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s League of Temple Beth Sholom

Since 1945, each generation has enriched the lives of our members.
* Any WLTBS member must earn or make a dona!on of at least $100 " WLTBS
by May 12#, 2o14 (See back), or a non-member may dona$ $100 " a%en&
'n apprecia!on, please be our guest* at our
(nnual Donor Brunc)
*ednesday, May 21, 2014
10 oclock in #e mornin+
at Spiedini Ris"ran$ in #e J.W. Marrio,
Join us in honorin+
-e Sara Saltzman Award Recipient.
/ois Joseph & Jackie Kramer
-e Mickey Wilner Award Recipient
0arsha Cohe1
2im Memar,, Event Chai3
4arole Kainen, WLTBS Presiden5
-ank you for your support of
*omens League of Temple Be# Sholo6
WLTBS Calendar 2013-14
WL Board Meeting 9:30 AM
5th Rosh Chodesh Meeting 7 PM
Donor Event
2nd Rosh Chodesh Meeting 7 PM
CONTENTS: Membership 2 Torah Fund 3 Let"s Celebrate 4
Tributes / Dedications 5 Annual Donor Brunch Info 6 PSW Retreat 7
The Vision
Vision Editor: Alyson Sinai
Issue 2014 May/June
Womens League
of Temple Beth Sholom
2013-2014 Board
President: Carole Kainen
Executive VP: Lillian Radomsky
Communications VP: Diane Kaiser
Education VP: Kate St-Pierre
Membership VP: Jill Super
Programming VP: Elaine Schnee
Torah Fund VP: Brenda Katz
Ways & Means VP: Kim Memar
Recording Sec.: Sara Price Mason
Corresponding Sec.: Lois Joseph
Treasurer: Merle Mitzmacher
Financial Secretary: Jackie Kramer
Counselor: Barbara Lukasiewic
Liz Goodman
Margot Menes
Melanie Greenberg
Sharon Lancz
Stacy Lelah
Blanche Meisel
Caline Schwartz
Becky Solomon
Adele Baratz
Kathy Brookhart
Sandy Brown
Gerri Cramer
Beverly Eisen
Irene Fisher
Florence Frost
Roberta Gang
Annette Goldfarb *
Ruth Goldfarb
Sally Gordon *
Melanie Greenberg
Alene Hepler *
Sheryl Honig
Ruth Irwin
Pat Kane
Brenda Katz
Edythe Katz Yarchever
Marilyn Barkan
Vicky Bloom
Sheila Bloomfield
Elissa Burda
Marsha Cohen
Eunice Galsky ZL
Bunny Kaufman
Fern Kozoloff *
Fran Levien *
Barbara Lukasiewicz
Blanche Meisel
Kim Memar
Susan Molasky
Margret Ofek
Dorothy Ogron
Sharon Pierce
Anne Pink *
Florence Sabbath *
Sara Saltzman *
Marilyn Sayegh
Bess Schwartz *
Joan Shapiro
Faye Steinberg
Kay Wallerstien
Audrey Adams Plotkin
Lovee Arum
Michelle Barney
Marion Davidson
Bernice Friedman
Carolyn Goodman
Flora Mason
Sharon Pierce
Doris Aarenau
Sonia Adelman
Bobbi Altman
Adele Baratz
Shelley Berkley
Harriet Elisofon
Sally Eskenazi
Bobbi Feinstein
Helen Feldman
Corinne Fields
Susan Garber
Traci Grossman
Marisa Kagan
Carole Kainen
Brenda Katz
Judy Mack
Marci Murdock
Laurie Robinson-Frankoff
Bette Schifrin
Rochelle Schneider
Sylvia Schwartzer
Priscilla Schwartz-Hodes
Charlene Sher
Marcy Simon
Faye Steinberg
Hillary Steinberg
Heidi Straus
Sally Venger
Devra Weiss
Linda Wilner
Bobbi Altman
Michelle Barney
Barbara Chozahinoff
Bobbi Feinstein
Helen Feldman
Florence Frost
Eunice Galsky
Melanie Greenberg
Carole Kainen
Stacy Lelah
Barbara Lukasiewicz
Marcia Klein Marx
Flora Mason
Karen Meppen
Sharon Pierce
Lillian Radomsky
Priscilla Schwartz-Hodes
Marcy Simon
Elaine Steinberg
Faye Steinberg
Heidi Straus
Gina Retke
Sherron Slack
Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful
spring weather. Well, it is that time of year
againMembership Renewal. Please be
on the lookout in early May for your
membership renewal form to arrive by
mail. Please ll it out and send it back to
the Temple. If you know of anyone who
isn"t a member, please encourage them to
join. We are in the process of planning our
calendar for next year and it will be lled
with great events.
