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William Engdahl
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Frederick William Engdahl (born August 9, 1944) is an American erman freelance !ournalist,
historian and economic researcher"#1$
1 &iography
' %onfessions of an (e)( peak oil belie*er
+ lobal ,arming criticism
4 Arab -pring, ./he reater 0iddle East 1ro!ect. and the 2- factor
3 &ibliography
4 5eferences
6 E)ternal links
&orn in 0inneapolis, 0innesota, 2nited -tates, Engdahl is the son of F" William Engdahl, -r", and
5uth Aalund (b" 5ishoff)" Engdahl gre, up in /e)as, and after earning a degree in engineering
and !urisprudence from 1rinceton 2ni*ersity in 1944 (&A), and graduate study in comparati*e
economics at the 2ni*ersity of -tockholm from 1949 to 1967, he ,orked as an economist and
free8lance !ournalist in 9e, :ork and in Europe"
Engdahl began ,riting about oil politics ,ith the first oil shock in the early 1967s" ;e has also
been a long8time associate of the <a5ouche mo*ement and has ,ritten many articles for their
;is first book ,as called A %entury of War= Anglo8American >il 1olitics and the 9e, World >rder,
and discusses the alleged roles of ?bignie, &r@e@inski and eorge &all and of the 2-A in the
1969 o*erthro, of the -hah of Aran, ,hich ,as meant to manipulate oil prices and to stop -o*iet
e)pansion" Engdahl claims that &r@e@inski and &all used the Aslamic &alkani@ation model
proposed by &ernard <e,is" An '776, he completed -eeds of Bestruction= /he ;idden Agenda of
enetic 0anipulation"
Engdahl is also a freCuent contributor to the ,ebsite of the %entre for 5esearch on lobali@ation"
William Engdahl has been married since 19D6, and has been li*ing for more than t,o decades
near Frankfurt am 0ain, ermany"
Confessions of an 'ex' peak oil believer
-ee also= Abiogenic petroleum origin
Engdahl stated in '776 that he had come to belie*e that petroleum is not biological in origin,
produced from remains of prehistoric @ooplankton and algae, ,hich had settled to a sea or lake
bottom in large Cuantities under ano)ic conditions, ,hich is a theory supported by the ma!ority of
petroleum geologists and engineers"#'$ Anstead he no, belie*es the hypothesis that petroleum is
geological in origin, produced deep underground from carbon, by conditions and forces of heat
and pressure deeper do,n than the Earth(s biosphere" Engdahl calls himself an .e) peak oil
belie*er., stating that peak oil is actually a political phenomenon"#+$
Global warming criticism
Engdahl argued that the problem ,ith global ,arming is much e)aggerated"#4$ ;e claims that
global ,arming, like peak oil, is merely a .scare. and a .thinly *eiled attempt to misuse climate to
argue for a ne, 0althusian reduction of li*ing standards for the ma!ority of the ,orld ,hile a tiny
elite gains more po,er"."#4$
rab !pring" #$he Greater %iddle East &ro'ect# and the (! factor
>n 5ussia /oday tele*ision channel(s inter*ie, Engdahl stated that the '711 Egyptian 5e*olution
,as orchestrated by the 1entagon to facilitate &arack >bama(s 0iddle East foreign policy and
Egypt had turned to a ,orse situation after ;osni 0ubarak ,as o*erthro,n"#3$ According to
Engdahl ./he ultimate goal of the 2- is to take the resources of Africa and 0iddle East under
military control to block economic gro,th in %hina and 5ussia, thus taking the ,hole of Eurasia
under control".#4$ ;e belie*es that the Arab -pring is a plan .(""") first announced by eorge W"
&ush at a D meeting in '77+ and it ,as called ./he reater 0iddle East 1ro!ect.".#4$
0yths, <ies and >il Wars" Wiesbaden= Edition"Engdahl, '71'" A-&9 96D8+9D1+'4+49
ods of 0oney= Wall -treet and the Beath of the American %entury" edition"engdahl, '717,
A-&9 96D8+89D1+'4+8184
Full -pectrum Bominance= /otalitarian Bemocracy in the 9e, World >rder" &o)boro, 0A= /hird
0illennium 1ress, '779, A-&9 96D878969347D8484
-eeds of Bestruction" /he ;idden Agenda of enetic 0anipulation" %entre for 5esearch on
lobali@ation 1ublishing '776, A-&9 7896+61468'86
A %entury of War= Anglo8American >il 1olitics and the 9e, World >rder" <ondon= 1luto '774,
re*" ed", +7+ p", ill", A-&9 78643+8'+798E
F/he -eed &arons" ;o, &ig Ag, &ig >il G &ig o*ernment Are ;i!acking the WorldHs Food
-upplyI, Acres 2"-"A" A Joice for Eco8Agriculture, Kune '77D, Jol" +D, 9o" 4, A--9 17648494D
lasby, eoffrey 1" ('774)" .Abiogenic origin of hydrocarbons= an historical o*er*ie,. (1BF)"
5esource eology 34 (1)= D+L94" doi=17"1111M!"16318+9'D"'774"tb77'61")" 5etrie*ed '77D87'8
Engdahl, F" William (-eptember '3, '776)" .Financial -ense Editorial= .%onfessions of an (E)(
1eak >il &elie*er. ." 5etrie*ed '77987'87D"
..lobal Warming or lobal Free@ing= is the ice really meltingN. by F" William Engdahl" F->
Editorial 79M'4M'779." ,,,"financialsense"com" 5etrie*ed '7798798'3"
.0iddle East protests follo, color re*olution scenario L e)pert." 5/ 9e,s" '6 Kanuary '711"
5etrie*ed 1 9o*ember '711"
.Arab -pring is about controlling Eurasia." 5/ 9e,s" 1 9o*ember '711" 5etrie*ed 1 9o*ember