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Ciisis Communication Plan

Table of Contents

Intiouuction....................................... S
Acknowleugements................................... 4
Reheaisal Bates..................................... S
Puipose anu 0bjectives................................. 6
Key Publics......................................... 7
Notifying Publics..................................... 8
Ciisis Communications team............................... .9
Ciisis Biiectoiy..................................... 1u
Neuia Spokespeison..................................11
Emeigency Peisonnel anu local officials........................ .12
Key Neuia....................................... .1S
Spokespeisons foi ielateu oiganizations....................... 14
Ciisis Communications Contiol Centei........................ 1S
Equipment anu Supplies................................ 16
Piegatheieu Infoimation................................. 17
Key Nessages....................................... 18
Tiick Questions...................................... 19
Website, blogs anu social meuia............................. 2u
List of Piouiomes.................................... 21
Evaluation Foim.................................... 22

!"# %& '"%& ()*+ %,(-.'*+'/
With a lot of contioveisy anu ciisis constantly suiiounuing the ciuise inuustiy, it is
a goou to be piepaieu foi any possible ciisis that coulu occui at any level of the
company that coulu uamage oui bianu anu the ciuise inuustiy as a whole. We aie
known as a safety-fiist, family-fiienuly oiganization anu we neeu to make suie that
oui bianu uoses not become uamageu.

!"*' 0-1)2 "*((3+ %4 '"3 ()*+ %& +-' 4-))-532/
If this plan is not followeu in the case of an emeigency anu ciisis, the name anu
ieputation of the bianu coulu be uamage, which woulu iesults in a loss of business
thioughout the company anu the ciuise inuustiy. Tiust is veiy impoitant to oui
customeis anu we neeu to make suie that they know that any inciuent that occuis is
a one-time occuiience anu that it cannot happen again.

6*& * 0.%&%& "*((3+32 *' '"3 7*.+%8*) 7-.(-.*'%-+ 934-.3/
0nfoitunately, theie has been a couple of ciises in the last S yeais. The fiist being
the sinking of the 7-&'* 7-+0-.2%* in 2u12 in which Su people uieu anu 2 still
missing. In 2u1S, the 7*.+%8*) :.%1,(" became uisableu aftei a fiie onboaiu anu
was left out in the sea foi seven uays without any woiking bathiooms. These ciises
happeneu but we aie leaining foi them anu that is why this ciisis communication
plan is extiemely impoitant foi moving foiwaiu to avoiu any moie ciises fiom

6*& * 7.%&%& "*((3+32 '- &%,%)*. 0-,(*+%3&/
Yes. Nany ciises such a sinking of ships, teiioiist take oveis anu meuical outbieaks
have happeneu thioughout the ciuise inuustiy. In 2uuS, the luxuiy ciuise linei
Seaboine Spiiit was attackeu by piiates. In 2u1u, the Celebiity Neicuiy was pait of
a noioviius outbieak that left many passengeis anu ciew extiemely sick.



By signing this statement, I veiify that I have ieau this ciisis communications plan
anu am piepaieu to put into effect.

Piesiuent anu CE0

(Signatuie anu uate)

vice Piesiuent anu CF0

(Signatuie anu uate)

vice Piesiuent

(Signatuie anu uate)

0ffice Nanagei

(Signatuie anu uate)


Reheaisal Bates

0n eveiy ciuise , a mustei uiill must be uone with passengeis two houis piioi to

0nce a week, the onboaiu staff must paiticipate in a mustei uiill anu othei ciisis

It is expecteu that at the beginning of eveiy quaitei, that coipoiate ieheaise this
communication plan with all employees in conjunction with the onboaiu staff.


Possible Ciises

Possible Ciisis Possibility
u-S (neaily impossible-
high piobably)
Potential Bamage
u-S (no uamage-
uevastating uamage)
Biibeiy u S
Age Bisciimination u u
Theft u u
Biug abuse by employees S S
Fatality 1 S
Fiie 1 4
Kiunapping 1 4
Lawsuits 4 4
Nuiuei 1 S
Negative legislation 2 S
Piotest Bemonstiation 1 2
Suiciue 1 S
Sexual haiassment 2 4
Tax pioblems 2 4
Woikplace violence 2 S
Political attacks u 1
Sinking 1 S
Piiates 1 S

Puipose anu 0bjectives
The puipose of this ciisis communication is to pievent any of the high possibility,
high potentially uamaging issues. In a case wheie any of these things happen, this
plan will seive to pioviue the necessaiy steps to ensuie safety of all customeis,
employees anu stakeholueis. By following this plan, we will accomplish oui goal to
uisseminate the iight infoimation, to the iight people, at the iight time so that the
iight uecisions can be maue.

