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Prospective Members’ Gathering, November 8 — page 11

October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Number 606

Rick Recht — Monday, November 16

Temple is delighted to welcome one of the 125 concerts each year from coast to
best‐known contemporary Jewish coast. Recht’s musical contributions mark
musicians, Rick Recht, to El Paso. He will the birth of a unique blend of pop, radio‐
perform at Temple on Monday, November friendly music in Hebrew and English
16, at 7 pm. based on Jewish text and themes of social
Recht’s high‐energy, interactive family responsibility. Recht is known for his
concert will appeal to all ages and powerful, interactive performances that
have earned him a strong, loyal national
features a lot of singing, clapping and
fan base of all ages. Recht has become an
jumping from the audience. He will
icon for Jewish youth in the United States,
feature hit songs from his newly released
elevating the medium of Jewish music as
live album Rick Recht Band Alive: The
a powerful and effective tool for
Hope. School‐age kids from the El Paso
developing Jewish pride and identity
Jewish community, our adult choir, and
among the masses.
other local talent will join Rick on stage.
The concert is free and open to the public. We look forward to seeing you on
November 16 at 7 pm!
“One of the things I love about Jewish
music is that you can bring together little
kids, teens, their parents and their
grandparents in the same setting and
create a type of musical magic that excites
everyone all at once,” said Rick Recht. “I
look at these community gatherings as an
incredible opportunity to get inside each
and every person and help them to get
loose, open up and connect with each
other in a really positive, Jewish way.”
Rick Recht is the top‐touring performer in
Jewish music today, staging more than Rick Recht. Photo, Suzy Gorman, St. Louis, MO.
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 2 Messages from the Mountain

Worship Schedule
November 6-7 November 27-28
Parashat Vayera Parashat Vayetzei
Friday, November 6 Friday, November 27
Candlelighting, 4:55 pm Candlelighting, 4:44 pm
Oneg Shabbat, 5:45 pm Oneg Shabbat, 5:45 pm
Family Shabbat Service, 6:15 pm Kabbalat Shabbat Service, 6:15 pm
With participation from Noar
Saturday, November 28
Saturday, November 7 Torah Study, 9:30 am
Torah Study, 9:30 am Shabbat Morning Service, 10:30 am
Shabbat Morning Service, 10:30 am

December 4-5
November 13-14 Parashat Vayishlach
Parashat Chayei Sara Friday, December 4
Friday, November 13 Candlelighting, 4:44 pm
Candlelighting, 4:50 pm Oneg Shabbat, 5:45 pm
B’nai Shabbat Service, 5:15 pm Family Shabbat Service, 6:15 pm
Oneg Shabbat, 5:45 pm Camp Shabbat,
Kabbalat Shabbat Service, 6:15 pm with participation from mini-MSTY
A Blessing for our New Members
Saturday, December 5
Saturday, November 14 Torah Study, 9:30 am
Torah Study, 9:30 am Shabbat Morning Service, 10:30 am
Shabbat Morning Service, 10:30 am
A Charter for Compassion December 11-12
Parashat Vayishlach
Friday, December 11
November 20-21 Candlelighting, 4:45 pm
Parashat Toldot Oneg Shabbat, 5:45 pm
Friday, November 20 Kabbalat Shabbat Service, 6:15 pm
Candlelighting, 4:47 pm WRJ Chanukah Dinner to follow
Oneg Shabbat, 5:45 pm
Kabbalat Shabbat Service, 6:15 pm Saturday, December 12
Torah Study, 9:30 am
Saturday, November 21 Shabbat Morning Service, 10:30 am
Torah Study, 9:30 am
Shabbat Morning Service, 10:30 am
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 3 Messages from the Mountain

From the Rabbi’s Study...

Each year at this time I think about my teacher, Dr. following, congregations of many different faiths will
Jacob Rader Marcus, who died on November 14, 1995. join together to explore what their religious teachings
I had the privilege of learning American Jewish have to say about it.
History from him, part of a chain of rabbinical
students who did so stretching back for many
decades. When Dr. Marcus died at the age of 99,
American Jewish historians lost their “dean,” and my
seminary community lost a link to its earliest days.
There’s a story they tell about Marcus that I find
particularly moving. It’s recounted in the book,
Telling Tales out of School, a series of reminiscences
by HUC‐JIR alumni. It seems that, on a 1956 petition
related to the burgeoning Civil Rights movement, I love the idea, and my instinct upon learning of it was
“most of the faculty added their signatures to the to ask, “Who’s behind it? “What Jewish organizations
statement — but not until they had carefully have signed on? Is it ‘kosher’?” Then I asked myself,
scrutinized the other signatures.” WWJRMD: What Would Jacob Rader Marcus Do? Is the
cause just? Can anything bad really come of devoting a
sermon to the idea that hen, hesed and rachamim
There was one notable exception. Dr. Jacob R. (“grace, kindness, and compassion”) are good things,
Marcus was, if memory does not mislead, on his and are central to our faith and other faiths, too? Do I
way from a class when he was asked if he would really need to know if my colleagues are on board
sign the anti‐segregationist statement. “Tell me before I decide to spend a morning focused on the
what it says,” and he listened patiently as it was Charter for Compassion?
read to him. “Yes, I’ll sign that,” he said — and did
And so, I invite you to join me on November 14 (Dr.
so at once, on the back of the document, since
Marcus’s fourteenth yahrzeit, by the Gregorian
room was lacking elsewhere. It was only after he
calendar) for a morning devoted to compassion. At
scribbled his signature that he paused to read the
our Shabbat Morning Torah Study (9:30 am) and at
other names (Telling Tales, p. 118).
our Shabbat Morning Service (10:30 am), we’ll
When I’m asked to embrace a cause or lend my name explore the charter, and our own tradition’s teachings
to a letter or petition, I try to keep Dr. Marcus’s on the theme.
example in mind. It’s easy to jump into line behind
Marcus taught us that American Jewry, knowing
this group or that group, to put my name on a list after
freedom and acceptance unprecedented in our
many others have done so. It’s harder — much harder
people’s history, was able to live out an open and
— to evaluate a cause solely on its own merits, and
tolerant Judaism in ways our ancestors in harsher
say “yes,” come what may.
political climates could not even imagine. How fitting
This story came to mind when I was forwarded a link to spend his yahrzeit learning about compassion and
to a project called the Charter for Compassion love.
( On November 12,
Rabbi Bach
the “charter” will be revealed, and on the Sabbath
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 4 Messages from the Mountain

