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1501 South Main Street, Lombard, IL 60148 Rectory: (630) 629-1717 Fax: (630) 705-0692 Academy: (630) 627-0640 Fax: (630) 705-0139




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Year of Grace 2013-2014

April 27, 2014

Christ the King Directory

PASTOR: Rev. Fr. Peter Jarosz 630.396.6079; WEEKEND Associate Rev. Fr. Robert Schoenstene 630.629.1717 DEACONS: Rev. Mr. Wayne Storrs 630.629.1717 Rev. Mr. Frank Lillig 630.629.1717 Rev. Mr. Peter Robinson 630.629.1717 PASTORAL ASSOC./ ADULT FAITH FORMATION: Eileen Maggiore 630.396.6076 BUSINESS ACCOUNTS MANAGER: Elaine Colpo-Ward 630.396.6073; DIRECTOR of CHILDRENS FAITH FORMATION/ YOUTH MINISTRY: Sherry Rochford 630.396.6078; DIRECTOR OF MUSIC AND LITURGY: Bill Runge 630.396.6075; PASTORS/PARISH OFFICE SECRETARY: Carol Clishem 630.629.1717 BULLETIN EDITOR: Gina Gallo BUILDING & GROUNDS: Tony Azzolin, Joe Iapichino, &Victor Mandin
REGISTRATION: We welcome you as a family member of Christ the King Parish. It is our hope and prayer that you feel at home with us at weekend masses, prayer times, and parish activities. Registration is on the first Sunday of the month in the narthex, after each Mass or come to the parish office during business hours. We hope you feel at home. SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM:
Arrangements for baptisms are made by attending a preparation meeting. Parish registration is a pre-requisite for attending the meeting. 630.629.1717 x4

ACADEMY PRINCIPAL/KINDERGARTEN TEACHER: Jill Placey 630.627.0640; KINDERGARTEN AIDE: Michelle Iwinski PRE-SCHOOL TEACHERS: Karen Hanish, Louise Sinibaldi PRE-SCHOOL AIDES: Christine Leslie, Jan Waas ACADEMY SECRETARY/ ASSISTANT TO PRINCIPAL Lori Bhardwaj 630.627.0640;


SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY: Please allow eight months of preparation time. Date arrangements are made after the initial meeting with pastor or a representative before any other commitments are made. Contact 630.396.6076 ANOINTING OF THE SICK: If you or one of your loved ones are in need of the Sacrament contact the rectory or see the priest after Mass. In case of an emergency of illness or death, please contact the rectory, ext 1. SACRAMENT PREPARATION FOR CHILDREN: A child must be registered in Religious Education classes for two years prior to receiving the Sacraments of Initiation. Contact 630.396.6078 RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION FOR ADULTS: Individuals who are interested in full communion with the Catholic Church contact the parish rectory for an appointment at 630.369.6076

April 27, 2014

Year of Grace 2013-2014

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Mass Intentions for the Week

SUNDAY April 27 Divine Mercy Sunday 8:00 AM Georgina Resillez 10:00 AM Robert Zelenka Jr. 12:00 PM Lee Connelly MONDAY April 28 - St. Peter Chanel, St. Louis Grignian de Montfort 8:30 AM Alex & Patricia Norkus TUESDAY April 29 - St. Catherine of Siena 8:30 AM Special Intention WEDNESDAY April 30 - Easter Weekday 8:30 AM People of Christ the King Parish THURSDAY May 1 St. Joseph the Worker 8:30 AM Joseph Rolewicz FRIDAY May 2 St. Athanasius 8:30 AM Joseph Sledz SATURDAY May 3 St. Philip & St. James Apostles 5:00 PM Jose Nelle SUNDAY May 4 Third Sunday of Easter 8:00 AM William Wanic 10:00 AM Deceased Members of the CCW 12:00 PM First Communion WEEKEND MASS:
Saturday: 5:00 pm Sunday: 8:00 am, 10:00 am, and 12:00 Noon