Piotect all customeis onboaiu all ships on all ciuise lines
Piotect all employees onboaiu anu off ship
Initiate the ciisis communication plan within the fiist 2 houis of the ciisis
Infoim all highei ups as well of the ciisis immeuiately
Bepenuing on the ciisis, infoim all employees within the fiist S houis of the
Keep the meuia anu all publics iegulaily infoimeu of upuateu infoimation
thiough iegulai news biiefs anu upuates to the company's websites anu social
Set up giievance suppoit anu counseling as well as special peisonnel to take caie
of families anu loveu ones uiiectly connecteu to the inciuent at hanu
Naintain honesty with the meuia about all known infoimation
Finu the souice of the pioblem as soon as possible
Bistiibute oui finuing to the meuia anu all publics as they occui
uive only factual infoimation
Bevelop ways to alleviate futuie pioblems
Implement necessaiy changes as son as possible anu iesume business as usual


Key Publics

Boaiu membeisV
Financial paitneisV
Key managementV
Legal iepiesentation
0nion officials
uoveinment 0fficialsA

V Enabling publics-those people with the powei anu authoiity to make uecisions

Functional publics- the people who actually make the oiganization woik

Noimative Publics- those people who shaie values with the oiganization in

A Biffuseu publics- those people linkeu inuiiectly to the oiganization in ciisis

Notifying Publics

Email Fax Lettei By
Lettei by
*RN *RN *NA *}S
*}S *RN *NA *}S *RN
*RN *}S
Boaiu of
*NA *}S *RN
*}S *NA *}S
*}S *RN *NA *}S *RN
*}S *RN *NA *}S *RN
*}S *NA *}S

Ciisis Communication Team

}an Swatz- Beau of public ielations foi Cainival Ciuise Coipoiation & plc. She has
the iesponsibility of communicating with top management, making uecisions,
uiafting oi appioving majoi statements, anu notifying the iest of the ciisis
communication team.

Rick Neauows- Assistant ciisis managei. Be assists the heau of public ielations in
fulfilling hei uuties as ciisis managei anu a back up in case the heau ciisis managei
cannot be ieacheu.

Samantha Kiuse- The contiol ioom cooiuinatoi. Buiing a ciisis, Samantha will make
suie that all necessaiy supplies anu equipment aie accessible to the ciisis
communication team thioughout theii time uealing with the ciisis at hanu.

Rachel Natza-Assistant PR . Rachel will back up all PR effoits maue by the ciisis
communication team befoie, uuiing anu aftei the ciisis. She will also be theie to
help with all othei neeus of the ciisis communication team thioughout the ciisis oi
until she is no longei neeueu.

All of the PR team at coipoiate will also take pait in helping uisseminating
infoimation to key publics as the ciisis goes on.

In case of a ciisis:
If piesiuent is unavailable, the alteinative spokespeison is the heau of
public ielations
The ciisis communication team will set up a ciisis communication centei
with phone line, cell phones, pageis, fax machines anu computeis.
PR mangei anu Ciisis communications team to iepoit uevelopments of
ciisis situation to all membeis of ciisis communications team anu
Appiopiiate ciisis communication team membeis will ieseaich anu
obtain all peitinent infoimation to PR managei, othei ciisis
communications team membeis anu spokespeison.
PR managei anu uiiectoi of maiketing will piepaie a statement news
ielease anu get appioval foi its ielease
viueo piouuction specialist will viueotape public statements fiom
Beteimine how infoimation will ieach meuia keeping in minu the
uiffeient types anu how to get infoimation to them.
Continually upuate taiget auuience anu meuia on all new uevelopments.


Ciisis Biiectoiy

Name Title Phone
}an Swaitz PR Biiectoi xxx-xxx-xxxx
Nicky Aiison Chaiiman of the boaiu xxx-xxx-xxxx
Rick Neauows Assistant ciisis managei xxx-xxx-xxxx
Samantha Kuse Contiol Room cooiuinatoi xxx-xxx-xxxx
Rachel Natza Assistant PR Associate xxx-xxx-xxxx
Ainolu W. Bonalu Piesiuent anu CE0 xxx-xxx-xxxx
Rachel Cole Executive assistant xxx-xxx-xxxx
Alan B. Buckelew Chief 0peiations 0fficei xxx-xxx-xxxx
Baviu Beinstein Chief financial officei xxx-xxx-xxxx


Neuia Spokespeison

Aftei an initial assessment of a ciisis, the ciisis management team will iuentify the
appiopiiate spokespeison foi the coipoiation.