October Birthdays
October 1 October 8 October 15 October 21 October 26
Marian Given Katelyn Ivey Marion Garmel Meredith Heins Mona Goldberg
Charley Tennen Mark Peyton Allison Given Hayley Nadler Gil Kimmelman
Andrew Rosen Howard Goldberg * Sandra Nadler Mildred Marcus
October 2 Richard Scherotter Elliot Rotwein Lettie Velasco
Madeline Bass October 10
Erin Ley Stephen Feinberg * October 16 October 22 October 27
Lee Nadler Sheldon Gopin Frances Fleischer Wendy Axelrod Hannah Blumenfeld
Ellen Nazarian * Cory Bargemann Elisa Gluck
October 3 October 11 Lori Shapiro Tom Goldfarb Sallie Gulbas
E. Lee Rosenthal Daniel Blumenfeld * Nanci Maddux Jacob Horn
Joani Schonberg * October 17 Seth Krasne
October 4 Lisa Nadler October 23
Angela Feldt October 12 Ruth Robinson Andrew Goldberg October 28
Al Bleiberg Dr. David Schecter * Sydney Goldberg Cynthia Bass
October 5 Christine Ponsford George Lippman * Benjamin Levin
Raquel Aldama Lee Schwartz * October 18 Beverly Litt Jenny Meyer *
William Burman Megan Harris * James Schwartz
Joan Cherno October 13 Steven Miner October 24
Nancy Heydemann Karen Herman Jeanne Moye October 29
Michelle Tennen Anne Hollander October 19 Ben Marcus
Harriet Geller October 25
October 6 October 14 Shelly Mansfield * Halle Lauterbach October 30
Susan Jaffee Tom Given Sara Mansfield * Darilyn Blumenfeld
Robert May October 20 Ethan Reiter Eric Colvard
October 7 Susan Weiss * Ben Bellman * Susan Simon Ashley Eger
Jay Druxman Vivian Blaugrund Janna Wallen David Wolfe
Jon Sonnen Michael Jaffee
David Velasco * October 31
Joan Eftis
Bruce Gopin

October Anniversaries
October 1 October 18 October 31
Roberto & Reyna Assael David & Laura Cohen Scott & Mandy Blumenfeld
Chet & Jan Frame
October 3 Steve Rosenberg & Chloe Perkins‐
Michael & Hilary Benjamin * Rosenberg
Debbi & Miguel Trejo
October 5 David & Tina Wolfe
David & Shelly Mansfield
October 24
October 17 Bob & Melanie Blumenfeld
Dick & Jean Scherotter * Tibor & Ann Schaechner *
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 5 Messages from the Mountain

November Birthdays
November 1 November 5 November 10 November 15 November 22
Larry Bach Leor Goldstein Lauren Blumenfeld Margie Landau Corey Fruithandler
Ralph Garcia * Lorraine Holaschutz Laura Brannon‐ Phillip Lauterbach John Shecter
Manuel Schydlower Richard Krasne Rosales Myrtle Rubin *
Leah Levy * Iris Burnham Stuart Schwartz * November 23
November 2 Ronald Marcus Channah Kimmelman
Patricia Belbel * Meredith Rotwein * November 11 November 16
Rona Dictor Scott Stein Daniel Metrikin Adam Frank November 25
Alyssa Goldman Erin Schrier Maria Klein
Brian Karch November 6 Richard Zehden November 18
Carina Ramirez * Bryan Schonberg Chantal Assael November 26
Shelby Robalin November 12 Jay Gladstein * Marcia Dahlberg
November 7 Elise Ehrlich Nicole Assael
November 3 Cliff Eisenberg Dana Frank Novermber 28
Jordyn McCoy Liza Karch November 19 Jewel Reinhardt
Cindy Metrikin November 8 Mark Post Jo Burman Albert Schwartz *
Erin Reiter Macy Gluck Charles Yates Jackson Burton
Roberto Assael Buddy Schwartz November 29
November 4 November 13 Michelle Assael
Or Belkin November 9 David Karp November 20 David Kern *
Keith Myers A. Bert Blackburn Benjamin Colvard Douglas Schwartz
Teri Rosen Sylvia Delgado November 14 Harrison Gaman *
Scott Feldt Frances Lerner Deborah Robalin November 30
Aaron Goldfarb Kris Mickenberg Ada Marcus
Mia Papa * November 21
Rochelle Saks * John Eger
Henry Geller

November Anniversaries
November 1 November 12 November 22
Abe & Annette Goldberg Douglas & Emma Schwartz Tricia & Chris Holderman
Howard & Mona Goldberg Charles & Carmen Yates
Mark & Joyce Post November 23
November 14 Monica & Carlos Escobar *
November 6 Fifi Heller‐Kaim & Boris Kaim *
Chantal Assael & Carlos Fernandez * November 25
November 15 Hy & Marilyn Silverstein
November 7 Leon & Judy Feldt
Ed & Jacqui Babenco November 27
Steven & Ellen Wilson November 17 Henry & Harriet Geller
Manny & Laura Corral * David & Jeryl Marcus
November 8 Bob & Elaine Prensky
Paul & Ellen Gulbas November 18 Jon & Tobi Purvin
John & Nicki Meehan
November 10 November 28
Alan & Rebecca Krasne Eddie & Susie Goldman
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 6 Messages from the Mountain

Hamakom Y’nachem—May God Bring Comfort...

to friends and family on the death of Harold Soule.
to Ellen Wilson on the death of her aunt, Miriam Cooper.
to Karl Friedman on the death of his wife, Jane.

Mazel Tov! Congratulations...

to parents Carry Jacobson Couch and Charles Couch, grandmother Ruth Ellen Jacobson, and
great‐grandmother Mildred Marcus on the birth of Stella Jordan Couch.
to grandparents Marty and Bonnie Colton on the Bat Mitzvah of Raychel Delaney.
to parents Scott and Maghy Katz, and grandparents Richard and Bonnie Katz and Harrell and
Louise Rice, on the birth of Andrew Josh Katz on September 8.
to Chantal Assael and Carlos Fernandez, parents, Roberto and Reyna Assael, grandparents, and
Nicole Assael and Michelle Assael, aunts, on the birth of Chantal Fernandez.
to Julian Horwitz on the birth of his granddaughter, Ma’Ayan, parents are Russell and Helene
Horwitz. And the marriage of his son, Lawrence to Courtney Reed on September 13, 2009 in
Staten Island, New York. Julian is the grandparent.

Welcome New Members!

Roberto and Reyna Assael and their daughter, Nicole
We also welcome, and turn the spotlight on new member Sue Feldblum. The mother of Rabbi
Larry Bach, Sue grew up on Long Island and lived in Albany, New York for over 40 years, where
she was a member of Congregation Beth Emeth. She worked at Empire Blue Cross and Blue
Shield as a Senior Customer Service Representative and retired after 29 years of employment.
Sue moved to El Paso in July to be near Larry and his family, and to avoid the harsh winters. We
are delighted that Sue has become a member of the Temple family!
Do you know someone who is new to town, new to Judaism, or interested in getting involved with a
synagogue? Please help them be in touch with Susan Jaffee at 532-5959, or
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 7 Messages from the Mountain

Getting Greener!
Did you notice the Temple grounds as you walked from the
parking lot to the sanctuary during the High Holidays? Our
landscape artistry is blossoming thanks to Cindy (Louis) Cohen
and Bill Dahlberg. These two devoted gardeners spend
countless hours at Temple each week pruning and planting,
cultivating and creating sacred spaces for all to enjoy.
Cindy and Bill followed in the footsteps of Dick Scherotter and
Julian Borschow who dedicated many years to beautifying our
landscaping. Dick and Julian have now passed the torch to two
capable volunteers and we are extremely grateful for the enthusiasm
of them all.

Please remember to use your key tag each time you shop for groceries
at Albertsons. All you need to do is have the card scanned when you
check out. Temple will earn 1% of your shopping total each time you
scan the card. If you have a card from another organization, you may
scan more than one card and thereby benefit both organizations.

If you need an additional key tag, contact the Temple office.

Belonging to a Temple Community…Priceless!

We have welcomed many new members during the last year.

