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Rafi Rotem Israeli Tax Authority whistleblower

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2013-12-19 Letter by 44 journalists to State Ombudsman to provide Rotem protection // %&'% (")* +,*- ""- %&+.$% */!$- %+&,! (+0&)"+1% 44 !"#$
Israeli Tax Authority whistleblower Rafi Rotem exposed organized crime in government: Huge tax breaks to tycoons and crime figure related businesses sex bribes and murder of a !source!" Rotem has been sub#ected to harassment intimidation and retaliation over the past $% years" He lost his #ob his home his possessions" Recently his case has become a cause of the Israeli &rotest movement as a key case in fighting government corruption" 'n April $( %)$* letter from the Israeli +tate 'mbudsman,s office for the first time after $% years his office agreed to take Rafi Rotem,s evidence and testimony" &I'(): -$. ))))/))/)) Rafi Rotem / Timeline 0full 1nglish text2 33 456789:;8<8=>?98:@9 http:33www"scribd"com3doc3%$($$*ABC3

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Translation of the ## *ournalists+ letter: Drom: Eoshe Fichtman +ent: Gecember $( %)$AH $$:$$ To: +hlomo Raz 0shlomoIrJmevaker"gov"il dudinJmevaker"gov"il2 KK: L )ub*ect: &etter by *ournalists in re: Rafi Rotem Gear Attorney Gudi Mahir Assistant +tate 'mbudsman and +hlomo Raz +pokesman for the +tate 'mbudsman: 'n behalf of the group of #ournalists named below I reNuest to forward instant letter to +tate 'mbudsman Oosef +hapira in person in order to receive from him in person a speedy response on the following two Nuestions pertaining to the case of Rafi Rotem: $" Piven the information that has accumulated in the +tate 'mbudsman,s office why does the +tate 'mbudsman not immediately issue a letter under his signature to Rafi Rotem and to the public at large explicitly stating that Rotem acted honestly to expose corruption in the Tax Authority 0as stated in the letter of former Tel Aviv Gistrtict +tate &rosecutor Ruth Gavid2 and that given that Rotem was terminated from employment through violation of the financial rights that were protected through a Fabor Kourt process Rotem deserves whistleblower protection also in view of what the +tate 'mbudsman himself said in various conferences pertaining to whistleblower protection in the Interdisciplinary Kenter in Qar Ilan Rniversity and in Haaretz Euseum 0and as stated by former +tate 'mbudsman Eichah Findenstraus in the Snesset +tate 'versight Kommittee on Tanuary $ %))U2V %" Piven the fact that Rotem was unlawfully terminated in %))W from his #ob at the Tax Authority because of his whistle/blowing activity why does the +tate 'mbudsman not immediately act to restore all of Rafi Rotem,s employee rights including wages benefits and retirementV Respectfully Eoshe Fichtman XPlobesY KK: Einister of Tustice Zipi Fivni Einister of Treasury Oair Fapid Assistant Einster of Treasury Eicky Fevy Snesset +tate 'versight Kommitte Khair Amnon Kohen Associations: 'metz [uality Povernment 'gen Attorney Mavah &inchuk/Alexander Rafi Rotem,s counsel