Readings for the Week

Monday: Acts 4:23-31; Ps 2:1-9; Jn 3:1-8 Tuesday: Acts 4:32-37; Ps 93:1-2, 5; Jn 3:7b-15 Wednesday: Acts 5:17-26; Ps 34:2-9; Jn 3:16-21 Thursday: Acts 5:27-33; Ps 34:2, 9, 17-20; Jn 3:31-36, or, for the memorial, Gn 1:26 -- 2:3 or Col 3:14-15, 17, 23-24; Ps 90:2-4, 12-14, 16; Mt 13:54-58 Friday: Acts 5:34-42; Ps 27:1, 4, 13-14; Jn 6:1-15 Saturday: 1 Cor 15:1-8; Ps 19:2-5; Jn 14:6-14 Sunday: Acts 2:14, 22-33; Ps 16:1-2, 5, 7-11; 1 Pt 1:17-21; Lk 24:13-35

Pray for Our Sick

Tina Orlita, Coletta Novak, Marciano Guminski, Isabel Carey, Joan Danz, Jean Wolff, Fred Henderson, Lydia Sylvia, June Sanders, Terri Ciolli, Ken Herman, Al Kennedy, Betty Jo Kennedy, Bobby Wojkovich, Don Nebraske, Fr John Barrett, Fr John Guiney, Marge Urbonas, Judy Curtis, Fr. Ernie Norbeck, Christine Schneider, Fr Rich Prodehl, George McNulty, Henry Stankevite, Dorothy Buti, Deacon Bob Vavra, Thomas Stanton

Wedding Banns Announcement

I Umes Hamin & Zaneta Moarzejewski


Saturdays: 4:00 pm-4:45 pm M-F 9am; And by appointment

Rest in Peace
Our condolences to the family and friends of Dolores Humbard, Sister Kathleen Kirk, OSF, FloranteLlanes, Fr Tom Fleming, & Josephine Damian


Second Saturdays at 11:00 am


Weekdays at 9:00 am, morning prayer 8:10 am Tuesdays 5:30 pm

Thursdays 9:00 am-8:00 pm, Second Saturday 7:00 pm & First Saturday 7:00 pm

Mon 10:00 am-3:00 pm Tues-Thurs: 9:00 am-3:00 pm Friday: 9:00 am 12:00 pm After Hours By Appointment Main Office closed: 12-12:30 pm

Lord, out of the depth of your love you called us to new life in Christ. As we rejoice in the resurrection, may our lives and our work together echo the many gifts you have blessed us with a purpose. May all our being resound the glory of your name. Alleluia. Amen Have a Blessed and Joyous Easter Season