They have made a personal commitment to a vital religious insti‐
tution that nurtures Jews. Their membership has helped our
congregation to thrive.
Please join us on November 13st at 6:15 pm, when we honor and
express gratitude to our newest members. They will be called to
the bima for a special blessing during our Kabbalat Shabbat eve‐
ning service. If you have questions, please contact Susan at
532.5959 or email her at
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 8 Messages from the Mountain

Adult Learning with Rabbi Bach

Shabbat Morning Torah Study, each Saturday delicious comfort foods again this season. Session
at 9:30 am dates are:
Each Saturday morning at 9:30, a lively group October 20, November 17, December 15, 2009;
gathers in Zielonka Hall for an hour of text‐based January 19, February 16, March 16 (date changed
study, usually rooted in the weekly Torah from last bulletin article), April 6 and May 4,
portion. Rabbi Bach draws upon traditional texts 2010.
from various times and places, always with the Sessions are $10 each. Please send in your check
goal of making our religion relevant for modern if you want to prepay or call Buddy Schwartz at
Jews.. 532‐5959 or email him at
Bagels with the fixing's are provided by the
group, and delicious, Fair Trade coffee is
provided by the Temple. We eat, we shmooze, we
learn, and at 10:25 we wrap up so that those who Coming this Spring…
choose may move to the service. Rabbi Bach will be offering two classes in 2010
that pair him up with outstanding teachers from
around the world.
A Taste of Judaism, Tuesdays in November
The first, “Leadership and Crisis,” is described
“A Taste of Judaism.” Many people have been more fully on the facing page. Rabbi Bach had the
introduced to Jewish thought through this six‐ privilege of studying with many of the presenters
hour introduction, which we’ve offered to the in 2007, and is thrilled to be facilitating the
general public a number of times over the years. conversations surrounding these presentations.
We’re winding up but it’s not too late to join us.
Tuesdays, November 10 and 17, at 7 pm in Later in the spring, OLLI students will have the
Zielonka Hall. opportunity to learn with Amy‐Jill Levine, an
outstanding bible scholar at Vanderbilt
University. Her “Teaching Company” video
Lunch and Learn, one Tuesday each month sessions exploring the Book of Genesis will be
through May presented over six weeks, and each 30‐minute
lecture will be followed by a conversation
Take the opportunity to learn with friends as our
Lunch and Learn series kicks off another terrific facilitated by Rabbi Bach. OLLIites, look for your
registration forms in the next few weeks.
season. Sessions will be held on Tuesdays from
11:45 am ‐1:00 pm beginning with a catered
lunch. Chef Samantha Pittle‐Briseño will prepare

Interested in celebrating an Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Give Rabbi Bach a call!

October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 9 Messages from the Mountain

As we go to press with this issue of Messages, we are able to announce our spring 2010
Scholar-in-Residence weekend. On April 9 and 10, we will be joined by Rabbi Jonathan
Slater of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Slater is the author of Mindful Jewish
Living: Compassionate Practice, and is a pioneer in the work of mining Hasidic texts for
contemporary meaning.
Plan to be with us for dinner on Friday evening, a Kiddush luncheon on Saturday, and for the
inspired teaching and worship that will be at the heart of the Shabbat.
This year, our spring scholar weekend is offered in memory of David Goodman, by his

Shalom Hartman Institute in El Paso

“Leadership and Crisis”
The Jewish Federation of El Paso is thrilled to 6. Rachel Sabath Beit‐Halachmi: God After
announce that the new Hartman Institute Lec‐ Auschwitz: Jewish Theological Responses
ture Series on DVD "Leadership and Crisis: 7. Donniel Hartman: Response to Crisis: Rees‐
Jewish Resources and Responses," a study tablishing Moral Awareness
program for adults with a thirst for substantive
8. Donniel Hartman: Moving Beyond Crisis: Re‐
Jewish education will be presented in El Paso.
claiming the Primacy of Ethics
Bringing the multi‐denominational Hartman In‐
The program will meet for eight two hours ses‐
stitute’s world‐renowned faculty
sions on selected Monday evenings, beginning
( to our community, this pro‐
January 18. Rabbi Bach, an alumnus of the Hart‐
gram will enhance your knowledge and ability to
man in Jerusalem, will serve as rabbinic facilita‐
respond to key questions facing the Jewish peo‐
tor, guiding the conversations that follow each
ple and contemporary society.
video lecture.
2009-2010 Study Theme and Scholars
Tuition is $36 per person and includes study
1. Donniel Hartman: Introduction to the Series: texts, supplementary readings and havruta
Jewish Responses to Crisis study guides and a one‐year Subscription to Sha‐
2. Micah Goodman: The Crisis of Destruction: lom Hartman Institute’s Havruta journal
The Biblical Prophet Jeremiah Students are expected to read some texts pro‐
3. Micah Goodman: Personal Crisis and Theo‐ vided in advance, with the guidance of the
logical Audacity: The Book of Job Havruta Guides and then view the DVD lecture,
4. Micah Goodman: The Sages of the Talmud followed by a discussion led by the local rabbi/
and the Crisis of Authority educator. These have proved to be powerful
tools for leadership development.
5. Melilah Hellner‐Eshed: Individual and Collec‐
tive Responses to Crisis: Zohar and Hasidut Questions? Call Cheryl at the Federation 584.
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 10 Messages from the Mountain

If It’s the First Tuesday of the Month…

It’s Time for WRJ!
WRJ had a busy October with two events.
Two dozen members attended WRJ’s fall
cooking class and luncheon led by WRJ
board member and professionally trained
chef, Amissa Burton. The group prepared a
gourmet vegetarian three‐course meal in
the Temple kitchen and enjoyed the meal
under the sukkah. The group’s 2009
membership drive wound up with a special
new member welcome party at the home of
Shari Schwartz on October 20. Nearly 30 of It's already Hanukkah cookie time again!
this year’s 190 members are new to WRJ or Volunteers are needed in the Temple Mount
rejoining after being inactive. Sinai kitchen from 9:30 a.m. to noon on
On the first Tuesday of the month, November Sunday, November 15; Thursday, November
3, WRJ visited Congregation B’nai Zion to 19; and Sunday, December 6. On December
learn from Rabbi Rebecca Rosenthal about 1, the first Tuesday of the month, we’ll have a
the meaning of the mikveh for today’s Jewish combination baking session and brown bag
woman and to tour the mikveh facility. lunch from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Lori
Thanks to the leadership of WRJ members Gaman's popular frosted sugar cookies will
Barbara Berliner and Elizabeth Goodman be for available for pickup on December 1
Levy, the "new" mikveh has been recently and December 6 for $8 per dozen. These
renovated and many WRJ members had not cookies always sell out fast— please call the
seen it. temple at 532‐5959 and place your order
with Buddy Schwartz before November 30.
We thank the following women who went
above and beyond, joining WRJ at the
“Ruth” ($90) or “Miriam” ($54) levels of
Miriam Level: Alanna Bach, Clarissa
Colvard, Patricia Crawford, Marcia Dahlberg,
Dori Fenenbock, Mimi Gladstein, Ellen
Goodman, Fifi Heller‐Kaim, Susan Jaffee,
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 11 Messages from the Mountain

