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Jardins DEDENis the brainchild of Zeina, Rima

and Zahira Nazer. Te aromatherapy-based line of

luxury soaps and other bath products are made of
100%natural ingredients derived frombotanic
extracts and essential oils. Tey were originally
inspired by their fathers former soap-making
business, which was based in their childhood town
of Tripoli in the north of Lebanon.
Today the girls are running their own business
thousands of miles away in London and are
catering to a much diferent urban crowd -
customers that may not appreciate the saboun
baladi (the olive oil-based soap of Lebanon that
their father and other traditional soap makers
produced), which has a dry texture and produces
little lather.
We established that we need to add creativity and
innovation into this authentic tradition, explains
Rima, the youngest of the three. We introduced a
spa feel to the products with an aromatherapy
practice based on essential oils with carefully
crafed blends that work on body and mind. Tey
expanded well beyond their fathers product line of
pure soaps and added body and face oils, bath treats
and home fragrances since they launched in 2011.
While the soaps are still olive oil-based, the sisters
have added lots of additional ingredients with
aromatic or medicinal benefts. Rosehip oil
(benefcial for aging and scar healing) is used along
with jojoba oil with similar properties, anti aging
Argan oil and the deep moisturizing Kukui, Shea
and mango butter are just a few of many additions.
Te impressive list of natural plants and oils is what
sets themapart. Te brand uses no artifcial
ingredients or animal fats either.
In fact they managed to woo the discerning buyer
of high end retailer Harrods simply by sending her
a box of Jardins DEDENsoaps. Today, apart from
Harrods, they are also in the high end organic
stores, selected spas and specialty shops across the
UK, plus they have their own on-line store
( And while they have set their
sights on the Middle East, they want to fnd the
right partner frst before they start exporting to the
region (despite lots of ofers).
While the girls may have found commercial success
relatively fast, it took a lot of dedication, preparation
and a leap of faith, especially by starting a self
fnanced business at a time when the economic crisis
was at its peak. All three girls lef their previous jobs
and took specialised courses in soap making and
cosmetics. Today they employ a renowned Japanese
aromatherapist and use the expertise of leading
British specialists in product development for
personal care. Te sisters are members of the Society
of Cosmetic Scientists and have their own chemist
for all product safety risk assessments.
While they have clearly done their homework to
successfully launch, the next goal for the Nazer
sisters is to open up their own fagship store
where people can savour the true experience of
Jardins DEDEN. Now that would be pure
aromatic heaven
Words by Alia Fawaz
Luxury Lifestyle
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