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The Eufaula Journal 05/01/2014 t Housers role in our Indian Lake Eufaula Association Executive s artistic legacy. Director Connie Morris, who is heavily arples also said she involved in planning the upcoming celCol. Richard Pratt hrilled to introduce audio tour for Capivisitors. Using their through the gift of eduenrolled in the Studio phones, visitors can cation. I know he would School of Indian Painting at ss the audio tour withbe honored by the success the Santa Fe Indian School charge to learn about our scholarship recipients to study under Dorothy th er as one of the 20 have achieved, and thats Dunn. He soon became urys most influential really our purpose: to honor the most famous student, s. Jason, and to help others exhibiting paintings at the he Oklahoma Educaachieve their dreams. Worlds Fair in San Franl Television Authority Students who are selectcisco, the National Gallery oud to partner with the ed by the Foundation will of Art in Washington, DC, Oklahoma students receive at least a $1,000 Council in producing and the Art Institute of Chilooking to attend college are scholarship to be used at audio tour, said Dan cago. encouraged to apply for a the Oklahoma college of edel, OETA executive In 1939 he married Anna scholarship from the Jason their choice. To date, the tor. Its an opportuniMarie Gallegos, and they C. Wagner Foundation, a Foundation has raised and demonstrate the vital moved to Los Angeles in fund established by AT&T awarded more than $60,000 he arts play in educat1941. In 1947 he was comattorney Amy Wagner Col- in college scholarships to eople about Oklahoma missioned by the Haskell lins to honor her late hus- Oklahoma students. ry and culture. Institute in Lawrence, Kan., band. ousers original name The Foundation is fundto produce a sculpture honThe Foundations prima- ed by private donations Allan Haozous. He was oring Native Americans who ry focus is to award college and has received financial to Sam and Blossom died in World War II. The scholarships to graduating support from AT&T; Colous, who were memmarble carving was entitled high school seniors in Okla- lins, Zorn & Wagner; The of the Chiricahua Comrade in Mourning homa. Scholarships are Association of County Comhe Tribe and had been and was dedicated in 1948. awarded to applicants who, missioners of Oklahoma as prisoners of war Houser later taught at in the Foundations view, (ACCO); Wedel, Rahill & 7 years before Allans Brigham City, Utah, and most exemplify the charac- Associates; . After their release, Professional then joined the Institute teristics Jason Wagner had Reporters and other organiamily stayed in Oklaof American Indian Arts in life: integrity, intelligence zations and individuals. a to develop a farm in in Santa Fe in 1962. He and kindness. Apache community on Scholarship applications retired from teaching in Jason was so full of for the 2014-2015 school acres. Allan attended 1975 and devoted the rest life, Collins said. My hope year are due May 1. Addie Public School and of his life to his own art is that through the Founda- tional information, includigh school to work on that Blackburn said is so tion, his legacy will live on ing a scholarship applicafamily farm. He also tremendously important to and that because of his life, tion, is available at www. oped an early interest preserving the history and the lives of our fellow Okla- jasoncwagnerfoundation. rt with drawings and culture of Oklahoma. homans will be enriched org. carvings. age 20, Houser

Seniors Encouraged to Apply for Scholarship

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