Elaine Krasne, Judy Leonard, Honey Phelps, Mansfield, Susan May, Bita Mobbs, Becky
Mimi Pittle,, Tania Schwartz, and Sara Shiloff. Myers, Lisa Nadler, Jeri Nitzburg, Susan
Ruth Level: Susan Bargemann, Valerie Novick, Ruth Oppenheim, Cathy Glenn
Barnett, Deb Benedict, Barbara Berliner, Judy Puschett, Charlotte Ramenofsky, Jane Rosen,
Blumenfeld, Laura Brannon, Olivia Chavez, Ann Rothstein, Nancy Rothschild, Ann
Bonnie Colton, Linda Fruithandler, Lori Schaechner, Shari Schwartz, Kristine Shecter,
Gaman, Cyd Goldfarb, Laura Goldman, Doris Anne B. Spier, Anne F. Spier, Lettie Intebi
Goodman, Evelyn Goodman, Leba Hirsch, Velasco, Sue Weiss, Tina Wolfe, and Barbara
Maria Klein, Dawn Keim, Maria Klein, Rebecca Yarber.
Krasne, Amelia Krohn, Donna Leffman, Kyta
Levitt, Elizabeth Goodman Levy, Randee

Leaves and Stones on the Temple’s Tree of Life

Do you know that you can honor or remember a loved one with a leaf or a stone on
the Tree of Life? This beautiful work of art is displayed on the wall in the foyer at
Temple just outside the Sanctuary.
For a minimum donation of $300 for a leaf or $3,000 for a stone, the brass will be
engraved according to your instructions and will remain on the Tree of Life forever.
Your donation becomes part of the Foundation Trust and benefits Temple Mount
Sinai in perpetuity.
For more information, contact Sally Parke at the Temple office at 532‐5959.

Curious About Membership?

Perhaps you’ve wondered what Temple membership is all about—the cost

and the benefits. Perhaps you’ve received several membership packets over
the years and they are buried underneath the ‘to do’ pile. Perhaps you have
a friend or family member you would like to encourage to join our congre‐

All of these are reasons to attend a Membership ‘Q’ and ‘A’, November 8th
at 11:00 am in Zielonka Hall. You will learn the nuts and bolts of Temple
affiliation and can feel free to ask questions.
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 12 Messages from the Mountain

Project Arriba, a jobs-training program supported by Border Interfaith,

recently won a $500,000 grant from the State of Texas, matching local
government investment. This grant is testament to the persistence and
determination of Border Interfaith leaders.
From the press release announcing the award...

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs Announces programs and 40 percent to associate degrees.
Every Chance Funds Awards This year, each college received a proportionate
October 20, 2009 share of the funding based on the number of
degrees awarded in 2007‐08.
Created earlier this year as the “Jobs and
Education for Texans” (JET) Fund by the 81st The Comptroller’s list of high‐demand degree
Legislature, Every Chance Funds includes $5 areas include computer, information sciences
million for student scholarships for tuition and and support services; engineering technologies;
fees at community and technical colleges split science technologies; construction trades;
over two years; $10 million to support and mechanical and repair technologies; precision
expand existing nonprofit programs with production; and health professions and related
proven success in training unemployed and clinical sciences.
underemployed workers for in‐demand jobs; The Career and Technical Scholarship Fund will
and $10 million for startup funding in career help build a work force with the skills Texas
and technical education programs, which the employers need now and in the future. In her
Comptroller will award later this year. 2008 Texas Works report, Combs pointed out
The Career and Technical Scholarship Fund is that the number of jobs requiring technical
providing tuition grants to 54 Texas community training, certification or an associate degree is
colleges and public technical institutes. outpacing the number of workers available to
Recipient schools will award scholarships to fill them, despite the fact that many pay above‐
students enrolled in a training program for high average salaries.
‐demand occupations — such as engineering The $10 million Launchpad Fund supports and
technology, welding, computer support and expands existing nonprofit programs with a
many others — where a certificate or an proven track record of good performance.
associate degree is a basic prerequisite. Today, the Comptroller awarded $3.5 million of
Students must also be permanent legal these funds to the following nonprofit
residents of the United States and able to organizations:
demonstrate financial need. * $500,000 — Project QUEST, Inc., San Antonio
In addition to this year’s $2.5 million in awards, (Alamo Workforce Development Board District)
the Comptroller will distribute another $2.5 * $500,000 — Project ARRIBA, El Paso (Upper
million for scholarships in fiscal 2011. The Rio Grande)
amount of JET scholarship funds available * $500,000 — Capital IDEA, Austin (Capital
annually to each public community college or Area)
public technical institute is determined by a
* $500,000 — H.I.S. BridgeBuilders, Dallas
formula established by the Comptroller
allocating 60 percent of the funds to certificate (Continued on page 13)
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 13 Messages from the Mountain

(Continued from page 12) Nonprofit organizations across the state feature
(Dallas) programs that prepare low‐income students for
careers in high‐demand technical occupations,
* $400,000 — Valley Initiative for Development
such as welding, computer support, engineering
and Advancement, Weslaco (Lower Rio Grande
technology, nursing and allied health
* $300,000 — Valley Initiative for Development
and Advancement, Weslaco (Cameron County) The 501(c)(3) organizations must be governed
by boards that include community and business
* $300,000 — Liberty County Workforce
leaders and must assist low‐income students to
Academy, Dayton (Gulf Coast)
prepare for, apply and enroll in public
* $250,000 — Capital IDEA, Austin (Gulf Coast) community colleges or technical schools in high
* $250,000 — East Texas Literacy Council, ‐demand occupation training programs.
Longview (East Texas)

B’nai Shabbat — November 13, 5:15 pm

You and your children are invited to welcome Shabbat at Temple Mt. Sinai
during our special B’nai Shabbat services once a month. B’nai Shabbat is
an experiential (touch, smell, see ...) Shabbat service conducted on the
bimah in the main sanctuary. At the service we have candle lighting,
singing with Rabbi Bach, and joyful praying. Our first B’nai Shabbat
service in September had over fifty participants!
B’nai Shabbat families are invited to join the rest of the congregation at
5:45 pm for our delicious oneg prepared by Simon Bir. Simon always
serves snacks that the children enjoy. Following the oneg, childcare will
be available. Parents are invited to enjoy an adult service beginning at
6:15 pm.
Please join for B’nai Shabbat Services on Friday, November 13, at 5:15 pm
in the main sanctuary. To RSVP for the services or for more information
please contact Alanna Bach at 532‐5959 or
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 14 Messages from the Mountain

In the Religious School...

