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Eric Julien's Book (Jean Ederman)


Summary of reading and exposure of elements supporting a "theory of the whole" opening
the way of a new physics

By Pascuser (pseud.), Professor of Mathematics, Phd of computer science.
Former critic of Eric Julien (Jean Ederman), "author" of
the ET message "Do you wish that we show up ?".

Following the interest that I showed in the research of possibilities of studies and of mathematical
process of the theory of 3D time brought by Eric Julien (called "the author" in the following text), he
proposed to me to send a first version of his book (the ET's Science), proposal that I with pleasure
accepted in order to see what he had been able to make of consistent.

All those who know his work over the 3D time and the various critics which have followed from there
will know what I mean when I say that strong disagreements relating to his remarks over 3D
time (note: 3D time source) opposed Eric Julien and me. Indeed, after research I had realized that
other Russian scientists (Kozyrev, Bartini, Veinik, Chernobrov whose names had been quoted
variously here on the forums and by other people) had already worked on theories of time with
variable density, and had had ideas of application to paranormal phenomena (telepathy). All this
had led me to conclude that the work of Eric Julien on the subject was simple embroidery around
works which were not his, and I had largely expressed myself on this subject here. He has then
defended his view after several months of absence and obviously it rained a certain tension
between us. Despite this situation, he proposed to me very cordially to give my impression to him
on his work. Other people still produced various theories having common points with the fractal
time and its variable density of which I did not know works before having read them in "the ET's
Science" (whose references lead for example to the website of Dr. Garnier-Malet in which work on
the doubling theory is close to certain things that Eric Julien states and of which he uses to
formulate a part of his theory in scientific language).

In fact, at the end, there was a rain a various critics which has fallen on his work because, for
different points, it partially was like things which were already made here and there, and since Eric
Julien did not put any reference to this various other works, one was allowed to ask questions and
to be suspicious.

Then.... will you say to me, why the book has interest ? Quite simply because by reading it in detail
(and I dissected it line by line, it took time : I have done it as a drudge ant) one realizes very well
that finally the elements which he used and which are not from him would be like accompaniments
of a piece of music : they exist apart from the piece itself, can be useful and sometimes essential for
the listening of the piece, sometimes they are simply used as pleasures, but in fact they are far
from being the heart of the piece itself. There is therefore no plagiarism of the authors I
spoke about. (One should recognize to be in the wrong when one must respect the truth). The
author of the theory of "absolute relativity" (expression of Eric Julien) openly speaks about the
various participants who studied the time nature, in this work, and works of which were used by him

as examples or simply which have common points and which confirm several points of his theory. In
the same time, one can see how these works are a partial vision of the whole by a small end of the
spyglass vis-a-vis to the coherence which emerges from his work. It is a theory, of which the
experimental proof remains to be produced, but for which precisely experimental works of the
various precursors has already been made as previous evidences, and are confirmations from
originators of ideas having different oriented minds.

My opinion on this book is that it is highly coherent. I had to ask many questions to Eric Julien
in order to clarify different things which went a little quickly for me sometimes, but, at the end, he
replied with brilliance to the little questions which are sometimes due to some innuendo or what is
left unsaid whose detail would sometimes ask for several tens of pages more. Knowing that the
book makes already more than 450 pages, he preferred not to make it indigestible in getting it
shorter (but seldom).

It is coherent, ok, but it is not enough that the pieces are all in agreement between them : do they
meet the reality of the things ? It is here that it becomes interesting. Indeed, his field of investigation
goes from microscopic (study of the matter at the fundamental level, internal structure of the matter
wave, structure of the electron, the light, structure of space and time, the fundamental forces,
energy, heat, etc.) to macroscopic (study of the formation of the galaxies, gravity at an universal
scale, the missing mass, etc.),giving explanations plausible, coherent and in conformity with
the observations that quantum physics and astrophysics could make but not explain.
Obviously that remains theoretical, but it is a kind of theory of the whole, going from infinitely small
to infinitely large. In that sense, it provides the foundations of a new physics to the unifying
vision and finally basically simple (although abstract) while paying tribute to the works of the
people of which the ideas were used to try to clarify his theory in a scientific language (Ari Letho,
Jean-Pierre Garnier-Malet, etc.) Yes, others have worked on the time nature, yes their ideas are
more than useful sometimes, but yes it becomes clear that his theory goes much further than
what it already exists and that it is innovative.

