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France is the most visited country in Europe continent.

France is situated in Western Europe

France is located in the northern hemisphere, which means that spring begins in
March and ends three months later, when summer begins. Summer then ends in
September and is followed by autumn, which lasts three months as well. Winter
lasts until the beginning of spring, and the whole cycle repeats itself. In other
words, the weather probably changes roughly at the same time as in your area,
unless of course you live in the southern hemisphere.

Hello, Its Emanuele. I
will tell you abou my
country, F!"#$E.
First, let me tell you the location of my beautiful country.
'he Massif Mountains in France are situated in the heart of the country.
'his mountain range is the oldest in France with geologists estimating their
age at around ())*(+) million years. 'he Massif mountain range in France
ta,es up -+. of the total surface area of France. 'he Massif mountain
range is famous for its chain of e/tinct volcanoes.
'he "lps are probably the most famous mountain range in France, and in fact
Europe. 0eople usually play s,i there.

Flag of F!"#$E 1
Language1 French
2on3our 1 hello
2lue White !ed
Merci 1 than, you
$omment alle4*vous5 1 How are you5
French is the official language in France and it is also the second ma3or
language in Europe.
Religion1 Most people in France are mainly $hristians with 67. of !oman
Currency1 Euro and French Franc 8until 9))9:
'!";I'I%#"< $<%'HES
Men: It is believed that their clothes were similar to
those of the Indians.
$hemise1 " ,nee length cotton or linen shirt, considered to
be an undergarment
$ulottes or 2reech cloth1 " pair of ,nee length pants,
usually wool or linen, which button around the ,nees, or a
cloth worn over the loins.
Hose1 " pair of cotton or wool soc,s, ,nee high
Mitasses1 " pair of protective garters worn over the lower
legs, made of leather or wool, which button to the
breeches or tie to a belt.
=uillette1 Small short vest usually without sleeves, worn
over the $hemise.
$apote or >ustacorp1 Heavy coat with large cuffs worn
over all else, ,ind of li,e a suit coat.
Women: 'hey all wear caps, while their s,irts are
scarcely down the middle of their legs, shoes with high
>upon1 " garment very similar to a s,irt, only shorter.
Many of these could be worn at once to show wealth and
$hemise1 "n unders,irt or shift worn under all of the outer
petticoats and the 3upon.
Mantelet1 " short women?s waistcoat, worn with the 3upon
and chemise.
Fichu1 " s@uare or oblong piece of cloth used by women as a
modesty scarf worn about the nec, and shoulders.
'!";I'I%#"< F%%;
'he French main dishes contain1 fresh vegetables, meat and cheeses. French cuisine is well
,nown for its freshness and high @uality dishes. 'he French people en3oy their main meal in
the evening and this meal often consists of three courses starting with a ?hors doeuvre?, a
starter dish which often is soup or a salad and bread, then the main course and afterwards
some cheese or fruit.
Here is some typical French food1
A Baguette1 long bread stic,
A Croque Monsieur/Croque Madame1 ham and cheese grilled sandwich while $ro@ue
Madame is the more heavy version with ham, cheese and a fried egg on top.
A Escargots1 snails
A Foie Gras1 =oose liver pate
A Pain au chocolat1 similar to a croissant filled with chocolate
A Crepes1 French very thin panca,es with filling
A Ratatouille1 vegetable stew
$HI<;!E# ="MES1
Ptanque 8French pronunciation1 Bpet ,C : is a form of boules where the goal is to
throw hollow metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a
cochonnet 8literally DpigletD: or 3ac,, while standing inside a starting circle with
both feet on the ground. 'he game is normally played on hard dirt or gravel, but
can also be played on grass, sand or other surfaces. Similar games are bocce, bowls
and 8adapted to ice: curling.
F"2&<%&S <"#;M"!ES of F!"#$E
Eiffel tower was built in -FG-. 'he
height of this tower is (7) m. Eiffel was
designed by =ustave Eiffel. Eiffel is now
the most visited tower in the world.
'he <ouvre formerly was a ,ingdom. 'he
<ouvre became the first museum in
Europe. 'he well ,nown Mona <isa
painting is being ,ept in this building.
#otre ;ame $athedral has been
standing for F)) years. It was built by
Maurice du Sully in --6(.
"rc de 'riomphe is a tomb for the un,nown
soldiers who had sacrificed their lives for the
country. It was built under #apoleons authority.
S%ME $E<E2!"'I%#S
2astille ;ay, the French national holiday, commemorates the storming of the
2astille, which too, place on -7 >uly -HFG and mar,ed the beginning of the French
May ;ay 8<a FIte du Muguet, <a FIte du 'ravail: in France is a public holiday to
campaign for and celebrate wor,ers rights. It is also an occasion to present lily*of*
the*valley or dog rose flowers to loved ones.
'!";I'I%#"< ;"#$E
France is ,nown to invent 2allet dances way bac, in -+F-. 2allroom and s@uare
dances are popular in France during this period. 'he other dances that come from
France are Walt4 and 2ourree. %ther popular traditional dance types in France
include Forlane, =avotte, =igue, Menuet and Sarabande.