With 94 students attending our Religious school, Morah Carly Robalin and assistant Nate Benjamin
Torah CHAI lessons, Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, are successfully engaging and teaching students a
Sukkot, Consecration, Simhat Torah and direct relationship between the People and the Land
preparations for an all school Mitzvah Day in the Torah (one of the main themes in the 4th
(November 8th), teaching and learning are moving grade CHAI curriculum) by providing students with
rapidly and successfully at Temple Mount Sinai’s a feel for the many different parts of Israel. Our 4th
Religious School. grade students are taking a virtual trip to Israel.
Our Morim (teachers) with the assistance of our They departed from their classroom to Israel on
Madrichim (teacher assistants) are busy creating September 13th and will be visiting Gadna – the
and implementing interactive lessons for our Israeli Army, a Kibbutz, a Bedouin tent, Massada, the
students to enjoy learning and to plant the seeds Kotel – Western Wall and returning (classroom) by
that our Jewish lessons provide; those of Torah, mid‐January.
Prayer, Lovingkindness, Jewish Holidays, Jews in Morah Ellen Goodman and assistant Leah Gluck
America, Creating a Sense Shabbat, Jewish Life creatively engaged the 3rd grade students in
Cycles, Israel, World Religions (for 7th & 8th grade learning about tochecha (rebuking or
students) and Hebrew Programs for a life long of reprimanding) by staging a fight between Leah and
Jewish learning. another teaching assistant. The goal of the “fight”
Here are a few examples of Jewish learning in the was to focus the students’ attention on the improper
classrooms: way of scolding another person as enumerated in
the Torah and other Jewish texts. The students
were given the opportunity to discuss special
guidelines that have developed over the centuries to
help people effectively practice tochecha without
hurting or embarrassing the other person.
Our 7th & 8th grade boys, lead by Sammy Holachutz,
went on a field trip to Hal Marcus’s home, one of
four “It’s A Guy Thing” sessions. In this year’s
program “Jews With Cool Views,” our 7th & 8th grade
boys have the opportunity to learn from and
interact with key members in our Jewish
community. The students will explore “How
Judaism influences the work these “Jews With Cool
Views” do, in their particular profession.” After
their visit with Hal Marcus, the 7th & 8th grade boy’s
feedback was: “Awesome”, “Inspirational” and “Well
Worth Their Time.”
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 15 Messages from the Mountain

Family Events at Temple, Fall 2009

Temple Mt. Sinai families continue to focus on our
many blessings and giving thanks through prayer
and study. We found Sukkot a wonderful time to
learn as families.
Our fall family event, a Sukkot Extravaganza, was
held on Sunday, October 4, and attended by
twenty‐three families. These families learned
about Sukkot by wandering the desert with
“Moses,” shaking the lulav and etrog with Morah
Ellen, and playing Sukkot Lingo at the Sukkah
At the annual harvest station children harvested
cans of food, learned about the rules for building a
sukkah with Rabbi Jordana, and created model
sukkot out of graham crackers and candies.
Rabbi Bach used the Hashkiveinu prayer and
songs by Jewish rock star Rick Recht to teach the
families about the connection between Sukkot
and peace at the third station. The kids greatly
enjoyed playing percussion instruments along
with Rabbi Bach’s guitar. The entire morning was Temple Mount Sinai.
packed with learning and fun about blessings and
Sunday, December 13 – Chanukah Family
Event, together with B’nai Zion’s Talmud
Temple Mount Sinai has additional family events Torah. Crafts, food, singing, games, and
planned for November and December. These more. Look in your December Voice for more
events are open to the entire community. details.
Monday, November 16 at 7 pm – Rick Recht If you have any questions about these events
Concert. Rick is a Jewish rock star who will wow please contact Alanna Bach at
kids and adults alike with energy, musicianship, or 532‐5959.
and meaning. This free concert will be held at

Mitzvah Day at Religious School, November 8, 9:30-noon

A day for G’Milut Chasadim (Deeds Of Loving‐Kindness), filled with Mitzvah
Projects and ending by inviting parents and grandparents to join us for a
(Fundraising) Taco Lunch at 11:45 in Schwartz Hall. Please RSVP by contact‐
ing Grace Bir at 532‐5959, Ext. 27 or via e‐mail,
if you will be joining us for the Taco Lunch.
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 16 Messages from the Mountain

Gesher Classes for Families with Young Children

Gesher (bridge in Hebrew) is a
hands‐on Jewish learning program
run by Temple Mount Sinai for
children from birth through four
years and their parents. Our rich
curriculum, designed by Alanna
Bach, includes playtime with
thematic toys, singing, movement,
stories, craft projects, and thematic
snacks. Gesher meets at Temple
Mount Sinai in Schwartz Hall from our homes, sing and dance with
10 to 11 am approximately twice a Rabbi Bach, and enjoy yummy
month. snacks of pumpkin bread (October)
Our late October classes met on and vegetable soup (November).
Sunday, October 25, to learn “What’s We hope your family will join us for
Jewish about pumpkins and gourds.” a year of Jewish fun and
Our November class will meet on learning. Gesher is funded in part
Sunday, November 8, to learn by the Jewish Federation of El Paso
“What’s Jewish about Goldilocks and and all families are welcome to
the Three Bears.” During these attend. Please contact Alanna Bach
classes we will listen to parts of the at or
Goldilocks story in Hebrew and 532‐5959 for complete registration
English and “Pumpkin Circle”, learn information.
what it means to welcome guests
(Hachnasat Orchim), decorate door
knockers and gourd centerpieces for
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 17 Messages from the Mountain

Noar Activities ‐ Fun all Around!

Noar means youth in Hebrew. Noar The rest of our events for the year
is Temple Mount Sinai’s youth group include: a movie and mitzvah night
for third, fourth, and fifth graders, on December 5, a UTEP basketball
advised by Alanna Bach. The goal of game on February 6, bowling at
Noar is to bring Jewish youth Fiesta Lanes on a Saturday in early
together to socialize, learn, and Spring (TBD), and fun at the El Paso
explore being Jewish once a month. Museum of Art on April 25.
On Sunday, October 11, Noar took a
hike up the mountain behind Temple
Mount Sinai. Twelve students and
seven parents blazed their way up
the trail, led by Jack Bargemann. We
stopped to play a game of “hunter”
where a selected student tried to
sneak up on another blindfolded
student. Everyone learned how hard
it is to walk without making a sound. If your child is interested in
When we reached our summit we attending any of these events please
paused to offer personal thanks and contact Alanna at
blessings. It was an invigorating and or
uplifting afternoon. 532‐5959. Noar is funded in part by
On November 6, Noar students will the Jewish Federation of El Paso and
help lead Kabbalat Shabbat services open to all Jewish children in 3rd,
at Temple at 6:15 pm. After services, 4th, and 5th grades.
Noar families are invited to stay for a
potluck dinner.
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 18 Messages from the Mountain

MSTY Hosts Leadership Training ‐ October 22‐25

In late October, MSTY hosted a Leadership Bob Duran; Elisa and Brion Gluck; Cyd and
Training Institute (LTI), sponsored by the Tommy Goldfarb; Jackie and Mark Heins;
National Federation of Temple Youth. Over Fifi Heller‐Kaim and Boris Kaim; Miriam
70 people from the Southwestern Region and Avi Kotkowski; Tobi and Jon Purvin;
came to El Paso and participated in leader‐ Eve and Steve Riter; Shari and Stuart
ship skills development and networking. Schwartz; Lori and Steve Shapiro.
The following families hosted teens during THANK YOU for opening your hearts and
the recent NFTY‐SW Leadership Training your homes!
Hilary and Michael Benjamin; Amissa and
Chris Burton; Stephanie Calvo; Greta and

In the coming months, most of our members will choose to receive

Temple plans to move a paperless bulletin over time, as the cost
toward generating savings to Temple will be significant.
less paper and Please call or send Buddy an email
spending less on ( to let
postage. We’ve already taken him know if you wish to receive Messages
many steps to cut down on those costs, from the Mountain via email or continue
making extensive use of email in a number receiving a hard copy in the mail. As this will
of areas of Temple life. start in November of this year, please let
Moving the monthly bulletin toward being Buddy know as soon as possible.
an online publication (easily printed for
those who choose) is the next step in this
evolution. As we make this transition, we
want to assure that we won’t leave anyone
without their copy of Messages from the
Mountain. People who would like to
continue receiving a paper version in the
mail will be able to do so. We do hope that
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 19 Messages from the Mountain

