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April 25, 2014 Ambassador Samantha Power United States Mission to the United Nations 799 United Nations

Plaza New York, NY 10017 Dear Ambassador Power: A recent series of articles in Foreign Policy magazine on the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID)1 has brought to light many disturbing allegations about the nature of interference by the Government of Sudan (GoS) and the honesty with which UNAMID officials are reporting events on the ground from Darfur. In light of these allegations, we write to urge you to lead the UN Security Council in demanding a full investigation and to take steps to address the identified problems. The information recently made available indicates that UNAMID has collected extensive evidence of the Government of Sudans involvement in serious crimes, including aerial attacks and the continued use of Janjaweed proxy militias to target civilians, in violation of UNSC Resolutions 1591 (2005) and 1556 (2004). UNAMID officials have allegedly withheld much of this evidence from the public and from other United Nations entities, including the Security Council. Furthermore, despite systematic GoS attacks on UNAMIDs own troops, UNAMID officials have repeatedly suppressed evidence of government involvement in these incidents. Even where there is clear evidence implicating GoS in deliberate attacks against civiliansoften through the use of proxy Janjaweed militiasthe United Nations has publicly assigned responsibility to unidentified assailants or used other misnomers to create a false distance between the Bashir regime and the Janjaweed it controls. When you wrote about Darfur as a journalist for The New Yorker in 2004, you criticized President Bush and Kofi Annan for remaining silent as the genocide unfolded.2 At that time, you also appealed for an international peacekeeping and protection presence. You wrote of survivors in Kalma Camp who feared that African troops were susceptible to bribes and would side with Khartoum, instead of offering meaningful protection from Bashir and his Janjaweed. A decade later, displaced Darfurians are still calling for meaningful protection from these same actorsand as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, you have the power to answer this call. Millions of civilians displaced by genocide in Darfur have lost

Colum Lynch, Blood Oath: Inside the United Nations Darfur Debacle , FOREIGN POLICY (Apr. 7, 2014) estigation. 2 Samantha Power, Dying in Darfur: Can the ethnic cleansing in Sudan be stopped? NEW YORKER (Aug. 30, 2004)

confidence in UNAMID and are seeking action from the Security Council.3 The most recent claims against UNAMID undermine the United Nations credibility and present important foreign policy implications for the United States, which has been a major proponent of the UNAMID mission and provides a significant proportion of its budget. We welcomed the spirit of UNSC Resolution 2148 in encouraging UNAMID to move to a more preventive and pre-emptive posture in pursuit of its priorities, including the protection of civilians, but we are deeply concerned about the ability and willingness of UNAMID to carry out those prioritiesparticularly in light of the recent reports. Considering the serious nature of the above, we respectfully request that you address the allegations against UNAMID and the missions failures, specifically by: 1. Introducing a Security Council Resolution ordering a full investigation of the allegations made by former UNAMID spokesperson Aicha Elbasri, including the persistent, ongoing, and unreported violations of previous Security Council Resolutions by the Government of Sudan. 2. Calling for a comprehensive approach to peace in Sudan to replace the existing, separate peace processes, in the interest of addressing the core drivers of conflict and providing UN peacekeepers with a peace to keep. 3. Using leverage, including targeted sanctions and diplomatic pressure on countries that allow President Bashir to visitas suggested by the International Criminal Court this week4to push the Government of Sudan to end attacks, to pursue a comprehensive peace, and to end impunity in Sudan. The UN Security Council is charged with maintaining international peace and security. UNAMID was meant to provide a modicum of security in the midst of a shameful, heartbreaking tragedy perpetrated by the Sudanese government. If the United States cannot use its position on the Security Council to ensure that UNAMID does its job, there is nowhere left to turn for the people of Darfur. Thank you for your attention to this very serious matter.


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