Coherent in its entire presentation, coherent with the physics from microscopic to macroscopic, but
is there still more?

Coherence includes the paranormal effects (parapsychological abilities, telepathy, moves in the
spiritual bodies, memory of the dreams, etc) and the explanations relating to the effects of the
UFO(movement of the vessels, various visual effects, missing time, creation of crop circle, radiation
impacts on nature, etc.)

Here, it becomes a super-whole theory, but which does not need various lumps to succeed in
unifying the elements: all is based on a single concept.

All the elements were already presented in different threads that he had opened on in order to clarify his theory, but they sometimes went to many directions,
without elements to generally support it. Since then, the whole was reconsidered with a work which
one feels the energy and the intensity to succeed in linking the elements and to explain them. The
explanations are largely illustrated by the 142 diagrams which allow us to understand the
abstracted aspects, but which are also accompanied by a language using scientific elements
bringing the first steps of a new physics (but obviously and fortunately it is not a scientific article,

because that would not be readable as a book). J.P. Garnier-Malet already developed a scientific
study which shows that it is really possible to make serious studies of the theory. Eric Julien
provides, on his side, some instructive mathematical foundations towards a new formalism.

If my goal was only to promote the book I will stop here, but you know me and you know that I am
interested in a deeper insight of things. So the purpose of the text below is to explain what is his
theory, in what it is interesting and in what it has to make us raise new questions. The scientific
interest is undeniable. Also the purpose of this text is to expose and explain, I thus asked for the
author's authorization to use a part of his diagrams and texts to meet this goal.

With the agreement of Eric Julien, I will try to make a summary of the essential points of "the ET's
Science" in order to present the characteristic key points of the coherence of the unit so that you
can judge the quality of his work.

The diagrams used and the quoted texts are under copyright, and moreover they are extracted from
his work "The ET's Science". They cannot be used freely without his authorization, like any
document under ownership intellectual rights. Obviously, I return you towards the book itself for the
detailed and complete understanding of what this text remains only a synthesis (for the moment
there is not published version: I read an electronic first version) .

Here, these first points being stated, let us see some extracted worthy elements of great interest.

To start with scientific aspects, you can throw a glance at the work of Garnier-Malet on the doubling

0 - Concepts

Temporal density and information:

It is necessary to take for granted the idea that time can flow at different speeds, because it is not
continuous. It flows per small quantities, by quanta to take the expression of quantum physics.
These quanta of time can be in more or less concentrated quantity, what corresponds to different
speeds. These temporal quanta are spread along the movements of the objects and the waves.


According to the author the "actions are translatable in term of information. We will see thereafter
that this concept of information is capital because it replaces gradually all the other physical units."

Indeed, the measurement of time cannot be done any more by a clock or another mechanical
process since this measurement is not absolute : time does not have absolute duration. During one
second of a time measured in a certain density (measured by a mechanism of an industrial clock
authorized by a certain number of mechanical movements for example), it can flow, lets say, 1000
chronons (I randomly say that to take an image). But in a higher density, it can flow 10 seconds for
example, i.e. that the same clock embarked in this higher density could have carried out the
mechanical movements allowing to count 10 seconds because it would have flowed 10000
chronons. During the measured second of lower density, it flows in fact 10 chronons inaccessible
(of higher density) between each chronons of the lower density. Time is not measurable any more
in second. The second is a unit of a particular density (ours), but in a number of actions (a number
of movements of the clock in this case). Actions : movements, exchanges of interactions, etc., are
information. A higher temporal density means more information.

The author adds that "the information appears by its energy, which can cross the spaces-times.
One traps information by obtaining the derivative of observation by time."

Time and energy:

In his Absolute Relativity theory, he includes the terminology of Veinik: he calls chronon the
temporal quanta. The chronons are a temporal load which determines the "quantity of time" that an
object has. In fact, the study is based on the undulatory aspect of the phenomena. In physics, a
light wave (as the matter wave of de Broglie for the particles) is characterized by its frequency from
which energy comes. The quantity of chronons varies according to the frequency of the wave, and
its amplitude.


