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So, the tool for today is Who does this belong to?

How much of your life have you spent believing that the sense of wrongness you perceive is
really yours, when in actuality its what youre aware of in the world around you? So, truth, is
it yours or someone elses? Or a lot of someone elses?
This is the time to ask this question Who does this belong to?
!f all of a sudden you get lighter, it is because it isnt yours" #ou can return it to sender" #es$
%ust return it" &lease get this '( percent of all your feelings, emotions and thoughts do not
belong to you$ They are someone elses" )ut what youre aware of feels *ust like you+even
though its not"
The only way youre ever going to tell the difference is by asking the question Who does this
belong to?
,sk it, and if it lightens up at all, it isnt yours" #ou, being you, are light" #ou trying to be
someone else, are heavy" !t is that easy$ -hat if none of it was yours? -ould there be a
whole lot less trauma and drama in your life? -ould you have more peace and knowing of
what is true for you?
#ou know. change can be easy. and what if being a little different is all it takes to create
this ease? -ould you be willing to be the difference that makes everything you truly desire
possible? !t truly is *ust a choice$
/o play. ! would love to know what becomes possible for you as you use this tool"
0! thought all the stuff in my head was mine" ,nd then ! discovered that it was actually all the
stuff ! was aware of in the world around me" 1o you know you cant handle a problem that
isnt yours? #ou dont have to do anything about it$2
Have you noticed how often we go 3Thats impossible. making our limited thinking into a
statement of fact, or a foregone conclusion? One of the greatest tools ! ever discovered is how
asking a question can open up possibilities"
-hats different with this tool is we ask questions to open doors to possibilities, rather than
trying to find the answer to our questions" 1id you know that answering questions mostly
*ust limits our possibilities?
0, question empowers, an answer dis4empowers"2 Has your incessant search for the right
answer given you what you desire yet? !f not , what if you started to ask some questions that
could create more possibilities? Start with
What else is possible here?
So, what else is possible? -hat if you could change anything? These four questions is a great
place to start$ 5emember to leave a few moments between your questions to allow the energy
to show up + and whatever you do, dont go searching for answers$
6" -hat is this?
7" -hat do ! do with this?
8" 9an ! change it?
:" How do ! change it?
This is a simple way of following the energy rather than getting lost in your own private
labyrinth of conclusions" -hat if you are way more aware than youve ever been willing to
see before? -hat if using these questions could create more possibilities than you can
Thank you for );!</ #O=$
0The question is the key to opening other doorways of possibility" #oull never see those
doors and youll never even know they are there > let alone be able to open them > if you
dont ask a question"2
Heres how it works
-hen you ask a question ?*ust like we talked about in the last video@ it brings up the energy
that is creating the limitations" <one of your limitations are as solid as it feels like they are$
,sk your question. wait for a few moments, then use the clearing statement 05ight and
-rong, /ood and )ad, &O1 and &O9, ,ll ', Shorts, )oys and )eyonds2 to create space
where before it felt solid" -hen you create space around the situation, new possibilities can
show up"
!t really is that easy$ -hat would #O= like to change with ease? !f you playfully ask any of
the questions in the video 8 > 8A times, youll start to feel the energy as it shifts and changes"
So, would you be willing to keep asking 3-hat process could ! run that could change this
situation? between now and the neBt video? ! wonder what could show up in your world if
you keep &O1 C &O9ing everything that doesnt allow you to choose more ease and *oy for
5emember, you can never destroy you. #ou can only let go of, uncreate and destroy what is
defining you, limiting you and keeping you stuck" So were *ust uncreating and destroying all
the globs of stuff that are hiding your beauty from the world$
/o shine$
0!f you look at the room you are in now, the walls look solid right? )ut science tells us that
the walls are ''"'''''D space" -hat if the limitations in your life work in eBactly the same
way? -hat if you cant walk through the wall but there is a lot of space there and you *ust
cant see it right now?2
,nother super4powerful tool$
Have you noticed that what is true for you, is not always true for the other person? So ask is
this light or heavy? !f it is true for you the energy will feel light, nurturing and spacious" !f it
is not true for you, it will feel twisted, heavy or dense"
Eight F True for you"
Heavy F <ot true for you"
So would you be willing to choose more what is true for you?
-hat if you started to hang out with people that feel nurturing to you? -hat if you only ever
eat food that feels light and nurturing for your body? -hat if you only make the choices that
feel light for you? -hat if heavy or light could be your barometer, instead of always *udging
everything as right or wrong? -ould that create *ust a little more ease for you?
So, go hangout with some people. animals. places, books or movies that make #O= feel
light. and watch how this creates change in your world$
0&olarity is the way this reality is created by most people" They decide what is right and try to
head for that" Then they decide what is wrong and try to eliminate that" -hat if you could
embrace it all?2
-hat if your life could be about the lightness of it? -hat if you could have fun, abundance,
money and a great relationship? -hat if you dont have to 0deserve2 all of these things to
have them? )y being 0right2?
!magine never being wrong again$ -hat if you could see everything and everyone through the
eyes of no *udgment? !magine including every possibility that could eBist without *udging
any of it?
-ould you be willing to try something very different? One day without judgment?
Grom the time you wake up tomorrow, until you go to bed, what if you chose not to *udge
you? ,s soon as you go to the wrongness of you > STO&$ %ust stop" 1ont *udge you, for one
whole day" Then perceive the difference in your universe.
/o play$ -hat a wondrous gift you be in the world.
0Somebody who is truly *udgmental never thinks they are *udgmental ever$ They *ust know
they are right" -hat if the idea that you are *udgmental is one of the biggest lies you have ever

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