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(Democratic or Republican) Party of the (name of municipality or county) are elected to represent the party member of their election districts in affairs of the party; and Whereas, the principle of representative democracy serves to enhance party membership growth and participation by insuring a fair connection between party members [and party leaders] and ma or party decisions; It shall be the principle of the (name of municipality or county) (Democratic or Republican) Party that the election of party leaders and the decisions on ma or party matters shall be by vote of the committee members elected or, in case of vacancies, appointed to represent their respective election districts! Article One V!tin" Decisions of matters specified in "rticles two and three of this #onstitution shall be by secret ballot for both county and municipal parties and for county parties by use of a voting machine(s) of the $ind provided for Primary and general elections! "ll such voting shall occur at meetings properly noticed by written communication to all committee members sent by the deadlines prescribed by state statute or party by%laws as appropriate, and shall be reserved e&clusively to duly elected and appointed committee members present at said meetings! Article T#! Electi!n !$ O$$icers 'he #hair and (ice%#hair of the Party shall be elected pursuant to "rticle )ne by the vote of the party committee members at the reorgani*ation meeting of the Party at the time and in accordance with the notice procedures and other stipulations of 'itle +, of the -ew .ersey /tatutes! .ust as in presidential elections where people the President and (ice%President run together and people cast one vote for the tic$et, #hair and (ice%#hair candidates will run together and party committee members shall cast one vote! 0or 1unicipal parties, on the first 1onday following the Primary election at which party committee members are elected and for county parties, on the first 'uesday after the Primary election at which party committee members are elected Article Three En%!rse&ent !$ Part' 2ndorsement of candidates for the Primary election shall be by voting as prescribed in "rticle )ne! 2ndorsement shall be open to all registered Party members who submit to the +

/ecretary of the Party their resumes and reasonable administrative fees by the deadline prescribed in the by%laws of the Party! "ll committee members shall be provided with copies of 3ualified candidates4 resumes prior to the committee meeting at which consideration and voting upon candidates for endorsement shall be held! #andidates for endorsement shall be given a reasonable amount of time to present themselves and their position at a meeting of the party committee and committee members shall be given a reasonable amount of time to 3uestion candidates for party endorsement at said meeting! 'he above time frames, the percentage of #ommittee members4 votes re3uired for endorsement and any other related procedural matter shall be specified in the Party by%laws! 'he county party is re3uired to give the county party line for all municipal elected offices sub ect to primaries to the choice of the municipal party, as long as that choice is made in accordance with the municipal party constitution and by% laws!

Article F!(r Part' Plat$!r& 'he #hair of the Party shall appoint three or more committee members to be members of a Platform #ommittee and shall designate the #hair of the #ommittee! 'he Platform #ommittee shall hold one or more duly noticed platform hearings, open to all Party members of the (municipality or county) in accordance with procedures set forth in the Party by%laws! " draft Party Platform shall be provided to all elected and appointed party committee members at least 56 days in advance of a meeting of the party committee members called for the endorsement of Party candidates! 'he Party Platform shall be adopted at the meeting called for endorsement of Party candidates by and pursuant to rules for amendment of the draft Party Platform set forth in the Party by%laws!

Article Fi)e Part' *(%"et 'he #hair or his7her designee shall prepare a draft budget for Party 0undraising and e&penditures! /aid budget shall set forth the ranges of amounts to be allocated to party building and for the election of individual party endorsed candidates! 'he budget must be made available to any party committee member who re3uests a copy!

Article + A&en%&ents "ny proposed amendments to the #onstitution will re3uire a 869 vote of the party committee members through voting procedures spelled out in the by%laws!



Secti!n ./ Electe% Me&0ershi1 'he (#ounty71unicipal) #ommittee shall be composed of one male and one female member elected per district in each ward of the (1unicipality7#ounty) at the annual Primary 2lection by the (Democratic7Republican) voters of each election district of the county and municipality! 2ach member must be a duly registered (Political Party) who resides in that election district of (1unicipality) pursuant to the 3ualifications for voting and holding a Partisan Party #ommittee seat under the laws of the /tate of -ew .ersey

Secti!n 2/ Ter&s !$ O$$ice Pursuant to statute, the members of the 1unicipal and #ounty #ommittees shall ta$e office for a one year term, commencing on the first /aturday following their election, on which day the terms of all committee theretofore elected shall terminate!

