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Jubel Sanabria 4/28/14 Best Piece Reflection Essay I chose this work example as my best piece because I find

it to simply be a masterpiece. For one, I dont usually write poems; in fact, I never do. I only write them when I am assigned to do so in school. And some of them are pretty bad, but this one stood out to me from all the other work I had done my junior and senior year. Next to my hilarious and ridiculous fictional stories I wrote in sophomore year, I believe this piece of work I did my junior year stands as one of the best piece Ive written. I could not find any other assignment that could top this poem that I had produced. The reader of this specific masterpiece should expect to find a thorough and creative analysis on the character John Proctor from The Crucible written by Arthur Miller. They will see the thought provoking vocabulary and generate colorful and expressive images in their mind as they scroll through and read the words I have graced them with in this paper. They should also find it very informative in the sense that they will understand the struggles and context of the story in which John Proctor goes through, as he is depicted in the Crucible. The impressions I hope that the reader gains about me as a learner after viewing this piece of work are that I am able to depict any kind of literature into something fun and interesting. For me, ninety percent of the literature that I have read in my English courses bored me to a point where I quickly lost interest in what I was reading. However, after seeing the movie depiction of this particular story, I was hooked into this assignment as I remembered how the film played out and I could see this character in my head as I analyzed him within the assignment. Therefore I was able to create something genuine from inspiration, and I hope the reader can see that. I learned a few things from completing this assignment. Poems arent hard to write and they can be actually quite entertaining when you have a certain flow going on as you express your thoughts. They can introduce an idea and establish a foundation within the mind to generate beautiful imagery and thoughts that arent normally seen when reading ordinary works, such as world masterpieces in literature. I also learned that music definitely helps someone write up an assignment, such as an essay, a response to literature, anything that consists of those kinds of work can be enhanced when listening to music that increases the flow of creative thinking. For the future, I can use the knowledge and experience gained from this assignment to further my creative skills in creating stories. Upon practicing the arts of expressing my mind through words, such as this assignment, I can further develop my skills in establishing a world or an idea to an audience, and keep them captivated in what they are viewing. I can use this experience to be able to figure out what is and what is not interesting, and what can attract certain audiences to the stories that I can create.