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Insurance Services
Office Address:-- TRANSOXIANA- 20-C , Khayaban I Shahbaz, Dha Phase Six,Karachi , Pakistan, Tel - ++ 92 333 1327563 and ++ 92 300 2049615 , E Mail- ,

About Us TRANSOXIANA is a multiline Insurance solutions provider which aims to protect client assets through risk management, to minimize premiums and other related costs. Having established direct relationships with some of the leading insurers and re-insurers as well as in the London and International Markets leading underwriting

syndicates at Lloyds of London, we can satisfy virtually all requirements and offer state-of-the-art insurance coverage. We have agent insurance companies world. With over 12 years experience in global insurance & reinsurance industry and consultancy services; we at TRANSOXIANA are one of the most influential independent insurance risk managers providing our services across the globe. We pride ourselves on having a wealth of experience and knowledge in both General and Life Insurance consultancy services. With access to a wide range of specialist insurers, in all countries of

we provide independent insurance advice with competitive premiums, prompt and efficient underwriting services.....and thats only our starting point!

Our Mission To provide the highest professional standards in risk transfer services for global clients by utilizing our expertise.

Why TRANSOXIANA ? At TRANSOXIANA , we know how important it is to have peace of mind when it comes to insuring your personal and business property. Thats why we are proud to make it our business to fully understand your needs. We are dedicated through leadership, expertise and

teamwork to create the most viable, tailor-made and cost effective insurance solutions that suits the requirements of our esteemed clients.

Our prudent consultancy services help clients improve business performance, measure and manage risk and capital, grow revenue and create a competitive advantage. We not only provide you with a professional, caring and personal service, we also undertake an advisory role with insurers, continually helping to improve and modernize insurance policies for you and the industry as a whole. We recognize that your business needs are constantly changing, and so too must your insurance policies. As an integral part of our service, we implement annual insurance review meetings to ensure your policies are the right policies for you, giving you peace of mind and leaving you free to concentrate on developing your business.

Our staff have been specially selected due to their own personal interest in insurance consultancy services their span of experience not only in arranging insurance and providing a 1st class underwriting services, but understanding the needs of our clients.

Our Expertise With a team of highly qualified from professionals, having





institutes such as CPCU, ANZIIF, and III we aspire to protect our clients goals and future plans by thorough assessment based on our international qualifications and experience. We assess the risks needed to be protected in life and business with a genuine quest for details and applying proven techniques. With our insurance solutions that protect you, your estate and/or your business from unforeseen circumstances, we guarantee a total peace of mind for you and your businesses by providing support in the following areas:--

Our Services We provide best and effective General and Life Insurance solutions to our customers with quick and hassle-free resolutions. By exploring our International market experience and

expertise we provide our consulting services on the all the insurances. The following insurances and services are available in conjunction with a business combined policy at very competitive rates:- Property (Industrial Special Risks, Property All Risks, Fire & Allied Perils, General Accident, Commercial Personal Liability/Causality Professional Indemnity (Engineers, Architects, Brokers, Consultants etc) Commercial General Liability Directors and Officers Errors and Omissions Medical Malpractice Public & Products Liability Employers Legal Liability / Workmen Compensation Fidelity Guarantee

Engineering -- Construction All Risks - CAR Erection All Risks EAR Contractors Plant and Machinery CPM Machinery Breakdown / Electronic Equipment / Boiler Marine and Aviation - Marine Cargo / Goods in Transit Haulage / Freight Forwarders Liability Pleasure Craft Hull & Machinery Protection & Indemnity (P&I) Passengers Legal Liability Marine Cargo / Goods in Transit Oil and Energy -- Off Shore / On Shore Passengers Legal Liability Group Travel Insurance Motor Fleet Insurance Life Insurance

Marine Insurance Services






COVERAGE With our proven expertise and collaborations with global insurers & reinsurers we can arrange for worldwide marine insurance coverage with most competitive rates and comprehensive terms and conditions. Our Worldwide shipment coverage includes the following markets (countries): --

1. Hostile - Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and other African countries.

2. Emerging India, Brazil, Russia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma, China, South Africa and other developing nations. 3. Developed USA, UK, UAE, GCC countries, Japan, European countries, and other developed economies across, Asia, Asia Pacific and American continents.

What Marine Insurance covers? Marine insurance refers to much more than the insurance of ships. The Marine insurance will include the insurance of hulls, the cargo they carry, liabilities that may devolve upon ships and ship operators, known as protection and indemnity and also the insurance of wharves, ports and harbors, container terminals and even oil platforms and drilling rigs.

Through marine insurance, ship owners and transporters can be sure of claiming damages especially considering the mode of transportation used. Of the four modes of transport road, rail, air and water it is the latter most which causes a lot of worry to the transporters not only because there are natural occurrences which have the potential to harm the cargo and the vessel but also other incidents and attributes which could cause a huge loss in the financial casket of the transporter and the shipping corporation.

What we insure under Marine and Goods in Transit?

What all is covered under Institute Marine Cargo Clause A, B & C?

ICC-Institute Clauses Comparison

RISKS (Proximate Cause) Stranding, grounding, sinking or capsizing Overturning or derailment of land conveyance Collision of ship or craft with another ship or craft Contact of ship, craft or conveyance with anything other than ship or craft (excludes water but not ice) Discharge of cargo at port of distress Fire or explosion Earthquake, volcanic eruption or lightning Malicious damage Theft/pilferage General average sacrifice Jettison Washing overboard (deck cargo) War risks (except piracy) Takings at sea (except war risks) Seawater entering ship, craft, hold, conveyance container lift van or place of storage River or lake water entering same Loss overboard during loading/discharge (total loss only) Any risks of physical loss or damage not specified Institute Cargo Clauses


COMPANY DETAILS Company Name shipper Contact Person Company Name Customer

CONSIGNMENT DETAILS Consignment to be Insured Type of Packing Shipment Value Basis of Valuation

C & F + 10%

FOB + 10% + 10%


SHIPMENT DETAILS Mode of Transport Shipment Details Maximum Value Per Consignment Estimated Annual Turnover Security Arrangements During Transit FROM: TO:

COVERAGE DETAILS Type of Cover Required Land Transit Basic Land Transit All Risks

CLAIMS HISTORY Loss Record For Last 3 Yrs:

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The undersigned applicant declares that the proposal form has been read and answered to the best of His/ Her knowledge and belief. The answers are correct and complete in every respect. Applicant consents to this proposal forming basis of insurance issued by Underwriters, if a policy be issued.

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