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14785 Preston Road Suite 550 Dallas, Texas 75254 972-381-TEC

Advantage Tech, Inc. ("ATI") was started by Andrew Marquardt and David O'Brien. Marquardt had

been practicing employment law full time, and in particular, representing computer consultants who were being sued by their agencies for alleged violations of their non-compete agreements. Marquardt felt the lawsuits exposed a problem in the industry. In particular, he believed everyone should be allowed to earn a livelihood, but some of these agencies were not seeking legitimate ends, rather they were seeking to put the consultant out of work. That type of treatment exemplified the need for a more open philosophy regarding consultants. Marquardt brought up the idea of starting a venture together with his brother-in-law, #ansas $ity %merican &oyal "arbecue in assisted in opening an ground. Marquardt and ctober '((). company selling its IT staffing and consultancy services. !"rien, at the

!"rien had been working for a national !"rien had worked in #ansas $ity, and

maha office. *is skills were a must if the venture was ever to get off the !"rien talked several more times in the following weeks. +either had a formal !"rien would be the initial selling and recruiting engine. !"rien opened %TI!s doors on -anuary '.,

business plan, or anything in writing. "oth men simply agreed Marquardt would finance the operation while he continued practicing law, and

%s a result of their entrepreneurial sei,ure, Marquardt and

'((/. %s we look to the future, %TI has confronted numerous issues common to any growing business, including but not limited to, fast growth problems, market uncertainty, personnel problems, and appropriate goals and direction. %TI partners with organi,ations that value the consultant!s role and understand how the consultant helps the business become better. In true partnerships, cost is rarely the issue, rather, experience, quality of work, retention programs, benefits and considerations unique to the pro0ect provide the overall framework of the partnership.

c ntribute t

ur cust !ers" and c nsu#tants" success by $inding the right %e %#e $ r the right


& nest. &ard'( r)ing. *assi nate.


%ndrew Marquardt co-founded the 2parks of *ope 3oundation, a #ansas $ity based not-for-profit ver

that exists to provide local funding to charitable organi,ations that do not receive national funding.

the years, 2parks of *ope has helped the 2olace *ouse 4a place for grieving families5, %methyst 6lace 4a home for destitute mothers5, Turning 6oint 4helping families in crisis5, 2unflower *ouse 4uncovering abuse5, #$$7I 4helping the visually impaired, the "oulevard 3ree *ealth $linic 4aiding those who can8t

afford healthcare5, and a host of other small charities in the #ansas $ity area. committed to their own causes throughout their respective communities.

ur employees are also

14785 Preston Road Suite 550 Dallas, Texas 75254 972-381-TEC

Advantage Tech Bene$its and Insurance +ates
&ea#thcare - 1mployees may elect to participate in the company!s health care plan through "lue$ross

"lue2hield in which the company pays for '9. of the employee!s coverage. 1mployees 4and dependents5 are eligible the first of the month following employment date. If enrollment is declined at the time of eligibility, the employee 4and dependents5 cannot enroll until open enrollment which is in %ugust of each year. If a qualifying event occurs, the employee 4and dependents5 can enroll at any time. family.
,-.) *#an - 1mployees may also elect to participate in the company!s ;<'# plan. There is a one year

:e have two excellent programs to choose from to best benefit the needs of you and your

waiting period with enrollment effective at the one year anniversary date. The investments are handled by 6rincipal. %t the time of enrollment, the employee will receive a packet that identifies the investment options.
*aid & #idays - %fter (< calendar days of employment, employees are entitled to receive pay for the

following six holidays= +ew >ear!s ?ay, Memorial ?ay, Independence ?ay, @abor ?ay, Thanksgiving ?ay, and $hristmas ?ay. These paid holidays are offered as an incentive for employment.
Bi'(ee)#y *ay - 1mployees receive bi-weekly paychecks every other 3riday, and can participate in

direct deposit. +ormally, these paychecks are hand delivered by an %dvantage Tech representative. If requested, %dvantage Tech will hold the check at its office and allow the employee to retrieve it personally at our office.
*ers na# & #idays - 1mployees are entitled to A personal days after working for one calendar year, or

.</< hours. These are paid personal days. %dvantage Tech does not separately categori,e these days for sick, vacation, bereavement, etc. &ather, these paid personal days can be used for any purpose upon accrual.
/ega# 0 nsu#tati n - 1mployees can consult with %dvantage Tech!s on site legal counsel about

employment issues including but not limited to employment contracts, non-compete agreements, and immigration issues. %dvantage Tech draws upon its internal legal counsel, but also, when necessary will consult with outside counsel to address specific issues.

Effective 8/1/10





& Spouse Base Plan B"y #p Plan Bi-Weekly Employee Portion Bi-Weekly Employee Portion 71.26 7$. 4 242.27 26$.76

& Child 206.64 2 0.10 6!.41 88.78