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The available power supplies for the Cisco routers

First, here is a table about what power-supply options are available on the new integrated
services routers.
Cisco 1941
and 1941W
Cisco 2901 Cisco 2911 Cisco 2921 and
Cisco 3925,
3925E, 3945,
and 3945E
AC option PWR-191-ACPWR-!9"1-ACPWR-!911-AC PWR-!9!1-#1-ACPWR-$9""-AC
AC % Po&
)ot available )ot available PWR-!911-(CPWR-!9!1-#1-
nt power
)ot available )ot available
*o,e co,,on sense about Cisco Routers power-supply will help-ul on your daily li-e.
! What is Po& boost/
"! When a Cisco !9"" is connected to an e0ternal RP* device or a Cisco $9"" is
con-igured with a second power supply, these routers can be con-igured in Po& boost
,ode. 1his ,ode ta2es advantage o- the increased power capacity o- the second power
source to power additional Po& devices beyond what a single power source could drive.
+n Po& boost ,ode the RP*, or second power supply in a Cisco $9"", does not provide
power redundancy to the router. 1he -ailure o- any single power source 3 RP* or internal
power supply 3 in the syste, when Po& boost is con-igured will result in an unsupported
con-iguration and could cause Po&, service ,odule, or syste, -ailure.
! What power-saving -eatures are available on the new integrated services routers
generation !/
"! 1he new routers are so,e o- the greenest integrated services routers ever produced.
4uilt -ro, the beginning to be sensitive to the environ,ent, they are pro-itable because
they consu,e ,uch less power than is typical -or access or branch-o--ice routers. 1he
power supplies in the new routers use new power-savings designs and are 5#-percent
e--icient, ,eeting industry re6uire,ents -or 5"-percent e--iciency or greater.
1he new routers also e0tend Cisco &nergyWise support -ro, the &thernet switching
,odules, which has previously been able to ad7ust the power available to Po& ports and
power down Po& devices during periods o- low activity or when the o--ice is closed. )ow
that sa,e capability is being e0tended to allow the router to ad7ust the power supplied to
all ,odules in the syste, 3 service ,odule, +*8, and P9(8$ 3 so you can power down
entire portions o- the router when not needed to conserve power.
Finally, ,any o- the syste, co,ponents o- the new integrated services routers, including
the cooling -ans, have been selected to achieve as ,uch energy e--iciency as possible.
*yste, -ans are low--riction and low-power. 1hey also throttle their speed intelligently to
,aintain e--icient cooling o- the syste, without spinning -ast unnecessarily. 1his -eature
has the added bene-it o- ,a2ing the new routers e0ceptionally 6uiet.
! What is Cisco &nergyWise and what &nergyWise levels are supported/
"! Cisco &nergyWise allows you to place a device into a low power state to conserve
power during periods o- inactivity or planned downti,e such as the hours a branch o--ice
is closed at night or on the wee2end. With both current and ne0t-generation integrated
services routers, you can control the Po& consu,ption o- devices attached to Po& ports
on an integrated switching ,odule. With the new integrated services routers generation
!, you can now also control the a,ount o- power available to ,odules within the chassis
itsel-. :ou can turn all ,odules on or o-- by co,,and or with a ti,ed script. *o,e newer
,odules also support up to 1" granular power levels that allow you to ad7ust their power
consu,ption to -inely control power consu,ption.
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