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United States History Lesson Plans K Preczewski Unit: Chapter 20: Counterculture Time Period: April 22-May 7

I. Learning Essentials SOC.9- U.S. involvement in Vietnam, and the foreign and domestic consequences of the war (e.g., relationship/conflicts with U.S.S.R. and China, U.S. military policy and practices, responses of citizens and mass media) 3. SOC.9- Using core democratic values, analyze and evaluate the competing perspectives and controversies among Americans generated by U.S. Supreme Court decisions (e.g., Roe v Wade, Gideon, Miranda, Tinker, Hazelwood), the Vietnam War (anti-war and counter-cultural movements), environmental movement, women's rights movement, and the constitutional crisis generated by the Watergate scandal. 6. SOC.9- Analyze the causes and course of the women's rights movement in the 1960s and 1970s (including role of population shifts, birth control, increasing number of women in the work force, National Organization for Women (NOW), and the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)). II. Assessments: Summative Assessment Chapter 20 Vocabulary Quiz Chapter 20 Test Date Friday, May 2 Wednesday, May 7

III. Daily Activities and Learning Goals: Date Monday 4/21/14 Tuesday 4/22/14 Wednesday 4/23/14 Agenda Class will begin with a formative quiz on 19-3. Then, students review and work on their review sheets. Test is tomorrow. Students will take a test on Chapter 19: The Vietnam War. After the test, students will read Counterculture vs Mainstream. Class will take a formative quiz on the Counterculture vs. Mainstream article. Then, students will take notes about Chapter 20 Section 1: Counterculture Movement. Finally, students will The Port Huron Statement by the Students For a Democratic Society. Questions will be homework if not finished in class. Class will begin with a formative quiz on the Port Huron Statement. Then, class will interpret a political cartoon about Feminism. Then, students will take notes about Chapter 20 Section 2: Feminist Movement. Finally, students will read Learning Target Analyze linkage and evaluate influence of Vietnam War Identify Students for a Democratic Society Analyze goals within Port Huron Statement

Thursday 4/24/14

Evaluate inequalities for women (pay and job opportunity)

The Feminine Mystique. Friday 4/25/14 Students will review the Feminist movement. Then, students will continue discussing feminism, particularly Title IX and contraceptions. Class will read an article about Roe v. Wade and the impact of the case on the womens movement. Finally, students will define vocabulary terms for Section 1 and 2. Analyze ruling in Roe v. Wade and evaluate influence

Date Monday 4/28/14

Agenda Class will begin with a review on the feminist movement. Then, students will read Roe v Wade. Finally, students will read an article from CNN about Supreme Court issue regarding the Affordable Care Act and contraceptives. Class will begin with a formative quiz on 20-2. Then, will define vocabulary words for the section. Then, class will watch the movie 1968 and answer questions about the film. Class will continue watching 1968. Students will complete the 1968 movie questions as they watch the film. Class will review the vocabulary words. Then, students will learn about another minority group that faced discrimination: Latino Americans. Students will first look at a circle graph depicting the Latino population in the US. Then, students will take notes on organizations such as the United Farm Workers and La Raza Unida. Finally, students will read, A Farm Workers Story. Class will begin with a vocabulary quiz (summative). Then, students will read and answers questions about 21-4 (21-4 Reading Guide). Finally, class will begin to discuss African Americans and equal education, specifically discussing affirmative action and busing.

Learning Target Analyze ruling in Roe v. Wade and evaluate influence on American society Analyze effects of the National Democratic Party Convention protests Identify early leaders during the Latino Movement Analyze effects of Caesar Chavezs grape boycott on the rights of Latino Americans

Tuesday 4/29/14 Wednesday 4/30/14 Thursday 5/1/14

Friday 5/2/14

Date Monday 5/5/14

Agenda Class will begin with a formative quiz on 21-4. Then, students will read two court cases: University of California v. Bakke and Milliken v. Bradley. Students will summarize the cases and discuss their rulings. Then, students will discuss discrimination towards Native Americans, the disabled, and immigrants.

Learning Target Analyze affirmative action rulings in University of California vs Bakke.

Tuesday 5/6/14 Wednesday 5/7/14 Thursday 5/8/14

Class will begin with a formative quiz on 21-4 (Native Americans). Then, students will review for their test tomorrow on Chapter 20 and 21-4. Completed review sheets are due. Students will take Chapter 20 Test. When finished, students may begin vocabulary terms for the Foreign Policy Unit.
Class will begin with a formative quiz on the vocabulary terms for the unit: Foreign Policy in the Late 20th Century. Class will review 21-1 Reading Guide regarding Nixon and will take notes on his policy of dtente and Vietnamization. Then, students will watch a video regarding dtente. Class will begin with a formative quiz on the notes from yesterday. Then, students will also answer questions about 21-1 and 21-3 Reading Guide regarding Nixons, Fords and Carters foreign policies.

Analyze goal of the American Indian Movement (AIM) Identify dtente and Vietnamization

Analyze policy of dtente and Nixons goals

Friday 5/9/14

Analyze Fords and Carters foreign policies with Southwest Asia