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Jubel Sanabria Mrs.

Tolkan 4/28/2014 Period 5 Statement of Future Plans This is a document relating to my statement of my future plans beyond high school, for those that read to be able to understand my ambitions and wishes that will aid me in finding success in life. As I have grown up in the world, I have been shaped to become a much disciplined individual and have maintained a calm, stress-free attitude towards anything. I see life as a playground, and it is what we make of it. I try my best not to panic whenever things go haywire, and because of that my mind has been conditioned to be able to do my work whenever I want and as best as I can while still containing the quality that I pursue in my duties. I am a determined and interesting young man, and I usually get things the way I want. Therefore, I am confident and aiming to pursue secondary education by obtaining a degree in college, to further progress in the world of work and establish a career of my liking. I believe that I am indeed ready for college as I have taken the necessary and preliminary trials of life to be ready. I have gone through eight years of public education and four years of private education. Therefore I have experienced both types of academic fields, and I am well prepared both academically and mentally, which will enable me to become a conditioned individual that is ready for the programs of colleges. During the twelve years of my education experience, I have obtained the skills necessary to be able to critically think and solve problems, communicate effectively with public speaking skills, advance my knowledge on technology and many more. Because of this type of skillset that I have gained through my learning, I have become a solid and flexible individual capable of surpassing the obstacles that will be presented by the time I do enter college grounds. I will be able to critically think and analyze things the way a good student would, and I will be able to accomplish assignments promptly the way I want them to, stress free and maintaining a positive mind. The outside experiences I have had both in and outside of school during my lifetime have also contributed to the shaping of my integrity and the overall ways I am as an individual. During the time that I was in middle school and high school, I tried to pursue the drama departments to be able to be an actor. It wasnt until senior year when I figured out my true interests and hobbies in life, and so earlier, at the time, I wanted to become an actor. And those experiences were some of the best moments of my entire life. I acted in 6th through 8th grade, and have gained tremendous amounts of positive feedback on how great of an actor I was. On stage, I brightened up the audiences with my hilarious ways of acting and became inspired to do more. Behind the stage, I also gained community skills as I helped to construct sets, and also travel and eat with them, establishing a social foundation that would enable me to enjoy being around others more than I did at the time. I have also played video games my entire life, going through various types of scenarios that have enhanced my way of thinking and expanding my creative mind, allowing me to analyze and produce quality content that can inspire and entertain others.

I also am able to step up towards higher education because of my burning passion towards striving to be in the field of work. It is this type of determination that sets me from others, that I am confident and very ambitious with my goals. I never give up, I trust my instincts and ninety percent of the time my instincts lead me to obtain a context-heavy equation which enables me to focus heavily on the values of my decisions. I am capable of making choices that open up the pathways to success, but I have also taken the wrong paths here and there. But through those wrong turns, it has been a situation of trial and error that has helped me realize what is wrong and how I can do better. It is these types of experiences and scenarios that have guided me towards becoming shaped into a stronger and more accomplished, self-sufficient individual that is capable of producing quality content, integrating technology and working collaboratively. I know for a fact that I will pursue my higher education and attend and graduate college. I will succeed in my ambitions and obtain a quantity of academics necessary for me to achieve greatness as I get a career that will suit my interests. Throughout my life I have gone through several ups and downs, and through each one I have learned valuable things that have only strengthened me as an individual and have increased my ambitions towards striving to reach my dreams. I will go to college and get a degree.