Secti!n 3/ Fillin" !$ Vacancies " vacancy in the office of a member of the #ounty71unicipal #ommittee shall be filled by the 1unicipal #ommittee of the municipality wherein the vacancy occurs in accordance with applicable -ew .ersey /tate /tatutes and these by%laws! 'he vote on the vacancy shall be by secret ballot and shall occur at the ne&t succeeding 1unicipal #ommittee meeting occurring +6 days after the vacancy! ;ritten notice of the vacancy shall be provided to all 1unicipal #ommittee members within three days of its vacancy!

Secti!n 4/ H!n!rar' Me&0ers 'he following elected or appointed (Democratic7Republican) residents of (1unicipality) shall be honorary members of the municipal committee, with all the rights and privileges of membership, e&cepting the right to vote and unless otherwise provided for in these <ylaws= 5

a! 'he (Democratic7Republican) #ommittee -ational, /tate and #ounty #ommitteemen and #ommitteewomen; b! 'he #hairpersons of all standing committees as defined in "rticle (>>>, /ection > of these <y%laws; c! "ll (Democratic7Republican) elected officials within the 1unicipality7#ounty -othing therein, however shall be interpreted to deny the right to vote to such elected or appointed official, who also is a duly elected member of the 1unicipal #ommittee!

ARTICLE II OFFICERS Secti!n ./ 5(ali$icati!n !$ O$$icers "ny (Democratic7Republican), male or female, shall be eligible to hold any office, whether or not he or she is a member of this (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee, however, the #hair and the 0irst (ice%#hair shall be individuals of the opposite se&, and all officers are eligible to serve so long as they are registered (Democrat7Republican) who are age +? or older and legal residents of the (1unicipality7#ounty) for the duration of the term in office!

Secti!n 2/ Electi!n !$ the Chair6 Vice,Chairs6 Rec!r%in" Secretar'6 C!rres1!n%in" Secretar'6 Ser"eant,at,Ar&s6 an% Treas(rer 'he #hair and the (ice #hair shall be elected at the organi*ation meeting of the 1unicipal #ommittee at the beginning of each term, as provided by /tate law! >ndividually these persons are officers of the (1unicipality) (Democratic7Republican) Party! 'he #hair can if he7she so decides appoint other officers including, a Recording /ecretary and7or #orresponding /ecretary, /ergeant%at%"rms, and 'reasurer! #ollectively they shall be $nown as the 2&ecutive #ommittee!

Secti!n 3/Ter&s !$ O$$ice 'he #hair and (ice%#hair shall hold office for the full term or until their successors is duly elected by the committee body! >f at any time the #hair is no longer a bona fide resident of the (1unicipality7#ounty) he or she will automatically forfeit the office and the entire committee as a whole of the municipal committee will be convened for the purposes of voting to fill the vacancy. >f the (ice%#hair is no longer a bona fide resident of the 1unicipality7#ounty the #hair will either appoint a replacement or the office can stay vacant until the ne&t #hair election!

Secti!n 4/N!&inati!n $!r O$$icers @

#andidates for #hair shall be nominated by any elected member of the (Democratic7Republican) 1unicipal #ommittee!

Secti!n 7/ Meth!% !$ Electi!n a! >f there is no contest for #hair, election shall be held by voice vote; b! >f there is a contest for any office, election for that office shall be by secret ballot of the whole 1unicipal #ommittee in accordance with "rticle )ne of this (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee #onstitution! c! 'he candidate receiving a simple ma ority of the vote of those members of the #ommittee present and voting shall be the holder of the particular office! >n the event that no candidate achieves a simple ma ority of the vote, there will be a subse3uent vote between the top two vote getters to settle the vote, but in any case there shall be an opportunity for election speeches by the top two candidates before the vote!