B’nai Torah — Study and Friendship for Teens

On Yom Kippur afternoon, nearly 20 teens from St. Jude’s congregants, and then split up in
joined Rabbi Bach, Stacy Berry and Alison to small groups to share all of our stories in
Westermann on the bimah to lead the afternoon more intimate settings. When we got back
service. We used a new liturgy this year, together, we realized we had even more stories
combining the best songs, poems and prayers, to share, and so many things in common! At the
and it was a beautiful service led beautifully. end of the evening, Father Pablo Matta invited
Thank you to all the teens who participated in our teens and families to join his congregants
the planning and coordination of this service! for an event in late December, called Las
Our high school students just played host to a Posadas. Watch your email for details!
large group of teens and family from St. Jude’s Thank you to the many people without whom
Catholic Church on Sunday, October 4th at our this event would not have succeeded: Rabbi
Dine & Discuss session. Rabbi Jordana Chernow Jordana, Rabbi Bach, Nate Benjamin, Kaylen
‐Reader, as our organizing intern, worked with Duran, Cheyanne Mickenberg, all the families
teens Nate Benjamin, Cheyanne Mickenberg and who brought food and anyone that might have
Kaylen Duran to prepare our teens for this been inadvertently missed. Thank you all so
brilliant event. much!
The evening began with dinner in the sukkah Dine and Discuss students joined the
and a chance to meet each other informally. community for Yom Limmud on November 1,
Once dinner & dessert (home‐made cookies and and will next gather together on November 15
cheesecake, yum!) were finished, we moved at Temple.
inside for the rest of the program. We heard
intriguing and passionate stories of
immigration from our own congregants and

Mini‐MSTY Learns Through the Holidays

Mini‐MSTY had an active autumn! We first gath‐ Shalom” (a Sukkah/Home of Peace) over our fam‐
ered on Rosh Hashanah morning to lead the family ily, friends and acquaintances as well as people we
service and we saw nearly 30 participants on the don’t even know yet. The students had some great
bimah for the Rosh Hashanah service – thank you ideas, ranging from “sit with the new kid at
to every single student who participated! You school” to “donate some of our b’nai mitzvah
made the service so much fun for the younger chil‐ money to help a homeless shelter.” Thanks to all
dren, and I hope you enjoyed yourselves as well! for your participation and enthusiasm!
A couple of weeks later, we gathered in our con‐
gregational sukkah for lunch and a learning ses‐
sion on homelessness – how to expand “Sukkat
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 20 Messages from the Mountain

Tributes — August 5 ‐ October 6

Rabbi Bach's Discretionary Fund: speedy recovery to Helene Solomon in honor of Judy & Bernie
in appreciation of Rabbi Bach by by Norman & Cheryl Gordon Lauterbach's Special Anniversary by
Rhoberta & Arthur Leeser Jay & Mary Heins
in appreciation of Rabbi Bach by Bob Paul I. Borschow Memorial Fund: in honor of Bernie Lauterbach's
& Edi Brannon Special Birthday by Jay & Mary Heins
in honor of Dorothy Borschow's
in appreciation of Rabbi Bach & Special Birthday by Abe & Annette in memory of Arline Yonack by Jay &
Family by Sylvia P. Mirrop Goldberg Mary Heins
in appreciation of Rabbi Bach by in memory of Bruce Litt by Bruce & in memory of Martha Goldberg by Jay
Miriam Ries Erline Gordon & Mary Heins
in appreciation of Rabbi Bach by in memory of Arline Yonack by Bud & in memory of Bruce Litt by Jay & Mary
David & Donna Leffman Charlotte Ramenofsky Heins, Arlene Ellenburg
in appreciation of Rabbi Larry Bach by in memory of Arline Yonack by Norma
Paquita Litt Levenson
Caring Community Fund:
in appreciation of Ellen Goodman by in memory of Marcus Simon, Harriet
in honor of Dorothy Kovan's Special Simon & Sidney Simon by Marion
Paquita Litt Birthday by Keith & Becky Myers Garmel
in honor of Sara Mansfield's Special in honor of Judy & Bernie
Birthday by Lola May, Ann Glen speedy recovery to Helene Solomon
Lauterbach's Special Anniversary by by Norman & Cheryl Gordon
in memory of Rae Stein by Sara Edward & Evelyn Schwartz
Mansfield in honor of Sara Mansfield’s Special
in memory of David Goodman by Birthday by Becky & Keith Myers Syd Dictor Memorial Fund:
Barbara Berliner in memory of Bruce Litt by Edward & in memory of Carole Feldberg by Joe
in memory of Arline Yonack by Evelyn Schwartz, Larry & Joyce Feldberg
Barbara Berliner, Sarita Heller, Abe & Anenberg
Annette Goldberg, Jean & Dick in memory of Martha Goldberg by Floyd Fierman Religious School
Scherotter, Bob & Jane Rosen Edward & Evelyn Schwartz, Larry & Fund:
in memory of David Goodman by Bud Joyce Anenberg in appreciation of Ellen Goodman by
& Charlotte Ramenofsky in memory of Vivienne Corn by Kyle, Ethan, Lauren, Rebecca, Or,
in memory of Martha Goldberg by Bud Edward & Evelyn Schwartz Ethan B., David, Daniel
& Charlotte Ramenofsky in memory of Martha Goldberg by in memory of Esther Vinikoff by Ron &
in memory of Bruce Litt by Bob & Jane Ruth Braun Judy Blumenfeld
Rosen, Greg & Susan Kligman, Molly in memory of Arline Yonack by in memory of David Goodman by Ron
Rosen Edward & Evelyn Schwartz, Larry & & Judy Blumenfeld
in memory of David Weinstein by Bob Joyce Anenberg in memory of David Weinstein by Ron
& Jane Rosen in memory of Esther Vinikoff by Bill & & Judy Blumenfeld
in memory of David Goodman by Bob Anne Spier, Marty & Bonnie Colton in memory of Arline Yonack by
& Jane Rosen speedy recovery to Helene Solomon Dorothy Borschow
in memory of Martha Goldberg by Bob by Larry & Joyce Anenberg in memory of Bruce Litt by Ron & Judy
& Jane Rosen speedy recovery to Mimi Lait by Larry Blumenfeld
in memory of Miriam Refaely by Avi & & Joyce Anenberg, Gershon & Barbara speedy recovery to Helene Solomon
Miriam Kotkowski Ettinger, Edward & Evelyn Schwartz by Ron & Judy Blumenfeld
speedy recovery to Mimi Lait by Tibor
& Ann Schaechner Cemetery Fund: Friedman/Bloom/Rothstein
speedy recovery to David Metrikin by in honor of the birth of Andy & Leslie Outdoor Chapel:
Bud & Charlotte Ramenofsky Heins’ grandson, Kayden by Jay & in honor of Sara Mansfield's Special
speedy recovery to Randi Bard by Mary Heins Birthday by Anne Hollander
Alan & Lynn Ames
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 21 Messages from the Mountain

