the SFB Project Ofce: Phnom Penh Center, Building F,
Room 588, Sothearos Blvd, Phnom Penh, or by email to infosfb@ Closing date for submitting applications is May 09,
2014. Winrock International is an equal opportunity employer
and women are strongly encouraged to apply. Only short-listed
candidates will be contacted for interview.
Anirban Lahiri won his rst golf tournament outside of his native India. AFP
Lahiri is the
new master
RYAN Giggs is adamant he
has given no further thought
to the position of full-time
Manchester United manager
despite starting his caretaker
reign with an emphatic 4-0
win over Norwich City.
At an emotional Old Traf-
ford, Wayne Rooney and sub-
stitute Juan Mata scored two
goals each on Saturday as
Giggs inspired United to their
largest home league victory of
a disastrous Premier League
title defence.
Rooney instantly declared
in post-match interviews he
would welcome team-mate
Giggss appointment to the
post on a permanent basis.
However, Dutch national
team boss Louis van Gaal re-
mains a strong favourite to be
named as the long-term suc-
cessor to the recently sacked
David Moyes.
However, Giggs refused to be
drawn on revealing whether
he would like to be considered
for the post full-time by the
clubs American owners, the
Glazer family.
Honestly, Im just looking
forward to Sunderland now,
said Giggs ahead of Uniteds
match at home to the relega-
tion-threatened side next Sat-
urday. Thats it. Thats where
my focus and concentration
is on. Im not looking any fur-
ther ahead than that, added
the 40-year-old Giggs, Eng-
lish footballs most decorated
player and Uniteds record
United supporters, how-
ever, left the clubs hierarchy
in no doubt that Giggs would
be a popular appointment at
Old Trafford, granting him an
emotional welcome which
overwhelmed the Welsh inter-
national winger.
The reception was great,
said Giggs, who reportedly re-
ceived backing to take on the
managers post full-time from
legendary boss Alex Ferguson
earlier this week although it
was on his word that United
made the ill-fated decision to
replace him with Moyes fol-
lowing his retirement at the
end of last season.
Giggs continued: Ive
walked out that tunnel so
many times in big games, but
thats the best feeling Ive ever
had. I felt ten feet tall, I felt so
proud. The fans reaction was
great. Did I sleep last night?
No, in a word. Just leaving out
players was the reason I didnt
sleep, it wasnt nice. AFP
Giggs fights shy of
full-time boss talk
Champions League
in Gunners sights
RSENAL can take a
signicant step to-
wards qualifying for
next seasons Cham-
pions League by beating New-
castle United at the Emirates
Stadium tonight.
Gunners fans have taken
participation in Europes pre-
mier competition as a given in
recent years but the challenge
of Everton has put a top-four
nish in jeopardy this term.
However, Evertons 2-0 loss
at Southampton on Saturday
was a big boost for Arsene
Wenger and his players, and
victory over Newcastle would
give them a four-point advan-
tage over the Merseysiders
with just six points available
to either side.
Wenger, the Premier Leagues
longest-serving manager, has
also indicated he intends to
sign a new contract at the end
of the season, although until
that actually happens specu-
lation remains inevitable with
the 64-year-old Frenchmans
current deal expiring at the
end of the current campaign.
I have said that many
times already, I have given
my word to this club and that
I want to continue where I
am, Wenger stated in an in-
terview with a Middle East
television station. That
means to stay.
Wenger will be sure to keep
an eye on Newcastle striker
Loic Remy, who is on loan
for the season from Queens
Park Rangers.
Remy is believed to be
available for an 8 million fee
(US$13 million) and Wenger
is known to be an admirer of
the France international who,
at the age of 27, should have
plenty more seasons at his
peak ahead of him.
He is a very good striker,
Wenger conrmed. But at the
moment we focus on the end
of the season, not strikers.
Arsenal will go into the
match on the back of Premier
League victories over West
Ham and Hull City and will
meet the latter in the FA Cup
nal next month.
Tonights game kicks off at
2am Cambodian time. AFP
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger intends to sign a new contract with
the London club at the end of this season. AFP
English Premier League
Fulham 2 Hull 2
Stoke 0 Tottenham 1
Swansea 4 Aston Villa 1
West Brom 1 West Ham 0
Spanish La Liga
Granada 0 Rayo Vallecano 3
Getafe 1 Malaga 0
Real Madrid 4 Osasuna 0
Real Betis 0 Real Sociedad 1
On Friday
Elche 1 Levante 1
German Bundesliga
Mainz 2 Nrnberg 0
Hoffenheim 0 E Frankfurt 0
B Munich 5 W Bremen 2
H Berlin 2 E Braunschweig 0
Wolfsburg 2 Freiburg 2
B Leverkusen 2 B Dortmund 2
On Friday
Hannover 0 Stuttgart 0
Italian Serie A
Bologna 0 Fiorentina 3
Inter Milan 0 Napoli 0
On Friday
Roma 2 AC Milan 0
French Ligue 1
Ajaccio 1 Monaco 4
Evian TG 1 St Etienne 2
Guingamp 1 Valenciennes 0
Montpellier 2 Toulouse 1
Nice 1 Reims 0
Rennes 1 Lorient 1
On Friday
Nantes 1 Marseille 1
Spanish La Liga
Celta Vigo v R Valladolid 3am
Italian Serie A
Sassuolo v Juventus 1:45am
MND captain Khek Khemarin (centre) is tackled by Albirexs Hayato Nokata (left) and Yuya Wada during their
Metfone C-League game at the Old Stadium on Saturday. SRENG MENG SRUN
Boeung Ket miss
chance to go top
H S Manjunath and Dan Riley

oeung Ket Rubber
Field saw their bid to
claim top spot in the
Metfone C-League
table for the rst time this
year fall short yesterday at
the Olympic Stadium after Ki-
rivong Sok Sen Chey surprised
them with a 1-0 defeat.