ARTICLE III -UTIES OF OFFICERS Secti!n ./ Chair 'he #hair /hall= a! Preside at all meetings of the (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee and of the 2&ecutive #ommittee; b! "ppoint the chair of all standing committees and be responsible to the (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee for the faithful performance of their duties; c! /erve as a member e& officio of all standing committees; d! 0aithfully e&ecute the decisions of the 1unicipal7#ounty #ommittee; e! /hall authori*e all e&penditures prior to payment by the 'reasure of the Disbursements of the (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee; f! Prepare an annual draft budget for each fiscal year (.uly + to .une 56) by 1ay +A, before the Primary election! 'he draft budget shall be sent to all (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee members together with and at the same time as the vote of the (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee!

Secti!n 2/ Vice Chair8 'he (ice%#hair shall= A

a! "ssist the #hair and the performance of the #hair4s duties; b! >n the absence of the #hair, preside at meetings of the 1unicipal #ommittee or of the 2&ecutive #ommittee; c! Perform such other duties as re3uested by the #hair d! >n the event of a vacancy in the office of the #hair, the 0irst vice #hair shall assume said office until such time as the (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee is called to a meeting to seat a new chair no later than thirty (56) days of such vacancy!

Secti!n 3/ Rec!r%in" Secretar' 9)ptional)= 'he Recording /ecretary shall= a! Beep full and correct minutes of the proceedings of the (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee and of the 2&ecutive #ommittee; b! Beep a complete roster of all members o the (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee and of all (1unicipal7#ounty) /tanding #ommittee #hairs c! >n the absence of the #hair, (ice%#hairs, and the 'reasurer, preside at meetings of the 1unicipal #ommittee or of the 2&ecutive #ommittee! d! Perform such other duties as re3uested by the #hair!

Secti!n 4/ C!rres1!n%in" Secretar' 9)ptional)= 'he #orresponding /ecretary shall= a! "ttend to all matters of correspondence as may be directed by the #hair, the 2&ecutive #ommittee or the (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee; b! Prepare and mail notices of all meetings of the (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee and of the 2&ecutive #ommittee; c! Perform such other duties as re3uested by the #hair

Secti!n :/Treas(rer 9)ptional)= 'he 'reasurer shall= a! Deposit all funds received (from his or her custody) and in such ban as the #hair nay designate b! Beep full and complete account of all monies received and disbursed by him or her; 8

c! Prepare and file such financial statements and reports as may be re3uired of and by the (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee by law, including but not limited to the -ew .ersey 2lection Caw 2nforcement #ommission reports, and that these reports shall be made available for inspection! d! "ct e& officio as a member of the 0inance #ommittee! e! >n the absence of the #hair and the (ice%#hairs, preside at a meeting of the 1unicipal #ommittee or the 2&ecutive #ommittee f! Perform such other duties as re3uested by the #hair g! 'he 'reasurer shall be charged with the responsibility of preparing and ma$ing available to any elected #ommittee member who so desires a copy of the 'reasurer4s last report to the 2&ecutive #ommittee

Secti!n +/ Ser"eant,at,Ar&s ()ptional)= 'he /ergeant%at%"rms shall= a! "ssist the #hair in maintaining order at all meetings!

Secti!n 7/ A%%iti!nal -(ties >n addition to the above%enumerated duties, each officer shall perform such other function as may be re3uired of him or her by= a! 'hese <y%Caws; b! 'he /tatutes and regulations of the /tate of -ew .ersey c! 'he (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee; and


Secti!n ./ Stan%in" c!&&ittees >n addition to the Platform #ommittee which is re3uired by the #onstitution, there may be the following standing committees of the (Democratic7Republican) 1unicipal #ommittee, which will be established as needed and at the discretion of the #hair= a! Rules, Resolutions and <y%Caws D

b! 0inance

Secti!n 2/ Re&!)al $r!& C!&&ittee " (acancy in the chair or membership of any of the above /tanding #ommittees may be declared by a simple ma ority of those present at a special meeting of the (Democratic7Republican) 1unicipal #ommittee for the following reasons= a! 'hat member4s moving out of the municipality; or b! 'hat member4s non%performance of his duties on the committee or resignation; failing to attend three (5) consecutive meetings of the committee, without good cause or valid prior notification and e&cuse shall constitute a failure to meet the minimum level of attendance and shall constitute automatic resignation from the committee; or ! Secti!n 3/-(ties !$ the C!&&ittee

