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Naresh reddy .

E-mail: Mobile: +91-
To be associated with an organization that gives me a scope to apply my knowledge and skills, and to be a
part of team that works towards the growth of organization for its future
M$* ,inance -reg.lar/ from ST.pauls college of management & IT affiliated to !smania "niversity#.
M$* pro0ec1:
'i1le : $ %ro&ect Study on '*sse1 liabili1y managemen1 in regional r.ral ban2s a1 *3G)$(
$)* Techni+ue is used to know the bank assets and liabilities performance.
$)* Techni+ue evaluates the strength of e,isting risk management tool and improves it further.
The li+uidity position of $%-./ shows negative gap in first three maturity buckets in bank
inflows and outflows statement.
The interest rate risk in $%-./ books shows negative gap in all maturity buckets e,cept 0102 &
02134 days maturity bucket.
$)* techni+ue is aimed to tackle the market risk and its ob&ective is to stabile and improves 5II.
The $)* techni+ue helps banks to find the possible source of risk in connection with the funding
and lending activities.
'opic: *utual funds
'opic: !nline Trading
'opic: Technical analysis
'opic6 Subprime crises
'E*M 35E6EN'*'(#N66
'opic: $ccounting concepts & conversions
'opic: 7erivatives
'opic: 89ITs
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'opic : :7I & :II
'##76 86E+ :
.ery strong in handling the *S office tools and web search tools
$dvanced -oogle techni+ues
E+8&*'(#N 98*7(,(&*'(#N6:
$.com -comp.1ers/ :rom ;$<5$.I 79-899 =!))9-9 <>798$/$7
(n1ermedia1e from S8I5I.$S$ %$7*$.$T<I ;"5I!8 =!))9-9
4igh 6chool Ed.ca1ion from S8I .$5I .I7<>$ 5I)$>$*
/agged first prize in =ricket Tournament in the event of Inter =ollege =ompetitions.
/agged first prize in kabaddi Tournament in school mandal level#
3E56#N*7 35#,(7E :
+a1e o: $ir1h 6 0?@A4@0B4B
,a1her;s Name : Crishna reddy
7ang.ages : Telugu, 9nglish
*ddress : 7octors colony, road number D2

-Naresh reddy.G/
3lace: 4<+E5*$*+

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