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Endangered animals: what have they ever done

to us?
By Gwendolyn Liston
April 30, 2014

Slowly the tiger stalks her prey as
quietly as possible. Suddenly she feels
bare ground on her paw and feels
exposed because she doesnt feel the
shade of trees. Wasnt the forest
supposed to be bigger than this? Her
prey was gone. She would just have to
continue to live in endless hunger.
Animals are a very important part of
the world and people should make
great efforts to help protect them.
Animals are being threatened and
dying out at a very rapid rate. What
have animals ever done to humans?
The human race is the animal
kingdoms most feared species, so
humans need to gain their trust and
help them. I think this quote is a
great example of this; It takes
hundreds of people to turn their backs
on endangered species and just two to
make a difference.- Jes Fuhrmann.

Many animals today are becoming
extinct as a result of human activities,
such as hunting, habitat destruction,
or pollution, and not because of
natural changes. Every day the
worlds human population grows by
200,000 people and we have a greater
and greater impact on the worlds
environments and wildlife. Many
people believe that the decline in
animal species is one of the greatest
threats facing Earth today. I think
that this quote shows how human
society can be compared to the animal
kingdom; The greatness of a nation
and its moral progress can be judged
by the way the animals are treated.-
Habitat destruction is the biggest
threat to most animal species, it is the
main reason that 80 percent of
endangered animals are at risk.
Causes of habitat loss are that
humans want more and more land
and that is the cause of deforestation,
grassland clearance, and wetland
drainage. Without a place to find food,
keep warm, and have young, animals
starve, freeze, and fail to reproduce.
Larger animals are particularly at risk
because they need large areas of
habitat to provide the range of food
they eat. For example, less than 2
percent of the orangutans original
forest habitat remains and orangutan
numbers dropped over 90% in the
century. Isnt this shocking?
There are thousands of scientists
around the world examining
populations of different species of
animals. The International Union for
the Conservation of Nature and
Natural Resources (IUCN) uses this
data to add to the IUCN Red List of
Threatened Species. This is a global
directory of the levels of threat faced
by different species.
The Red List highlights four main
categories of threatened animals,
depending on how high risk of
extinction they face. Critically
endangered species, like the black
rhino, face an extremely high risk of
extinction in the wild. Endangered
animals, such as orangutans, face a
very high risk of extinction in the near
future. Vulnerable species, like the
bull shark, are defined as a lower risk.
They need conservation measures to
ensure that they do not become
One reason for defining threats to
wildlife is to find out which animals
need the most help and why.
Individuals and organizations around
the world are working to save
endangered animals and their
habitats. Some conservationists work
on protecting habitats, for example,
by creating reserves, while others
pressure governments to create laws
to protect animals, such as making it
illegal to hunt particular species.
These acts are very important and
should be done all over the world.
The trend of endangered animals and
extinction is frightening; in the last
500 years, 850 known species have
died out, and up to 16,000 others are
under threat. If the current trend is
not reversed, scientists predict that
the world could lose about 55% of its
species over the next 50 to 100 years.
Over the next 30 years, up to one-
quarter of all known mammals and
one-tenth of all recorded bird species
could die out. Many people fear that
threats to animals and their habitats
will only increase in the future
because of global warming.
Just look at what the planet and
Mother Nature has come to. The
human race, have shifted the balance
of nature so much that nature has to
suffer because of humans. People
should not just be feeling sorry for the
animals and watch them die out, they
should do something! "Endangered
species are our friends." -Yao Ming
Humans should follow in the
footprints of the people who have
dedicated their lives to helping and
protecting endangered species. This is
a precious planet, so the human race
should make an effort to save it.