Re;(ire% C!&&ittee a! Platform #ommittee, which shall prepare the (1unicipal7#ounty) (Democratic7Republican) Platform for all 1unicipal, #ounty, and /tate Cegislative election campaigns for presentation and recommendation to the #hair and 1unicipal7#ounty #ommittee, to hold hearings thereon annually and to solicit the view of all candidates, elected officials and others within the (Democratic7Republican) party

O1ti!nal C!&&ittees b! Rules, Regulation and <y%Caws #ommittee, which shall consider and report to the #hair and (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee on all 3uestions of law, procedure, resolution or proposed amendments to these <y%Caws c! 0inance #ommittee, which shall arrange and conduct all fundraising events and functions, turning such funds over to the 'reasurer who shall deposit said funds into the committee4s official ban$ account in accordance with these by%laws!

Secti!n 4/ S1ecial C!&&ittees 'he #hair from time to time may appoint such /pecial #ommittees, for specific purposes and for such terms, as he7she may deem advisable! ?

Secti!n :/ Re1!rts !$ C!&&ittees "ll committees shall report at such times as re3uested to do so by the #hair!


Secti!n ./ Or"ani<ati!n Meetin"s 'he "nnual organi*ation meeting of the #ounty #ommittee shall be held every year on the (for 1unicipal #ommittees) first 1onday after the Primary 2lection, or (for #ounty #ommittees) the first 'uesday after every Primary 2lection at EEEE of said day, in a place to be designated by the #hair in the call for the meeting!

Secti!n 2/ S1ecial Meetin"s /pecial meetings may be held at any time upon the call of the #hair, or upon the written re3uest of thirty (56) percent of the members of the #ommittee addressed to the #hair in the call for the meeting! "ll special meeting notices must be made to all #ommittee members with at least fourteen (+@) days written notice [and a subse3uent seven (D) day reminder!] 'he #hair shall determine those instances in which a telephonic meeting of the 2&ecutive #ommittee may be held in lieu of a meeting in person, provided, however, that upon application of two%thirds (:75) or more members of the 2&ecutive #ommittee, an in person meeting shall be held instead! 'he Recording /ecretary will maintain minutes of all 2&ecutive #ommittee meetings!

Secti!n 3/ 5(!r(& 0ifty (A6) percent of the elected and sitting members of the #ommittee plus (+), which e&cludes vacancies, shall constitute a 3uorum for the transaction of business of the #ommittee!

Secti!n 4/ N!tice !$ Meetin"s ;ritten notices of meetings setting forth the place, date, hour and agenda of meetings shall be mailed and emailed by the Recording or #orresponding /ecretary to all members as follows= a! )rgani*ation 1eetings= "s soon as practicable after the Primary 2lection but in any case not later than two days after the Primary 2lection b! )ther 1eetings of the #ommittee (not including special meetings which shall be noticed in accordance with section : of "rt! ( +6 days in advance of the meeting ,

c! /ubcommittee 1eetings= "ll subcommittee members must be given at least fourteen (+@) days prior notice of a meeting by official F!/! mail and by email or by facsimile!

ARTICLE VI OR-ER OF *USINESS Secti!n ./ Call t! Or%er "t the hour set in the call for the meeting, if a 3uorum is present, the #hair shall call the meeting of the #ommittee to order!

Secti!n 2 Or"ani<ati!n Meetin" "t the organi*ation meeting of the #ommittee, called as provided by statutes, the order of business shall be as follows= a! /alute to the flag b! "doption of #onstitutions and <y%Caws unless previously adopted c! -omination of #hairs from the floor d! 2lection of #hairs e! )ther <usiness

Secti!n 3/ Other *(siness "t all other meetings of the #ommittee, the order of business shall be as follows= a! /alute to the flag b! #onsideration of minutes of previous meeting c! Reports of officers d! Reports of /tanding #ommittees e! Reports of /pecial #ommittees f! "ction on any motions agendi*ed for a vote g! Fnfinished business, if any h! -ew business, if any


Secti!n 4/ R(les !$ Or%er Fnless otherwise provided for in these <y%laws or by statute, all business shall be governed by Robert4s Rules of )rder, -ewly Revised


