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Arco Plus is a high-wattage asymmetric floodlight with zero-light emission towards the upper hemisphere. The 65 asymmetric distribution of its main beam allows the illumination of large areas without floodlight inclination, avoiding light pollution and glare, with lower power-consumption compared with use of symmetric floodlights. The floodlight has been designed to provide the maximum photometric performance with the minimum power consumption but taking also in account the aesthetic design with soft and pleasing lines. All these characteristics make the floodlight ideal for mounting heights from 20 up to 40m to light applications such open-air car parks, platforms, airports, large parks, sea walks or beaches, and for sports and architectural lighting. Luminaire, ballast and lamp are provided and checked by GE Consumer and Industrial, ensuring the suitable product quality.

Technical specification
Structure and Material Housing in cast aluminium with a polyester powder paint finish, electrostatically sprayed and oven cured colour. Tempered flat glass door with aluminium frame, two hinges and two bolts mounted in the frame to ensure the protection degree. Heavy gauge steel trunnion with aiming degree. Stainless steel screws. Electronic Gear Ignitor mounted inside the housing near to the lamp to ensure its correct start. Additional IP65 housing comprising the ballast and capacitor for remote use. Power cut-off safety switch fitted to the doorframe. E40 ceramic lampholder for tubular high pressure sodium lamps up to 1000W or wiring terminal for metal halide double ended lamps up to 2000W. Optics Enclosed and filtered optical assembly with IP65 comprising: Flat tempered glass lens sealed to the door with silicone gasket. The lens is mechanical and thermal shock resistant (IK8). When assembled and installed the front glass shall have a slight inclination regarding the horizontal plane for ensuring cut-off distribution. Faceted aluminium reflector anodis finish. Sealing degree ensured by silicone gasket between housing and door. Pressure relief valve mounted in the doorframe. Accessories The ballasts can be mounted together in a remote control cabinet for convenient installation. Maintenance Tool-less access to the lamp and ballast, by opening the two bolts placed in the doorframe.

CEI 34.21 /EN 60598-1, IEC 60598 50Hz Class I IP65 Description Gear box ARCO PLUS S/E E40 U/E HPS600 6,2 S/ARR U/E HPS1000 10,3A S/ARR U/E MH1000 9,5A S/ARR U/E MH2000 400V 8,8A S/ARR U/E MH2000 400V 10,3A S/ARR C/E HPS600 6,2A IP65 S/ARR C/E HPS1000 10,3A IP65 S/ARR C/E MH1000 9,5A IP65 S/ARR C/E MH2000 400V 8,8A S/ARR C/E MH2000 400V 10,3A IP65 S/ARR Description Optics ARCO PLUS S/E E40 C/ARR (ARR AH-1000) ARCO PLUS S/E E40 S/ARR ARCO PLUS S/E DOUBLE ENDED (MH 1000) (ARR AH-1000) ARCO PLUS S/E DOUBLE ENDED (MH 2000) (ARR AVS-2000/38) Lamp ILCOS code Product Code 44298 590099 590096 590088 590100 590071 590097 590015 590098 590101 590089 Product Code 515006 515005 515005 515008

ST-600-H-E40-48/283 ST-1000-H-E40-67/372 MN-1000-E-Rx7S-22.1/256/H MN-2000-E--26/311/H MN-2000-E--26/311/H ST-600-H-E40-48/283 ST-1000-H-E40-67/372 MN-1000-E-Rx7S-22.1/256/H MN-2000-E--26/311/H MN-2000-E--26/311/H

Photometric data

Dimensions (mm)


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