Therefore, energy (frequency of the wave) is related to the quantity of chronons. That makes it
possible to interpret thereafter the increase or the reduction of energy by the increase or the
reduction of the time density (i.e. the temporal "distance" between chronons).

There is as much possible densities of chronons than of possible energies: an infinity. Each density
of chronon corresponds then to what is called a "space-time".

Indeed, space and time closely become dependent: space moves time further apart.


Fractal space-time:

The spaces-times are then fractals: they reproduce themselves in the same way but in different
scales. Each higher time density exists on a scale different from the lower one: between chronons,
one has holes on a certain scale (moreover, the psychological perception of time is the perception
of emptiness between chronons: the more they are spaced, the more one feels the time which
passes: one perceives the intervals "of inactivity" of time as the time which flows)


By enlarging the holes one sees other chronons on another scale. One speaks about fractal
structure (which gradually reproduces themselves to smaller scales).

Linear time and periodic time:

Chronons have a radius; this radius is the one of periodic time.

The antimatter is then the expression of a matter which moves in another direction of time (thesis of
Etienne Klein who, according to the author, "is appreciated by the scientific community for his

toughts over time, wrote many books and scientific articles whose central topic is precisely the
nature of temporality.").

E=ht according to the physicist Ari Letho where t is the measurement of periodic time. Energy in a
particular space-time is characterized by the "size" of periodlic time on its characteristic scale. Eric
Julien proposes a generalized mathematical writing of energy going even further.

According to the author "quantized time is thus the period itself, whatever it is. Quantum time is a

The matter, moving in time, creates a temporal loop. The size of this loop is the one of the chronon.
But one should not see the chronon like an absolute particle.


The chronon is in fact a temporal measuring unit related with a particular density. It can itself be
broken up into other chronons of higher density by smaller periodic times.

Time and causality:

The chronons density (therefore the space-time fractal that it defines) is related to causality.


If the chronons are rather close the ones to the others at the point to be stacked up (they are
intricated between them) then time can flow more easily in the opposite direction. When spaces
between chronons are reduced, information are more concentrated (and at the same time one
perceives less better than time flows because spacing is weaker ; and yet time flows more quickly
because there are more chronons). The effects and the causes are then closer : there is less of

I A new physics

Conscience and perception through the densities of time - time present:

The conscience is not ready to live simultaneously in all the densities of time. When it is focused in
a particular density of time, it loses information coming from higher densities (since more
information proceeds there at the same time) : it is missing time.


This missing time explains the dreams and their inconsistency : the spirit sails during the night in
higher densities of the time which is too dense in information for the brain to which the spirit is
connected : it retains only bits and reconstitutes incoherent pieces then of them).

The conscience needs a linear time to learn and understand the world which surrounds it by the
causality experience. In fact, it is the conscience which gives a linear perception to a time which is
not linear (time is periodic and with variable densities).

The conscience can travel from one density to another through a zero point portal which is common
between matter waves. When the quanta of the waves of various time densities (thus various
frequencies) coincide, then there is one moment of simultaneous existence (through several
densities) : it is the present. The conscience forwards from one density to another by the way of a
point common to both densities.

According to the author, "the setting in resonance of two particles is precisely the technology to

pass from a fractal to another. It is the axis of Present dimension of 3D time. This is why two atoms
can coexist at the same place! They then form only one thing! They constitute a temporal door."

Electromagnetic forces:

The electric charge and the magnetic fields are expressions of different fractals. Indeed, they
represent energy. A moving electric charge produces a magnetic field : the differential speed is thus
translated by a more or less intense magnetic field (which marks a lower or higher difference of time

The different electric charges between proton and electron represent an energy tension : a balance
between space tension (distance between proton and electron) and temporal tension (energy of the
electric field between them). Space and time are linked and the electric charge is only an effect of
separation of energy in space.

There are also many things on the fundamental forces : strong force which links the quarks, weak
forces, gravitational force. But I will speak about them later.

Energy of the vacuum:

It is the fantastic quantity of energy which is available in the fractals of higher densities than ours.
This energy is inaccessible in normal time, but it is present: the chronons of smaller fractal scales
(higher time densities) represent an energy which can be made available by various phenomena
known as "temporal pumping". It consists in making gush out chronons of higher densities towards
lower densities.

