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The Advance mobile system is the best way to develop business or services quickly and
easily. While other advertising mediums such as television, radio, and the internet present
performance challenges, mobile advertising presents performance opportunities.
Mobile users view their mobile content in downtime while at home, traveling, in a
meeting, or waiting for an appointment. Therefore users are less likely to be distracted or
involved with other tasks as opposed to television, radio, and the internet, etc., where
multitasking is so common. So companies are interested to give advertisements to mobile. ur
system is a one of the best tool to fulfill this task. !n our system companies " users can register
their advertisements to send message to the users on a particular date. This system can receive
messages then user can earn money from the Mobile Advertiser. Advertiser can send composed
messages to the users group simultaneously and this pro#ect can allow users " company
registration by their mobile. $sers can also visit the %ompany websites by %licking on the
advertisements in our site.
Most of users are not able to fulfill their ideas on features due to lack of information.
Many users have the money but, they don&t know which one is correct and best to them. So, our
Mobile 'lus will give them use full information about the (eatures, %ost, and )ating in market.
This can be done by searching by Company or by Features.
Many of the Mobiles now in the market support different type of features. *ut, one
feature of one type mobile may not be supported by another type of mobile. So, ur Mobile
'lus will provide different Software&s, +ames, Applications, Themes, etc., to different mobiles.
$sers can easily download those from our site with a single click.
Advance mobile system has three main modules.
Advertising *asing on SMS " %licks
Mobile !nformation " )ating
,ownloading opportunity up to limit
Features of System:
Web *ased Messaging System
-uick " .asy Way To Send SMS
+roup " !ndividual Advertisements
'roviding !nfo About Mobiles
)anking f Mobiles
,ownloading Services
*est Service To $sers
System Requirement Specification:
Hardware Requirements:

/ !0 'rocessor and Above
/ )AM 1+* and Above
/ 2,, 03 +* 2ard ,isk Space and Above
Software Requirements:

/ W!4,WS S 56' service pack 0 7windows 0338 Server9
/ :isual Studio .4et 033;5according requirement9
/ :isual Studio .4et (ramework 5Minimal for ,eployment9
/ S-< Server 033;5according requirement9 .nterprise .dition
/ :*.4.T