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About us

APPIN is a l e a d i n g I n t e r n a t i o n a l B r a n d i n I n f o r m a t i o n Secu ri ty . APPIN, with strength of 850 plus Information Security professionals in 2012, is a Information Security Training, Consulting & Outsourcing Company, specializing in aviation, defense and other government markets. With a history spanning over half a decade, APPIN provides state-of-the-art information security training programs, managed security services, audit & compliance services, IT security softwares for Govt. & Defense and Ethical hacking & Intelligence Services. APPIN has over 110 training and service centers and has trained over 83000 candidates in Information Security & Ethical Hacking worldwide. With Headquarters in New Delhi, India and R&D collaboration with IIT Delhi (leading technology institute in the world), APPIN has the unique distinction of securing Indias President House, Delhi Mumbai and Bangalore airport and providing security audits for international corporations such as Microsoft.

Appin Security Group- Securing The Digital Age

Why Appin
A Venture o f A l u m n i & Professors from IIT Delhi (India) , University of Texas, (USA) & The ANU Canberra Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) , Boston. First one in the world to Launch CBTS i.e. Computer Based Training Software Certification course in India. Approved by the International Association of Distance Learning (IADL), UK, IP University Delhi and Global Open University. Appreciated b y t h e f o r m e r President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam at Rashtrapati bhavan for our Entrepreneurial spirits a Pioneer work in Technology Education. Austin

Symantec (Norton Antivirus) Registered Partner. Reached over 83000 customers via training programs and products across 71 Countries.

Appin Security Group- Securing The Digital Age

Our mission is to provide current and comprehensive educational programs that enhance individual performance and corporate productivity in the higher-end technology with a knowledge based. We provide the most convenient and cost effective delivery of course content created by world experts in academia and industry. APPIN School of Niche Technology is venture of IIT Alumni to cater the need of industry ready professionals.

APPIN is dedicated to provide Niche and highly qualified technologies which are value-based and operates at a highly technical education sector. It has dedicated itself to the training and development of outstanding professionals in order to meet the ever-growing challenges of technology industry.

International certification
APPINs Certificate is recognized by leading Companies worldwide in high technology areas signed by M r . Ashok Sapra who has worked as the President and MD with AT&T South Asia and as CEO, GE Communications. D r . Dheeraj Bhardwaj Featured as one of the top 50 youth on first track by India today, Worked as professor at IIT Delhi and as Director with Sun Asia Specific Science & Technology Center, Sun Microsystems Inc. M r . A.S. Chandrasekhar Worked as director with Bureau of Indian Standards and confederation Of Indian Industries

Appin Security Group- Securing The Digital Age

Courses offered:
IT Security & Ethical Hacking Embedded & Robotics Technologies Android Cloud Computing Networking and Communication Technologies Application Programming

Advanced learning Tools

APPIN emphasizes active problem solving using practical case studies and advanced learning tools such as streaming media lecture modules, instructive animation, laboratory tour videos, internet-enabled laboratories and interactive simulations.

Training Methodology
CBTS:-Use of detailed Computer Based Training Software for understanding the courses in
depth and in steps by steps manner. Teaching:-Using role play to explain concepts like Social Engineering makes a student understand the concept in real life scenario. This increase the understanding of the students by a considerable amount.

Simulated Videos:-The CBT consists of Simulated Videos which help in simulating

classroom environment for effectiveness and clarity.

Fun Based Learning:-Using of domain specific jokes to keep a students interest in the
courses and make this course an enjoyable one, making sure that real learning takes place with fun.

Voice Supported Demos:-Use of voice supported demonstration to guide students in

implementing a security concept or using a tool in step by step manner

Hardware Kits:-Hardware Kits are used for hands on e x p e r i e n c e during training.

Appin Security Group- Securing The Digital Age

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam - Former President Of India, w i t h Mr.Rajat Khare, CEO &Founder of APPIN

The former President showed interest in the work being Done By APPIN SECURITY GROUP in the field of Information Security and Nano-Technology. He has also advised APPIN with respect to future of niche technology in India

Youth is the powerful resource. Ignited minds of youth is indeed the biggest force on the earth ,above the earth and below the earth

Appin Security Group- Securing The Digital Age


Appin Security Group- Securing The Digital Age

Appin Security Group- Securing The Digital Age

Appin Security Group- Securing The Digital Age

Industry speaks

"Information Security sector will have the same impact on the society as IT had some time back. And this product is a step in educating people towards security . Mr. Vishnu Dusad, Managing Director, Nucleus Software Exports Ltd I have used APPIN Information Security found it to be an innovative learning tool. I have recommended it to my friends and colleagues. A candidate who has done a prior course in niche technology will surely be given preference in job applications. Mr. Vamsi Vutukuru Reddy, Global Business Manager, Life Sciences R&D, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. I had personally used APPINs Information Security training software and found it extremely useful. I recommend this to all, who envision their career in this field of Information Security. Subodh sohi Sr. Researcher, Application Research Center Motorola India Research Labs, Bangalore, India

APPIN hi-technology training software in Information Security & Ethical Hacking can transform self-learning and classroom training programs. The innovative learning mechanism will enable every individual to have access to security technology training at their door step.

Pradeep Gupta Chairman CyberMedia Group

Appin Security Group- Securing The Digital Age

I have personally used Information security & Ethical Hacking and Nanotechnology product of APPIN and found it highly interactive and innovative learning tool. I have recommended it to all my friends and colleagues for mastering in this technology. Garima Singh Senior Software engineer,

Appin Security Group- Securing The Digital Age

What we believe in

Discovering technology the right way Intellect dissipation striving for excellence Customer centric company offering practical solutions Value addition for our clients Expertise and knowledge in technology Rising to the challenge

Appin Security Group- Securing The Digital Age