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. We enable customers to generate, transmit and distribute electrical power at the highest levels of efficiency. We also help them produce, convert and transport the primary fuels oil and gas. Were the only manufacturer worldwide with know -how, products, solutions and key components spanning the entire energy conversion chain. In fiscal 2013 (ended September 30), the Energy Sector had revenues of EUR 26.6 billion and received new orders totaling approximately EUR 28.8 billion and posted a profit of approximately EUR 2 billion. On September 30, 2013, the Energy Sector had a work force of approximately 83,500.


Siemens Energy's Gas Turbine Portfolio is perfectly matched to the challenges of a dynamic market. With capacities ranging from five to 375 MW, its gas turbines offer high efficiency, reliability, and environmental sustainability, qualities that in turn deliver low lifecycle costs and make them highly profitable. Siemens Energy has a long tradition in the manufacture and ongoing development of steam turbines in the performance range between 45 kW and 1,900 MW. Siemens Energy also offers generators in the power range from 25 to 2,235 MVA. Our expertise is based on more than onehundred years of experience in the development and production of generators on an installed fleet of more than 3,500 machines. The industrial gas market needs flexible and sustainable solutions to keep pace with todays dynamic growth in demand. While plant capacities continue to grow, there is also a trend toward increasing standardization of air separation units. Currently, oxygen output stands at an average 2,000 metric tons per day. Siemens compressor portfolio offers long-term efficiency, availability, and reliability. By providing complete compressor trains, driven either by Siemens gas or steam turbines or electric motors, Siemens delivers unique customer benefits. Our compression solutions for standard and special applications fulfill industry-specific customer requirements in the oil and gas segment, onshore gas production, or gas transport through pipelines and in industrial applications including air separation, metallurgy, chemicals and petrochemicals, and sulfur processing as well as the field of wastewater treatment.

In today's complex energy market, Siemens Energy is a strong, trustworthy, and experienced partner that provides its customers with competitive and optimally integrated power plant solutions of the highest quality for maximizing profitability. In addition to combined cycle power plants in single or multiple shaft configuration, the solution portfolio also comprises integrated solar combined cycle power plants, integrated fuel gasification plants, and combined heat and power (CHP) plants. As a producer of turnkey power plants and the manufacturer of the core components and with its turnkey power plant solution expertise based on more than 130 years of experience Siemens Energy creates lasting value for its customers. Through the optimal integration of mechanical, electrical, and chemical processes into fossil-fired power plants, Siemens Energy regularly sets world records for efficiency in both the 50-Hz and 60-Hz market. Operators and system suppliers require reliable energy solutions for oil and gas fields on the ocean floor, because deep-sea conditions place special demands on all technologies used. Siemens Energy serves the oil and gas industry with a variety of innovative technologies and services: for example, for offshore drilling and production, onshore production, tank depots and gas storage, energy distribution modules, compression, and power generation, water treatment and injection, and in the

subsea area.
Achieving the highest possible efficiency in power plants requires maximum availability and reliability with the lowest possible lifecycle operating and service costs. This applies to all plant technologies, including the instrumentation, controls, and electrical system. SPPA, the Siemens Power & Process Automation family, completes the Power Generation Divisions portfolio with comprehensive solutions for power plant I&C, electrical systems, and IT solutions making Siemens the worlds leading global solution provider of I&C, electricals, and IT solutions for the power generation industry. All solutio ns are perfectly suited to every type of power plant and fleet and for each phase of the ind ividual plants lifecycle, independent of size, capacity, and type of power generation.


As the worlds population grows and gets older, more and more people strive to reach their full potential and to lead a healthy, high-quality life far into old age. At Siemens, we play a unique role, supporting healthcare professionals to do their job by providing medical technologies that help deliver a better quality of healthcare and enable ever-improving degrees of individual care through advanced imaging, diagnostics, therapy, and healthcare IT solutions. We provide innovative technology to customize medicine, enabling better differentiated diagnostic results and more distinct therapy decisions. With around 51,000 employees worldwide and our presence throughout the world, revenue worth 13.6 billion euros, and profits of approximately 1.8 billion euros in fiscal 2012, Siemens Healthcare helps ensure the next generation of breakthroughs become a reality. Our commitment to advancing human health, however, goes beyond delivering the latest diagnostic and treatment technology to our customers. We support their success through close collaboration and mutual partnerships. Together, we innovate to advance human health.


Cities are a key growth market of the future. More than half the worlds population now lives in urban areas and the number of city dwellers is increasing every day. With a portfolio comprising integrated mobility solutions, building and security systems, power distribution equipment, smart grid applications and low- and medium-voltage products, our new Infrastructure & Cities Sector offers sustainable technologies for metropolitan centers and urban infrastructures worldwide. Combining the expertise of existing businesses in our Industry and Energy Sectors, Infrastructure & Cities is well positioned to be a major player in an addressable market of 300 billion.


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