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recent work : 2008/2009

A small though about my work.

Something I like to say is that I put “painting to paint”, I generate the conditions for this
event to happen. I work with variables such as time, quantity and the horizontal plane.
Fixing some of these variables I start to research chemical processes when painting. In
extreme I set painting to work (a painter who doesn’t paint) and devote myself to
generate the conditions for this to happen.
By means of this chemical process, like I said, I set painting to work. This event
happens in one unique moment in which the gesture appears, arises to the surface,
takes place and occurs.
I try to leave no mark in my work, no brushstroke, no “painter’s hand” just the paint 1
My goal when painting is to produce a presence and to give birth to the pictorial fact. I
live this process through what Deleuze calls “diagram concept”, in which basically the
painting comes past trough this filter diagram, erases all data reference and creates its
own event / fact. The act of painting, the pictorial fact, emerges when the form is put in
relation to forces, forces that aren’t visible. Painting forces is, in fact, the event… and
that’s where I am now.
I see Painting as way of thinking. Probably I am immersed in the technical problems of
painting. Those are the ones that interest me. The more time I work in my studio the
better painter I’ll be.

Recently I started to get attracted with the grid and its basic unit: the square. From
there, the series I am creating now.

Montevideo, autumn 09.

Martin pelenur
2009, industrial paint on canvas. 90 x 45 cms
detail on left page

2008, industrial paint on canvas, 120x100 cms

detail above

2008, industrial paint on canvas, 165 x 130 cms

detail on left

2008, industrial paint on canvas, 568 squares, 196 x 147 cms

detail above

2008, industrial paint on canvas, 285 squares, 95 x 75 cms

detail above

2008, industrial paint on canvas, triptych 150 x 135 cms


2009, industrial paint on canvas, 120 x 80 cms

detail on left
Studio work in ciudad vieja, montevideo Uruguay, summer 2009
2008 Summer Show at Pablo Atchugarry Foundation, Manantiales, Uruguay
Solo exhibition “Pinturas Recientes”, Del Paseo Gallery, Punta del Este, Uruguay,

Selected in the 53 National Award of Visual Arts, National Museum of Visual Arts,
Montevideo, November
Collective exhibition “Amigos de lo Ajeno”. Turbo Gallery. Buenos Aires, July.
Collective exhibition “Interferencias en el Sistema, Montevideo, April.
Individual exhibition, “Aproximación a una gota de pintura (negra)” Pablo Atchugarry
Foundation Manantiales, Punta del Este, Uruguay, January.

Collective exhibition “Antecedente al Gen”. Galeria Marte up Market. Montevideo, December.
Collective exhibition Nómade Gallery. Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina, September.
Collective exhibition “Nuevas Vías de Acceso”. MNAV (National Museum of Visual Arts).
Montevideo, October.
Individual exhibition “China”. VanRiel Gallery. Buenos Aires, July.
Selected in the 52 National Award of Visual Arts, National Museum of Visual Arts,
Montevideo, January

2006 21
Collective exhibition Feria APEU. Hotel Conrad, Punta del Este, Uruguay, January.
Collective exhibition “Paisajes”, Galería Caja 1/1. Buenos Aires, Argentina, March.
Collective exhibition “Absorciones”. MEC. Montevideo, Uruguay, July.

Collective exhibition “0”. Espacio Perez Castellanos. Montevideo, Uruguay, August.
Individual exhibition Club Social La Pedrera. Rocha, Uruguay, January
Collective exhibition. Galería Marte up Market. Montevideo, Uruguay, October.

Collective exhibition Estación AFE. Montevideo, Uruguay, June.
Individual exhibition Galería Base Elements, Barcelona, España, September.

Individual exhibition Colleción Engelman-ost. Montevideo, Uruguay, May.
Collective exhibition Feria Molino de Pérez. Montevideo, Uruguay, November.

Collective exhibition Centro Cultural San Felipe y Santiago. Montevideo, Uruguay, November.
Collective exhibition Atrio de la Intendencia de Montevideo, Uruguay, December.
Uruguayan, born in Buenos Aires 1977.
Studies at the FAC, Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo, with
artist Fernando Lopez Lage !1999"2003#, Montevideo, Uruguay.
He has shown individual and collectively in Uruguay and abroad
since the year 2000, emphasizing those he likes the most: “La
Posta” Club Social La Pedrera, January 2005, “0” in the Espacio
Perez Castellanos, August 2005, and “Aproximación a una gota
de pintura !negra#” Fundación Pablo Atchugarry, in January
During the year 2006 develops the “Beca / Pelenur”, awarding
himself a scholarship in his city dedicated to his pictorial project.
Also works with maps, transposing his hand lines into them as a
working hypothesis for discovering a city.
He was invited by the Centro Cultural de España in Montevideo
to show his work Líneas/BUE. 12 hours video interfase through
Buenos Aires. April 2008.

He lives, works and thinks between Montevideo and Buenos

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