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According to Sigmund Freud, the dreams which contain death of someone and deeply pains the

dreamer represent repressed wishes of the past which have been abandoned or overlaid. Continued
existence is attributed to these wishes because of re-emergence. Now Why and How do we
abandon, overlay or repress these wishes.
Coming Back to Freuds reading, our default character or the character we inherit is our instinctive
character. Children instinctively are egoistic, feel their immediate needs intensely, and strive
ruthlessly to fulfil them. They seek to oppose/resent anyone or everyone who challenges their
authority. They have their sexual preference which they exhibit openly. This is what Freud calls
Primary ego.
Society as a structure will collapse if our primary ego dominates. So our society has envisaged
Secondary ego or society induced principles, morals and taboos to inhibit, abandon, repress and
overlay Primary Ego.
Various civilizations have been emphasizing secondary ego since ages through various means. For eg
Myths have been used to popularize the idea of secondary ego through:
Depicting Tragic ends with people guided by their Primary ego, making the reader shrink
from their primeval wishes or primary ego)
Holding Secondary ego- Morals, Principles, selflessness with high regards and popularising
the same through characters in the myths.
Over the time same social taboos concerning our Primary ego have been dealt with different
approaches. This is due to the progression in repression of primary ego in the emotional life of
mankind, and same has been the case with social devices to repress the same.
Oedipus Rex shows a dominant Primary ego and a terrifying tragic end, Hamlet is a subtle depiction
of Primary Ego and a constant clash between primary and secondary ego , Hansel and Gretel and
other fairy tales directly emphasize on secondary ego with a mild depiction of Primary ego. So
methods have progressively altered in their means to repress primary ego or emphasize secondary.
In todays context manga, novels etc. literature form along with the age old myths, traditions,
customs and fairy tales are responsible for overlaying primary ego with secondary.
So through these literary devices society has been up to its task of increasing the dominance of
secondary ego. Now we will analyse a manga and substantiate our case, presenting excerpts which
will show the story propagating the idea of secondary ego and repression of primary or
unconscious ego.