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23 March 2014

Chancellor Tom Case 3211 Providence Dr. Anchorage, AK 99508 Dear Mr. Case On February 20th, 2014 I requested permission to study the feasibility of placing a nursing room on campus. I received permission from you to go forward on finding the feasibility of my study and guaranteed that it would be ready for you by May 1st, 2014. I completed my study and outlined it for you in my proposal memo and have also attached my findings for you to go over. I, and I would think, that other mothers at UAA have personally run into the problem of not having a place to go on campus to nurse or pump for our children. Although a lot of children do not come on campus, there is a daycare on campus that some mothers go to. Mothers that nurse their children need a place to pump and store the milk for their babies. Also there is not a sanitary place to pump for nursing mothers. It is very important for a nursing mom to pump every 2-3 hours to maintain a healthy supply for their babies. A nursing room would help the campus normalize and support breast feeding. Lastly there are mothers out there who are not comfortable nursing in public and need a private place to go and, other students are not comfortable seeing a nursing or pumping mother in public. I wanted to pursue this project because I found it very uncomfortable to nurse on campus or pump in the campus bathroom or in the parking lot in my vehicle. My colleagues who have nursed their children also have found it completely uncomfortable for them to nurse or pump on campus. The nursing room would really give pregnant and nursing mothers a great deal of privacy and comfort. A nursing room would also help normalize breastfeeding and its importance around campus. My study suggest that students know the importance of breast feeding and are on board with having a nursing room placed on campus. This information can be found in my demographic research. Thank you for letting me conduct this study. If you have any questions please call me at 907830-9540m or email me at Sincerely, ZJacquilyn Williams

Placing a Nursing Room in UAA


Placing a Nursing Room in UAA. A Feasibility Study English 212: Technical Writing Instructor: Krista Soria April 11th, 2014

Placing a Nursing Room in UAA


In January of 2014, a study was performed to see if it was feasible for UAA to place a nursing room on campus, so that nursing students or faculty could nurse or pump in a clean and private area. This paper examines the feasibility of UAA placing a nursing room on campus. Research includes surveys of local students, analysis of breastfeeding importance, and review of different literature of breastfeeding facts, public breastfeeding reports and breastfeeding importance. It was discovered that the project is feasible depending on the cost of buying the necessities for the nursing room, the number of student interest for the room, and that it wouldnt cost much to use some of the schools funds on the nursing room. Recommendations included talking to more students and faculty about wanting a nursing room.

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Placing a Nursing Room in UAA


On February 20th, 2014 I submitted a proposal requesting permission to research whether it is feasible for the University of Alaska, Anchorage (UAA) to have a nursing room on campus. The objective of this study is to find out if it would be feasible for UAA to place a nursing room on campus, so that mothers who visit, attend or work on campus can have a private and sanitary place to nurse or pump breast milk for their child.

Breastfeeding is very important for a child as is formula. However a lot of women choose to nurse their child. Women choose this option because of the bond between them and their child, its cheaper, helps the child developmentally and many other reasons (Neuland, 2010). I have been researching whether it is feasible for UAA to place a nursing (mothers) room on campus. My research includes secondary and primary research. I have conducted research through the UAA Consortium Library databases to locate six articles that will benefit me in answering whether it is feasible for UAA to place a nursing room on campus. A nursing room on campus would be important for the following reasons.

* UAA does not currently have a nursing room. * A nursing room provides a quiet, private and sanitary place to nurse or pump. * There are people who are not comfortable with mothers publically nursing or pumping.

Placing a Nursing Room in UAA * Not all mothers are comfortable nursing or pumping in public. * Breastfeeding is very healthy for the child and is not normalized like it used to be in the past, having this room would help normalize nursing even if its in a personal room.

There currently are a few nursing rooms in Anchorage located in Toys R Us, Ted Stevens International Airport, Nordstrom, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Providence Hospital and Target has a family room. The minimal amount of nursing rooms also could be due to the fact that Alaska law allows you to breastfeed in any public or private location and is exempt from breastfeeding from public indecency laws.

From my research I found out that a lot of mothers who return to work or school stop breastfeeding by six months because of lack of support and places to nurse (Rettner 2013). Seventy percent of women who leave the hospital nursing their child, by the age of six months only 39% are nursing their child. The CDC says this comes from lack of support, no private place to keep supply up, school and busy work schedules (CDC 2014). Studies also found that 57% of America disapproves breastfeeding in public and 72% of America said it is inappropriate to show a woman breastfeeding on television (American Dietetic Association). 10% of women who work full time breastfeed their child 88.3 % of mothers who have or are receiving a college degree start off nursing, by 6 months 59.9% and by 12 months 19.6% (Womens Health 2011).

