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Luis Gutierrez Chakravarty 11/04/13

Dr. Chemistry 125

Date of experiment: Friday November 1, 2013 Name: Luis Gutierrez; November , 2013 !artner: "andy #nya

$edox des%ribes a&& %'emi%a& rea%tions in ('i%' atoms 'ave t'eir oxidation number %'an)ed* +'ese rea%tions often produ%e a s'arp %'an)e in t'e p'ysi%a& properties of t'e %'emi%a&s invo&ved 'en%e are suitab&e for titration experiments* +itration experiments are used to determine t'e %on%entration of an un,no(n rea%tant and re&y on vo&umetri% measurements* +'e exa%t point at ('i%' t'e titration is %omp&eted is %a&&ed t'e e-uiva&en%e point and %an easi&y be found in t'e presen%e of a s'arp %o&or %'an)e* !otassium !erman)anate ./n01 is a stron) oxidisin) a)ent t'at disso&ves in (ater formin) a deep purp&e so&ution* +'e abrupt %'an)e in %o&our ('en man)anese is redu%ed ma,es it a usefu& %'emi%a& for titration experiments* 2n t'is experiment, t'e titrant !otassium !erman)anate ./n01 of ,no(n %on%entration is added to an oxa&ate so&ution of un,no(n mixture* +'e e-uiva&en%e point of t'e titration is seen ('en t'e deep purp&e %o&our of t'e !erman)anate sudden&y %'an)es to a &i)'t pin,* Objective +'e purpose of t'e &ab (as to standardize a so&ution of potassium perman)anate by redox titration (it' a standard so&ution of iron3224 ions*

+'e experiment %onsists of a vo&umetri% titration* +'e titrant is t'e deep purp&e !erman)anate so&ution and is rea%ted (it' t'e !otassium 0xa&ate ana&yte of un,no(n mixture*

2n a 250 m& bea,er pour about 150 mL of t'e perman)anate so&ution #round 0*65 )rams of t'e mixture p&us deionized (ater !our 65 m& of 0* / su&furi% a%id into t'e f&as, 7eat t'e %ontents of t'e f&as, around 0 de)rees 8e&sius* +'e titration is %arried out and t'e e-uiva&en%e point o%%urs ('en t'e deep&y %o&oured so&ution turns pin, for more t'an 10 se%onds* +'e vo&ume of titrant re-uired for titration is re%orded* +'e experiment is repeated t'ree times


Calculations: mo&es of so&ute9 3mo&arity of so&ution4 x 3L of so&ution4 mmo&es of so&ute 9 3mo&arity of so&ution4 x 3mL of so&ution4

Sources of error:
+'ere may be a &o( per%ent of error in bot' tria&s be%ause of some spi&& of t'e substan%es of t'e &i-uid in t'e pro%ess of titration* $easons ('y tota& per%enta)e may 'ave differed from 100: %ou&d a&so be 'uman error in %a&%u&ations*

+'e purpose of t'e &ab (as to standardize a so&ution of potassium perman)anate by redox titration (it' a standard so&ution of iron3224 ions* +'rou)'out t'is &ab (e (ere ab&e to fi)ure out t'e mo&arity of /n01; usin) different vo&umes and t'e mo&arity of t'e iron3224 ions and by usin) different %on%epts in%&udin) a titration and 'a&f;rea%tions* <sin) t'e 'a&f;rea%tions in t'e ba%,)round information, 2 (as ab&e to %ome up (it' a ba&an%ed redox rea%tion for t'e %ombination of oxa&i% a%id and t'e potassium perman)anate* 2n t'is &ab, (e standardized a so&ution and t'en used t'at so&ution to determine t'e number of mo&es of t'e oxa&i% a%id* #t t'e e-uiva&en%e point, (e %ou&d see t'at t'e so&ution starts to %'an)e %o&or so t'at means t'at t'e number of mo&es of bot' t'e oxidizin) a)ent and redu%in) a)ent are t'e same*