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6 m.o presented with seizure and fever
1. What are you thinking? (differential diagnosis)
2. Further history you want to elicit
3. What are the signs you want to look for?
4. 1 investigation that you think is the priority in this patient


You are houseman at labour room. Patient came with c/o contraction pain 3 in 10 minutes. No leaking
or show. Antenatal history uneventful
1. What is your plan of management?
2. Component in partogram (must know all) how to plot cervical dilatation, how to record
contraction, etc......


1. Causes of per rectal bleed
2. Difference between bleeding from haemorrhoid and diverticulosis
3. Why diverticulosis had massive bleeding
4. What you want to do if you received a 60 y.o man with massive ongoing PR bleed at A&E?


Middle age patient presented with excessive sweating, tremor, palpitation, chest pain, fear of dying........
1. What will you do?
2. What investigation you want to order?
3. All the investigations are normal. So now what are you thinking?
4. What do you know about panic disorder (full DSM IV)
5. Treatment for panic d/o


*Myocardial infarction