The estimated cost of a nursing room is $1,055 and this is for maximum accommodations, so it is very feasible to have a nursing room placed on campus. The money could easily be donated, raised (by mothers or people who support the cause) and funded. This project is also extremely

Placing a Nursing Room in UAA feasible because UAA has half of the materials for the room at hand, chairs, phone, and a spare room.

Placing a Nursing Room in UAA

Research Methods

On March 3rd, 2014, I received permission to go forth with researching my feasibility project. I then launched my secondary research process by looking for peer reviewed published articles and books in the UAA Consortium Librarys online databases. This topic is important because breastfeeding has always been the gold standard for infant feedings (Eglash, 2008).

I began by searching in Academic Search Premier, a database which was only partially useful for me. I searched the terms breastfeeding and found over 10,000 hits. After I narrowed my search to breastfeeding in public and breastfeeding rooms I narrowed my search to 243 hits. After slightly skimming through the 243 sources, I concluded that theyre not as helpful as I would like for my feasibility project.

Next, I decided to try another database, Education Resources Information Center (ERIC). In this database I used the same search criteria as located above, only this time I included breastfeeding in college along with the terms I was searching previously. I found over 46 sources, and the first 15 were a lot more helpful to me than the Academic Search Premier. I also decreased my search by the year of publication, because I wanted very recent documents to validate my claims of a problem and an opportunity. Additionally, I narrowed my search to full-text, peer-reviewed articles again using the ERIC database. With this criteria narrowed, I instantly found sources that fit my topic perfectly. Other research methods consisted of the following things:

Placing a Nursing Room in UAA *I created a 15 question questionnaire in which participants were asked, the importance of a nursing room, location and their thoughts on if it was feasible.

*I distributed my questionnaire and 21 participants took the questionnaire.

*I analyzed the data from the questionnaire and created graphics on the gathered information.

*I reviewed Alaska laws on breastfeeding.

*I found out that another campus in Alaska has a lactation room on their campus.

* Using the UAA/APU Consortium Library, I researched the importance of breastfeeding.

*Using the UAA/APU Consortium Library, I researched why women stop nursing.

*Using the UAA/APU Consortium Library, I researched nursing room cost.

*Using the ERIC I was able to research great sources on breastfeeding in public.

Criteria After review and evaluation of the above referenced questionnaire and research, recommendations were made based on the following criteria:

Placing a Nursing Room in UAA * Would students be interested in a nursing room? * Do students know think a nursing room is a good idea?


* Is there an advantage to having a nursing room on campus?

Placing a Nursing Room in UAA



After cutting down my search criteria, I located three books and two articles that will help. In one of the articles, Daloni (2008) writes that The Baby Friendly Initiative (breastfeeding) has proven its effectiveness, so why is it not more widespread? This claim will assist me with my feasibility research. Additionally, I located one important statistic that will be of good use to my feasibility project: it was recognized in a piece of work for the World Health Organization (WHO) showing that 1.5 million babies were dying each year because they were not being breastfed, she says (Daloni, 2008). This informative statistic shows how important breastfeeding is. Therefore, I will further research this information in more depth to prove the accuracy of Dalonis initial claims. Finally, I found a journal that will really be of help to me: The Journal of Human Lactation. In this journal are about ten articles that deal with the importance of breastfeeding, breastfeeding in public and teenagers/adults breastfeeding. I researched this journal for a better understanding to determine whether there were more resources found inside the journal. Student Interest On the week of March 10th, 2014 21 student took the 15 question questionnaire on the feasibility of placing nursing room on the UAA campus. The questionnaire was to determine if students thought the nursing room was a good idea, if they thought breastfeeding was a good idea, and if they thought UAA should have a nursing room on campus. This is the information I received from the results of the questionnaire: *100% of students think that breastfeeding is important. * 67% of students think there should be a nursing room on campus. * 28% didnt answer or were unsure based on what they knew from the survey.

