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SQL on Hadoop - Analyzing Big Data with Hive

This course will teach you the Hive query language and how to apply it to solve common Big Data problems. This includes an introduction to distributed computing, Hadoop, and MapReduce fundamentals and the latest features released with Hive 0.11
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Authored by: Ahmad Alkilani Duration: 4h 16m Level: Intermediate Released: 10/8/2013 Course Rating:

Table of Contents


Exercise Files


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Introduction to Hadoop
Introduction Motivation for Hadoop Distributed Computing Challenges Hadoop File System (HDFS) MapReduce Word Count Example Demo: Basic Hadoop Commands and Environment Setup Summary

Introduction to Hive
Introduction Hive Motivation Hive Architecture Hive Principles - Schema on Read Hive Principles - The Hive Warehouse Hive Query Language Basics - SELECT and Sub Queries Creating Databases and Tables with HiveQL Demo: Working with Hive Tables and Loading Data into Warehouse Loading Data - Hive Managed and External Tables Demo: External Tables and Create Table Alternatives Summary

Hive Query Language

Introduction Data Types Type Conversions

Managed Partitioned Tables External Partitioned Tables Demo: Table Partitioning Multi Inserts and Dynamic Partition Inserts Demo: Loading Data Use Case Data Retrieval - Group By and Functions Sorting and Controlling Data Flow The CLI and Variable Substitution Summary

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Advanced HiveQL
Introduction Bucketing Bucket and Block Sampling Joins Joins in Depth and Join Optimizations Map-side Joins for Bucketed Tables Distributed Cache UDTFs, Explode and Lateral View Demo: Extending Hive - Creating Your own UDF Demo: Extending Hive - Compiling and Testing Custom UDF Extending Hive - Custom UDF Recap Demo: Hive Initialization File Accessing The Distributed Cache

Hadoop Streaming and Transform() Windowing and Analytics Functions

05:10 03:14

Demo: Putting it All Together Using Transform Demo: Analytics Functions Demo: Ranking Functions Summary

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Storage and The Eco-System

Create Table Statement - File Formats and SerDes HCatalog Sqoop DistCP Hadoop Eco-System Projects References and Resources Summary