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Lesson Plan Guide

Teacher Candidate: Grade and Topic: Mentor Teacher: Evelyn Wells Kindergarten Science Joseph Sweeney Date: 11/3/13

Length of Lesson: 60 mins School: University of Memphis IDT 3600

UNIT/CHAPTER OBJECTIVE/GENERALIZATION/BIG IDEA: The lesson plan is a part of science focusing on the unit of the human body. LESSON OBJECTIVE: Using a chart, students will identify the 5 senses and how they work with 100% accuracy. Students will recognize how the 5 senses are used daily in the world around them. Students will identify the physical properties that are detected by using the 5 senses. STANDARDS ADDRESSED:
GLE 0007.2.2 Know that people interact with their environment through their senses. 0007.2.2 Use the senses to investigate and describe an object. 4. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making Students use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions using appropriate digital tools and resources.

MATERIALS: 5 senses flip chart with words (sight, taste, smell, hearing, touch) 5 senses flip chart with pictures (eyes, mouth, nose, ears, hands) Smart board Smart Board Interactive software
Copy of 5 Senses Song (for teacher)

Computer/Laptop Markers/crayons Construction paper

Technology Integration With this lesson, students will interact with technology by using the smart board. The students will select and move items to their correct destination using matching skills. PROCEDURES AND TIMELINE:

Introduction: Using a can of fruit scented air freshener; I am going to spray around the classroom so that the students automatically take the scent of something. Then using a sound device, I am going to set off a loud alarm that grabs the students attention. I will open the discussion by asking the students What is that scent and noise, how do you know and what part of your body did you use gather that information? Then I will discuss todays lesson and the students will repeat the learning object after me. Procedures:
Ask question and see if the students have previous knowledge of the 5 senses - 3 minutes Use a both flip charts that illustrates the 5 senses and describe each; Touch/Hand 4 minutes Taste/Mouth - 4 minutes Smell/Nose 4 minutes Hearing/Ear 4 minutes Sight/Eyes 4 minutes Students will use markers/crayons to trace their hand and write each sense(touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight) on a finger and draw a picture of the body used above each finger -18 minutes When finished, the work will be collected and graded at a later date 1-2 minutes Using the smart board software students will take turns interacting with technology on the 5 senses sorting activity -18 minutes Teacher Procedures: Assist students with needs and give clear instructions to assignments.

Closure: In closing I will teach a short song to the students that will help them remember the 5 senses using rhythm and music

ASSESSMENT EVIDENCE: Students will verbally express what the 5 senses are. Using cards students will choose the correct sense or body part that goes with the concept I choose