Placing a Nursing Room in UAA


The purpose of my study was to figure out if it is feasible to have a nursing room in UAA for those mothers who are pregnant, nursing or pumping for their child. Some nursed children attend daycare on campus, and a nursing mother needs a place where she can pump milk for the child or grab their child to nurse them. While other children stay home, with a relative or go to another daycare, for those times the mothers are away they would need to pump and have a cool place to store their milk. UAA currently doesnt have a nursing room and mothers dont have a sanitary or private place to pump or nurse, instead they have to do so on campus in public, in a bathroom or their vehicle. From March 10-23, students enrolled in ENGL 212 were asked to take surveys for an extra credit assignment. Figure 1 below shows the number of male to female parents/nonparents that took the survey in the technical writing course. I can put into consideration that the parents who have children know more of the breastfeeding benefits from their own experiences, because they are taught about breastfeeding the second after their child is born. The chart shows that there are more female parents than male parents in the class.


4 2 8 7 0 1 2 3 4 5 Have Children 6 7 8 9


Don't have children.

Figure 1. The Number of Parents to Non Parents in the Class. This graph shows the total number of students that took the survey (21) 12 of them dont have children while nine of them do. This is important when asking other questions such as is breastfeeding important? Or is it feasible to have a nursing room on campus? Below in the next figure 100% of the class said yes breastfeeding is important, which shows that not only parents agree but so do people who dont

Placing a Nursing Room in UAA even have children. The second figure is the results on the number of student that think breastfeeding is important.


Figure 2 shows the number of females who think breastfeeding is important compared to males who think breastfeeding is important. Out of the 21 people who took the survey, 100% of students believed that breastfeeding being important. This is important because I can say that all of the students feel that the feasibility study is important and I can consider with the more understanding of a nursing rooms usage that more students would find having one just as important. Having a 100% of the answers on the importance of breastfeeding is very appealing to the need of a nursing room. This helps with the feasibility study also because now that I know they know how important breastfeeding a child is, that I can expand on information to help them understand why the nursing room is needed on campus.

All Students




15 0 5 10 no yes 15 20 25

Figure 2. The Number of Students That Think Breastfeeding is Important. The graph shows the number of males that said breastfeeding was important (six) and the number of females that said breastfeeding was important (15). This information is very helpful because what is important to the students of UAA is important to UAA.

Placing a Nursing Room in UAA


Figure 3 suggests 67% of students answered restate, five percent answered restate, 14% percent were undecided and 14% did not answer the question at all. While reading the results I noticed that the students who answered undecided might not have put into consideration the real use of a nursing room, they did all say why would your child be coming to campus? The nursing room is not just for a student to bring their child to nurse, but to pump, to feed your child that may be in the daycare on campus, or a place for a woman to nurse their child when they come to campus to talk to teacher. Over half the class however thinks the nursing room would be beneficial to UAA. Another fact about this graph is four out of six men said yes, one said no and, one out of six was undecided. That left 10/15 of the female results showing yes, two out of 15 were undecided and two out of 15 didn't answer that portion of the survey. This information is very important because it shows not only that the student body would be interested, but it shows that even males think its a good idea. That is great information to show that both males and females think UAA should have a nursing room. Which means that the survey was not sexist and even males think the nursing room is a good idea. The findings are very important because it shows that the project is feasible based on the number of student who think we should have the nursing

Did Not Answer, 3, 14%

Undecided, 3, 14%

No, 1, 5% Yes, 14, 67%

Figure 3. The Percentage of Students That Think UAA Should Have a Nursing Room on Campus. This graph is nice because it shows if the students think UAA should have a nursing

Placing a Nursing Room in UAA


room. As you can see more than half of them said yes (67%), then 3 undecided (2 females, 1 male, 14%), 1 no (male vote 5%) and 3 (all female votes) didnt answer. Conclusion

After reviewing and studying the information gathered from the survey I have come to the following conclusions:

*100% of students that took the survey think breastfeeding is important regardless of if the student had children or not and regardless of the gender of the student.

*Research did show that plenty of nursing rooms have been established and they are not very costly.

*Research also showed that breastfeeding is very important to the child, developmentally, physically and emotionally.

*67% of students who took the questionnaire think that UAA should offer a nursing room to the mothers of the campus.

*Another Campus in Alaska has a nursing room so it is completely feasible for UAA to acquire one also.

Placing a Nursing Room in UAA



Although it appears that it is feasible for UAA to place a nursing room on the campus to have a place where mothers can go to nurse and pump it is recommended that:

* A study be done on the budgeting process for the University.

* That students have a better knowledge of what the nursing/ lactation room is for.

* That if a nursing room were to be built find out how to fund the room, whether it be a fundraiser, donation, campus funded or tuition fees.

* Survey the campus to see its thoughts on a nursing room.

Once these recommendations are considered and put into action there will be no doubt on the feasibility of a nursing room on campus.

Placing a Nursing Room in UAA



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Placing a Nursing Room in UAA


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