It is this energy which is used in the free energy machines by electromagnetic pumping. It is
potentially usable under the condition of being pumped (it can be pumped by phenomena of
spinning electromagnetic fields, in the same manner than macroscopic pumping can be done by
mechanical rotation.

According to the author, "It is this energy (actually being on multiple fractal floors) that the subtle
bodies use and from which the paranormal phenomena draw their capacity to occur!".

If the subtle bodies of the man are material gathering in higher densities of time (therefore in other
fractal spaces-times) they then have the possibility to control the available energy in their density in
order to make it emerge in lower densities.

Temporal pumping and link between space and time:

The movement creates a temporal increase: it is the macroscopic pumping. Speed "compresses"
space and, by doing this, increases the density of chronons. Moreover, one remembers that the
density of chronons characterizes energy: the more quickly one goes, the more one has energy.


According to the author, "Let us note that the speed of the light, for the Absolute Relativity, is the
limit of exchange of the space of time obtained by a movement". The speed of the light is the speed
beyond which the object moved away from its starting temporal density starting of such a scale that
one cannot any more perceive it in this starting scale.

One must also see the calculation of the light speed measured in the doubling theory of Garnier-
Malet, as a limit between 7 consecutive space fractals from ours (7 "fractal steps"). This is a worthy
argument in favour of the Absolute Relativity theory. In fact, all that goes too quickly will be
perceived from our scale as going at the light speed which is the limit of perception from a fractal of

The link between space and time is thus the following: the more there is space, the less there is
time, and conversely!. It is the application of the space compression by the movement. It should be
noted that the temperature is the measurement of the movement of the atom agitation which is said
"thermal", i.e. the microscopic movement.

Thus the temperature is a measurement of the temporal density in which is the measured object
(compared to ours). Moreover, once again, it is coherent with energy : energy depends on the
temperature, therefore that is coherent. Energy measures the time density.

In higher time densities, time is denser, therefore faster, but at the same time space is smaller by an
opposite effect.

The rotary movement produces a macroscopic pumping and the experiments by Russians
(Kozyrev, etc) show well that the rotary movements increase the quantity of chronons and change
the time flood.

Matter and time:

What is matter? Quantum physics answers: a wave (a matter wave). In fact, the matter is a wave of
a particular frequency in a particular density of time. But a wave is often accompanied by harmonics
in the various known phenomena of physics: sound waves, mechanical movements. The idea is
that a matter wave is also accompanied by harmonics. These harmonics are thus waves of different
frequencies, representing the matter in different densities. It is in that sense that a material particle
exists simultaneously in all the densities at the same time. But in the higher densities, the matter is
spread in an environment where the quantity of information is larger and where causality
decreases: the matter thus follows different laws according to the density.

We can easily imagine the application that one can make with the spiritual bodies of the man which
are fractal pictures of a single "matter" existing in a much higher density (the soul).

In an opposite way, a wave in a higher density can result in waves of various frequencies in lower
densities. These waves are particles in the physical time density. A particle in a higher density can
thus become a multitude of particles of lower densities. Thus, one explains phenomena of quantum
physics in which the matter seems to be intricated. In fact, they are visions in lower fractal spaces-
times of a single "matter" wave of higher density.
By application of this principle, the author suggests that the atom, with its procession of electrons, is
in fact a multiple image of a single object of higher density. The electrons which are distributed on
the electron layers are geared down pictures of a single electron which is itself even the picture of
the protons of the core.

(see also the part on the electromagnetic forces explaining how a balance between tension of
space and time makes the emergence of energy from the vacuum in the shape of atom : proton and
electron. Thus the matter comes from the vacuum).

On a still higher level, the atoms are different expressions of the same material entity of higher
density. By applying the same principle, the more one goes up "high", the more one realizes that
the separated objects in our level of reality are a single universal object. It is the holographic
principle: all the universe is only the multiple reflection of only one single thing of infinitely higher
density (of God). That explains all the phenomena of non-locality in quantum physics. Obviously, it
is an assumption of construction of the theory, not a demonstration (in physics nothing is a
demonstration, if it is not reality).

