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Title: Project Social Betterment

Date: Starts 4/17/14 4/25/14

Description: Students are to create an installation or sculpture that either a.) Expresses a
thought/idea that betters the world or b.) Speaks to a social/global issue to spread awareness.
Subject: Art
Instruction time: 45 minutes
Grade: 8th
Standard(s) to be addressed:

// Creates art works through choice of subject matter, symbols, and potential ideas //
1. Applies with effort various subjects, symbols, and ideas into ones own art work
* Students integrate visual, spatial, and temporal concepts to communicate intended meaning
in their artworks
// Understand the visual arts in relation to history and cultures //
1. Indentifies, applies, describes and demonstrates how factors of time and place influence
visual characteristics that give meaning and value to a work of art

Enduring Understandings/Essential Questions targeted in this lesson:
- Students will be able to express an idea using personal experiences and interests to
convey their message effectively.
- Students will be able to challenge global and social issues by creating a work of art that
sends a particular message.

Learning Objectives for this lesson

- SWBAT make decisions about their art process and compositions by thinking critically.
- SWBAT apply knowledge of world/social issues to influence their creation.
- SWBAT use found materials to create art by taking old recyclables and combining them
together into a form.
- SWBAT create a form that implies a certain message by taking what is meaningful to them
and relating it to a global/social issue effectively.
Identified student needs and plans for differentiation:
Before students work for the day, they must ask 3 questions about the project, even though they
already know the answer to the question. This is because other students might be embarrassed
to ask a question and just to get their minds engaged on what they have to do for the day. This
project is comparable in the sense that everyone will be going at their own pace and not
everyone has to be at the same stage at the same time.

Instructional method(s) used in this lesson:
- On the first day, students will partake in a class discussion on what it means to be a
good person, the definition of justice, what we take for granted, influences, reality vs.
illusion, and social progress. This talk will be guided by a presentation to simply get their
minds on a deeper level of thinking. Offer lots of feedback and allow it to be a free
flowing discussion.
- Explain to students what they will be doing (explained in description) and offer examples
of what they could do or what topics they can work off of.
- Have students write a proposal for what they would like to do for the project.
- Have students bring in found materials or recyclables to create their installation or
- For every workday, show a video on the projector of people that are currently changing
the world for the better or a world issue that is going. Before the final day, have students
write a little statement explaining the work so when someone looks at it, they will be able
to understand it.
- There will either be a group critique at the end or a gallery walk / mini-art show to allow
students to show off their work.

** This is a self-directed project. This project calls for mostly workdays.