Easter Prayer

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Year of Grace 2013-2014

April 27, 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, In the January issue of Christ is our Hope magazine, Bishop Daniel Conlon wrote an article entitled, Working Together. In his article, the Bishop asked us to begin a process of greater collaboration among our parishes. This request came as a result of the statistical data shared with the priests at the Convocation in October. In June of this year, 20 of the 88 Diocesan priests who are currently pastors will be over the age of 70 and eligible for retirement. There are four priests over the age of 80 currently serving as pastors. In the Diocese of Joliet, there are 121 parishes and 8 missions. These communities are staffed by both diocesan and religious order priests. The Resurrection Fathers in recent years have taken over the sponsorship of four parishes. Regretfully, the Carmelite Fathers in June 2013 gave up staffing one of our parishes. Thankfully, the retired priests of our Diocese graciously assist us in countless ways. The ministry of deacons and hundreds of laity also help our communities to thrive and grow. At the present time, there are 34 men in the seminary in preparation for ordination. Although this may seem to be a large number, there are not enough men preparing for the priesthood to fill all the needed positions. Please continue to pray for more vocations to the priesthood in our Diocese. In our Deanery, Eastern DuPage, there are 16 parish communities and one Eastern Rite Parish Church. There was a time when nearly 40 priests staffed these churches. In June of this year, there will be 17 priests in these 16 parish communities. As a result of this situation, the need for collaboration is most necessary. The Bishop has asked us how we can work together as parish communities to share our resources, especially starting with personnel and programs and coordinating mass and confession schedules. This process is not aimed at closing parishes, nor is it trying to take away the identities that parishes possess. Rather, it is focused upon the better use of our blessings and to help us become stronger by working together. We are more than individual communities, but are all part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Joliet. In the Fall of this year, all of our parishes, including staffs and leadership, filled out parish profiles. This information was put in a summary form to help identify some of the common issues. Likewise in October, counts of mass attendance were done over 3-4 weekends in all of our parishes. This data has been very helpful towards looking at the future. On March 13, 40 priests, deacons and parishioners from our Deanery gathered to discuss these topics. All were asked to reflect upon what is currently happening within our Deanery to support collaborative efforts. Likewise, the group discussed what else could be done to advance more collaboration amongst us. A discussion also took place regarding the responsibilities restricted to priests. Also, discussion took place regarding how others might lend support to some of those things with which they might be able to assist our priests. The fruits of this evening led towards the conclusion that a core committee needed to be established to help move these topics forward. The core committee will help to examine areas in which we can continue to collaborate as well as those where collaboration should begin. It will serve as a vehicle to respond to the Bishops article that asks us to work together. In doing so, we will not only lend support to one another, but also strengthen our Catholic Church. Please pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit upon these efforts. In future articles we will keep you informed of upcoming progress toward greater collaboration.

Very Reverend Thomas Paul, V.F. Dean of Eastern DuPage County

FACEBOOK for Christ the King!

Christ the King Facebook page is just over a year old and has been growing steadily, recently crossing the 100 "likes" mark. If you have or know someone who has Facebook, please join and invite others to "like" us. Communication with our parishioners is very important and Facebook offers opportunities to enhance our parish life. What you will find on our page includes: Reminders of upcoming events Photos or videos of parish events Links to music or videos relevant to Catholicism News from the parish, diocesan or other relevant religious news/articles Prayer requests

The easiest way to join is to click the Facebook icon found in the lower right corner on our Christ the King Website, this will take you to our Facebook page where you can click the "like" button and enjoy. You may also search directly in Facebook by typing "Christ the King Parish Lombard"

April 27, 2014 Dear Parish Families

Year of Grace 2013-2014

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Reflecting on Gods Word

Once in a while I find myself in the pew at a liturgical celebration, and I confess I like to sit near the front and watch all the people as they come back from receiving Holy Communion. I know what all the books say about that, what my teachers taught, and what the priests Ive listened to have preached. They said youre supposed to be praying, but I cant help it. I just like to watch all the folks. I think God may even like it as much as I do. When I sit there watching them, I think about how were all believers of one sort or another. George, who every week comes alone, without his family. And Melissa, who flirts with all the boys more than she should, and whose parents hardly ever seem to smile. And Mr. P., who always casts his eyes downward and folds his hands upward. And Agnes, who seems to have been caring for her aging mother for as long as anyone in the church can remember and who herself is now beginning to show signs of aging as well. And the lanky high schooler who must play basketball well, because hes certainly tall enough and wears a letter proudly on his school jacket. And Arthur, whose wife just died. And a couple hundred other believers as well. Theyre all here, every Sunday, and theyre all part of the Body of Christ. Its also why Im a believer, because theyre believers; and most of the time I need them to be believers just so I can be a believer. Thomas of this weeks Gospel couldnt be a believer on his own. Having missed the Sunday gathering, he just couldnt say yes on his own. But one week later when he was there with all the others, that made all the difference in the world. In fact it made him a believer. So thats why I watch all the folks processing by after they receive Holy Communion. They make me a believer.
Rev. Joseph J. Juknialis Copyright 2013, World Library Publications. All rights reserved.