Secti!n ./ E$$ecti)e -ates Fnless otherwise provided for in these <y%laws or by statute, all business shall be governed by Robert4s Rules of )rder, -ewly Revised

Secti!n 2/ S(0&issi!n !$ A&en%&ents "ny proposed amendment to these <y%laws must be submitted by a member of the (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee in writing to the (1unicipal7#ounty) #hair at least forty%five (@A) days prior to the date of the meeting at which said amendment is to be considered! 'he #hair shall provide written notice and a copy of the proposed amendments by F!/! mail and email to the entire (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee membership. #onstitutional amendments cannot be considered during the candidate endorsement process whether that is for a regularly scheduled primary, to fill a vacancy, or to ma$e recommendations on filling vacancies!

Secti!n 2a/ Re$erral t! C!&&ittee 'he #hair, upon receipt of such proposed amendment, shall immediately submit it to the #ommittee on Rules, Resolution and <y%Caws for study and recommendation, if the county or municipal party has such a committee. 'he recommendations, if any, of said committee shall be made in writing to the (1unicipal7#ounty) #hair within fifteen (+A) days of the #hair4s receipt of the submission referred to in section :, "rt! (>>!

Secti!n 3/ N!tices 'he proposed amendment shall be considered by the elected (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee members only after the complete te&t of the proposed amendment, the #ommittee on Rules Resolution and <y%laws recommendation, and the affected e&isting <y%law section are included in a meeting notice provided at least +6 days prior to the meeting at which the by%law amendments are agendi*ed for discussion and a vote and only after the proposed amendment is read aloud and distributed in writing at a previous committee meeting!


Secti!n 4/ A%!1ti!n " by%laws amendment shall be adopted by a A+9 vote of the elected members of the (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee present and voting at the meeting for which a vote agendi*ed! " constitutional amendment shall be adopted by a 869 vote which cannot be held during the candidate endorsement process as specifically spelled out in /ection :! ARTICLE VIII COMMITTEE VOTING ON CAN-I-ATE EN-ORSEMENTS

Secti!n ./ P(r1!se an% O0=ecti)es, E&1!#er&ent !$ C!&&ittee Me&0ers 'he Purpose of these by%laws is to establish and maintain fundamental participatory democracy as the foundation for a strong (1unicipal7#ounty) (Democratic7Republican) )rgani*ation and, specifically, to empower the duly elected committee members by endowing each with an e3ual vote in selecting candidates for endorsement for elective office!

Secti!n 2/ Pr!ce%(re a. Candidates +! "t least one hundred%twenty (+:6) days prior to the Primary 2lection for the General 2lection in each year an office specified above shall be up for election, the /ecretary of the )rgani*ation shall place a notice or press release in a newspaper of general circulation in the (1unicipality7#ounty) which shall solicit for consideration any person wishing to see$ the endorsement by the (1unicipal7#ounty) (Democratic7Republican) Party for election to office :! "ny person wishing to place his7her name before the organi*ation for consideration for said office shall, at least ninety (,6) days prior to the Primary 2lection i! /ubmit sufficient copies of his/her resume so that each party committee member can be sent one setting forth the person4s 3ualifications for elective office in general and for the office specifically desired! ('he resume shall include the prospective candidate4s name, home address, home phone number, occupation, business address and business phone number and shall not e&ceed two pages%front and bac$ on each)! ii! " non%refundable application fee to cover to the organi*ation4s e&penses in mailing copies of the resumes to each #ommittee 1ember, 1unicipal #hairperson and (ice%#hairperson! 'he amount of the fee shall be established each year and set forth in the notice or press release prescribed in /ection 5 (") (+) above! >n no event may the fee e&ceed mailing costs! iii! " petition signed by :66 registered (Democrats 7Republicans) who are residents of the #ounty or for a municipal office A6 registered +:

