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Fresh Coast Capital Summer Intern Position

Fresh Coast Capital is a start-up investment firm dedicated to revitalizing postindustrial communities through innovative investment solutions. Fresh Coast Capital is currently in the research phase of launching its first investment vehicle, the Fresh Coast Forest Fund. The Fresh Coast Forest Fund is a private investment vehicle designed to address the problem of brownfields through a singular, scalable solution- planting hybrid poplar farms. Hybrid poplars have the ability to both remediate soil and groundwater, while providing profitable wood products that can be sold for biomass energy or timber, pulp and paper. Fresh Coast Capital is seeking a bright, motivated self-starter to help Fresh Coast develop a proprietary database to facilitate the site selection process for Fresh Coast forests. Estimated time commitment for this position is approximately 16-25 hours a week. Job Duties Plan, build, and maintain a GIS database with basic geo-political data, census data, renewable energy policies, soil type and texture, hydrological data, terrain, local commercial real estate prices, tax credit information, identified contaminants, pulp mills/biomass facilities, etc. Proactively work with Fresh Coast Capital co-founders and our advisors to identify additional parameters that will inform the site selection process. Work alongside co-founders to develop and evaluate process manual for Fresh Coast forest site selection. Attend and occasionally lead phone calls with industry experts and Fresh Coast Capital advisors. Work with marketing lead to identify output maps necessary for investor pitch deck and other marketing collateral. Report progress regularly. Qualifications Graduate or advanced undergraduate student of public policy, urban planning, environmental science, environmental management/restoration, forestry, or geography. Demonstrated experience using ESRI ArcGIS 10.x or other comparable geospatial/GIS programs to develop, edit, and maintain geospatial, environmental, and political data. Demonstrated experience with Microsoft Suite including Access and Excel. Experience building databases from multiple input sources including Excel, ArcGIS, Access, and web-based databases. Experience with advanced internet research and familiarity with federal and state geodata clearinghouse sources including US Census Bureau, US EPA, USDA-NRCS, USDA-Forest Service, DOE-NREL, etc. Demonstrated analytical skills, high degree of attention to detail.

Demonstrated ability to work independently; availability for weekly meetings in downtown Chicago. Strong communication and organizational skills, a proactive and can-do attitude, and a working knowledge of impact investing.

Role will be a telecommuting position with weekly meetings with Fresh Coast management in downtown Chicago. The position is unpaid; preference is for students seeking internship for college credit or to meet graduate program requirements. To apply, please forward a cover letter and resume to on or before May 17, 2014.