Appiopiiate spokespeople foi the coipoiation aie as follows:

CE0 of Cainival Coipoiation
Chief opeiations officei
Senioi Public Relations Nanagei
Ciuise Expeits selecteu by Cainival
Biiectoi of Engineeiing

!"#$%&#'%( *+, -.+/%(.%+.&%
1. Bo not speculate
2. Focus on two oi thiee key messages to communicate anu iepeat them uuiing the
S. 0se a technical expeit
4. Speak in simple, common teims
S. Remain Calm
6. Bo not use negative language
7. Consiuei human safety fiist
8. Bo not answei questions you uo not unueistanu
9. Ignoie cameias anu miciophones
1u. Nake only "on the iecoiu" statements
11. Avoiu saying "no comment"


Emeigency peisonnel anu local officials'

Name Title Phone
Police xxx-xxx-xxxx
Fiie xxx-xxx-xxxx
Bospital xxx-xxx-xxxx
Coast uuaiu xxx-xxx-xxxx
National uuaiu xxx-xxx-xxxx


Key Neuia

0utlet Name Title Phone
New Yoik Times Leo Fullei euitoi xxx-xxx-xxxx
Washington Post ueoige Rowe euitoi xxx-xxx-xxxx
Sun Sentinel Sam Kushnei euitoi xxx-xxx-xxxx
Los Angles Times Baylie Beinacki euitoi xxx-xxx-xxxx
Coloiauo Sun Caily Kiouse euitoi xxx-xxx-xxxx
Baily News Lea Shobet euitoi xxx-xxx-xxxx


Spokespeison foi othei ielateu oiganizations

Name Title 0iganization Phone
Connie Emile PR Biiectoi Celebiity Ciuises xxx-xxx-xxxx
Kim Shiefielu CE0 Royal Caiibbean xxx-xxx-xxxx
Linusey Robeits Biiectoi Ciuise inuustiy

Ciisis Communication Contiol Centei

In the case of an emeigency a confeience ioom on the top flooi of the coipoiate
office will be useu. The auuiess foi this is S6SS NW 87
Avenue Niami, FL SS178.

If access to coipoiate builuing is unavailable then pioceeu one of oui paitneis boaiu
iooms in Beliay Beach, Floiiua.

If 0nboaiu ciuise ship, use eithei the chapel oi boaiu ioom oi take ovei computei
ioom libiaiy if no laptops available oi wifi is slow. 0se top ueck bai as staging aiea
to uisseminate any infoimation to key publics.

If phones aie not available in the ciisis contiol centei, back up phones aie in each
ciisis location anu have exteinal batteiy packs foi up to 8 houi foi each phone.

The only people in the boaiu ioom must only be the membeis of the ciisis
communication team except in the event when othei infoimation is being given oi
the ciisis communication team cannot peifoim without that theie membei.

Equipment anu Supplies
Lanu-line phones
Cell phones
Fax machine
Post-it notes
Exteinal batteiy packs
Etheinet cables
Watei bottles
uianola Bais
Fiuit (if available)
Non-peiishable snacks

Piegatheieu infoimation

News ieleases 1

At appioximately _________(time) touay _____________(uate), a ____________________(inseit
ciisis) occuiieu on the ____________________(site of inciuent).

Ciisis Response peisonnel aie now iesponuing as well as _____________(othei
iesponuing gioups oi gioups that may be helping. The Cainival Coipoiations
iesponse gioups incluue_________________________________( name people involveu in
iesponse) .

0ui majoi concein aie foi the safety of oui employees anu the public anu to
minimize the impact on oui customeis anu employees.

We aie now involveu in an on going investigation to ueteimine what has happeneu
anu what is being uone to mitigate the situation. As moie uetails become available,
we will pass them on to the meuia.

News Release 2
A passengei aboaiu __________________(inseit ciuise line anu ship) was founu to
have fallen ill aftei it was uncoveieu that the passengei was suffeiing fiom
______________(sickness). _____________(sickness) effects _________________(numbei of
people) anu coulu have been spieau by ___________________________.

"We aie veiy conceineu about ____________________(victims name) as well as the health
anu safety of all passengeis anu ciew," saiu _____________________(spokespeison).

Accoiuing to (uoctoi ), (victims name) was uoing ____________________ (state anu
actions ) anu then became ill exhibiting signs of ______________________(symptoms of

Cainival is investigating what coulu of leau to this sickness anu if theie is a way to
mitigate the illness immeuiately without it spieauing to to hei passengeis.