Just a reminder Women"s League is open
to all women; you don"t have to be a
Temple Beth Sholom member to join. I am
happy to contact any perspective member.
I can be reached by email at or by phone at
Warmest Regards,
Jill Super
Membership VP
is to create a caring community of
women that celebrates and
perpetuates Conservative/Masorti
Judaism in their lives, homes and
synagogue. Through service,
education, tzedakah and
observance, we reinforce our
bonds with Jews locally, nationally,
in Israel and worldwide.
in Temple Beth Sholom, for the
best selection of Judaica in Las
Vegas! Call 804-1333 for an
In Judaism we have many holidays. Some are
spiritual, some recall major events in our history and
some "celebrate the season." All have"teachings"
about our heritage and our customs. In order to
understand this we look to our professional
leadershipto help us learn anew or to recall where
the teachings come from, that is why it is so
important to have the nest, best-trained leadership
for our Jewish communities. Your donation to Torah
Fund helps to accomplish this.
We "ask" only once a year. If you haven't already
done so, please donate as generously as you can to
the Torah Fund Campaign of Women's Leaguefor
Conservative Judaism. Support our students, and
the institutions that give them the very best
Conservative/Masorti Jewish education, so that our
teachings and traditions may be passed on from
generation to generation. You understandthe
impact of this act of tzedakah.
Please make your check payable to Torah Fund,
and mail it to Blanche Meisel c/o TBS and mark the
envelope Torah Fund.
Todah Rabah.
Brenda Katz Blanche Meisel
TFVP Special Gifts
Lets Celebrate!!!
05-01 WL Board Meeting 9:30am
05-02 Candle Lighting 7:11pm
05-04 Sharon Pierce
05-05 Rosh Chodesh Meeting 7pm
05-05 Tammy Ofek
05-05 Yom HaZikaron
05-06 Yom KaAtzmaut
05-08 Beth Miller
05-09 Candle Lighting 7:17pm
05-10 Judith August
05-11 Michelle Barney
05-12 Marilyn Bulmash
05-15 Leona Cohen & Norman
05-16 Candle Lighting 7:23pm
05-18 Rosalie Krutchik
05-20 Lillian & Michael Radomsky
05-21 Donor Event
05-21 Marion Davidson
05-23 Candle Lighting 7:28pm
05-23 Sharry & Steve Solomon
05-24 Bobbi & Peter Feinstein
05-25 Brenda Katz
05-27 Lauren & Barry Nahin
05-28 Marci & Robert Murdock
05-28 Yom Yerushalayim
05-29 Lisa Rosenberg
05-29 Nadolyn & Kenny Karchmer
05-29 Michelle & Michael Barney
05-30 Candle Lighting 7:33pm
05-30 Marcy & Jack Simon
05-30 Becky & Michael Solomon
05-31 Lily Philips
06-01 Beverly Ron
06-02 Sonia & Jack Adelman
06-02 Rosh Chodesh Meeting 7pm
06-03 Suzie Frank
06-03 Elaine Steinberg
06-03 Sharon & Stephen Pierce
06-03 Eve of First Day Shavuot
