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The Most Powerful Day to Attract Wealth and Prosperity Kubera, the Banker in Heaven, received his wealth

on this day by worshippin !ord "hiva in "ivapura# Te#ple of "outh $ndia% $t is only on this day !ord "hiva blessed !aksh#i, the &oddess of Wealth, with all the riches% Thus, !ord "iva appointed both of the# to their coveted positions as custodians of wealth and prosperity%

!ord Aishvareswarer Akshaya Thritiyai is fallin on the third day of the bri ht half of the lunar #onth of 'hitirai of the traditional Hindu calendar, is one of the four #ost auspicious days of the year for Hindus% $n ()*+, the date of Akshaya Trithiyai is May *+%The "anskrit word ,Akshaya Thritiyai, #eans non-destroyable% Akshaya is the last year ./)th0 in the Ta#il calendar and so the indication is that the end of calculation of years has not co#e and that the ne1t cycle of /) years will restart% The world is said to have brou ht into by !ord Brah#adeva in the #onth of 'hitirai on suklapaksha thritiyai, the calendar year bein Akshaya% This day of creation of the earth is considered as the non-destroyable .AK"HA2A0 day, worthy of celebration with prayers to the Al#i hty and perfor#ance of pithru tharpana# to our departed forefather to seek their blessin s% What to do on Akshaya Thritiyai Day 3 4n Akshaya Thritiyai, one should worship the &oddess of Wealth, !aksh#i alon with her consort !ord 5ishnu% Akshaya here stands for the rice with which archana is perfor#ed% Akshaya Thritiyai day is widely celebrated in all parts of $ndia by different sections of the society irrespective of their reli ious faith and social roupin % The day is particularly considered auspicious for buyin lon ter# assets like old and silver, includin orna#ents #ade of the sa#e6 dia#ond and other precious stones6 and the real estate% The le end states that any venture initiated on the auspicious day of Akshaya Thritiyai shall continue to row and brin prosperity% Hence, it is nor#al to see #any of the new ventures, like startin a business, round breakin for construction etc on the Akshaya Thritiyai Day% "atya 2u a# - &olden A e The day also #arks the be innin of the 7"atya2u a#7 or the &olden A e - the first of the four 2u as% $n the Puranas, the holy Hindu scriptures, there is a story that says that on this day of Akshaya Thritiyai, 5eda 5yasa alon with &anesha started writin the reat epic Mahabharata% &an a Devi or Mother &an es also descended on earth on this day% Kubera8s Appoint#ent Kubera, the Banker in Heaven, received his wealth on this day by worshippin !ord "hiva in "ivapura# Te#ple of "outh $ndia% $t is only on this day !ord "hiva blessed !aksh#i, the &oddess of Wealth, with all the riches% Thus, !ord "iva appointed both of the# to their coveted positions as custodians of wealth and prosperity%

AK"HA2A TH9$T$2A$ :Most Blessed Day to Attract Abundance and Prosperity :Most Powerful Day to Donate to Poor and ;eedy

:Most Auspicious Day for ;ew 5entures Births on Akshaya Thritiyai $t is also believed that people born durin this ti#e shine bri ht in life% Many lu#inaries were born durin this period< Basaveshwara born on May =, 9a#anu>acharya and Adi "hankaracharya on May /, "wa#i 'hin#ayananda on May ? and !ord Buddha on May */% Akshaya Tritiyai is also celebrated as the birthday of !ord Parashura#a, one of the ten avatars of !ord 5ishnu% Akshaya Patra Akshayapatra #eanin ine1haustible vessel, is an ob>ect fro# Hindu #ytholo y% $t was a wonderful vessel iven to 2udhishthira by the !ord "urya, which held a never-failin supply of food to the Pandavas every day% When the Pandavas be an their e1ile in the forest, 2udhishtra was despondent at his inability to feed the holy sa es and others who acco#panied hi#% At this, Dhau#ya, the priest of the Pandavas, counselled hi# to pray to !ord "urya% Pleased with 2udhishtira,s prayers, !ord "urya blessed hi# with the Akshaya Patra, a vessel that would ive unli#ited food every day till Draupadi finished eatin % !ord Krishna also once partakes food fro# the Akshaya Patra, when sa e Durvasa arrived at the Pandavas, place with his disciples% When Durvasa arrived, there was no food left to serve hi#, since Draupadi had already finished eatin % The Pandavas beca#e an1ious as to what they would feed such a venerable sa e% While Durvasa and his disciples were away at the banks of the river bathin , Draupadi prayed to !ord Krishna for help% As always, they were once a ain saved by Hi#, who partook of a sin le rain of rice fro# the Akshaya Patra and announced that He was satisfied by the #eal% This satiated the hun er of Durvasa and all his disciples too, as the satisfaction of !ord Krishna #eant the satiation of the hun er of the whole @niverse% As per divine rule, what we donate on this day will bless us to have that in abundance, in our ne1t birth% 'lothes, @#brellas, "hoes, Aruits, Butter#ilk, Aood and &hee will be distributed to the public on this day% 2ou will be blessed with the educational e1cellence, pro#otions at work, coura e, ood kar#ic returns, freedo# fro# physical distress and with lon evity%

Mahalaksh#i Ashtaka# Daana#s which are su ested to do on Akshaya Thritiyai *% "hayana Daana# . ivin bed0 it ives all happiness (% 5asthra Daana# . ivin clothes0 Ayusha#, !on life +% Kunku#a Daana## - it ives best position in life and also lon life for husband =% 'handana Daana# - it avoids fro# accidents B% Tha#boola# - it #akes a #an as ruler of a nation /% ;aarikela Daana# - .'oconut daana#0 our last C pithrus will et rilief fro# naraka C% Butter #ilk daana# - its for vidhya praapthi ?% @daku#bha Daana# - &ivin water containin in bronDe or silver vessel fillin water with paccha karpoora# and safron and Tulasi with betel nut and dakshanai% it ives &aya "hradha phala#, its the #ost i#portant daana# to be iven for those who wants to et #arry, who wants to etout of pithru shapa#s, and peoples who wants to have a child% E% 'hatra Daana# - .u#brella0 it re#oves #any obstacles in life

'hoose any daana#, or if possible ive all the daana#s and wash your bad kar#as% The &olden 'os#ic 9ule The word 7Akshaya7 #eans i#perishable or eternal - that which never di#inishes% $nitiations #ade or valuables bou ht on this day are considered to brin success or ood fortune% Buyin old is a popular activity on Akshaya Thritiyai, as it is the ulti#ate sy#bol of wealth and prosperity% &old and old >ewelry bou ht and worn on this day si nify never di#inishin ood fortune% $ndians celebrate weddin s, be in new business ventures, and even plan lon >ourneys on this day% 7May &oddess !aksh#i Bless 2ou with &reater Health, Wealth and Prosperity7 - 5i>ayaku#ar Ala appan %%%%% HMMM "H9FFM !AK"HM$2F ;AMAHA %%%%%%