Cainival Coipoiation's ships aie health anu safe foi all families. Each ships is
cleaneu uaily anu onboaiu hanu sanitizeis aie placeu aiounu the ship in oiuei to
ueciease the peicentage of passengeis sick.

Key Nessages

In the case of a fatality onboaiu any of Cainival coipoiations ciuise ships, Cainival
coipoiations fiist piioiity is the caie of its customeis. Let all passengeis onboaiu
affecteu ship know what is going on anu pioviue giief counseling anu othei special
peisonnel help in uisseminating the infoimation. Tell hem about the small
peicentage of how it coulu happen anu ieassuie them that this is an isolateu
inciuent au almost nevei occuis. Be tianspaient as possible without violating any
laws anu without giving a way to much about the peison who peiisheu.

In the case of the sinking, the fiist piioiity of the coipoiation is to its customeis. Let
customeis know what has happeneu anu contact any people closely ielateu with the
inciuent. Expiess conuolences anu offei giief counseling anu specialists to help get
thiough that time. Also let meuia anu othei key figuies that theie is an ongoing
investigation to see what has happeneu anu that you will upuate them when you
know what is going on. Let them know that this is a veiy isolateu inciuent but uo
not speculate as to why it has happeneu u till you know all facts.

In this case, in oiuei to piotect the customeis we may not be able to ielease
infoimation because it might thieaten what happens to the customeis onboaiu. Let
the meuia know that we aie investigating anu woiking with specific law officials in
ensuiing the safe ietuin of oui customeis. Nake suie to expiess sympathy to the
people involveu anu theii families anu again biing in specialists anu giief counselois
foi families involveu.

-2,1'$%$ -6#.
Foi a stianueu ship, let key publics know that we aie in contact with the ship anu
that you aie getting the ship back to a poit as soon as possible. Let them know that
you will stop at nothing until all passengeis on saiu ship aie ietuineu t lanu. Let key
publics incluuing meuia know what you will take action (such as iefunuing, giief
counselois anu othei things that coulu help mitigate the situation.

Tiick Questions

1. Speculative questions:
a. Coulu the peison have committeu suiciue.
2. Leauing Questions:
a. You agiee that it was passengei X's fault.
S. Loaueu questions:
a. Isn't in tiue that youi ships have hau issues like this befoie anu you
ueciueu to not uo anything about it.
4. Nave questions:
a. What kinu of seivice uoes Cainival Ciuise Coipoiation pioviue.
S. False questions(containing inaccuiate uetails that iepoiteis want you to
a. Be was along in an unauthoiizeu aiea, coiiect.
6. Know-it-all questions:
a. We have all the facts. I just neeu to confiim a few things with you okay."
7. Silence: This aims to get you to spill eveiything you know
8. Accusatoiy questions:
a. Who is actually iesponsible foi this ciisis."
9. Nultiple-pait questions
a. Aie all youi pool unsupeiviseu anu if so is theie a time you uon't allow
passengeis neai the pool.

Websites anu Social Neuia

Facebook: Sepaiate Facebooks foi each ciuise line in Cainival Coipoiation
Piincess Ciuises
Bollanu Ameiican Line
Costa Ciuises
Ibeio Ciuises
P & 0 Ciuises
Twittei: CE0 tweets fiom peisonal account only
*twittei accounts may be maue uepenuing on the situation. 0se uiscietion anu
cieate twittei accounts if it is expecteu that people will cieate them just to ciiticize
the bianu.

Cainival Coipoiation Website:http:phx.coipoiate-

Website foi each ciuise line

* Cieate uaik websites foi each ciuise line anu Cainival Coipoiation oveiall in oiuei
to stop people fiom making websites that aie not affiliateu with the coipoiation anu
to be able to uisseminate infoimation quickly.

List of Piouiomes

Fuel supply is low
Ship in watei that is known to have piiates (ex. Somalia)
Known bioken machines onboaiu
Employees not following mustei uiill iules
Passengeis not paying attention to mustei uiills
Watei the is too shallow oi too ueep
Coipoiate communication is lacking
Captain lack of communication with ciew anu coipoiate

Evaluation Foim

1. What was the biggest accomplishment.
2. What was the biggest misseu oppoitunity.
S. What aie the lessons leaineu.
4. Weie oui key messages effective.
S. Bow uiu this ciisis impact public notice.
6. Weie we able to ieach oui key publics.
7. Was the ciisis communications plan effective.
8. Was the spokespeison effective.
9. What suggestion uo you have foi the futuie.