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Home Automation and disability



Abstract This article is aimed at anyone interested in turn your home into a "smart home". Especially, it is dedicated to people with disabilities understand that they can improve their quality of life thanks to the contributions in the field of home automation. Home automation can be considered as a possible solution facilitate the lives of people with disabilities, improving their well-being, increasing their independence and providing greater autonomy.

Home automation
Home automation, more than a luxury, becomes a necessity of time, especially for a large number of persons who it easy to control housing. For people with disabilities, it is a help and even a need to function in every day so independent. New Technologies provide a contribution essential to enabling effective responses that result in older forms of autonomy, and contribute in the process of social, educational and labor integration.

Home automation is the set of systems that automate different housing facilities, helping us in our daily work and improving our quality of life. is a new residency model that integrates all the automation in security, energy management and communications.

This is home autmation

Smart homes, offering various activities like without the need for the resident is present.

Home Automation and disability

Home automation is a great help to people with disabilities or reduced mobility .This is a true revolution in achieving autonomy for these people, as it helps them in much their daily tasks. In the case of people with disabilities as important to them provides home automation control systems are environment whose purpose is to control the elements of the environment. With this control, They can fend for themselves at home with the job without the need for third parties. Home automation allows a person with reduced mobility can turn on and off your appliances by electronic voice controls touchscreens or distance through Internet ; even allows them to emergency calls or activate their alarm services if needed. In cases severe disabilities we can meet mechanisms enabled to get out of bed , shower access , controls for opening doors etc.

The home automation is very useful for any person, but especially those who are disabled. The dometica improves their quality of life, so home automation is not a luxury but a necessity for people with disabilities. The technology has improved the quality of life many people.