(Democrats7Republicans) who are residents of the 1unicipality in support of said person running for the office with a Cegislative or #ongressional district partially within the (1unicipality7#ounty) , the number of signatures shall be reduced by the percentage of registered (Democrats7Republicans) within the district who are not residents of the (1unicipality7#ounty) 5! "fter receipt of the re3uisite resumes, certified chec$s, and petitions and least eighty (?6) days before the Primary 2lection, the Party4s /ecretary shall mail a copy of each 3ualifying prospective candidate4s resume to every (1unicipal7 #ounty) #ommittee member, #hair, and (ice%#hair! 2ach such prospective candidate, upon fulfilling the obligations, may appear at (1unicipal7#ounty) committee meetings, held for the purpose of candidate review, in an effort to promote his7her candidacy! b. Convention- Selection and Endorsement of Candidates +! "t least si&ty (86) days before the Primary 2lection, which date is not later than si& days prior to the date established by law for the filing of petitions with the #ounty #ler$ for a person see$ing elective office, the Party shall hold a #onvention! i! 'en (+6) days prior to the #onvention, a written notice shall be mailed to each (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee 1ember, (1unicipal7#ounty) #hair, (ice%#hair and to each prospective candidate 3ualifying for consideration by the organi*ation! 'he notice shall specify the date, time and place of the #onvention as well as the candidates and offices under consideration! ii! 'he #onvention shall be open to all registered (Democrats7Republicans) of the (1unicipality7#ounty) who wish to participate in the convention, with seating reserved for (1unicipal7#ounty) #ommittee members, (1unicipal7#ounty) #hairs, (ice%#hairs, and the (1unicipal7#ounty) 2&ecutive #ommittee! iii! "t the #onvention, the )rgani*ation shall select the candidate(s) to be endorsed by the Party in the Primary 2lection! iv! Prior to the selection itself, each prospective candidate for endorsement by the Party shall be permitted five (A) minutes to spea$ before those assembled at the #onvention! -o nominating or seconding speeches shall be permitted! "fter all the 3ualified candidates for each elective office have spo$en, the Party shall conduct a 3uestion and answer period at which time only #ommittee members shall be permitted to as$ 3uestions of and receive responses from the 3ualified candidates! >t shall be in the discretion of the #hair of the (1unicipal7#ounty) Party to determine the length of time for 3uestion and answer periods! v! 0ollowing the speeches and 3uestion and answer periods, the selection shall be held by secret ballot using voting machines! )nly #ommittee +5

members who were elected or who were appointed by EEEEEE and who display valid identification shall be permitted to vote! >n the event of a selection of candidates for endorsement for the office of F!/! Representative, /tate /enator, and7or "ssembly Representatives, only those #ommittee members living in the respective legislative district may vote for these candidates! >f more than two candidates see$ the endorsement by the Party for a single office, a vote of fifty (A6) percent of those voters present at the #onvention plus one shall be necessary to win the endorsement by the Party! >f after any such balloting no candidate shall receive the re3uisite number of votes, than the candidate(s) receiving less than twenty (:6) percent of the total vote shall be removed from the ballot and another balloting shall ta$e place immediately! >f, however, there are three candidates running for the )rgani*ation4s endorsement for a single office and none receives the re3uisite number of votes to win then the candidate receiving the fewest votes shall be removed from the ballot and another balloting shall ta$e place immediately! >n the event that there are more than three candidates and on the first ballot and none of the candidates receive at least twenty percent of the vote, then all but the top three vote%getters shall be dropped and the balloting shall continue as prescribed herein! 'hese procedures shall continue until a candidate receives the re3uisite number of votes! >f only one person see$s endorsement by the Party for a single office, the selection may be by acclamation at the discretion of the #hair of the Party! :! 2ach candidate achieving the endorsement of the #ommittee members shall receive the Party4s support for the forthcoming Primary 2lection! Regardless of whether he or she has the endorsement of the Party in the Primary, the candidate who wins the Primary election for each elective office shall have the endorsement and support of the (1unicipal7 #ounty) Party in the general election! 5! >n the event of a special election or other re3uirements to fill public office vacancies such as when the municipal party is re3uired to recommend 5 people for vacant #ouncil positions, a candidate selection7endorsement7recommendation process shall be established and published by the #hair of the (1unicipal7#ounty) Party that adheres to the secret ballot rules specified in this constitution and by% laws and that adheres as closely as possible to the remaining by%law re3uirements while providing the fle&ibility to adapt to timelines and other statutory re3uirements for filling the specific public office vacancy being addressed!