in honor of the engagement of Stuart in memory of David Goodman by Bob in memory of Martha Goldberg by
& Shari Schwartz's son, Jason, by Phil & Edi Brannon, Harrell & Louise Rice, Norma Levenson
& Ann Rothstein Bill & Marcia Dahlberg, David & Susie in memory of Esther Goldman by
in honor of Phil & Ann Rothstein's Novick, Buddy Schwartz, Marlene & Estelle Goldman
Special Anniversary by Ruth Braun Steve Golden, Marian & Jim Daross,
Irene Oppenheimer, Mildred Marcus, In memory of Anna Main by Anne
in honor of Ronnie Heller’s Special Marilyn & Hy Silverstein, Steve Main Hollander
Birthday by Karl Friedman Feinberg, Bud & Charlotte in memory of Vivienne Corn by Lietzie
in memory of Martha Goldberg by Ramenofsky, Barbara Berliner, Bob & Belford, Arlene Ellenburg, Bert
Idell Rothstein Jane Rosen Davidoff, Judy Leonard, Irma
in memory of Fay Kligman’s brother in memory of Rae Stein by Sara Oppenheim
by Phil & Ann Rothstein Mansfield in memory of Irving & Soletta
General Donations Fund: in memory of Martha Goldberg by Schwartz by Bernie & Salli Harris
in appreciation of Temple’s Yoga Bud & Charlotte Ramenofsky, Bob & in memory of Herbert Given by
Class by Lynn & Ernest Polk Jane Rosen Paquita Litt
in appreciation of Lee Schwartz by in memory of David Weinstein by Bob in memory of Charlotte Mann by
Jim Schwartz & Jane Rosen Paquita Litt, Pam & Howard Erlanger
in appreciation of Temple Mt. Sinai by in memory of Miriam Resaely by Avi in memory of James Given by Paquita
Gordon Mahon & Miriam Kotkowski Litt
in appreciation of Temple Mt. Sinai by in memory of Arline Yonack by Bill & in memory of Dr. Jack A. Bernard by
Douglas Waters Miriam Goldfarb, Nat & Nanci Sylvan & Margie Landau
Maddux, Irene Oppenheimer, Bruce & in memory of Ida Weiss by Arthur E.
in honor of Sherman & Sandy Erline Gordon, Hy & Marilyn
Levenson's Special Anniversary by Weiss
Silverstein, Bob & Jane Snow, Lietzie
Norma Levenson Belford, Bill & Marcia Dahlberg, in memory of Arthur Rivkin by
in honor of Judy & Bernie Arlene Ellenburg, Louis & Cindy Rosilyn Rivkin
Lauterbach's Special Anniversary by Cohen, Harvey & Idelle Greenberg, in memory of Max Blumenthal by
Louis & Cindy Cohen Mark & Dori Fenenbock, Jim & Marian Sister Blumenthal
in honor of Lee Schwartz’s Special Daross, Amy & Clement Marcus, in memory of Mary Karsch by Sara
Birthday by Ann & Tibor Schaechner Paquita Litt, Barbara Berliner, Sarita Mansfield
Heller, Abe & Annette Goldberg, Dick
in honor of Ken Given’s Special & Jean Scherotter, Bob & Jane Rosen, in memory of Edgar Schnadig Jr. &
Birthday by Toni & Dick Harris Walter & Theresa Chayes, Susie & Ruth Jean Schnadig by Isabel O.
in honor of Frances Blumenthal’s David Novick Schnadig
Birthday's by Bob & Edi Brannon in memory of Bruce Litt by Hy & in memory of Millie Feldberg by
in honor of Linda & Ross Marilyn Silverstein, Elizabeth & Joseph Feldberg
Fruithandler's Special Anniversary by George McAlmon, Mary Yelderman, speedy recovery to Jay Mendeloff by
Ruth Braun Mel & Arlene Levenson, Bill & Marcia Norma Levenson, Jim & Marian
in honor of Phil & Ann Rothstein's Dahlberg, Huguenin Family, Steve & Daross, Steve & Marlene Golden, Toni
Special Anniversary by Steve & Marlene Golden, Ken & Barbara Given, & Dick Harris
Marlene Golden Sam & Gayle Belford, Norma speedy recovery to Mimi Lait by Fran
Levenson, Louis & Cindy Cohen, Mark Zimet, Nat & Nanci Maddux, Mildred
in honor of Amy Weiss' engagement & Dori Fenenbock,
by Steve & Marlene Golden Marcus, Steve & Marlene Golden, Bob
David Ketelhut, Bob & Edi Brannon, & Jane Snow, Norma Levenson, Jim &
in honor of Irma Oppenheim’s Special Abe & Annette Goldberg, Brenda & Anne Spier, Irma Oppenheim, Buddy
Birthday by Irene Oppenheimer Herbert Ehrlich, Dick & Toni Harris, Schwartz, Judy Leonard, Harrell &
in honor of Hannah Blumenfeld’s Bat Jean & Richard Ziebol, Judy Ann & Louise Rice, Larry Gladstone, Nat &
Mitzvah by Irene Oppenheimer Larry Eichenbaum, Lisa Malooly, Amy Nanci Maddux, Louis & Cindy Cohen,
& Clement Marcus, Evelyn Goodman, Tibor & Ann Schaechner, Steve
in honor of Sara Mansfield's Special
Larry Gladstone, Molly Rosen, Bob & Feinberg & Susan Foote, Bobby & Edi
Birthday by Anne Hollander, Martin
Jane Rosen, Greg & Susan Kligman Brannon, Susie & David Novick,
in memory of Robert Osterberg by Marcia & Bill Dahlberg Jim & Marian
in memory of Bernard Axelrod by Daross
Olga Osterberg
Neal & Evelyn Axelrod
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 22 Messages from the Mountain

