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From Fri Apr 7 21:01:24 2006 From: Stephan Ebelt <stephan.ebelt@net-linx.

com> Subject: [Bacula-devel] DVD + packet writing + UDF Hello, is anyone using this approach in production? I do for about a week now. And it appears to be easier to setup and is, in fact, quite media independent. (I actually gave up on trying the growisofs/dvd-handler method - bacula constantly rejected most of my media...) Here is how it works for me (all done with bacula 1.38.5 on FC4 with the udftools package installed): 1. load udf file system support (modprobe udf) 2. create a packet writing device on top of the dvd drive (pktsetup dvd-writer /dev/hdc) 3. format a blank media with UDF file system (mkudffs --media-type=dvd /dev/pktcdvd/dvd-writer), I tried with DVD-RAM, DVD+RW and CD-RW media. All appear to work fine - at different speeds of course. 4. mount the freshly formatted media (mount -t udf /dev/pktcdvd/dvd-writer /mnt/dvd-writer -o noatime). Note that 'noatime' makes the media living longer. 5. configure the SD as it would write to hard disk: Device { Name = DVD-Writer Media Type = DVD ArchiveDevice = /mnt/dvd-writer LabelMedia AutomaticMount RemovableMedia AlwaysOpen } Now the whole thing can be automated further: steps 1, 2 and 5 are one-time system setup. Step 3 would require some logic to determine whether a media really is blank. I guess something the like is already in dvd-handler?. Step 4 should be automatic with 1.39.5+ (with the RequiresMount, MountPoint, MountCommand... etc... options being more general). I havn't tried this yet. I do not know how stable this is yet. I am a bit concerned because I read in a older mail (from Nicolas Boichat, end of 2004) that he considered packet-writing/UDF as not reliable enough at that time. However, the few restores I tried were all successful. Also I can read the DVDs on at least one other computer. Maybe the UDF and pkcdvd code matured in the meantime? I'll leave it running here and keep on testing... = = = = no yes yes no # I want only one Volume per DVD

best regards, Stephan

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