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Frank McKinney Rebuilds Haiti Through Make It BIG Event - The Anti-Seminar Philanthro-Capitalist Frank McKinney is rebuilding Haiti

one village at a time t hrough Caring House Project and the Make It BIG Event The Anti-Seminar tour teachi ng audiences his approach. Delray Beach, FL, April 28, 2014 -- Imagine 10,000 people in 21 villages living in cardboard boxes and mud shacks that can hardly be called a home. Now imagine all 10,000 people have sturdy concrete houses due to the philanthro-capitalistic efforts of one man, Frank McKinney. During the last decade, this is the reality McKinney has painted for families in Haiti through his charity, Caring House Pr oject. McKinney is known for his multimillion-dollar spec houses, considered tru e masterpieces by the rich and famous. He's not afraid to take risks and demonstra tes his belief in taking care of our global community with his Make It BIG Event The Anti-Seminar, scheduled to kick off in late May and tour the country. For the first time ever, McKinney is launching a national tour to teach others h ow to build their wealth through real estate. McKinney refers to his Make it BIG Event as an anti-seminar. Registration is open at and limited to 100 attendees per one-day event. The national tour currently includes four citi es with more to come: Delray Beach, FL (May 31); Sacramento, CA (June 14); Pitts burgh, PA (June 28) and Indianapolis, IN (July 26.) What makes the Make it BIG Event The Anti-Seminar unique, is that I'm literally teac hing the lessons I've learned over the last 25 years in real estate. says McKinney. It's not a coaching session. It's not a starter course. I haven't hired motivational s peakers. It's just me ... sharing my tried and true approach and at the end of the one-day seminar, attendees have the tools to start or improve their real estate business immediately. Do the math and only a mere 400 people will have the opportunity to partake in t he exclusive Make It BIG Event throughout the national tour. A minimum of $500 fro m each registration will fund a concrete home for an entire family in Haiti. Wha t's amazing is that it's a 1:1 ratio. One registration funds one house. Registration fees start at just over $800 and there is NOTHING else to buy at the event, no upselling or coaching program. Frank McKinney's flavor is like no other. His wild, long blonde locks and dynamic pe rsonality have you easily envisioning him as a rock star. But he's much more than that he's a Real Estate Rock Czar, says the Wall Street Journal. It starts with getting the mind right, the mind always comes before the money, say s McKinney. Motivation washes off in the shower, inspiration fades like the effec ts of a sunburn, but aspiration can alter your DNA and forever change your life and the lives of those you love. McKinney's boots-on-the-ground approach to helping the people of Haiti is a model of what we can all aspire to be. When asked about his involvement with Caring Ho use Project, he simply explains, Compassion without action is worthless. McKinney's job will be finished, only when all of Haiti's poor have roofs over their heads. About Frank McKinney: Meet Frank McKinney, modern-day Robin Hood, who has built a multi-million dollar real estate empire (starting out with $50 in his pocket) and for the last 11 ye ars has built self-sufficient villages for the poorest families in Haiti. McKinn ey is a five-time international bestselling author (in four genres), philanthrocapitalist, and extreme risk-taker whos best known for his unprecedented succes s as a real estate artist and visionary. McKinney has been interviewed on Opra h, 20/20, FOX, Travel Channel and on the cover of USA Today, as well as NY Times , Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Barron's just to name a few.

Video: Make It BIG Event: Caring House Project: 2014 Event Dates May 31 Delray Beach Marriott (Delray Beach, FL) June 14 Sheraton Grand Sacramento (Sacramento, CA) June 28 Sheraton Station Square Hotel (Pittsburgh, PA) July 26 Renaissance Indianapolis North Hotel (Carmel, IN) **Register at Media Contact Person: Sarah Martin - 954.650.0324 tel Contact: Trish Stevens Ascot Media Group, Inc. Delray Beach, FL 832-334-2733

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