speedy recovery to Helene Solomon in memory of Esther Vinikoff by Larry in memory of Arline Yonack by Mike
by Nat & Nanci Maddux, Bill & Marcia & Joyce Anenberg & Debby Robalin, Charlotte & Bud
Dahlberg speedy recovery to Helene Solomon Ramenofsky
speedy recovery to Mildred Marcus by Marty & Bonnie Colton, Bill & in memory of Bruce Litt by Mike &
by Irma Oppenheim Anne Spier, Bob & Elaine Krasne Debby Robalin, Erline & Bruce
speedy recovery to Stanley Marcus by speedy recovery to Doris Goodman Gordon
Martin Kern by Bob & Elaine Krasne speedy recovery to Mimi Lait by Mike
speedy recovery to David Metrikin by & Debby Robalin
Bud & Charlotte Ramenofsky Amelia G. Krohn Basic Judaism
Collection: Jeffrey Levy Fund
Isadore Kahn Memorial Fund: in honor of James Krohn's birthday in memory of Bruce Litt by Madge
In honor of Milton Cherno’s Special by Matt & Elizabeth Krohn Plese
Birthday by Stuart & Frances Kahn in honor of Amelia Krohn's Special in memory of Arline Yonack by
in memory of David Goodman by Birthday by Norma Levenson, Matt & Madge Plese
Stuart & Frances Kahn Elizabeth Krohn, Evelyn Goodman
in memory of Martha Goldberg by Mazon: A Jewish Response to
Buddy & Ellen Dorfman Landscape Special Projects Fund: Hunger:
in appreciation of Joyce Jaffee by Dick in honor of Jay Heins’ Special
Ruth Kahn & Andrew Kahn Rose & Jean Scherotter Birthday by Valerie Barnett
Garden Fund: in honor of the engagement of Alan & in honor of Irma Oppenheim's Special
in memory of Dick Berger by Buddy & Amy Goldfarb's daughter, Judith, by Birthday by Valerie Barnett
Ellen Dorfman Valerie Barnett in memory of Martha Goldberg by
in memory of Arline Yonack by Stuart in honor of Jean Scherotter's Special Charlie & Sue Zaltz
& Frances Kahn Birthday by Norma Levenson
in memory of Martha Goldberg by in honor of Jean & Dick Scherotter’s Ethel Oppenheimer Flower Fund:
Stuart & Frances Kahn Special Anniversary by Anne & Bill
Spier In memory of Sarah Silverman by
speedy recovery to Mimi Lait by John & Rita Silverman
Stuart & Frances Kahn in honor of Ken Given's Special
Birthday by Dick & Jean Scherotter in memory of Miriam Talpis by Ed &
Lory Oppenheimer
in honor of Norma Levenson's new
Krasne Discretionary Fund: great‐grandson by Valerie Barnett in memory of Soletta & Irving
in appreciation of Simon Bir by Bill & Schwartz by the Schwartz Family
Anne Spier in memory of Marilyn Leeser by
in honor of Irma Oppenheim’s Special Arthur & Rhoberta Leeser
in honor of Judy & Bernie Birthday by Dick & Jean Scherotter
Lauterbach's Special Anniversary by in memory of Frieda Mathias by
Marty & Bonnie Colton in memory of Bruce Litt by Arlene & Sister Blumenthal
Mel Levenson
in memory of Edith Krantz by Bob & in memory of Itzhak Kotkowski by
Elaine Krasne speedy recovery to Mimi Lait by Avi & Miriam Kotkowski
Valerie Barnett
in memory of David Goodman by Bob in memory of Ephraim Krupp by
& Elaine Krasne Cookie & Marvin Friedman
in memory of Arline Yonack by Marty Lauterbach Campership Fund: in memory of Archie Goodman by
& Bonnie Colton, Bob & Elaine Krasne in honor of Judy & Bernie Evelyn Goodman
in memory of Esther Vinikoff by Bob Lauterbach's Special Anniversary by in memory of Regina Reisel Kellen by
& Elaine Krasne Bill & Miriam Goldfarb, Bud & Jay & Mimi Gladstein
Charlotte Ramenofsky, Dorothy
in memory of Bruce Litt by Bob & Borschow, Valerie Barnett, Howard & in memory of Bella Harris by Dick &
Elaine Krasne Sheila Kass Toni Harris
in memory of David Weinstein by Bob in memory of Miriam Refaely by Mike in memory of Jack A. Bernard by
& Elaine Krasne & Debby Robalin Margie & Sylvan Landau
October-November 2009/Tishrei-Cheshvan 5770 Page 23 Messages from the Mountain

in memory of Pauline Goldman by in memory of Jesus Aldama by Raquel Youth Fund:

Debbie Hamlyn, Gloria Lavis, Michael Aldama in memory of Bruce Litt by Jim Levy &
Goldman in memory of Harry Cohen by Martin Liz Goodman‐Levy
Jo Ann Rothbardt Petersen Healing in memory of Lynne Persing by David Zork Memorial Library Fund:
Resource Center: Novick
in memory of Bruce Litt by Gershon &
in memory of David Goodman by Phil in memory of Roger Metcalf by Barbara Ettinger, Valerie Barnett,
& Judy Bargman Christopher & Amissa Burton Ruth Braun, Dick & Jean Scherotter,
in memory of Martha Goldberg by Phil in memory of Morris & Rena Marcus Bill & Miriam Goldfarb, Bill & Anne
& Judy Bargman by Hal & Pat Marcus Spier, Marty & Bonnie Colton, Judy
in honor of Judy & Phil Bargman's in memory of Richard Carvajal by Bill Leonard, Dorothy Borschow, Kitty
Special Anniversary by Dick & Jean & Jessica Carvajal Suhler, Jenny & Robert Rodriguez
Scherotter Davis, Sally Strelitz
in honor of Judy & Phil Bargman's in memory of Bertha & Gustave Zork
Tree of Life Fund: and Manuel Schwartz by Marian
Special Anniversary and in honor of
their new grandchild by Valerie in honor of Phil & Ann Rothstein's Given
Barnett 40th Anniversary by Bill & Marcia
Dahlberg, Gloria & Art August, Gayle
speedy recovery to Mimi Lait by Phil & Sam Belford, Ellen & Manon
& Judy Bargman Daugherty, Beth & Myer Lipson, Jane
& Bob Rosen, Harriet & Marvin Roth,
Prayer Book Fund: Wendy & Lester Rothschild, Stanlee &
Jerry Rubin, Rose & David Schecter,
in memory of Ruth Goodman Carr by Cynthia & Aaron Shenkman
Gershon & Barbara Ettinger
in honor of Carolyn & Shelly Gopin’s
in honor of Shelly & Carolyn Gopin's 50th Anniversary by Elaine & Bob
Special Wedding Anniversary by Krasne, Anne & Bill Spier, Sara & Bob
Arvin & Beverly Robinson Shiloff, Bonnie & Marty Colton, Judy &
Ron Blumenfeld, Joyce & Larry
Onegs and Kiddushes: Anenberg, Dixie & Tom Wicker,
Brenda & Herb Ehrlich, Marlene &
in appreciation of Grace & Simon Bir Allen Levine, Susan & Bob May
by Stanley & Dina Marcus
in honor of Judy & Bernie
in honor of David Wolfe's Special Lauterbach’s 60th Anniversary by
Birthday by David & Tina Wolfe Joan & Milton Cherno, Annette & Abe
in honor of Edward & Evelyn Goldberg, Margie & Sylvan Landau
Schwartz's Special Anniversary by in honor of Ellen & Jack Saxe's Special
Bob & Jane Snow, Stuart & Shari 50th Anniversary by John & Kristine
Schwartz Shecter
in honor of Jan Wolfe & Chet Frame, in memory of Arline Yonack by Hilda
David & Tina Wolfe, Miguel & Debbi Reedman, Etta Mae Scherr, Sol Heller,
Trejo’s wedding anniversaries by Dorothy Kovan, Lucy Garcy, Ben &
Debbi & Miguel Trejo Ruth Taber
In honor of Sara Mansfield’s Special
Birthday by Lyndon & Randee
Mansfield Rabbi Ken & Sue Weiss URJ Youth
Travel Fund
In honor of Shane & Melissa’s
Wedding Blessing by Lyndon & in honor of Amy Weiss' Engagement
Randee Mansfield, Simon & Grace Bir by Bob & Jane Rosen
in memory of David Weinstein by in honor of Sue Weiss’ Special
Stanley & Dina Marcus Birthday by Bill & Anne Spier
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Rabbi ..................................................................................... Larry Bach
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Tommy Goldfarb ...................................................... Vice President
Stephanie Calvo .................................................................. Secretary
Marcia Dahlberg ............................... Immediate Past President
Join us as we explore, through
these elements of sacred living, the
Rick Amstater, Olivia Chavez, Joyce Davidoff,
Scott Feldt, Lori Gaman, Susie Goldman,
richness of Jewish faith and
Jack Heydemann, David Leffman, tradition.
David Mansfield, Hal Marcus, David Novick
Debby Robalin, Nancy Rothschild, Phil Rothstein