The author adds that "each electron consists in several photons (other fractal space-time) whose
balance is broken by any variation of energy level. This is why an electron can absorb (when it
misses one of them) or emit (too much full) a photon. Not astonishing that Japanese scientists of

Hitachi research laboratories highlighted the same behaviour as the photons for electrons with the
experiment of interferometry of the slits of Young in the Eighties."

The matter reaching the absolute zero temperature has a particular behaviour (absence of
movement, therefore thermal absence of energy). In this particular state of the absolute zero a
certain particular coherence of the matter (condensates of Bose-Einstein) can occur in which the
physicists measure an extremely weak light speed, and even quasi null (that they interpret as an
matter refraction index tending towards almost infinite values). The idea of the author is that rather
translate the fact that in this state the matter is in another space-time fractal in which the scale of
time and space measurement (depending to time density) explains this phenomenon. It is indeed a
phenomenon which proceeds at the microscopic level and the scale change from ours to the
microscopic one lead to a change of the rate of time: the density of time and the scale of space are
closely dependent.

Big bang theory and red shift:

The Big bang theory has for only argument the shift towards the red: all the objects of the universe
(galaxies, cluster, stars, quasars, etc.) have a shift of their spectrum towards the red. In classical
theory, this is explained by the distance of the cosmic objects the ones from the others. The
universe is thus expanding. Therefore, one deduces by projection an initial explosion in the past:
the Big-bang.

But Absolute Relativity explains this differently: different space dimensions represent different
fractals : time and space do not have the same density on the scale of the galaxies as on the
human one. This difference in scale induces a measurement shifted towards the red, without any
movement between galaxies.


To a larger space scale corresponds a different and proper time density. The author says
that "instead of interpreting red shift by the speed of recession of the cosmic bodies which increase
with the distance (base of the universal expansion), one can more simply say that the quantity of
time decreases as one looks at far."

That calls into question the design of the expanding universe.

Missing mass and gravitation:

The gravitation appears to follow a fixed law in our scale (the constant of gravitation is fixed) but in
fact, it depends on the flood of time, because it is measured as an acceleration (thus depends on
time). With different scales of time, the gravitation does not have the same value.

Thus on the scale of the universe, the gravitation is stronger and is lower on a quantum scale
(moreover, it is the weakest force at the quantum scale). This difference explains the missing mass
of the universe (which misses to explain the inaccuracies of the law of gravity observed in

The author proposes also an explanation of the formation of the galaxies starting from a part of the
energy of the vacuum (by pumping the energy of higher fractals) present in the centre from which
matter comes from.


II Applications to the ufology.

Movement of the UFO:
The author says: "the rotary movement (macroscopic temporal pumping) associated with spinning
electromagnetic field patterns (microscopic temporal pumping) sufficiently cumulate chronons to
change the system from a fractal to another."

The coherence of the matter:

It is necessary to read the detailed part of the operation of the vessel and the way in which the
decoherent matter travels between the time densities (which has a relationship with the "cold"

coherence discussed higher in "Matter and time"). Once moved in another fractal of time, the vessel
follows the gravitation of this fractal. It is quite weaker in a fractal of higher time density. Thus, it
becomes easy for the vessel to make gravitational lift (to float in the air). By coating a person in a
temporal field of comparable nature (the produced field of chronons can be directed), it can
succeed in making float the individual (by microgravity). A very weak force is then enough to attract
him towards the vessel (abduction). The space trip in a higher density in which space is contracted
does not need technical exploit : the distances which appear huge in our scale become well smaller
in higher densities, and, moreover, time flows there more quickly. The vessel which moves at fast
speed in higher density then appears to have an over-velocity for us. It largely exceeds the speed of
the light from our point of view whereas it goes at speed much slower in its own space time.

According to the author, "these vessels travel, not in space, but through staked spaces-times (or
overlapped)." For him, the extra-terrestrials are first of all Extra-Temporals.

Moving between time fractals:

According to the author, "the hydrogen link of the DNA, which is a weak electronic link (it is thanks
to that that one can handle the genomes), is the essential factor of the human body incapacity to
rise in the high time densities (what we call the Ascension) and thus to dematerialize it naturally. To
get possible, it is thus necessary to associate other helix in order to increase the capacity of
information flows in term of connectics, synonymous of time density."

This explains the fact that many spiritual teachings speak about genetic change necessary to the
rise of the conscience. Some contactees also speak about missing DNA helix: the fact is not new.