As we move into the Easter season, here are few lines from the Divine Comedy for your consideration and prayer. Virgil describes how the purified soul opens to the love of God. May this be your experience this Easter that the victory won for us by Christ might be this kind of an experience love and joy. The more love we find, the more we give. Also, may our souls resonate together as we support one another in our common mission of Catholic education in the Diocese of Joliet. The love of God, unutterable and perfect, flows into a pure soul the way that light rushes into a transparent object. The more love that it finds, the more it gives itself so that, as we grow clear and open, the more complete the joy of heaven is. And the more souls who resonate together, the greater intensity of their love, and, mirror-like, each soul reflects the other. Dante Alighieri, Purgatorio Wishing you every blessing and grace this Easter, Father Belmonte, SJ Rev. John Belmonte, S.J., Ph.D. Superintendent of Catholic Schools Diocese of Joliet

The second grade class will celebrate their First Holy Communion on Sunday, May 4 at the Noon Mass. Rehearsal for First Holy Communion will be on Friday, May 2nd at 7pm in the church. For more information call Sherry at 630-396-6078 or email

Young Adults in their 20s & 30s Married or Single

Montini Catholic High School is proud to announce the following parishioners have been awarded Honor Roll status for the 3rd Quarter of the 2013 - 2014 school year:
High Honor Roll - 3.5 and Above Rhett Wojkovich Honor Roll - 3.0 to 3.49 Brandon Beahan, Christopher Owens, Sabrina Scali, Reed Wojkovich, Nicholas Italia, Emily Maggiore, Rickie Scali

Our purpose: +Connecting with people our age who are of the same faith +Once a month meetings will focus on Faith formation +Social/service activities throughout the month We have monthly meetings on the 1st Thursday. We start with opening prayer, have a faith centered talk, small group discussion, closing prayer, social interaction. Thursday, May 1, 7pm 8:30 pm YAM Meeting Theology of the Body Christ the King Parish Life Center

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Year of Grace 2013-2014

April 27, 2014

Open Registration
115 E. 15th St. Lombard, IL

Register Now for the 2014-2015 School

FULL DAY Kindergarten Program FULL and PART time preschool for 3 & 4 year olds Students have access to Smart Boards and technology daily Preschool Program has enriching core curriculum in a Christ Centered, unique learning environment Kindergarten Program has differentiated curriculum Playground has lots of developmentally appropriate activities Academy classrooms consist of: Chapel, art, music/movement, science and learning resource. Piano and Zumba classes available for extra fee. The Academy follows Diocesan guidelines and educational goals. Aftercare available until 6:00 P.M.

For more information call: 630-627-0640 or visit us at Rev. Father Peter Jarosz, Pastor - Jill Placey, Principal

April 27, 2014

Year of Grace 2013-2014

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Congratulations to Staff Member Sherry Rochford

Dear Sherry, It is with sincere pleasure I inform you that the superior quality of your work at Lewis University and in the Department of Theology in particular entitles you to membership in the Lewis University Chapter (Alpha Alpha Alpha) of Theta Alpha Kappa, the national honor society for Religious Studies and Theology Theta Alpha Kappa is dedicated to recognizing and nurturing excellence in the fields of Religious Studies and Theology. The organization is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, a related scholarly organization of the American Academy of Religion. On behalf of the Department of Theology, I congratulate you again for upholding a high standard of excellence in the disciplines of Theology and Religious Studies and look forward to your induction into its esteemed undergraduate society. Kind Regards, Clare K. Rothschild Associate Professor, Scripture Department of Theology - Lewis University The parish community and staff are proud and thankful for Sherry. These years of hard work at Lewis University enables Sherry to serve and share what she learned with the community of Christ the King Parish Keep up the good work Sherry! Fr. Peter

Divine Mercy Sunday Sunday, April 27, 2014 2:30 - 4:00 PM St. Mary of Gostyn Parish 444 Wilson Street ~ Downers Grove, IL

Divine Mercy Liturgy: Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament - 2:30 PM Praises of Mercy Chaplet of Divine Mercy Veneration of Image Benediction Confessions: Sunday from 2:30 - 4:00 PM

