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Auf Achse Rules

GOAL: To make the most money by trucking through Northern Europe. SETUP: Each player receives 5.000 DM and three contract cards (private contracts), chooses a truck and places it on any space other than a city. Public contracts are placed in a stack next to the gameboard, according to the number of players2 (12 contracts), 3 (16), 4 (20) and 5-6 (24). Four public contracts are shown face-up. Remove the other contracts from the game. The event cards are shuffled and placed on the area showing a red/white triangle. Each player rolls the die; the highest number goes first. PLAY: On her turn, each player rolls the die and moves that number of spaces. Only one truck may occupy a space (but trucks may be passed). A player must move the entire number of spaces unless she (1) rolls a 6, (2) reaches the start or destination city of one of her contracts, (3) reaches a stau or road construction marker, or (4) is blocked by another truck. Event spaces: If a player lands on a space with a red/white triangle draws an event card, immediately performs the action described on the card, then discards the card. Private contracts: When a player reaches a start city of one of her contracts, she reveals the card and loads the number of goods (waren) onto the truck. She may only load a contract if there is enough room on the truck for the entire load. Upon reaching the destination city, the player unloads the goods, receives the specified revenue and discards the contract card. Trailers: A truck without a trailer can carry up to six goods. At any time, a player may buy a small trailer (cap. 4 goods) for 2.000 DM or a large trailer (cap. 6 goods) for 3.000 DM. Trailers are kept until the end of the game (but are worth nothing). Upon reaching a destination, trailers are always unloaded first. Public contracts: When a players truck (loaded or empty) stops in a city, she MAY declare an auction on one of the four revealed public contracts. If no one wants the contract, then she gets it for free. Otherwise, there is an open auction, with the only allowed bids specified on the card (labeled 1 to 5, under kosten). The winning bidder pays the bank immediately, takes the contract, and a new contract is revealed. Loans: Loans are not allowed, except if a player is unable to pay money required by an event card. In that case, the event card is placed in front of the player until she can pay twice the amount. Road Construction: If a player rolls a 1, she moves her truck one space and then may move the road construction marker. This marker blocks the road entirely and forces trucks to take deviations or wait. It may not be placed onto a city, an occupied space or on the spaces between Hamburg and Flensburg. Stau: The stau marker is only valid for one turn (per an event card). It blocks the road entirely. GAME END: The game ends immediately when (1) there are no public contracts available; AND (2) one player has delivered her last contract (her hand is empty).

Auf Achse Cards

Bahnverladung: Earn the revenue for the contract with the highest distance immediately, due to sending by rail. Unload the goods. Pay 1.000 DM to the railway. If you don t have any goods loaded discard without effect. Dokumente: Go immediately to the next town in the opposite direction of your current route without rolling the die. Familiennachwuchs: Go directly to your next destination and unload. Gute Routenplanung: Move to the next free town without rolling the die. Radarfalle Polizeikontrolle: Pay 500 DM Truckerfestival: Earn 500 DM Vorbildliche Wartung: Move up to 4 extraspaces Fahrtenschreiber: Miss your next turn Sonderauftrag (2 cards): ....Flensburg: Drive to Flensburg during one of your next trips, earn 2.000 DM ....Wien: Drive to Wien during one of your next trips, earn 2.000 If you didnt visit the mentioned town when the game ends, pay 1.000 DM Schneestrme: Move all trucks including your own 3 spaces in any direction Hife, Diebe!: Put the goods loaded back into the storage. You may load them again and deliver then later in the game. Earn 1.000 DM per order you lost. Inspektion: Drive to Muenchen during one of your next trips. When you arrive there, give this card to your left neighbor. Then you may roll the die again. Whoever has this card at the end of the game, pays 1.000 DM Fracht Dumping: Give one of your not yet loaded orders to your right neighbor. Motivation: Move up to 3 spaces now or later. Zollabfertigung: Move immediately to the next event space without rolling the die or drawing a card. Beifahrer: Roll the die again Fahrtenschreiber: Miss your next turn Pannenhilfe: Miss your next turn. Earn 1.000 DM Schnelle Verladung: Roll the die twice the next time you load goods. Stau (5 cards): The Stau sign is valid for one complete round. The space it stands on may not be passed until the placing players next turn. If a truck is already on the space, it may still leave in any direction. Stau in Muenchen: Put the Stau sign in Muenchen. Stau am Frankfurter Kreuz: Put the Stau sign in Frankfurt Stau am Kasseler Kreuz: Put the Stau sign in Kassel Stau durch ploetzlichen Nebeleinbruch (due to fog): put the Stau sign on any space. Stau wegen Schaulustigen bei einem Unfall (due to an accident): Stau sign on any space. Road Runner ruft Teddybaer Subunternehmer: You and another player you choose may immedietly move up to three extraspaces. Freundlicher Kundenservice Vertrauen: You draw an extra order from the ones that were taken out of the game at the beginning. Ware verdorben: Immediately go back to where you loaded the goods and reload. Zollkontrolle: Miss your next turn or pay 500 DM