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Mo#kov#ka 1, 76300 "ij!ljina $!a% o&&ic! ' 387 55 (50977, )ana*!r ' 387 55 (50976, &inanc!

!# ' 387 55 (5068( !-)ail+ #!)b!rijatran#port,*), ---.#!)b!

Allotment Contract

Signed on 19 February 2013 between:

1. Semberija-transport a.d. Bijeljina ul. !os"o#s"a 1 Unique Identification Number:

$$0031%2%000& 'egistration (r.011)1&11 *i+ense o, t-e !inistry o, .rade and .ourism: 'S-/B-0))-$$0031%2%000&0 (o.1$-01-09-2-122)012 ,rom 01 1une 2012 represented by t-e manager !itro#i2 3antelija ,rom Bijeljina 4Bosnia and 5er6ego#ina7 -ereina,ter - 8ustomer and 2. 9:;S<* 5=.<* !esi-pasa 8d.(o: &9 *aleli0Fati- Sultana-met 3$130 >stanbul represented by -ereina,ter - Ser#i+e pro#ider. /rti+le 1. Subje+t o, t-e 8ontra+t is to pro#ide +atering ser#i+es and a++ommodation ,or t-e .ra#el /gen+y ?Semberija-.ransport? Bijeljina ,or t-e period ,rom 0@ !ar+- 2013 to 10 !ar+2013. /rti+le 2. Ser#i+e pro#ider -ereby agrees to wit-in a +ertain period ma"e a#ailable a +ertain number o, beds to t-e 8ustomer at t-e ,a+ility mentioned under >tem 2 o, t-e 8ontra+t and to pro#ide +atering ser#i+es to t-e persons sent by t-e 8ustomer. /rti+le 3. .-e Ser#i+e pro#ider is reAuired to pro#ide +ustomer ser#i+es to t-e persons sent by t-e 8ustomer on t-e same terms as to t-e persons wit- w-om t-e Ser#i+e pro#ider dire+tly signed t-e +atering ser#i+e +ontra+t. /rti+le $. .-e 8ustomer must noti,y t-e Ser#i+e pro#ider on t-e pro+ess o, a++ommodation boo"ing and +annot +-arge -ig-er pri+es ,or +atering ser#i+es t-an t-ose set by t-e /llotment 8ontra+t or by t-e 8atering pri+e list to t-e persons being sent to t-e 5otel.

SEMBERIJA TRANSPORT a. d. "ij!ljina . " 4400316(60007 Matini broj 01151711 Kapital 1.757.137,00 KM

/cco0nt+ 161-085-0000(400-9( 1ai&&!i#!n "ank 56(-003-00000598-09 N2" 1a3vojna banka 555-001-00009061-43 Nova banka 554-001-00001648-84 Pavlovic nt!rnational "ank

/rti+le ). .-e 3arties s-all use t-eir best e,,orts to settle ami+ably all disputes arising out o, or in +onne+tion wit- t-e 8ontra+t or its interpretation. /ny dispute +ontro#ersy or +laim arising out o, or in relation to t-is 8ontra+t s-all be settled t-roug- negotiations between t-e 3arties. >, t-e 3arties ,ail to settle t-e dispute ami+ably t-e dispute s-all be settled t-roug- 8ourt arbitration in t-e town0+ity o, residen+e o, t-e prose+utor. /rti+le %. .-is 8ontra+t is made in $ 4,our7 eBa+t +opies wit- 2 4two7 +opies reser#ed ,or ea+3arty. 8ontra+ting 3arties CSemberija- .ransportBijeljina 9us"el 5otel


SEMBERIJA TRANSPORT a. d. "ij!ljina 76300 "ij!ljina, Mo#kov#ka 1 . " 4400316(60007 Matini broj 01151711 Kapital 1.757.137,00 KM

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