Pregnant Women needed for Free Ultrasounds at Woman's Choice Services

Are you pregnant or know someone who is who may be interested in a free ultrasound? We are looking for women who are in their first 22 weeks of pregnancy (the earlier the better!) to come to our Lombard Center (by appointment only) to be scanned by RN's for training purposes. A support person is welcome to join the mom model. Training's will take place on May 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th. Thank you for assisting us as we equip our staff to better serve our community. Please call 630-261-9564 and ask for Mary or Elaine to schedule your appointment. Womans Choice Services, 123 W. St. Charles Road, Suite 101 - Lombard, IL 60148

Lets Thank the Nuns!

Christ the Kings Council of Catholic Women is participating in our Eastern DuPage Deanery drive to supply the Benedictine nuns at Sacred Heart in Lisle, with needed items. We will be collecting matching twin sheet sets (1 fitted sheet, 1 top sheet, & 1 pillowcase) and FULLSIZED containers of hand cream and body lotion. (Please- no trial sizes.) If you would like to help thank this group of nuns for their many years of service, you can drop these items off at the rectory or bring them to the April 28 CCW meeting at 7:00 in the PLC. You can also bring them to Mass the weekends of May 3/4 and May 10/11. Look for the baskets in the Narthex. The latest we can accept your donation is Sunday, May 11. Please do not send in after May 11.

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Year of Grace 2013-2014

April 27, 2014

Night of Reflection On the Easter Season

The final meeting of the Council of Catholic Women for the 2013-2014 year will be a Night of Reflection. Sherry Rochford and Eileen Maggiore will lead us in an Eastertide journey that will allow us to reflect on the 50 days following the Resurrection of Jesus. The period of time between Easter and Pentecost is known as Eastertide. Join us to continue the celebration of Easter and reflect on the acts of Jesus following His Resurrection. We will have a short meeting followed by refreshments at 7:00 in the Parish Life Center on Monday, April 28.

All women of the parish are invited to attend. We hope you can join us!

Honor Your Loved Ones With Flowers

You are invited to purchase roses to honor Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, and Godmothers on Mothers Day and carnations to honor Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, or Godfathers on Fathers Day. You can pick up your flowers at the end of all Masses on Mothers Day and Fathers Day weekends. Place your request in an envelope labeled CCW in the collection basket NO LATER THAN the weekend of May 3/4. Please include with your donation the legibly printed names of the loved ones you wish to honor by your request. Also include your name and phone number. The womens names will be listed in the bulletin on the weekend of May 10/11. The mens names will be in the June 14/15 bulletin. Thank you for your support. Name of Honoree(s) Name of Honoree(s) Name of Honoree(s)

(additional names on back)


A Project of the Council of Catholic Women of Christ the King Parish Name ______________________________ Phone ________________________ # of Names________ @ $2.00 each = Total Enclosed $_____________________ An Initiative of the Council of Catholic Women

April 27, 2014

Year of Grace 2013-2014 Change versus Transition An Initiative of the Transitions Committee

