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Aim: The purpose of this document is to provide setting procedure for potentiometer in the field.

Description: Throttle lever potentiometer is an important part of the fuel injection pump which is used to provide throttle lever position to the ECU. The position input is used by the ECU for deciding the EGR operation (in DPC pumps with AECU) and injection timing & EGR (in case of DPCN system with Delphi ECU) The potentiometer is a very important part of the system and its setting is done on a very precise FIP test rig under controlled conditions. The potentiometer should not be tampered under any condition without proper diagnosis.

Setting procedure: The clip on the throttle lever is punched with a voltage value which is the setting reference for the potentiometer. When there is a need for checking the potentiometer functioning, potentiometer tester (Part no: POT-01) must be used. (Picture 1 & 2)

Picture 1

Picture 2

Step 1: Connect the electrical connector of the potentiometer to the pot tester. Also connect the positive and negative connections of the tester to the battery terminals. Step 2: Move the throttle lever from minimum to maximum and notice the change in voltage display. If potentiometer value remains constant while moving the throttle lever from minimum to maximum position go to Step 3 otherwise Step 4. Step 3: Remove the potentiometer from the mounting bracket and clean it using air. Check the connector for damage and oxidation. Clean the connector and again check voltage in potentiometer removed condition. If voltage varies from minimum to maximum, assemble the

potentiometer into the bracket. If not, replace with new potentiometer. Use caution during assembly of potentiometer. Ensure during assembly that the lever on the potentiometer is located properly in the slot provided in the throttle lever. Step 4: Remove the cable guide from the FIP rear support bracket. Assemble the fixture (FMX0751) which is a part of the pot tester kit on the rear support bracket and other end to the throttle lever ball. (Picture 3 & 4)
Fixture fitted on Throttle lever ball

Picture 3

Picture 4

Step 5: Check whether the value shown on the display of the pot tester matches with that of the clip value. (Picture 5) If it matches, then the potentiometer and its setting are good. In case of mismatch of the potentiometer value, unscrew the potentiometer and turn it till voltage matches with the clip value. Tighten the potentiometer in this condition.

Clip value

Picture 5