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HD Mini Camera User Manual

Thank you for purchasing HD Mini Camera. It has adopted unique ultra-portable design, hich makes it apply to e!ery area. It brings more con!enience, safety and funs to your daily life. please read this manual carefully first. In order to better ser!ice, the contents of this manual may be changed ith the product performance and functionality, ithout notice . "roduct appearance # key $The picture is for reference only, in order to pre!ail in kind%

"roduct brief introduction This product is a & disk storage, high-definition digital camera, camera motion detection, charging hile !ideo, memory support '()*, connect the computer camera, direct storing function T+ card memory, security cameras, photo shoot and high-definition screen, the product has the ad!antages of simple operation, small and e,quisite, beautiful and practical, easy to carry, is home security, education, li!ing in areas such as the necessary practical tools, by the user-s fa!or.

.otice The interior is a precision electronic components, operation can not touch operation so as to a!oid damage to key.

I Characters of Product
It has small contour design, It is !ery fashionable and earable and matches kinds of portable tools. /upport "C camera and chatting function. /upport 01I !ideo format. It can carry out high definition image recording under lo illumination. /upport '2 fps for 3(24562 /upport &/*7.7 and &/*(.2. /upport '()* T-flash card.$ma,imum% ith all

II Operation Guide
1. Charge
8hen you use it the first time, please charge firstly. The method for charging as follo ing9 7.% Connect computer9 use &/* cable to connect the computer, then it can be charged. (.% &se adaptor9 connect charger plug ith &/* cable, then plug into electrical connector receptacle, it can be charged. 8hen you charge it, *lue light ill bright simultaneously, finish charging, *lue right stops flashing. .otice9 hen battery po er is not enough, the de!ice be turn on. .o , please charge for it. ill enter into protection mode, so it cannot

2. On/Off
Please confirm the ! card has alread" insert products# "o er on9 "ress po er button for 'seconds , *lue indicator light begins to bright. "o er off9In the suspended state, press the po er button for 'seconds, indicator lights off.

$. %ideo
"o er on and de!ice enters !ideo mode, the red indicator light begins to bright. "ress :;C once, red light flashing, equipment to start recording< press :;C for short time , the red indicator lights, front suspension and sa!e the recorded content, if need to record again , press :;C once , enter again !ideos. Image resolution 9 3(2 4 562 frames, (= > '2fps ? /. &otice' a. "lease make sure T-flash $Micro /D% card has been inserted, if not, it ill be po er off automatically after 7@ seconds. b. The ma,imum capacity of T-flash card is 7A)*. c. /a!ing file needs certain time, so please donBt press Cperation button continuously in order to a!oid sa!ing unsmoothly and generating incomplete file.

d. 8hen you make a !ideo, please focus on the obDect and keep @2cm under sufficient illumination. Then the !ideo ill be right, natural color, clear and stable.

(. a)e Photo
In the !ideo mode, press mode button for short time, de!ice enters camera mode, and blue indicator light begins to bright. "ress :;C once and blue light flashes once, take a photo.
Repeated press, repeat photo

Image resolution 97(62 4 72(5

In the camera mode , press mode button for short time, de!ice enters recording mode, red and blue light begins to bright. "ress :;C once, de!ice begins recording as the red indicator bright and the blue flashing. "ress :;C once, red and blue light returns to bright, stop recording and sa!e. :epeatedly pressing the :;C to repeat the recording.

,. Motion detection
In the normal mode, press mode button for '-@ seconds, blue and red indicator light begins to bright, no it enters into motion detection mode. Camera ithin a mo!ing obDect, the *lue indicator light flashes once then off, hile began recording. Motion detection !ideo, camera range ithout mo!ing obDect, the machine stops automatically after A2 seconds, the blue and red indicator light backs light, to continue mo!ing detection status. In mo!ing detection status, press :;C, red indicator light begins to bright, stop and sa!e .

-. Charging .hile /ideo

/hutdo n state, hold the !ideo?camera button, connected to the po er line, equipment startup, entry charging hile !ideo state.

0 ime set
The detail as follo ing9 7. Insert T+ card,connect to computer,find a te,t called TIM;.TET under root directory of card. 2011-05-01 23:59:59 (. open TIM;.TET, rite synchronous date according to enclosure stricktly.

1. off function

MI.I D1-22AH ill sa!e file and turn off automatically as follo ing9 a. 8hen you shoot !ideo ithout enough po er, file ill be sa!ed automatically, then autopo er off. b. 8hen disk space of MI.I D1-22AH is not enoughn, after indicator goes out immediately, file ill be sa!ed automatically then auto-po er off. c. &nder standby mode, ithout any operation in 5@ seconds, it ill be auto-po er off.

14 Connecting computer
It can connects computer under po er off mode, standby mode or !ideo mode, after that can be used as & disk, ho can copy, cut and paste, delete file. hich

8hen you connect it ith &/* port, a portable disk mark ill be seen after se!eral seconds. :ed indicator light al ays brights, yello indicator light ill be from flashed quickly to al ays brights. &otice' a. 8hen you connect computer, if the machine cannot be identified, or not see the portable & disk mark in '2 seconds, please insert it again. b. It is better copy or cut !ideo file into computer hard are then play. 1ideo file hich is sa!ed in the machine is played directly ill cause unsmooth play, the reason is that gigantic data cannot be transmitted synchronously.

11 PC Camera
Connect the de!ice to computer ith &/* line,enters & disk mode,press any key,at this moment it can be s itched into "C camera mode. Then double press the net ork camera icon of my computer can be used as "C camera.

12 +eset
8hen machine orks abnormal for illegal operation or other unkno n reasons, it needs to be reset. The specific operation method as follo ing9 &se slim pole to press the :eset button, and then finish one reset operation. P5 ' the +eset 6utton 6et.een U57 and ! card

1$. &otice
5uita6le using situation' "lease follo /tate-s la . Do not use it illegally. 5oft.are upgrade' In order to make products ha!e more function, manufacturer ill perfect product soft are continuously. This product is con!enient for customer to upgrade by themsel!es, so please contact ith local retailer for the latest soft are information and upgrade method 8or) temperature' "lease use it under normal temperature and a!oid using under unsuitable body temperature. 8or) humidit"' "lease use it under agreeable human atmosphere humidity, "lease not to make product et or e,pose in rain for hich ithout aterproop function. 5hooting illumination' "lease use it under enough light sources< do not aim the camera at the sun and other strong light sources in order not to damage optical parts of an apparatus. Cleaning re9uirements' "lease not use the product under too large dust density atmosphere so as not to affect !ideo effects for tainted lens and other parts. 8aste treatment' "lease pay attention to protect en!ironment, not to thro the product optionally. In order to a!oid e,plosion, please not thro product into fire.