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When we received the announcement that Father Jeff Stoneberg will become our pastor in June, we all began preparing for the upcoming changes in our parish. Many thoughts and emotions are occurring within each of us. At times like these we look for the right words to explain exactly what we are thinking and what we are feeling. To understand all of what is happening, we must realize that change is an event that is situational and external to us. Change is an event or situation that is different from what has occurred before and it happens quickly. We received the announcement from the Bishop that Father Peter will be transferred and Father Jeff will be arriving. This is change! After we were notified of the change we moved into transition, which is how we make change work. Transition is the internal, psychological reorientation that occurs within us. Change happens quickly but transition takes place long term. According to Dr. William Bridges, the author of Transitions, we move through three phases. Dr. Bridges describes the three phases of transition to be Endings, the Neutral Zone and New Beginnings. 1. Endings. In this initial phase of transition we let go. We disengage from what was and what we know. We need to make a clean break with the past. In our case, we say our good-byes to Father Peter and wish him well to bring closure to his departure. The parish will host events and activities are being planned throughout the parish to express our appreciation of his service in the past, while recognizing that he will no longer be our pastor but will become the pastor to another parish. This gives us the chance to step back and look at the path we have followed and understand it. Letting go is a natural process that many of us experience throughout our lifetime in a variety of situations, including the loss of a loved one, a job, or completion of a major project. 2. The Neutral Zone. In the second phase of transition we sometimes feel lost or confused. We may not have a sense of direction and may feel somewhat uncomfortable. The change has occurred and we cannot go back to the Ending phase. We need to move on. It is a time to meet our new pastor, build new relationships, and think things over. This phase is called the neutral zone when we reflect on the past and look ahead to new possibilities. Very gradually we enter into the final phase of transition. The length of time that we spend in the neutral zone may vary for each of us, but hopefully it will take us less than the 40 years Moses spent in the neutral zone while wandering in the wilderness! 3. New Beginnings. At last we accept the new reality and become more familiar with what will be than what was. In the new beginnings phase we become familiar with a new reality and begin to identify with the new situation. We will become more familiar with Father Jeff and how things are being done under his leadership. At times we may even forget how we used to do things. Each of us is opening a new chapter of our personal journey and will proceed down a new path. Change is an event that occurs and Transition is a personal journey. Each one of us goes through all three phases and we go through them at our own rate. We go through each of these phases every time there is a major change in our lives such as getting married, starting a new job, birth of a baby, graduation from high school, retirement, or going from Kindergarten to first grade. Be open to the new information that we will receive in our parish and take the time to accept change. Anna Weselak Past Chair of the Parish Council Consultant of Personal and Organizational Development Information in this article was taken from Transitions by Dr. William Bridges.


These dinners with Bishop Conlon are open to all men who are high school age or older. The evening begins at 6pm and ends by 8pm. Participants will have the chance to have dinner with Bishop Conlon and Fr. Burke, hear a vocation story, ask questions and meet other young men interested in knowing more about the priesthood. Please contact your pastor or RSVP to Fr. Burke at or (815 834-4004) if you are interested in coming to the next Andrew Dinner: April 30, 2014 St. Jude, Joliet, 6 p.m. 8 p.m.

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Year of Grace 2013-2014

April 27, 2014

April 12 &13
# Registered Families Account Weekly Offering Non Env/Loose This weeks total Weekly Budget Under Budget Debt Reduction Total for April Monthly Budget Deficit 15 110 1400 Households No. 344 Amount $9497.00 $2728.79 $12,225.79 $14,000.oo -$1774.21 $361.00 $3526.00 $8333.00 -$4807.00

STEWARDSHIP OF TREASURE Administration Commission Report

Well, Spring is here, at last! And, like you at home, we have had a chance to look at what this past winter has done to the buildings and grounds here at Christ the King. Some of the things we are looking to have done in the next couple of months: The cement slab under the overhang at the main entrance to the Academy has settled, and is no longer flush with the slab that is the sidewalk in front of the school. This is a trip hazard and safety issue, for anyone entering or leaving the building. We will be contacting a contractor, to mud-jack the slab back into position. We do have to wait until the ground under the slab is fully thawed, but expect the work to be done before the White Elephant Sale, in late June. There are some leaks in the roof above the Narthex , in the church building; and the gym, in the Academy building. Those need to be investigated, and repaired, before they cause further structural damage to either building. You may have noticed the cracks in the asphalt driveways and parking lots. They have gotten more numerous, and larger. Much like the potholes in the streets and highways around the area. These should be repaired before they literally become a larger problem (a stitch in time, ); and become a safety issue also. Some of the larger cracks, and sunken areas, will need to be removed, in order to make a better, longer-lasting, repair. There are some windows, in the Narthex and at the Academy, that need work: re-setting and re-sealing, and repairing BB or pellet gun damage. We did not know that old man Winter was armed. Fortunately, no one was hurt when the window was shot at; but the damage must be taken care of. Thank you for your continued support, of the Parish, and the work of all of the Ministries of Christ the King Parish. Your white envelope contributions help take care of the day-to-day expenses, like those above, and the extraordinary snowplowing expenses we incurred during this past Winter. Very truly yours, The Administration Commission of Christ the King Parish

Thank you to all parishioners for your very generous contributions!