06-04 Eve of Second Day Shavuot
06-05 Barbara & James Lukasiewicz
06-05 Laurie & Richard Robinson-Frankoff
06-06 Carolyn & Oscar Goodman
06-06 Candle Lighting 7:38pm
06-07 Helen & Robert Feldman
06-07 Melanie & Gene Greenberg
06-08 Jackie Kramer
06-09 Sharon Lancz
06-09 Elsa & Allen Chiss
06-09 Rabbi Elaine Schnee & Harvey Gitel
06-09 Ronnie & Neil Schwartz
06-10 Rabbi Yocheved Mintz
06-11 Jann Trueworthy
06-12 Marcy & Steve Saxe
06-13 Candle Lighting 7:41pm
06-14 Carol & Joel Lubritz
06-14 Joan & Paul Weil
06-15 Atlene & Jerome Blut
06-17 Margret Ofek
06-17 Judy & Ronald Mack
06-18 Elaine & Irving Steinberg
06-19 Betsi Steinberg
06-20 Barbara Chozahinoff
06-20 Candle Lighting 7:43pm
06-21 Cheryl & Carl Ross
06-22 Cheryl Garber
06-23 Dee Berkley
06-23 Audrey & Larry Plotkin
06-23 Rochelle & Arnold Schneider
06-24 Melanie Greenberg
06-24 Elissa & Reuben Burda
06-24 Joan & Laurence Davis
06-25 Gina Retke
06-25 Charlene & Geoffrey Sher
06-27 Natalie & Malcolm Berman
06-27 Candle Lighting 7:45pm
06-29 Racine Murdock
06-30 Sharry Solomon
06-30 Kim & Andrew Cohen
07-02 Brenda & Jerry Katz
07-03 Harriet Elisofon
07-03 Charlotte Kuklin
07-04 Diane Katz
07-04 Victoria & Joel Bloom
07-04 Candle Lighting 7:44pm
07-05 Sarah Abraham Thomson
07-11 Candle Lighting 7:43pm
07-12 Andrea Behrens
07-12 Barbara & Shawn Neal
07-14 Judith August & George McKee
07-15 Nadolyn Karchmer
07-15 Linda Wilner
07-16 Devra Weiss
07-18 Candle Lighting 7:39pm
07-21 Victoria Bloom
07-23 Caline Cohen Schwartz
07-24 Hylda Leitner
07-25 Candle Lighting 7:35pm
07-26 Liz Goodman
07-28 Bernice Friedman
07-30 Arlene Blut
07-31 Sandy & Stan Mallin
Maxine Bendelac
Phyllis Gross
Marion Davidson
Sally Eskenazi
Phyllis Gross
Maxine Bendelac
Anita Lewy
Charlotte Kuklin
Shirley Chaplin, On The Birth Of Your
Great-Grandson, Sidney Chaplin
Sheryl Honig
Florence Frost, Thank You For Being So
Mike & Lillian Radomsky
Barbara & Marlowe Mogill, On Your 50th
Wedding Anniversary
Sally & Dick Eskenazi

Sympathy to Gil Brill & Family On The
Loss of Patty
Sympathy to Lois Sheffer On The Loss Of
Your Mother
Edie Radomsky
Sympathy to Toto & Mort Levitt On The
Loss of Your Brother
Fran Bloomeld
Sheila & Barry Bloomeld
Sympathy to Anita Lewy On The Loss Of
Your Cousin
Sheryl Honig
Charlotte Kuklin
Edie Radomsky
Sympathy to Francine & Howie
Lowenstein On The Loss of Your Father
Sheila & Barry Bloomeld
Sympathy to Gottman Family On The Loss
of Jerry
Edie Radomsky
Tributes and Dedications
For tributes-Vicki Bloom 702-363-6319 or email or
Edie Radomsky 702-448-7211 or email
TO: Memar Family
Heartiest Mazal Tov on
Sarahs engagement. We
are so happy for all of you!
