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About us

Talent Theatre is an individual division under Talent Educational Services Co. specialising in Drama and
Performing Arts. Talent Educational Services Co. has built a firm reputation in many schools throughout Hong Kong
and has expanded into what is now “Talent Theatre”, continuing on its success of school programming, and also
adding other divisions including its own theatre troupe.

As a professional drama company, we have our own rehearsal and production studio, directors and performers,
video and stage crew, and production team. To further ensure our productions are of the highest standards, our
theatrical props and costumes are prepared by the finest manufacturers.
An effective means of learning
Using Performing Arts as a means of language learning is becoming increasingly
popular in Hong Kong’s education system. Due to its importance, the New Senior
Secondary (NSS) Curriculum is inclusive of this element which enhances students’
learning ability and stimulates their insight into other cultures. It also provides
ample opportunities for students to be creative.

Our Native English Drama teachers are experienced and well qualified. They use
fun and motivational methods to explore the talents of your students:

• Exploring innate creativity

• Creating open and free learning atmosphere
• Building self-confidence
• Learning by immersion, trial and fun
• Overcoming the fear of speaking English
• Improving communication skills
• Enhancing all-rounded development
Programme highlights

1 Stage drama 2 In-class drama 3 Teachers’ training

Fairy tales
programme programme
• Characterisation • Directing skills
• Shakespearean drama
• Creative drama • Dramatic techniques
• Tailor-made drama
• Dramatic episodes • Playwriting skills
• Improvisation • Sources for scripts and teaching materials
• Comedy
• Process drama • Stage management
• Short-play writing • Teaching modules
• Stage movements • Techniques in lesson planning
• Theatre history • Theatre games
• Theatre performances • Voice coaching
• Vocal training
4 School tour / Live show / 5 Others
Dramatic fun day •

Choral & verse speaking training
Hip hop
• Professional directors and performers
• Movie techniques and analysing
• Plays of various genres
• Poetry
• Experienced crew
• Public speaking & debating
• Interactive discussions on dramatic and language skills
• Puppetry
• Game stalls
• Radio drama
• Musical workshop for students
• Short stories
• Songs
• Voice over recording
What services do we provide?
• Design of stage effects
• Experienced Native English Drama Teachers
• Make up
• Online back-up and support
• Professional stage directors & playwrights
• Professional performers
• Props and costumes
• Scripts for performances
• Stage management
• Stage setting
• Tailor-made programmes to meet the needs
of the students and schools

Programme outline
for songs and poems
• Articulation and vocal training
• Body movements and facial expressions
• Rhythm and rhyme and appreciation
• Poems and lyrics reading and writing
• Proper pronunciation and phonics
• Songs and poems analysis and admiration
• Verse analysis and emotions
Programme outline
for drama and speech
• Acting skills
• Body movement techniques
• Classical dramatic representations
• Dramatic episodes
• Dramatic fun day
• Fairy Tales
• Hip hop
• Improvisation techniques
• In-class drama
• Miming techniques
• Movie techniques
• Musicals
• Puppet shows
• Radio drama
• Short plays and dialogues
• Short stories
• Solo and Choral speaking
• Speech training
• Stage techniques
• Storytelling techniques
• Theatre games
• Theatre performances
• Verse speaking
• Voice characterisation
• Voice coaching
• Voice over recording
• Vocal training
2008 -2009 – Solo Speaking Champion
– 1st runner up
Hong Kong – 2nd runner up
Speech Festival
Mulan – Best Cooperation Award

Cinderella – Best Cooperation Award

– Best Stage Effect Award

2007 – Outstanding Actress Award

– Best Cooperation Award
The King’s
New Clothes
2006 – Outstanding Actor Award
– Outstanding Actress Award
Romeo & Juliet
Contact us
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Tel: 2753 6160, 2148 6337 E-mail:
Talent Theatre
Tel: 2753 6160 / 2148 6337
Fax: 2789 8369
Add: Rm. 1812, Wu Sang House, 655 Nathan Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Studio: Unit J, 13/F., Yeung Yiu Chung (No.8) Industrial Building
20 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong