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VersaFlex Expandable Liner Hanger Cementing Plug System

A new cementing plug system has been designed for use with the VersaFlex expandable liner hanger system. Utilizing the proven HWE high wiping efficiency cementing plug design, the VersaFlex liner hanger cementing plug system provides superior wiping performance and fluid separation with a single wiper plug. The new design offers improved functionality and reliability. damage from pressure applied to the plug from above. The plug is designed to make up directly to the bottom thread connection on the VersaFlex setting tool. This eliminates the need for the equalizing swivel assembly previously required to be run between the setting tool and SSR plug assembly.

For proper operation, the VersaFlex liner hanger plug must be used in conjunction with a mating drillpipe releasing dart and specially designed landing collar. The landing collar is uniquely designed to mate with the VersaFlex liner hanger plug assembly and helps ensure a positive seal is created when plug bump is achieved. It is primarily available in P-110 or P-110/Q-125 grades. Other material grades are available upon request. Features Integral swivel mechanism to allow plug rotation during make up to the liner along with an equalizing feature to prevent plug

Dual release feature helps ensure plug launch during displacement operations. Spacer tube to fully encapsulate the drillpipe wiper plug (dart) and prevent debris interfering with the transmission of hydraulic forces to the contingency release mechanism. In the event pressure cannot be transmitted through the drillpipe dart to the primary release pins, the pressure can be increased to activate the contingency release pins.

Contingency release 3,150 psi

Primary release 1,350 psi

Secondary release 3,150 psi

Primary release 1,350 psi

No tonging

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VersaFlex Liner Hanger Plug Assembly

Label SAP #101665962

No tonging

VersaFlex Expandable Liner Hanger Plug Assembly


VersaFlex Liner Hanger Plug Assembly


VersaFlex Expandable Liner Hanger Plug Assemblies Landing Collar Seat ID Primary Release Pressure Contingency Release Pressure Plug Landing Pressure Rating


Part No.

Min. / Max. Wiping Range

Min. ID

4 1/2 in. (114.3 mm) 5 in. (127.0 mm) 5 1/2 in. (139.7 mm) 7 in. (177.8 mm) 7 5/8 in. (193.7 mm) 9 5/8 in. (244.5 mm) 10 3/4 in. (273.0 mm) 11 3/4 in. (298.4 mm)
a b

101657435 101664718 101664724 101668132 101668206 101709848 101727217 101698390

3.65 in. min. / 4.14 in. max. 3.83 in. min. / 4.69 in. max. 4.38 in. min. / 5.09 in. max. 5.66 in. min. / 6.54 in. max. 6.24 in. min. / 7.13 in. max. 8.16 in. min. / 9.06 in. max. 9.09 in. min. / 10.09 in. max. 10.42 in. min. / 11.15 in. max. 1.874 in. (47.8 mm) 3.80 in. (96.5 mm) 1,350a psi (9.31 MPa) 3,150a psi (21.7 MPa) 6,000a,b psi (41.37 MPa) 1.375 in. (35.1 mm) 2.38 in. (60.5 mm)

Pressures listed in Table 1 are differential pressures. Gauge pressures may be greater or less than listed pressures, depending on wellbore hydraulics. Based on 300F (149C).


Figure 1 VersaFlex Liner hanger Releasing Dart

Figure 2 VersaFlex Liner hanger Landing Collar

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