Lillian & Mike Radomsky
TO: Racine Murdock
Wishing your daughter
Susan a speedy recovery.
Lillian & Mike Radomsky
TO: Dick Eskenazi
Hope to see you up and
around soon.
Refuah Shlema.
Lillian & Mike Radomsky
TO: Marilyn & Mike
Thank you so much for
your hospitality. Wish you
and your a Chag Pesach
Kasher Vsameach.
Lillian & Mike Radomsky
SIGs (Special Interest
Keep in
To learn more about the S.I.G.s, or to
RSVP to one of the events, email your
name, phone and in which S.I.G.s you are
interested to For
program info, please check your Eblasts
and Vision.
Fun events for women of
all ages!
Marsha Cohen, Chair
Enjoy friends, wine,
chocolate, and learning
with a lovely group of
women. Meets monthly,
7 PM to 9 PM.
Join us monthly on
Fridays at 10:45 AM to
Noon for a spiritual and
wonderful discussion and
prayers. Rabbi Goodman
Join us for Book Club
selections and fun
discussions, whether
you read the book or
If you know of a TBS college
student, please give us their
name so they can receive
care packages for Jewish
Join us to prepare
meals for WLTBS
Each session will be an
opportunity to learn
something new: knitting,
computer skills, etc.
Please join us at 10 am on May 21, 2014 at Spiedini"s for
our Annual Donor Brunch, where we truly enjoy having the
opportunity to honor all of our women who have reached
$100 or more in donor status. Last year we had 92 women
who achieved this great honor and I strive to excel once
again and go above and beyond that number-maybe even
get to 100! For those of you who know me, I take great
pride in having that number grow each year as it reects
the commitment and support of our women toward our
Women"s League and our Temple. If you don"t quite
understand donor or have questions about your donor,
please call me at 429-0888 or email me at: Look for your invitation in the mail,
which will let you know where you stand with donor credits
at this time. Don"t forget, if you achieve $150 in donor
credits you also get the donor pin or a new gemstone in the
one you already have; complements of Aaron Lelah
Jewelers. Please join us for a wonderful morning full of
great accomplishments, good company and, of course,
fantastic rafes - you won"t want to miss this event!
Kim Memar
Donor Co-Chair
On March 28
Kim Memar and I ew to Burbank, CA, for the rst ever PSW WL Retreat. Nestled in the
rolling hills of the Simi Valley, we stayed at the Brandeis-Bardin Campus. The weather was perfect, the
food really was delicious and the vendors offered beautiful merchandise. The speakers were great and the
opportunities to learn about each other and ourself were amazing.
During free time there was the opportunity to take a nature walk and see for yourself the beauty around
you. This area is the largest piece of property owned by Jewish people next to the State of Israel. Much to
my surprise there were therapy horses, cattle and gorgeous peacocks you could see AND hear. Kosher
wine tasting, Challah braiding, Havdalah candle making and even a game of Mahj were among the many
activities offered.

Different than the yearly PSW Spring Conference held in Irvine, CA, this Retreat was more about
reenergizing us and the intimate atmosphere really lent itself to this goal. Our scholars-in residence were
Rabbi Cheryl Peretz, Associate Dean, Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies and Rabbi Sara Brandes, now
serving as California Director of Moving, whose father-in-law has been the designer of our Torah Fund pins
for the last few years. They each offered such positive and insightful wisdom; it was inspirational.
Even without the comforts of homeno TV and no bathtubs (just showers) and no wi I loved it, lived
through it and am so glad I went. The Retreat was a treat for all who attended. Who knew? On March 30
it was time to return home and tackle a house full of Hamatz.
Brenda Katz,
PSW VP of Sisterhood Support
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Phone: (702) 838-2235
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Temple Beth Sholom
Women"s League
10700 Havenwood Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89135