With the time ticking away in
the second half, Takeo-based
Kirivong forced Boeung Ket to
concede an own goal through
defender Touch Pancharong.
The loss saw the Kampong
Thom club remain in third, two
points off the pace of leaders
Phnom Penh Crown and Naga
Corp, who share the summit
with 20 points a piece.
Having missed a 77th min-
ute penalty, Naga had to
settle for a 1-1 draw against
their arch rivals Crown as the
twilight clash between the
top two in the MCL stand-
ings produced only transient
phases of brilliance at the
Olympic Stadium.
Naga will perhaps look back
with great regret as Sun So-
vannrithys botched a penalty
as he sent the ball on a ight
over the crosspiece much to
Crowns collective relief since
it was keeper Sou Yaty who
had brought down an ad-
vancing Teab Vathanak lead-
ing to the spotkick.
After a bustling rst 30 min-
utes, during which Crown had
seen George Bisan and Hong
Pheng test Nagas nerves with
long rangers, came a snap
strike at the other end.
In the midst of a Naga buzz
around the Crown big box,
an opportunity arose for
Choun Chum, who craftily
angled his shot well enough
to beat Sou Yaty hollow in
the 39th minute.
An exuberant Choun Chum
was deprived of another
strike minutes later when Sou
Yaty spectacularly rose to his
heights to tip over a rm drive.
After Kouch Sokumpheaks
attempt had bounced back
into play after hitting a Naga
defender came Crowns mo-
ment of reckoning. A rece
freekick from Khim Borey right
into the crowded Naga box saw
Leng Makara volley the ball in.
With parity restored, the
wind was clearly behind
Crown, who were seemingly
dominating the exchanges
until that penalty slowed
them down.
Once the chance to lead
again disappeared, Naga had
to completely reboot. Barry
Lelouma, who manned the
wing with great zest through-
out, had one of his soft headers
from close range off a freekick
well covered by Yaty.
A few more fast Naga breaks
couldnt dent the Crown re-
solve either. The heat of the
contest clearly got to a couple
of players. Lelouma and So-
kumpheak faced off, exchang-
ing a few angry words, but
the tension was diffused in
quick time by the referee who
promptly ashed a yellow card
to both players.
Crown stayed on top of the
table due to their superior goal
difference over Naga.
Before this high prole
contest, defending champi-
ons Svay Rieng were beaten
1-0 by Build Bright United,
the only goal of the match
being scored by Rieng Bun-
heang in the 76th minute.
The win gave BBU a slot
among the top four in the
league table for the rst time
this term. A bold Cup run
has obviously revitalised
the team to the extent that
the BBU camp is now con-
templating this season their
best ever nish.
At the Old Stadium on Sat-
urday, the Ministry of Na-
tional Defence packed too
strong a punch for Albirex
Niigata, ooring the rst for-
eign franchise to gure in the
league 4-1.
It took two minutes for the
Armymen to open their ac-
count, Ung Dara doing the
trick. But Albirex surprisingly
stayed strong producing an
equaliser nine minutes later
through Yuya Wada.
But by the half hour mark,
the Armymen were back in
front with Touch Roma hit-
ting the straps hard, scoring
the next two goals. Up Kamol
signed off in style to complete
the MND tally.
In another match at the Old
Stadium, Asia Europe Univer-
sity broke the TriAsia back with
two second half goals. George
Kelechi drove AEU into the
lead in the 58th minute and
Pin Oudam doubled the score
in the 78th.
In yesterdays opening clash
at the Olympic Stadium, Na-
tional Police Commissary
weathered an early storm to
take down Western University
4-3 and jump up two places
in the league to fourth.
Western found themselves
surprisingly up 2-0 after just
eight minutes played against
the Samdech Hun Sen Cup
holders, but two goals in
as many minutes brought
things back level.
Police then red in two
more in the second half be-
fore Western grabbed an ul-
timately consolatory third in
the closing stages.
Svay Riengs Dzarma Bata (left) and Build Bright Uniteds Phin Pheara vie
for the ball during their MCL game at the Old Stadium. SRENGMENGSRUN