With a better genetics the man could sail consciously between various densities of time as the
extra-terrestrials do it.

The human body is paralysed by the higher time densities which are not adapted to its structure.
Only the physical organs having a fractal structure (of which functioning is done microscopically as
macroscopically) operate almost correctly in the presence of a temporal field of higher density:
lungs (micro-alveolus), brain (structure of the neurons), etc., but in a slowed down way, what
correctly explains phenomena of the body paralysis (failure of the various bodies : they are blocked,
except for some which remain more operative than others, ensuring the fact that the abductee
person is still conscious despite of what occurs.

Environmental and perceptive effects:

The explanation of many characteristics observed by hundreds of witnesses concerning the UFO
can be given using Absolute Relativity: odd effects on the environment, forms, noises (or silence),
characteristic of movement, etc.

All the following explanations are coherent in respect with the Absolute Relativity, and correspond
to witnesses reports.

The erratic movements of swinging which are often pointed out by the UFO sceptics as hoaxes
(objects suspended with a cord) are explainable by their technology of hyper velocity rotation (for
temporal pumping). Sometimes, the photographs are fuzzy: that is understandable when the vessel

is not entirely materialized in our


The UFO can be silent and not produce a supersonic bang without for that using expensive
technology MHD (Magneto-Hydro-Dynamics) loved by Jean Pierre Petit (and which must be used
by the Ummites who do not know how to use technologies of time density, or by releasing us only
bits of lower technologies). It is enough that the time flows differently in the bubble around the UFO:
the flow of air goes then at a low speed around it.

Many witnesses report odd forms and even changes in forms. The explanation is there too: the
vessel is a matter wave being able to appear in a various way (malleable form also by the pilot of
the vessel according to the appearance which he wants to take for the witnesses. One remembers
waves of observations of airships in the last centuries. The UFO had the appearance which people
could await from them: airships were the only things which they could know able to fly).

Sometimes the UFO appear to reduce in size, or to disappear instantaneously: that is explained

From time to time the witnesses speak about beam of light truncated, of which the length is
variable. There are photographs of such a case besides. The physicists attempted to explain it by a
flow of particles energizing the atmosphere, on which the length depends on energy... with Absolute
Relativity the explanation becomes simpler and coherent.

The cases of group of lights which divide then merge are also numerous: the UFO multiply and are
merged one in another. Here too, the same theory explains the observations (moreover, these

multiplications take place when the UFO takes the form of a light, it becomes dematerialized to be a
malleable matter wave: coherence still follows).

Crop circle creation:

It is also explained by the effects of higher time density: the corn damping by the vessel (of which
the temperature is low by cold coherence), cooking with the microwaves emitted by the vessel, and
the fast movement of the vessel in the fields in invisible mode or partially materialized (as balls of
light for example: its form depends on the position of the person which looks at it and the level of
time density where the vessel is located). The corns ionized by the fields of microwaves are
magnetized and follow the movements imposed by the powerful electric field of the vessel. The form
is thus dictated by the movement of the vessel itself controlled by the equivalent of a board
computer (it is the only human word to qualify it).

III Conclusions

There are of course much more details on all these subjects than I only approached here in order to
show the broad range of approached explanations, all of very great interest, and their coherence
with respect to the central theory which seems well a "universal theory" (as well in the field of
sciences as the one of the spiritual bodies of the man and the paranormal phenomena which are
also partly developed in the book). Obviously, the detail has to be read in greater depth, and I
excluded a very great number of other subjects quite as important. I cannot present in some pages
a book of 450 pages. But it seems to me that what I pointed out is enough sufficient to understand
the nature of work done and to allow us to ask serious questions about the real nature of the

Any question or remarks on the theory should be discussed directly with its author. I have made

only a summary here (already rather long but once again patchy regarding the quantity of things
which one finds in the book).

It seems to me that this work must be extended by a scientific work in order to test and to give a
theoretical framework even more solid to the unit. In my opinion, this unit is worthy. The UFOs are
not any more simple reports of observations: the UFO understanding is unquestionably attached to
the vision of the new proposed physics. It is a work of physics above all, but also a book of ufology
by application. It is probably one of the best books of ufology from a scientific point of view.

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