Christ the King Mission Statement

The People of Christ the King in Lombard are a welcoming, vibrant faith community building the kingdom of God through our many ministries. We celebrate our diversity, seeking to realize the gifts of each member of our parish, as we are all joined together under one faith, in a spiritual journey of evangelization, service to others, and a reverence for all life. In the Eucharist, we find new life, and bring this life to others through stewardship, education, and worship.

April 27, 2014

Year of Grace 2013-2014

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Mass *Mass Liturgy of the Word for Children RCIA Mass Confirmation *Interpreted Mass for the Deaf

8:00 am 10:00 am 10:00 am 11:00 am 12:00 pm 2:00 pm Mass Church Church ER Church Church

Adoration of Blessed Sacrament Break Open the Word Young Adult Ministry CCW Board Meeting

9am-7:30pm 10:00 am 7:00 pm 7:00 pm Church ER PLC ER

Wedding Rehearsal Prayer Group First Communion Rehearsal

5:30 pm 7:00 pm 7:00 pm Church ER Church

St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry CCW Meeting

12:00 pm 7:00 pm ER PLC

Transition Committee Mtg Confessions Mass

9:30 am 4:00 pm 5:00 pm PLC Narthex Church

Staff Meeting Rosary A.A. Meeting Worship Commission

11:00 am 5:30 pm 7:00 pm 7:00 pm DR Church ER PLC

New Parishioner Registration Hospitality Mass *Mass CCW Installation of officers RCIA Mass First Communion Adult Confirmation *Interpreted Mass for the Deaf

After Masses After Masses 8:00 am 10:00 am 10:00 am 11:00 am 12:00 pm 2:00 pm Narthex PLC Mass Church Church ER Church Cthrdrl

Prayer Shawl Ministry Childrens Choir Rehearsal RE Classes Kings Choir Rehearsal

1:00 pm 5:15 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm ER Church ELA Church

Adoration of Blessed Sacrament Thursdays 9:00am-7:30pm First Fridays 7:00-8:00pm Second Saturdays 6:00-8:00pm

Daily Mass 8:30 am Confessions 9:00 am

Rosary Tuesdays 5:30 pm Daily 9:00 am

Ministry Schedule for Saturday, May 3, and Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mass Time Lector Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Altar Server Presider Ministers of Care

Saturday 5:00 PM Sunday 8:00 AM Sunday 10:00 AM Sunday 12:00 PM

S. Wick

M. Gonzalo, K. Kulczyski R. Maslinski, F. Owens C. Paulsen M. & A. Alzona, J. Benshoof M. & S. Novak D. Beyer, A. Forstneger M. Iwinski, S. Oliveri J. Sipolt P. Barone, E. & O. Manicad L. Torralba, K. White

C. Kulczyski I. Santiago L. Grunert N. Campbell E. & K. Prado A. & B. Lim R. Lim

Fr Bob Schoenstene Fr Bob Schoenstene Fr Peter Jarosz

M. Seagraves S. Pierscionek

G. Doretti

Fr Peter Jarosz

D. & A. Alzona, M. Campbell, M. Iwinski, L. Michalik, C. Paulsen, P. Robinson, F. Rossi, J. Seyller, A. Staron, K. Vibar

CHURCH NAME & NUMBER Christ The King #512918 ADDRESS 1501 South Main Street Lombard, IL 60148 PHONE 630.629.1717 CONTACT PERSON Gina Gallo 630.290.6367 or Eileen Maggiore 630.308.1127 SOFTWARE Microsoft Publisher 2007 E-Mail from Adobe Acrobat NUMBER OF PAGES SENT 1 through 12